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Home » Archives » April 2018 » Why Kulp Was Arrested As A Suspect For The Murder Of Abigail Finney

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04/16/2018: "Why Kulp Was Arrested As A Suspect For The Murder Of Abigail Finney"

ig_Eric_Arthur_Kulp_aka_Tubbs-001 (38k image) (Eric Kulp -Island Guardian file photo)

Information on the investigation that lead up to the charging and arrest warrants of Eric A. Kulp (aka as “Tubbs”), for unlawful imprisonment and murder in the 2nd degree, indicates a history of unreported domestic abuse not reported to authorities.

It is now known that in November of 2017 Abigail failed to show up at her family’s home for Thanksgiving, and the family asked the SJC Sheriff’s office to conduct a welfare check on Finney, who lived on Shaw island with her husband Eric Kulp.

Adding to their alarm were text messages later sent on Finney’s phone that did not read as if from her; and it thought odd in that Finney had up to that point had daily calls to her mother.

On November 29 SJC Sheriff Deputy Jon Shannon went to the house on Shaw to do the wellness check, and was met by Kulp, who said that Abigail had gone to rehab, but he did not know which, or where the facility was located, and that he seemed unconcerned as to where she was.

In January another welfare check was requested by the family, and at that time the unreported past domestic violence between Finney and Kulp was learned.

On the following day two deputies did a follow up andwent to the house and talked with Finney’s brother, who informed them that Kulp had threatened Finney in the past, and that when he question Kulp as to where Finney was, he was told he did not know. The deputies checked the house, but found no one home.

Near the end of March a sheriff deputy made contact with Kulp’s step-father in Arizona, who said that in late November he was talking to Finney -which he normally did several times a day- when he heard her arguing with someone, and then the phone went dead, and he had not heard from her since.

few days later a deputy contacted the landlord of the owner of the property where Finney and Kulp lived, and was told he had received a text message, sent by Kulp, that he had been in contact with Finney, and she was doing well.

A few days later everything changed for the worse when a deputy learned Kulp had sent a message to his employer, informing him that Finney had just killed herself.

That was enough. On April 5, 2018 the SJC Sheriff’s office showed up at 661 Blind Bay Road on Shaw Island and found a vehicle owned by Kulp containing Abigail Finney.

What caused the death of Abigail, when did she die, and if not ruled suicide by the coroner -and even if it is- once Mr. Kulp is released from hospital for self-inflected stab wounds to his abdomen he has some serious explaining to do to the San Juan County Sheriff and Prosecutor.

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