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Home » Archives » June 2019 » Comment On County Land Capacity Analysis

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06/05/2019: "Comment On County Land Capacity Analysis"

ig_CDPD_LCA_Draft-001 (211k image)

The public is asked to participate in the First Step of the Draft Land Capacity Analysis. A Gross Developable Lands Inventory (GDLI) web map is available for public comment until June 28, 2019. The GDLI map identifies the parcel type (residential, commercial, etc.) and category (fully developed, partially developed, etc.) of all County parcels.

This categorization is based on existing development regulations and land use designations. The GDLI is the first step in the Land Capacity Analysis (LCA) being conducted to inform the SJC Comprehensive Plan Update.

The primary purpose of the LCA is to estimate the future residential and commercial development capacity of the Urban Growth Areas (Eastsound and Lopez Village). These estimates can be used to balance urban development with adequate and cost-efficient urban services. The LCA will also help us evaluate the development potential of rural and natural resource lands under existing and future scenarios.
Making certain that the correct type and category is assigned to each parcel is complex and the foundation of the analysis. The next LCA steps require correct assignments to all parcels.

Please review the staff report to understand how the GDLI was prepared and to provide meaningful comments on the web map here:

Public Comments: Public comments are requested on the County-wide GDLI web map, the May 23, 2019, draft LCA methodology, and LCA script. After reviewing the staff report, the public is invited to review the web map showing the categorized and typed parcels. It is available online at:

Reviewing the Web Map: The GDLI web map parcel pop-up window provides the information used to assign the type and category. This information can be compared with the criteria in the May 23rd draft of the Land Capacity Methodology, Attachment A of the staff report. Please follow these steps to review a parcel’s type and category:

1. Zoom to a parcel. The initial view of the map shows the whole County. The search bar in the upper right corner allows you to search by parcel number or address.

2. Click on the parcel. Clicking on a parcel will open a pop-up window that shows the information used to assign the type and category.

3. Compare the assigned type and category, parcel information, and methodology criteria. The criteria for assigning type and category are provided in Table 1 of the Land Capacity Analysis Methodology, beginning on page 8, Attachment A to the Staff Report.

4. Note a proposed correction. If you think that a property may require a different type or category, note the parcel number, assigned type/category, what change you propose, and an explanation of why the change is justified in your comments.

How to Comment: Email written comments to, or mailed to Adam Zack, SJC Department of Community Development PO Box 947 Friday Harbor, WA 98250. Comments should include:

• The parcel number;
• The assigned category and type;
• What category and type you believe should be assigned to the parcel; and
• A brief explanation of why the category or type should change.

Comments on the draft LCA Methodology should reference the page and line number.
For questions, please contact Adam Zack at (360) 370-7580 or

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