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Home » Archives » September 2006 » Sweat Equity, and Neighbor Helping Neighbor

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09/27/2006: "Sweat Equity, and Neighbor Helping Neighbor"

ig_LeewardCove-1 (84k image)

Homes for Islanders and the Leeward Cove Homeowners held a ceremony on Saturday Previous Story to celebrate the completion of eight homes on San Juan Island, and to pay honor and give thanks -and some special recognition- to the contributions made by members of the community who joined in to made it possible for eight families to own homes; homes that will produce future equity for them as a result of their investment of money, and labor, to build the homes. Because the government and the private sector were willing to become involved in providing funding in the form of loans and contributing time and materials, and with "Neighbor helping neighbor", as one participant said, the dream of home ownership for eight families became a reality.

The project came in within 1% of the total 1.2 million budget, in part because of those in the community who stepped forward to help, but mainly because the homeowners had a vested interest in protecting their investment as they worked long hours building the project. Carol Maas told the assembled group on Saturday that, "The recorded number of hours by the homeowners and the volunteers totaled approximately 19,000 hours. Of this amount approx. 66% of these hours were provided by the homeowners at an average of over 27 hours per week for each household for the last 14 months, and the total number of volunteers hours were in excess of 6,500 hours, at an average of over 15 hours per week for each household".

ig_LeewardCove-2 (76k image)
Some of the those who received special thanks for continuously volunteering their free time, and stayed with the homeowners throughout the construction process, and performed a variety of tasks ranging from concrete, roofing, insulation, truck driving, painting, and all the other details of the project were given presentation photos of the project donated by Richard Lawson and Steve Netherton. (The photos were taken from Richard Lawson's helicopter, and then processed by Steve's Camera and Photo Processing, another example of the contributions of donated time and discounted materials they and other's gave throughout the development and construction process . Those selected for "special recognition" were David Schroder; Cinda Sue Dow; Camilla Woodbury; Joan Walker; Bob Walker; Bob Rogers; Dean Mack; Miguel Perez; Dave Prager;

Mass told the Island Guardian that "the driving force behind the project has been the Board of Directors and Bill Gendron who wholeheartedly volunteered his time and energy as Interim Executive Director until the Leeward Cove project was complete. Roy Clauson is the Executive Director who will oversee the Rocky Bay project.

There were several businesses singled out due to their significant donation of time, equipment and materials to the development:

1. Island Concrete Pat & Mike McKay. Pat and Mike provided not only their own efforts in construction but donated large equipment and operators with boom cranes, loaders, trucks, trailers, discounted materials, etc. Not enough can be said about their consistent donations throughout the whole development process.
2. Carlson Enterprises Mike Carlson. Mike donated free rocks and dirt and loaned his excavators, trucks, loaders, etc. throughout the project. Mike thanks for the unselfish contribution.
3. The Electric Man Chris Edlen. Chris donated all the electrical work on our development. He wired every house from the meters to the house as well as the rough in and finish wiring in every He also trained the homeowners how to pull wire, strip wire and wire switches and receptacles. He also negotiated wholesale prices for all the electrical materials used in the homes.. Thank you Chris.
4. San Juan Plumbing Dean Kinney. Dean donated the plumbing for the entire project and also negotiated wholesale prices for the materials from his distributor. Dean also trained both homeowners and volunteers in installing the piping. We certainly appreciate your efforts Dean.
5. Eden Care Landscaping Tom Howarth. Tom donated his professional experience and knowledge designing the site landscaping. He also provided numerous trees around the entire site as well as the installing all the water systems for the trees and plants. He also negotiated discounted prices on the trees, plants and shrubs used in the development. We thank him for training the homeowners in how to plant trees and shrubs as well as install the piping to water them.
6. Giannangelo Farms Brian Lambright. Brian started by volunteering his carpentry skills during the framing process. Most significant however was his donation of his John Deere tractor to dig ditches and holes for the fence posts. The tractor was on the site so frequently that many people thought it was owned by Homes for Islanders. Brian we appreciate your donation.
7. Ogle Painting Chris Ogle. Chris provided his professional painting experience and knowledge throughout the process. He donated literally double if not triple digit gallons of paint. He also provided paint at wholesale prices. Chris thank you.
8. Scott Bell Painting Scott Bell. Scott also donated several gallons of paint as well as his large building and tools to paint the siding during the winter months. Thank you Scott for your donations.
9. Walter "Curley" Stabler- Walter donated free interior painting as well as his painting experience and knowledge for other parts of the houses. He also trained the homeowners in the use of painting equipment. Thank you Curley.
10. Vanderyacht Propane Craig Vanderyacht. Craig provided wholesale propane pipe and fittings as well as donated his time to install the piping and meters. Thanks Craig.

And of course there was the construction manager, Tim Polda and his wife Rene, who were thanked "for their excellent quality performance. We are very thankful that they are going to continue with our next development at Rocky Bay".

Of the eight homes build, one project received "Special recognition", the Allen family, who recorded approximately 3,000 hours on the project, averaging over 51 hours per week and "banking" over 800 additional hours.

Nancy C. Abel - Jenna Kallio - Shane Rollins-
Charles N. Allen - Dean S. Kenny- Dana Rouser-
Rick Alton- Ron Kidd- Reed Rouser-
Max Andrade- Jesse Kjolso- Craig Rudge-
Jackie Armstrong- David Krueger- Becky Rusnak-
Joe Ausilio- Stefanie Krueger- Spencer Satin-
Sue Ayotte- Michael LaLande- David Schroder-
Bosko Bailey- Brian Lambright- Michael K. Schubert-
Ro Baisch- Shauna Lean- Michelle Schwend-
Deanna Banry- Tad Lean- Tony Smith-
Gordy Banry- Dean Mack - Kevin Snodgrass-
Lenore L. Bayuk- Jerry McElyea- Bernabe Soto-
Nancy Best- Daniel McKay- Walter Stabler III-
Alice Boren- Mike McKay- Scott Steward-
Juston Brown- William McKay- Kathleen Stone-
Jordon Burrell- Lucas Melborne- Bryan Streepy-
Gerardo Canal- Michele Melborne- Catherine Theriault-
Bette Cantrell- Paul Mercer- Michael K. Tupola-
Victor Capron- Leo Michael- Edward S. Tucker-
Marty Chevalier- Gary Miller- Raul Vallejano-
Robert Chonka- Roberta Moorhouse- Rosa Vallejano-
Deohn Cordner- Sharon M. Morrissey- Joan Walker-
Mike Coyne- Kristin Mouk- Robert L. Walker-
Cory Cymbalista- Victor Napier- Brock Warin-
Tim Daniels- Wanda Lee Newman- Bridget H. Wegemer-
Becky Deitz- Steve Netherton- Jimmy White-
Michael Denkea- Donald Nielsen- Jerry Wilson-
Cinda Sue Dow- Justin Nibler- Camilla Woodbury-
Stephen Dow- Kim Nibler- Victor L. Woodward-
Chris B. Edlen- Molly O'Neil-
Dan Eastman- Terry Ormond-
Joyce Eastman- Janice Otto- Agora Architecture-
Cody Feliz- Larry Otto - (John Campbell)
Fred Fickenwirth- Steven E. Parker- - All-Pro Concrete
Dane Foley- Kathy Paul- Pumping
Donny Galt- Louis A. Paul- -AW Beyers Excavation
Sarah R. Galt- Roger Paul- - Doug Guard
Juan Gameros- Miquel Perez- Construction
David Garcia- Declan Place- -Eden Care Landscaping
Jason Garcia- Adrian Plaza- - Electric Man
Ron Garcia- Edgar Plaza- Friday Harbor Escrow
Cathy Geiser- Minerva Plaza - - Giannangelo Farms
Kerry Geiser- Brock Polda- - Island Concrete
Lorin Geiser- Rene C. Polda -M.E.M. Enterprises
Kirk Gendron- Diana Porter- - Mike Carlson Enterprises
Drew Gislason- Kevin Porter- -Northwest Plumbing
Stephen Growden, Jr.- Adam Posenjak- & Waterworks
Meghann P. Hall- Allison Posenjak- -Ogle Painting
David Hardy- Bryan Posenjak- - Paideia School
Shirley Harriman- Gary Posenjak- - Radio Shack
Katherein H. Holt- Margo Posenjak- - San Juan Pest Control
Kirk J. Holt- David Prager- -San Juan Plumbing
Tom Howarth- Nathan A. Prescott- -Scott Bell Painting
Liz Illg- Amy Price - -SRS Construction
Carol Jackson- Chad Radden- - Sticks & Stones
David Johnson- Kim Roberts- - Tom Brown Construction
Elizabeth Johnstonbaugh- Mary Roberts- - VanderYacht Propane
Roy Roberts- Sylvia R. Kahler - Dan Rogers-
Denny Kaill- Robert C. Rogers

Nick Power
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
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