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Home » Archives » June 2018 » Grellet-Tinner Case Against Detective Parker Denied

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06/20/2018: "Grellet-Tinner Case Against Detective Parker Denied"

A petition for a citizen complaint for a misdemeanor charge against former SJC Detective Stephen Parker was filed May 2, 2018 by local attorney Nick Power, on behalf of former Orcas teacher Dr Gerald Grellet-Tinner, that alleged Parker made a false or misleading statement to a public servant and he obstructed a law enforcement office.

The petition was rejected (Document ) (3246\k file) on Wednesday by San Juan County District Court, but Power told The Island Guardian that he will appeal the decision “until Mr. Parker is brought to justice and account for his criminal transgressions. Why? Because it is the right thing to do.”

Parker was the lead detective In a sexual misconduct investigation of former Orcas teacher Dr Gerald Grellet-Tinner, but he was placed on administrative leave after inappropriate involvement in the case.

He soon resigned and moved out of state, but was never charged with a crime, even though SJC Prosecutor Gaylord, and other law enforcement officials, said he should be charged.

Grellet-Tinner wanted Parker held accountable for his actions, and so asked Power to file a Citizen’s Complaint to “institute a criminal action alleging a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor” that, “if the judge is satisfied that probable cause exists…justify filing charges.”

Power also asked that the SJC prosecutor and his deputies should be disqualified from appearing because they were “likely [to] be a necessary witness.”

Power is perplexed why Gaylord’s office opposed his petition, stating “Here we have a San Juan County Detective, Stephen Parker, who had ‘non-consensual sex’ with an alleged crime victim and then lied about it. Shouldn’t that person be brought to justice?

“Both San Juan Prosecutor Gaylord and Skagit Prosecutor Wyrich agreed that Parker should be prosecuted ��" but Prosecutor Gaylord is now celebrating a dismissal of the only attempt at prosecution as some sort of victory. Really? Why?”

Power added that “everyone agrees that Parker is a dirty cop. The Court found that there was probable cause that Parker committed a crime. So why do we let him go?”

Judge Stewart Andrew wrote that the “Prosecutor’s office has shown no bad faith or inappropriate reasons for not filing charges against Mr. Parker. In short, the court finds there is no abuse of prosecutorial discretion. After considering the seven factors described in CrRLJ 2.1(c), the court concludes the prosecutor’s decision to not file charges is justified. The Petition to file a Citizen’s Complaint against Mr. Parker is denied.”

Gaylord sent out a press release stating “Judge Andrew’s decision is consistent with the decision made by the Skagit County Prosecutor’s Office,” and that he had asked them to make charging decisions but Skagit Prosecutors declined to file charges in January 2017.

SJC Prosecutors also said that Grellet-Tinner and his attorney, Nick Power, had a financial motive that tainted the entire process. Judge Andrew said, “Presumably the pending tort claim against the county skews the Petitioner’s judgment. Mr. Parker’s conviction would benefit the Petitioner as Plaintiff in the tort lawsuit. This motive is improper.”

Other complexities were also considered by the court including the long delay since the incident and the fact that Mr. Parker now lives in Florida. “San Juan County has never extradited from another state on a misdemeanor charge, not even from Oregon or Idaho,” Gaylord explained.

Power believes the true core of the case is one of simple ethics, in his words:

“San Juan County Prosecutor’s office and Sheriff’s has let a dirty cop who had ‘non consensual sex’ with an alleged crime victim go ��" knowingly and willingly. Full stop. There is no sugar coating that.

They let a dirty cop who intentionally tried to obstruct an internal investigation go. Why? They let a dirty cop go who perjured himself go. Why?

Answer that Prosecutor Gaylord. Why?”

SJC District court appeals are filed in SJC Superior court.

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