What is RSS?

The Island Guardian has always contained a free state-of-art facility to get you the most recent breaking news via the RSS facility (stands for Real Simple Syndication ). These web feeds are widely used by most major newspapers to supply links to the latest entries' headlines and stories. This facility is free and requires a one time setup which is almost as easy as setting a bookmark in your browser, except that it is a live bookmark. When this RSS bookmark is accessed, the sub entry headlines can be seen and by clicking on the appropriate headline, the article can be accessed directly by your browser. No need to clutter your email inbox as these entries are always available in your browser.

Firefox (Mozilla) has RSS built-in. Internet Explorer7 now suppost RSS. See contents of its help file.

To get the RSS link: Bring up the Island Guardian in your browser and right click on the orange icon with the label RSS or on the words: "RSS Version" on the right-hand column of the newspaper and select "Copy link location". (Clicking on the link will just execute the XML code which does nothing.)

Instructions for Firefox : You are done and you should see the live feeds that you can click on.