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Home » Archives » February 2017 » Mom And Son Accused Of Multiple Crimes

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02/17/2017: "Mom And Son Accused Of Multiple Crimes"

ig_C_MUSTAIN-001 (52k image)
(Island Guardian photo)

In January of 2010 Shawna Ann Mustain was accused of multiple felony counts of burglary and was convicted three months later to serve a year in jail.

On Thursday (2-16-17) 57 year old Shawna was back in court, and this time she and her 37 year old son (photo above) Nicholas Mustain, are facing a set of felony allegation related to burglaries.

The two appeared before Judge Stewart R. Andrew for a probable cause hearing that San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs described as involving “burglary, possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and possibly harboring a fugitive [the son]… a huge case and a big bust that took place at a known drug house.”

Judge Andrew found credible evidence to find probable cause to place the mother on bail, and the son to be transported to Skagit County to face two outstanding warrants.

Both the mother and the son have long rap sheets that go back a number of years. Tthe current alegations started in February of this year when an arrest was made in a residential burglary that Shawna Mustain was involved in.

The arrest lead to more information, and other suspects, including information that Shawna’s son was living with her in an attempt to avoid capture on the two Department of Corrections warrants.

In June of 2016 another player who had been arrested on an unrelated burglary charge involving the theft of $80,000 of jewelry -how the value was determined is not clear- provided new information on the possible involvement of others, including Nicholas Mustain.

In July of 2016 Shawna suddenly contacted the Sheriff’s office to state “she did not want to be involved in any illegal activity” and that it “was hard for her to come to the Sheriff s Office,” but she had information about who “was involved in the burglary involving jewelry.”

In September the Sheriff’s office was informed that two of the people involved in the jewelry robbery had obtained a key to the house from Shawna’s son and “a lot of people had keys”- and not only were they robbing the place, but from time to time they were living in the house’which a real estate agent confirmed to The Island Guardian they were aware that someone was had entering the house, but they had been unable to catch the squatters, and had not changed the locks on the vacant house.

As a result of the self serving tips the Sheriff’s office was able to locate some of the jewelry “under a bush near Shawna Mustain’s residence,” and made the arrest of the man Shawna had indentified.

Now it was his turn to give some tips on the case, and stated to the Sheriff deputies that both Shawna and her son “had a large amount of jewelry,” and that while he was at Shawna’s house he had been shown a necklace by Shawna’s son, which he recognized as part of the stolen jewelry.

After more information was obtained the Sheriff’s office obtained a search warrant, and on February 15th went to Shawna’s residence looking for her son and the rest of jewelry. They found jewelry where Shawna’s son was sleeping. The owner of the jewelry placed the value at $8,000.00

The son and the mother were arrested and are now awaiting formal charges to be filed by the San Juan County prosecutor, which is required to occur on or before February 21.

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