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Home » Archives » February 2019 » Sheriff Krebs Hires Attorney & Gaylord Supports Suppressing Video Recording Of Courtroom

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02/12/2019: "Sheriff Krebs Hires Attorney & Gaylord Supports Suppressing Video Recording Of Courtroom"

Judge Eaton heard arguments on Tuesday as to why he should not allow the public to see the court room recording that had panned and zoomed in on court room papers. That moving camera resulted in a ruling to dismissing charges in a recent jury trial due to the governmental misconduct. Related Story

In spite of snowy roads and delayed travel conditions, the court room was fall of spectators that listened to arguments by Prosecuting Attorney Randy Gaylord, and a Seattle attorney representing Sheriff Krebs, that argued allowing the public to see the recording would result in a loss of courtroom security if the public could see there were “blind” portions in the courtroom that could not be viewed by the camera.

Judge Eaton first seemed perplexed how showing what the camera saw when it had been moved and zoomed in the short period that it had been manipulate would also show the full potential viewing area of the camera. “The video does not reveal if and where there are blind spots,” he said.

As he heard repeated arguments from Gaylord that the video somehow would undermine courtroom security, Judge Eaton said: “How will it undermine if it does not show blind spots, It only shows what it shows, not what It did not show” he stated.

Defense attorney Colleen Kenimond reminded the court that the burden of proof is on the opponent of the motion, in this case Gaylord, to prove why the video should not be released.

After the attorneys had completed their arguments Judge Eaton opened the comments to the public. Five spoke in favor of releasing the information, including attorney Steve Brandli, who in support of releasing the full video had filed a Opposition To State’s Motion To Seal motion .

Judge Eaton said he would take the matter under advisement, and would announce his decision in open court on February 19th at 2 P.M.

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