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Home » Archives » August 2018 » FHHS Aerospace Update

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08/01/2018: "FHHS Aerospace Update"

ig_SJISD_2018_FHAT-003 (166k image)
(Contributed photo)

The Friday Harbor High School Aerospace Team, along with additional teammates from Colorado, Pakistan, India and the UK, took second place over all at the International Space Settlement Design Competition World Championship at Kennedy Space Center.

According to the judges the margin between the first and second place team was paper-thin, the decision coming in after three hours of deliberation.

The competition’s judges praised the team’s design for a city on the moon geared to entice space businesses to establish a foothold in an emerging space economy.

After only 42 hours of design work and preparation, the team’s presentation included a concept illustration from Max Mattox, a detailed “yearly consumables chart” for 18,000 residents from Joely Loucks and Lucy Urbach, a fully illustrated guide of lunar recreational opportunities from Evan Foley, and a design for an emergency response system (along with many images) from Brandon Payne. Arlo Harold worked through the structural engineering. Overall, the Friday Harbor students made major contributions to the international team’s winning “settlement” design, through images, calculations, and design concepts.

Competition organizers specifically congratulated the Friday Harbor students for their work ethic and meticulous design work. During the timed competition, teammates (from other schools) commented on the Friday Harbor students’ composure, trustworthiness, collaboration skills, and quickly produced but impeccable designs. In short, Friday Harbor High School students quickly established themselves as the go-to group while competing with some of the best students in the world.

The Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida is NASA's primary launch center of human spaceflight. Tuesday morning the team took a private tour of SpaceX facilities which included a Falcon9 rocket and a visit to launch pad 39A, the launching pad of all of the Apollo and Space Shuttle missions.

Despite falling just short of being World Champions, the experience made the FHHS teams’ resolve stronger to make it back to Internationals next year, and giving the team valuable experience with a “request for proposal” process, cross cultural communications (including working through significant language barriers), and producing a detailed, highly technical design under a very demanding deadline.

The Friday Harbor High School Aerospace Design Team members include current seniors Max Mattox, Lucy Urbach, Brandon Payne, Joely Loucks, and juniors Evan Foley and Arlo Harold, coached by FHHS teacher Daniel Garner. The team was accompanied by parents Trudy Loucks and Jill Urbach.

The Friday Harbor Aerospace Design Team would like to thank the San Juan Public Schools Foundation, the San Juan Lions Club, the Leos Club, the Rotary Club of San Juan Island and San Juan Island School District for support for this competition. The team would also like to thank Mike Loucks for his help in arranging the SpaceX tour, and all the marvelous people of San Juan Island for their thoughts and good wishes.

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Greg Hertel
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
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