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CenturyLink at Lopez Islander Resort

CenturyLink will be hosting a public forum to update residents on the progress of the underwater fiber restoration.

Date: Saturday, November 16th, 2013
Time: 8:30am to 9:30am
Location: Lopez Islander Resort
2864 Fisherman Bay Rd

Cable Update: Orcas Meeting With CenturyLink Thursday

Orcas Island Outage Update

" CenturyLink will be hosting a public forum to address any concerns from customers regarding the underwater fiber cut.

Date: Thursday, November 14th, 2013
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Location: Orcas Senior Center, located at 62 Henry Rd, Orcas.

SAN JUAN COUNTY, Wash. The blockage that was reported on Orcas Island, Tuesday, November 12th, was caused by call volumes exceeding capacity and Orcas Island customers that tried making calls while we were at 100% were not able to make any calls including 911. We have added additional capacity and will continue to monitor the system closely.

CenturyLink technicians continue to work around the clock in the San Juan Islands to repair the underwater fiber cut. CenturyLink’s priority is and continues to be full restoration of communications as quickly as possible. CenturyLink continues to augment voice and data capacity through alternative communications facilities as fast as they become available in addition to the fiber restoration activities.

As part of CenturyLink’s multi-million dollar repair effort, we have deployed resources from across the state, brought in international experts who initially helped deploy the fiber, leveraged multiple barges and tug boats and have partnered with providers where facilities were available.

Cable Update, Monday (11-11-13)

Stan Matthews, reporting for the County Manager, has sent out notice that CenturyLink it has not yet located the break in the underwater fiber-optical cable that severed voice and much data service between San Juan County and the mainland nearly a week ago. Pressed for an estimate of the time it will take to restore the County to 100 percent service level, the company representatives said they don’t currently have enough information to offer a time frame.

While 911 emergency service, inter-island and long distance service have been restored for landline phones; cell phone service, especially between cell phones and landlines, remains spotty. Depending on location and vendor, 911 emergency calling from cell phones is still a problem that has not been resolved. Emergency responders continue to advise that landline phone should be the first 911 option, emailing will also reach the dispatch center. Some cell phone calls will connect from some locations, but it’s not something that should be relied upon.

Meanwhile, DSL Internet service on San Juan Island, which had been restored to approximately 60% of its normal capacity, has occasionally been slowed to less than half that rate and periodically interrupted. The problem is that the tall crane on a repair barge brought in to deal with the broken cable frequently obstructs the radio signal of the OPALCO transmitter that has been pressed into service to transmit Internet data.

The next major step forward in the repair process will be the activation of a new radio data link between Friday Harbor and Lopez. The company says that link should increase the overall phone and data capacity to more than two-thirds of the pre-break level. That could be activated as early as Tuesday evening, November 12.

CenturyLink said that its crews have almost completed hooking up the new equipment on the Lopez Island end of the link. Workers are still dealing with some challenges in splicing together connections and finding a suitable place for the antenna in Friday Harbor.

The new link’s capacity will be used primarily to restore dedicated data lines of the sort used by financial institutions, government agencies, pharmacies and businesses that transfer large amounts of voice, secure data and Internet-related activity. That could begin happening Tuesday night or Wednesday, November 13.

The company again emphasized that its crews are working around the clock and working with OPALCO’s additional resources to restore service.

Serving All Of San Juan County

Serving All of San Juan County ~ Septic System Inspections, Tank Pumping, Drain Field Installations, Port-a-Potties: cell 378-8060 office 378-5045

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“New” Accounting Firm

The public accounting firm of Lake Kennedy McCulloch, CPAs, is very pleased to announce that Susan Fisher, CPA, of Friday Harbor is combining her firm with theirs beginning November 29. The firm will retain the name of Lake Kennedy McCulloch, CPAs.

Susan brings to the firm 14 years of professional service to her clients in the San Juan Islands.

The Friday Harbor firm of Lake Kennedy McCulloch, CPAs, began with Steven C. Kennedy, CPA, 25 years ago and has grown to now include a total of 6 CPAs and 3 offices serving the San Juan Islands and Vashon Island.

Holistic Health Clinic Opens In Friday Harbor

ig_AD_Dr_Nicholas_Corrin-LOGO-002 (33k image)

Friday Harbor Holistic Health will be holding two workshops in Friday Harbor. “The Nature of Crystal Healing Workshop” will be held Sat., October 23rd, 2010, 9-4pm, and on Sat., November 6th, 2010,(9:00 to -4:00 pm) there will be an “Introduction to Distant Healing” workshop.

Both workshops will be held in the San Juan Island Grange building at 152 North First Street (next to the American Legion Post) in Friday Harbor, WA. For Registration: Call (360) 317-5458 or Both workshops will be held in the San Juan Island Grange building at 152 North First Street (next to the American Legion Post) in Friday Harbor, WA

For Registration: Call (360) 317-5458 or

The workshops are open to all levels from beginners to professional holistic healers.
Nicholas Corrin , L.Ac, will be the presenter of The Workshops, which will combine theory, demonstration, and practice. Nicholas Corrin has 20+ years of Alternative Medicine and Holistic Education, and explains why he has moved his Seattle practice to San Juan County:

Click to view the rest of the article ******

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