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Home » Archives » September 2011 » The Students’ Greenhouse Has Arrived!

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09/21/2011: "The Students’ Greenhouse Has Arrived!"

ig_SF_Cody_Ryan_Parker-2 (44k image)(Contributed photo)

Having received a Gates Grant Foundation of $8,000, and the blessing of officials, the Greenhouse Group (GG) -three high school students on San Juan Island- are ready to erect a greenhouse on County property.

And in the spirit of all community projects, they have put out a call for a few volunteers.

The greenhouse group is a group of three, (photo left: Cody Pierce, Ryan Cole, and Parker Satin), three boys from Jenny Wilson's Community Projects class at the high school, who applied for a grant for a greenhouse project across from the high school/middle school where Slow Food Land & Sea currently has a community garden.

The students have come a long way since last semester, having tackled many things that they never thought “just high schoolers” would be able to do after they picked up and ran with a project that was initially started about 3 years ago by a Community Service project student Aaron Kendzoriak.

Kendzoriak's project came to a halt when an appropriate site was unavailable, but he laid the groundwork for the success of the current project.

Helping the GG boys along the way was Scott Fitzstephens of Land & Sea, Slow Food's Friday Harbor chapter, who mentored them through the grant stage of the project -Scotts work on that part of the project was made possible by a grant from a generous local Friday Harbor couple. And Marion Melville generously donated a great deal of time to help the boys navigate through the next parts of the undertaking.

The County Council approved the proposal , the Town of Friday Harbor issued a building permit, and then their final big presentation was in front of the Historic Preservation committee.

Now the talking and presenting is over, and the work begins. In line with the idea of a community project, the GG lads will be joined by Steven Kelly and Julian Perren, two of Jenny's 2011-2012 class, to begin the job of prepping the site and assembling the greenhouse.

No one should be surprised to learn they have Facebook page where volunteers -that would be you, you and you- can sign up on the Community Project Greenhouse Page to help the boys complete the project.

One little problem: they “would like to say to those who volunteered previously at the Community Presentation we sincerely apologize, but unfortunately through all the work, commotion and hassle, we have misplaced that list. We so deeply apologize once again for the mistake. We would appreciate if you would sign up again if you are willing.”

Somehow we suspect the boys will soon have all the help they need.

(This story is based on information obtained from the Slow Food group -Ed)

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