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Home » Archives » October 2018 » Fish For Teeth Taco Time Friday

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10/02/2018: "Fish For Teeth Taco Time Friday"

ig_SO_FishForTeeth_logo-03 (30k image)Fish Tacos, Friday,October 5- SJI Community Theater - 11am-2pm - (or until GONE) - $8.00 Suggested Donation sponsored by and with proceeds to Fish For Teeth. Fish donated from Matt’s Fresh FishTime to chomp down a taco to help fix teeth of those in need: Fish for Teeth Fish Taco Fundraiser this Friday, October 5, 11-1:30 at the SJI Community Theater.

Since 2012, Fish for Teeth has been fixing the teeth of those who cannot otherwise afford dental care. Fish for Teeth is self-funded by fish tacos and direct donations so we don't have income parameters, or the red tape. In other words, if your teeth hurt and you can't afford to fix them, Fish for Teeth is here to help you.

Fish for Teeth is a 100% volunteer effort. Local dental professionals volunteer their time, along with many other community members to help organize, schedule, and process those who need dental care. All these caring individual collectively make up "Team Tooth," who take care of Fish for Teeth business.

Fish Tacos are the crux of Fish for Teeth funding ( $8 suggested donation) . “Team Taco” busts out around 350 fish "burritos," which nets nearly enough to pay for the Medical Teams International Mobile Dental Van to come to Friday Harbor to fix peoples Teeth. Any shortage is miraculously made up by direct donations, both large and small, from generous individuals in our community.

The fish tacos are delicious. They are made with wild Alaskan Rockfish provided by Matt’s Fresh Fish, harvested from healthy stocks of fish just north of Sitka, Alaska. Next comes more wholesome ingredients, like Pablito's Salsa, Tillamook Cheese, fresh lime, cabbage, and a zing of Newman's Balsamic dressing, all on a flour (or corn) tortilla(s).

The dedicated volunteers of Team Taco do a fab-fabulous of of putting them all together. The Friday Harbor Kiwanis Club has been helping out in a big way to make sure we have enough helpers, which makes everything work out even better. That said, the Team Taco diehards are still on staff to anchor the effort. It is a labor of love that is reflected in the delicious fish taco you’ll receive when you support this worthy cause.

Fish for Teeth is a recognized 501-c-3 non-profit organization. To donate, volunteer, or apply for dental services, go to or contact

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Greg Hertel
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
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