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09/21/2017: Beer & Bicycles Saturday
09/16/2017: Opportunities To Participate In OPALCO
09/14/2017: Did Life Care Whistleblower Settlement Close The Friday Harbor Center?
09/14/2017: CG Auxiliary Completes Free Vessel Inspections
09/14/2017: John O. Linde Community Park Dedicated
09/13/2017: Port Of F.H. Looking Hard At Purchase Of Jensen Shipyard As Commissioner Ahrenius Steps Down
09/12/2017: F&W Commission Acts To Protect 8 Species
09/11/2017: Gordon Steele Honored For Contributions To Space Exploration
09/10/2017: Sen. Murray On Anniversary of September 11th
09/10/2017: Prescribed Fire On Young Hill Slated For Late September
09/07/2017: Southern Resident Killer Whales Return
09/06/2017: Harbor Seals Heading Back To Sea
09/06/2017: Havard: Washington’s Online Voter System Secure
09/04/2017: Running Late- The Yakima Has Coast Guard "Issues"
09/04/2017: District & Teachers Reach "Tentative Agreement"
09/04/2017: County Looking For Volunteers
09/04/2017: Basic Boating Safety Course
08/31/2017: No School On SJI As Teachers Strike
08/31/2017: US Senators Want Action On Atlantic Salmon Issues
08/30/2017: Bats Need Your Help
08/29/2017: There Is A Reason They Are Called Community Lifesavers
08/29/2017: Orcas Makes Clinic Management Changes
08/28/2017: Connecting With Nature With Mike Cohen
08/27/2017: State To Kill More Wolves, Petition Against Started In Response
08/24/2017: Concours d’Elegance Of The SJIsl On Sunday
08/23/2017: Port Of Friday Harbor: “Signs Are Temporary”
08/22/2017: Fish Farm Failure Frees Atlantic Salmon
08/22/2017: Local Firefighters Help Fight Oregon Blaze
08/21/2017: Sign Up For Art Workshop
08/20/2017: New Musical Theatre Fund at SJCT
08/18/2017: Call for San Juan County Visual Artists
08/17/2017: Tattoos To Tennis Shoes- How We Wear History
08/16/2017: OPALCO Confident Redundancy Will Manage Future Outages In The County
08/15/2017: Council Preempts A County Wide Vote On Enforcement Of Illegal Immigration Laws
08/14/2017: Looking Toward 2036: Comp Plan Update Review
08/13/2017: Exhibit Entry Day Coming Tuesday, August 15
08/13/2017: Lakedale Resort First Annual Music Festival
08/10/2017: Why Are There Only Men On SJC Planning Commission?
08/10/2017: Coast Guard Finds Drugs During Vessel Boarding Near Anacortes
08/09/2017: SJI Community Foundation County Fair Match
08/09/2017: Ferry Routes Back To Normal
08/08/2017: JAZZ AT THE LABS: August 12, 2017
08/07/2017: Truck Starts Small SJI Grass Fire
08/06/2017: SJI Woman Pleads “Guilty,” Must Pay Back $68+k To Non-Profit SJC Community Theatre
08/04/2017: Help Map Monarchs & Milkweed
08/03/2017: Who Loves Pie? Calling All Pie Bakers
08/03/2017: B.C. Smoke & Heat Predicted To Increase
08/03/2017: 1 SJI School Board Race Too Close To Call
08/02/2017: Check Trees For Invasive Pests In August
08/02/2017: Sea Urchins In The AbsenceOf Predatory Sea Stars
07/31/2017: Eastsound Fly-In & Antique Car Show
07/30/2017: County Council Public Hearing On Should The County Sometimes Not Assist Federal Agents
07/27/2017: August FH Fly-In: “Wings & Wheels
07/26/2017: Pod Nods Friday At The Whale Museum
07/25/2017: Fire Danger Upgraded to High
07/25/2017: Filing Period July 26, 27& 28 For Port of Orcas Commissioner
07/25/2017: Orcas Wildland Fire At Minnow Creek
07/24/2017: County Scholars Shine At Leadership Camp
07/24/2017: Wolf Pack To Be Killed
07/22/2017: Missing SJI Man Found -Ruled Suicide
07/20/2017: 18th Annual Encampment Candlelight Ball Saturday At English Camp
07/19/2017: Benefit For Hospice of San Juan
07/19/2017: Just In Time For A Summer Bummer: More Ferry Problems
07/18/2017: 47th Annual Shaw Island Classic Race
07/18/2017: Community Of Health Meeting
07/17/2017: New Orcas WSF Terminal Open
07/17/2017: Be A Live-In Camp Host
07/16/2017: SJI Man Pleads Guilty To Sex Charge
07/15/2017: Orcas Quarry Fire Extinguished
07/14/2017: “Water Issues” Ed Kilduff Speaker At GOP Event
07/13/2017: “Art As A Voice” SJI Talk On First Nation Art
07/11/2017: New Law On Use Of Cell Phones
07/10/2017: Plane Damaged In A “Ground Loop”
07/09/2017: Address Markers Available On SJI
07/08/2017: Almost Everything You Want To Know About Septic Systems -And Then Some...
07/07/2017: Your Opinion On Ferry Fares? Speak Up Monday
07/06/2017: Port Of Vancouver B.C. Addresses Ship & Boat Noise As A “Key Threat” To Whales
07/06/2017: Look For The Orange Tag On Copper Rockfish
07/05/2017: SJ County & FH Council Special Meeting
07/04/2017: Port Of FH Welcomes New Director
07/03/2017: Ready For The 4th
07/01/2017: Orcas Youth Suffers Fatal Fall
06/30/2017: SJC Democrates Investigated By State
06/30/2017: County To Review Vacation Rental Regulations
06/28/2017: First Evidence Of Fishers Comeback In Wa
06/27/2017: New Town Parking Lot, At Least For Now
06/26/2017: Wins Race To Alaska, On A Paddleboard!
06/25/2017: Input Wanted On Mount Ben
06/22/2017: Orcas & San Juan Students Learn First Aid
06/21/2017: Free Screening & Discussion: Men’s Rights
06/20/2017: Friday Harbor Chamber Music Festival
06/19/2017: Navy Transports Lopez Woman To Hospital
06/18/2017: Port Pirate Festival 23rd -25th
06/16/2017: Direct Flights To Portland
06/14/2017: Feds To Show Up For Homes for Islanders
06/14/2017: SJI Community Foundation Awards $164,000 in College Scholarships for 2017/2018
06/13/2017: Become A SJ Historical Society & Museum Volunteer
06/12/2017: Locally Foods for WIC & Seniors
06/11/2017: A Banner Day for Island Families
06/09/2017: Bye-Bye Bear
06/09/2017: Young Mountain Bicyclist Injured On Orcas
06/08/2017: Coast Guard Assist Injured Man South Of Lopez
06/07/2017: SJC of Skagit Valley College Commencement 2017
06/06/2017: On the Trail of Two Rare Species
06/06/2017: 73rd anniversary of D-Day
06/05/2017: Community Solar Gives Everyone A Chance To Generate Green Local Power
06/04/2017: Public Hearing On Population Projection
06/03/2017: The Orcas Bear
06/03/2017: CenturyLink Fined Again On Outages
06/02/2017: Foraging Bear Nicknamed “Bearfoot Bandit”
05/31/2017: Nature Walk to Briggs Lake
05/30/2017: Citizens Raise $22K For CO Detectors
05/29/2017: New Customs Office at the FHr Airport
05/28/2017: Memorial Day Is Monday
05/28/2017: Bear Spotted On Orcas
05/25/2017: Local Responders To Leavenworth Fire
05/25/2017: SJI Library Is Visitor Friendly
05/23/2017: Local Student Honored By Johns Hopkins University
05/22/2017: High Winds A'coming
05/22/2017: Old & Young Alike & A Sunny Day
05/21/2017: Still "Exceptional" Water Quality In The County
05/20/2017: Wild San Juan Lecture Series
05/20/2017: Armed Forces Day
05/18/2017: FH Soap Box Race Returns Sunday
05/17/2017: Want A Dock? Patience &/Or Money Required
05/17/2017: 43rd Annual Seattle International Film Festival
05/16/2017: FH Free Cubside Pickup Under Way
05/15/2017: Soroptimist Free Seminar For Women.
05/14/2017: -- Guest Column --
05/11/2017: "Researching Our History"
05/10/2017: New Director For Port Of Friday Harbor
05/10/2017: Pocket Park Officially Opens
05/09/2017: Participate in “Natural Hazard Mitigation” Planning
05/09/2017: Master Gardeners Spring Plant Sale Saturday
05/08/2017: Spring Street & Price Street Resurfacing Underway
05/07/2017: Inslee Signs Ranker's Outdoor Preschool Pilot Bill
05/04/2017: Boat Parade in Friday Harbor Sunday
05/03/2017: Coast Guard Checking For New Hull Identification Numbers
05/02/2017: One Will Be Port Of FH Director
05/02/2017: May Is Community Action Month
05/01/2017: Flood Risk Open House For Disscussion On New County Flood Maps
04/30/2017: -- Guest Column --
04/29/2017: Pigs, Plants, & Pickett: San Juan Islands History
04/27/2017: $10 Million Suit Filed Against County Over Trial Of Gerald Grellet-Tinnier
04/27/2017: Free: Succession Planning for Small Business
04/27/2017: EV Car Show In Friday Harbor Saturday
04/26/2017: All Charges Dismissed Against Former Orcas Teacher
04/25/2017: Free Dental Clinic Coming To SJI
04/24/2017: Ottley Briggs Schonberger Scholarship Formed
04/23/2017: SJI Real Estate Market Update
04/22/2017: State Politicians At Odds Over Budget Increases
04/22/2017: Design a License Plate For San Juan Islands
04/20/2017: Procession Of The Species On Lopez
04/19/2017: CG Rescues 2 In Lopez Sound
04/18/2017: SJI Library New Auto Information Phone Line
04/17/2017: Mix & Mingle & Earth Day Celebration
04/16/2017: Okay, Why is this Dog Smiling?
04/14/2017: Simpler Process For Business Licenses
04/13/2017: BLM Seeks Nominations to Monument Advisory Committee
04/12/2017: DOE Wants Changes In County Shoreline Regs
04/10/2017: Spring Street Park Update
04/10/2017: Open House On SJI “Connector Road”
04/09/2017: 3D Printing Available at SJI Library
04/08/2017: Bit Of A Breeze On Friday
04/06/2017: Sleeping Problems & Old Age
04/05/2017: Wolf Hollow Will Rehab Marine Mammas
04/04/2017: Four On San Juan Island May Have Been poisoned By Carbon Monoxide, Two Fatally
04/03/2017: RoundTowner: SJI Shuttle System
04/02/2017: -- Guest Column --

Horse Barn Deserves Second Look

04/02/2017: Lake in Moran State Park closed
04/01/2017: New Sewer-Water Lines For Park St -FH
03/30/2017: Boat Noise Changes How Orca Hunt
03/29/2017: “Terrestrial Manager’s” Annual Meeting
03/28/2017: Map Of Plats, Surveys, & Condos Updated
03/27/2017: State Poet Laureate To Hold Workshop
03/26/2017: Chinook Fishery Open Again
03/25/2017: EPA Faults Navy’s Study Related To Growlers
03/24/2017: Meet OPALCO Candidates For Board of Directors
03/23/2017: Know Your Island Walk Saturday March 25
03/22/2017: County Officials To Hold A Town Hall Meeting Next Tuesday
03/21/2017: Do You Need Flood Insurance
03/20/2017: Kids and Canoes - A Place Based Curriculum
03/20/2017: Dialogue & Donuts with Danna On Tuesday
03/16/2017: Washington's Wolf Population Grows
03/16/2017: Historic Barn Not Worth Saving?
03/15/2017: New Taxes &/or Fees To Pay For Affordable Housing?
03/14/2017: Pocket Park Update
03/13/2017: Jump Start That Four-Year Degree
03/12/2017: Vets Groups Honor Senator Murray
03/12/2017: Workshop On Retirement Planning For Business Owners
03/09/2017: Help Fund Safe & Sane SJI Graduate Night Celebrations
03/09/2017: Free Business Feasibility Workshop For Entrepreneurs
03/08/2017: Another Successful Knowledge Bowl
03/07/2017: “Alpinist” Rotary Spelling Bee Winning Word
03/06/2017: Deer Harbor Bridge Ribbon Cutting
03/04/2017: Soroptimist St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganza Returns March 11
03/02/2017: Free Seminars For Under Employed
02/28/2017: Snowmageddon Doesn’t Stop OIFR
02/28/2017: Rotary Club Spelling Bee Thursday
02/26/2017: Roundabout For FH Proposed
02/23/2017: About That Orcas School Bond Measure
02/22/2017: Controversy Returns To Hospital Commissioners
02/21/2017: FH Pocket Park Construction Begins
02/20/2017: SJI Woman In Court Over "Misappropriation" Of $48K From Local Non-Profit
02/17/2017: Mom And Son Accused Of Multiple Crimes
02/16/2017: Busy Day For Orcas Fire & Rescue
02/15/2017: 2 Arrests Made In Jewelry Heist
02/14/2017: Fraud Involving Signatures On Four Initiatives
02/14/2017: Family Nature Club Walk: Birds
02/13/2017: Man Walking Dog Witness To Crime
02/12/2017: Hotline To Report Dead, Sick Or Injured Swans
02/10/2017: Free Training For Caregivers Offered
02/09/2017: Class For Woodland Owners
02/08/2017: Another MEDEVAC By The Navy
02/07/2017: Trades Educ Program February 13
02/06/2017: Polar Gigantism in Antarctic Sea Spiders
02/05/2017: Larsen Cosponsors The ORCA Act
02/03/2017: County Real Estate Up 16.4%
02/02/2017: OPALCO Seeks Candidates For Board Election
02/01/2017: Join the SJI Family Nature Club
01/31/2017: Mentors Wanted For FH High School Community Service Projects
01/30/2017: Sign Up Now For SJI Father Daughter Dance
01/30/2017: Small Earthquakes Better Than One Big One
01/29/2017: Knowledge Bowl CANCELLED
01/25/2017: Sheriff Deputies’ Standoff With Man Ends Successfully
01/25/2017: San Juan Islands Agricultural Summit
01/25/2017: Detective In Teacher-Student Misconduct Trial Resigns After Having Sex With Same Student
01/25/2017: Discussion By Former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper
01/23/2017: Firefighters Honored for 2016 Service
01/22/2017: Registration Open For 2017 Winter Birds of the San Juan Islands Workshop
01/21/2017: Opposed To Trans Mountain Pipeline
01/17/2017: National Monument Advisory Committee
01/17/2017: Navy Responds Again MEDEVAC One From Orcas & three From San Juan
01/17/2017: Annual Homeless Count January 26th
01/17/2017: WSDOT New Head Of Ferries
01/17/2017: OPALCO Increases Rates 35% In 5 Yrs
01/16/2017: SJC Grand Old Party Elects Officers
01/14/2017: Sign Up For Beach & Bird Training
01/13/2017: New FH Port Director Resigns
01/12/2017: Feds Want Input On Protection Zone
01/11/2017: Close Call On Orcas
01/10/2017: Illegal Immigrants Okay Here As Long As They Follow All Other Laws
01/09/2017: "Mount Grant" Funding Goal Reached
01/08/2017: Apply Now For Educational Awards For Women
01/07/2017: New Progam Started To Help Those In Need
01/06/2017: Pertussis Cases Continue In San Juan County
01/05/2017: State Report: Salmon Still Declining
01/04/2017: 2 Juvenile Bald Eagles Released
01/04/2017: $9.5K Fine For Laser Shot At Ferry
01/03/2017: FH May Join County On Bag Ban
01/02/2017: J2 - In Memoriam Of Granny
01/02/2017: Normal Rainfall In 2016
12/31/2016: 5K Resolution Run/Walk Sunday
12/29/2016: New Years Eve Community Celebration
12/28/2016: FH Grange May Support Community Treasures
12/27/2016: Navy Conducts Christmas Eve MEDEVAC
12/27/2016: Orcas Business Burglaries
12/26/2016: Orca Killed By “Blunt Trauma
12/25/2016: American Sign Language Conservation Crew Honored With Award
12/24/2016: John O. Linde Community Park Opens
12/22/2016: State Delists Bald Eagles, Falcons
12/21/2016: Roche Harbor Holiday Dining Hours
12/20/2016: Clean State Audit, again, For FH
12/18/2016: Pertussis Update & Holiday Travel Season
12/17/2016: Bob Jarman Honored By Town Of Friday Harbor
12/17/2016: SJC Boards & Commissions Meetings
12/15/2016: Navy Responds Again With A MEDEVAC
12/15/2016: -- Guest Column --
12/15/2016: OPALCO Capital Credit Checks Coming
12/15/2016: Volunteer For FH Lodging Tax Committee
12/14/2016: DFW Delists Bald Eagles, Falcons
12/13/2016: The “Summit” Is But The Beginning
12/11/2016: EDC Business Plan Winners
12/09/2016: Election Moments Recalled
12/08/2016: -- Guest Column --
12/08/2016: More Than Meets The Eye
12/07/2016: Skagit Valley College Open Enrollment
12/07/2016: SJI Critter’s Christmas Friday
12/06/2016: Tucker Avenue Ribbon Cutting Thursday
12/05/2016: SJ Singers “Christmas Reflections”
12/02/2016: Whooping Cough Returns To San Juan County
12/01/2016: OPALCO Members Needed to Nominate Board Candidates
11/30/2016: FH Awarded $1.2 Million For Sidewalks
11/30/2016: ‘Growler’ Operations Draws Criticism
11/28/2016: Two Tiger Teams Win Big
11/27/2016: FH Proposals For Park Bench Sculptures Wanted
11/26/2016: First Dog License Issued For 2017
11/24/2016: Anniversary Of Orcas Park Project
11/22/2016: Orcas Island Fire & Rescue In Moran State Park
11/20/2016: FH Port Meeting On Employee Dismissal
11/19/2016: FROG Reservation Survey Report Available
11/17/2016: Sign Up For EMT Training
11/16/2016: 2017 Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting
11/16/2016: Family Caregiver Support Offered
11/15/2016: Save by Riding The RoundTowner
11/14/2016: Changes To OPALCO Election Process Approved
11/13/2016: SJC 3rd Quarter Review
11/11/2016: State To Investigate Complaint Against Island County Health Officials On Growler Jets
11/11/2016: SJI School District Honors Veterans
11/10/2016: The Life Of Sam R. Buck II Memorial Saturday
11/07/2016: Almost Done: Canvassing Board & Certification Of Elections
11/06/2016: State Parks Free Day Nov. 11
11/04/2016: Proposed Orca Whale Protection Zone
11/04/2016: Navy Helps Out Again
11/02/2016: Pet Of The Week
11/01/2016: County Docket Process Up And Running Again
10/31/2016: New Lawn A Coming For Village Green
10/30/2016: 3rd Quarter Sales Report
10/28/2016: Skydivers Over FH Schools Nov 4
10/27/2016: Brad Hanson to Speak on Orca Travels
10/25/2016: Additional New Regs On Carry-out Bags
10/24/2016: FHHS Student Is Commended
10/23/2016: Celebrate World Polio Day October 24
10/22/2016: Community Awareness Event Sunday
10/22/2016: Apply Now: Soroptimist $4K Live Your Dream Award
10/21/2016: State Suspends Killing Wolf Pack
10/19/2016: Halloween litter pick-up on San Juan Island
10/18/2016: FH Animal Shelter Project Moving Forward
10/17/2016: 2017 Preliminary Budget Available
10/16/2016: Local Dogs For Parkinson's Detection Project
10/13/2016: Workshop for Marine Naturalists on October 29,
10/13/2016: Rotary Club Donates $13K To Local Charities
10/12/2016: STORM WARNING - Prepare For Power Outages
10/12/2016: Plans For Cattle Pass Lighthouse
10/10/2016: 2015 Certified Organic Survey Released
10/10/2016: Free Business Workshop
10/09/2016: 1st Annual Salish Sea Festival
10/06/2016: - Your Online Access
10/05/2016: Things To Consider On Waterfront Parcels
10/04/2016: Public Hearing On Transportation Improvement Program -Time To Submit Opinions
10/04/2016: Critical Areas Appeal Turned Down By The U.S. Supreme Court
10/03/2016: Friday Harbor Man Killed In Tukwila
10/02/2016: NicoIe Pietrantoni At SJIMA
10/01/2016: Beachwatchers And Birders Wanted
09/30/2016: Kenmore Plane Crashes In Water Near Cattle Point
09/29/2016: Fall is Flu Clinic Time
09/28/2016: October is Domestic Violence Action Month
09/28/2016: Gaylord Appeals Ruling Of New Trial In Orcas Teachers Conviction
09/26/2016: Friday Harbor Fall Farm Parade October 1
09/25/2016: OPALCO, A Co-Op In Name Only
09/25/2016: Raising A Philosophical Child
09/23/2016: OPALCO Offers Low-Income Energy Assistance
09/22/2016: New Exhibitions At SIMA
09/21/2016: New Trial Granted Former Orcas School Teacher
09/20/2016: OPALCO To Hold Open House Events
09/19/2016: Fair Trial? School Teacher Misconduct Controversy
09/17/2016: SJC Council Candidates:Forum Wednesday
09/16/2016: Large Group Of Orca Encountered
09/15/2016: Prosecutor Misconduct Charge In Trial Of Orcas Teacher Convicted Of Sexual Misconduct
09/14/2016: Help for People with Low Vision
09/13/2016: Deer Harbor Bridge Progress
09/10/2016: Truck Rollover On San Juan Island
09/08/2016: Boater Attacks Deputy, Is Tasered & Jailed
09/07/2016: Husband Awaits Charges For Murder Of Wife
09/06/2016: Public Comments on Parks, Trails and Natural Areas Update Plan Due Sept 15
09/05/2016: SJI Island Rec "Star Party"
09/03/2016: Local Woman Killed On San Juan Island, Husband Arrested
09/02/2016: Have You Seen Invasive Green Crab In SJC
09/02/2016: Lopez Man Found Guilty Of Assault In Domestic Violence Case
08/31/2016: Diver Dies Off Johns Island
08/30/2016: Orca Missing
08/30/2016: More Learned On Lopez Murder/Suicide
08/30/2016: The Gov Will Visit Mt. Grant & New FH Fields
08/28/2016: $28K Raised In Four Days At Fair
08/28/2016: Crabbing Open Over Labor Day
08/25/2016: Lopez Murder-Suicide
08/25/2016: Wa Wolf Introduction Setback As State Kills Breeding Pack

ig_E_LearnEnglish-001 (24k image)

08/24/2016: Overdose Awareness Day Information
08/23/2016: SJI Concours d’Elegance
08/22/2016: Close Call For Pilot & Passengers
08/21/2016: Dogs Rescued From Hot Cars At Fair
08/20/2016: State Advisory Measures On Nov Ballot
08/19/2016: Workshops On Board Practices Offered
08/17/2016: OPALCO Installed 22k Lb Of Cable
08/16/2016: Preliminary Flood Insurance Study & Maps Available For Review And Comment
08/15/2016: Coast Salish Dedications during National Park Service Founder’s Day Event
08/14/2016: A High Tide Lifts All Boats
08/13/2016: 43 Boats Finish Shaw Island Race
08/12/2016: How Are We Doing $ Wise?
08/11/2016: $303K For Five SJC County Projects
08/11/2016: Watch & Learn Cedar Canoe Construction
08/09/2016: Medical Supply Drops By Drones In SJ County
08/08/2016: SJI Island Fire & Rescue Promotions
08/07/2016: New SJC Parks Plan Ready For Public Review
08/07/2016: The Thistle Slayers
08/05/2016: OPALCO Energy Efficiency Rebates
08/03/2016: Campaign Finance Reform To Be On Nov Ballot
08/02/2016: Jarman vs. Watson Come November & EMS Passes
08/01/2016: The Top Two Primary
07/31/2016: Puget Sound Crossroads Celebrates 30 years
07/30/2016: Get Ready For The Fair
07/29/2016: Head Of WSF Holding Local Public Meetings
07/27/2016: Passport to San Juan Islands History
07/27/2016: Stream & Salmon Habitat Protected
07/26/2016: Council Will Attend WSF Local Pubic Meetings
07/26/2016: Access Voters’ Guide for August Election
07/23/2016: 46th Annual Shaw Island Classic Race\ Aug 5th
07/21/2016: Federal Protection For Puget Sound Sought
07/21/2016: RH SJI Island Walk Saturday
07/19/2016: Public Comment On Shoreline Master Program Starts July 22
07/18/2016: Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center - Bald Eagle Release
07/17/2016: Undervotes, Overvotes, and Write-ins
07/14/2016: Rental Property Options
07/13/2016: UWFH Presents Award Winning Film:
07/12/2016: Author Talk & Book Signing: Sea Otter Conservation
07/11/2016: Farm and Habitat Improvements on San Juan Island False Bay Creek Preserve
07/11/2016: How They Do It In Italy
07/08/2016: A Message From Our Sheriff
07/07/2016: Get Ready For The Fair
07/06/2016: Washington State Governor Candidate Bill Bryant (R) To Visit Friday Harbor
07/06/2016: Hear Orcas Festival On Classical KING FM
07/04/2016: If Board Files For Nov EMS Election It Will Mirror The August Election
07/03/2016: FH Parade Starts At 10:30
07/01/2016: EMS Proposed Budget Adopted
06/30/2016: Empty Chairs At EMS Q & A Meeting
06/28/2016: NOAA Law Enforcement Begin Orca Patrols
06/26/2016: Will Hospital Board Place Levy (For Less?) On The November Ballot?
06/25/2016: FH Waterline Replacement
06/24/2016: Find The Hidden Quarry On SJI
06/23/2016: San Juan Island Community Foundation Awards $187,500 in College Scholarships for 2016/2017
06/22/2016: Wildfire At Shark Reef Sanctuary On Lopez
06/21/2016: Firewise Communities Benefit From Grant, And So Can You
06/20/2016: Navy To Hold A Public Open House
06/19/2016: Come Play Summer Bingo with Soroptimists
06/19/2016: Ham Radio Operators Recognized By County Council
06/18/2016: New Director For Port Of FH
06/16/2016: O'Connor To Retire As Port Of FH Director
06/15/2016: The “A Team” & Ballot Processing
06/14/2016: Roche Harbor Trail Declared A National Recreation Trail
06/13/2016: Geniuch Receives Open Government Award
06/12/2016: 72’ Of Luxury On A Rock
06/12/2016: Blue Herons Provide Summertime Watching
06/12/2016: Orcas Forum Wednesday On WSF
06/10/2016: Sweeney On Her New Book
06/08/2016: New Water Line From Trout Lake To Town
06/07/2016: BLM Working On San Juan Islands Plan
06/06/2016: Public Hearing On Proposed Flower Mural Near FH Ferry Landing
06/03/2016: Protected Status Of Orca To Be Reviewed
06/03/2016: Discover San Juan Island On National Outdoors Day (June 11
06/02/2016: Local Student Honored At Capital
06/01/2016: OPALCO Lowers Our Expectations
05/29/2016: Large Crowd Attends Memorial Service In FH
05/28/2016: So We Did Need The Rain: 1st Wildland Fire
05/28/2016: How Are We Doing $$ ?
05/26/2016: BLM To Remove Trees On Patos Island
05/26/2016: Council Bans Drones In Parks & Fairgrounds
05/24/2016: What Does Heart Failure Really Mean?
05/24/2016: SJC Critical Area Regulations Legal? US Supreme Court Asked To Decide
05/23/2016: Durland Challenges Hughes For District 2
05/23/2016: Drivers! Start Your,.Umm..Race?
05/22/2016: Click It or Ticket
05/19/2016: Race For SJ Council Seat Crowded
05/18/2016: Oh Boy! Chipseal Season Has Begun
05/17/2016: Lopez Man Drowns In Hummel Lake
05/17/2016: BioBlitz Coming To SJI
05/15/2016: Op-Ed by Secretary of State Kim Wyman
05/15/2016: Third Annual San Juan County Boat Safely Fair
05/14/2016: New Executive Director For Wolf Hollow
05/12/2016: Woman Found On Lopez Beach Shore A Suicide
05/12/2016: Our Auditor Is The Best In State
05/11/2016: African Kora Music At SJI Library Friday
05/10/2016: Just Checking Out Things In Friday Harbor
05/09/2016: Body Found At Ice Berg Point On Lopez
05/08/2016: Top Water Quality From Town
05/08/2016: Mural For FH’s Sunken Park Announced
05/07/2016: Community Treasures Contributes To Community
05/06/2016: State Parks Offers A Few "Free Days"
05/05/2016: Add, Delete &/or Change The Comp Plan?
05/05/2016: Voting The Presidential Primary
05/04/2016: OPALCO Lineman Okay After Electrical Arc Caused Power Outage In Eastsound
05/04/2016: “History Lives Here” May 2016
05/03/2016: Who Profits From Public Records Request Delays?
05/02/2016: Lett, Silverstein & Whitfield Win OPALCO Election, Amendment Fails
05/02/2016: SJI School & SJ Community Theater Honored
04/28/2016: FHHS Sailing Team Fundraiser Speaker Jake Beattie On “Race To Alaska”
04/28/2016: Need A Passport? Apply At Court House
04/28/2016: Spring Street Almost Ready To Open Again
04/27/2016: FH Bumbleblitz & Pollinator Celebration Friday
04/26/2016: Kennewick Man Coming Home?
04/25/2016: Fisher Making Comeback In Washington
04/24/2016: Council To Meet With DOE On Shoreline Questions
04/24/2016: OMF Annual Meeting Features Airlift Northwest
04/24/2016: Candidate Filing Begins May 16
04/22/2016: OPALCO Board Election To Go Foward
04/21/2016: $760K For Orcas Ferry Terminal “Park-and-Ride”
04/20/2016: Local Man New County Director Of WSU Ag
04/20/2016: Jackie Hamilton And Bill Sargeson Inducted To FH Aviation Museum As Featured Pilots
04/18/2016: OPALCO & Rock Island Offer Retraction, Confirm Election Neutrality
04/18/2016: Accessible Voting In Washington State
04/17/2016: It’s A Duck
04/16/2016: SJC Adopted SMP Documents Available
04/15/2016: $1.26 M Into Economy From Home Trust
04/14/2016: Congratulations To SJ County’s New EMTs!
04/14/2016: 2 Southern Resident Orca Found Dead
04/12/2016: Sargeson & Hamilton Featured FH Pilots
04/11/2016: OPALCO’s Wireless Investing In Infrastructure
04/10/2016: -- Guest Column --
04/10/2016: F.H. Soap Box Race For Young & Old
04/07/2016: SJI Town Hall EMS Meetings On New Levy
04/07/2016: Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony For Fed’s New Digs In Friday Harbor
04/05/2016: Enjoy SJ Island Trails Annual Spring Potluck
04/05/2016: Seattle ACT Director Involved In Island Stage Left Production: "Venus in Fur"
04/03/2016: John Stimpson Retires After 36 Yrs
03/30/2016: Looking For Banner Artists & Photographers
03/30/2016: SJI Art Show-Life & Animals and Pets
03/29/2016: Did OPALCO Begin Work Without Required County Permits?
03/28/2016: Dining for Scholars Thursday
03/25/2016: Pricing Products & Services Free Workshop
03/24/2016: Our Web Service Provider Is Upgrading Our Server. Thank you for your patience; and we will post what we can while the work is underway.
03/21/2016: Western Bluebirds Looking At Lopez Nests
03/20/2016: SJ Island School District Superintendent Danna Diaz Open Letter to the Community
03/20/2016: Spring Schedule In Effect
03/18/2016: Help For Two Dogs Needed ASAP
03/17/2016: 6 OPALCO Board Candidates -April 30 Election
03/16/2016: Certificate Of Municipal Leadership For Monin
03/15/2016: SV College SJ Center Celebrates It’s 20th
03/15/2016: Looking For Gently Used Children’s Books
03/13/2016: Crowdfunding Workshop Offered By SJCy EDC
03/13/2016: WSF Asks For More FROGS & More Opinion
03/12/2016: Comments On Spring Street Pocket Park?
03/11/2016: Orcas Island Theme Online Auction Tuesday
03/09/2016: The Best Of The Best 2015 Firefighters
03/09/2016: Soroptimist St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Saturday
03/08/2016: Speeding Truck Crashes Spring Street Barriers Crashes Into Truck Misses Workers
03/08/2016: Yakima Out of Service For Repairs
03/08/2016: Downriggers Building Progress
03/07/2016: FH Man Gets 5.5 Months For Knife Attack
03/05/2016: Rotary Club Spelling Bee Champs For 2016
03/02/2016: Concern On Rusting Hulls Of Samish & Tokitae
03/01/2016: Rotary Club Spelling Bee Thursday
02/29/2016: Dinner & Presentation At Dahlia Lounge For Purchase of Historic Mount Baker Farm
02/28/2016: Disease Risks For Environment & Killer Whales
02/27/2016: Morris Proposes Ban To Victoria Over Sewage
02/26/2016: Solar Energy Legislation Passes House
02/25/2016: Sheriff Answers Questions On Home Invasion
02/24/2016: Keys To Heritage Court Homes Earned
02/23/2016: Sheriff & Council Member To Hold Town Hall Meeting On Orcas Home Invasion
02/21/2016: What Is Source Of OPALCO Rate Increases?
02/19/2016: Reward On OPALCO Crime To Double
02/18/2016: Solar Energy Legislation Passes House
02/17/2016: Meet New Superintendent Of SJI National Park
02/16/2016: WA Primaries & Caucuses
02/15/2016: Rain Nor Darkness Stops Water & Sewer Work
02/15/2016: Smartphone App To Record Earthquakes
02/13/2016: Reward For Information On OPALCO Crimes
02/12/2016: OPALCO Offices Open For Business
02/12/2016: Orca 5-Year Status Review & Comments Wanted
02/11/2016: OPALCO Closes Offices: Gun Held To Head Of Employee
02/11/2016: Treat A Group Or A Person To A Singing Valentine
02/10/2016: OPALCO Helps Low-Income Households
02/09/2016: SJI School & Rotary Win Big
02/08/2016: Community Pet Food Drive To Start Soon
02/07/2016: Friday Harbor House Has New Managers
02/05/2016: Sand Lance Hiding In Existing Salmon Data
02/05/2016: OPALCO Working With T-Mobile Cellular
02/04/2016: FH Woman To State Competition
02/03/2016: SJI Knowledge Bowl Monday
02/03/2016: Considering Selling Your Property ?
02/01/2016: How Birds Fly: Photographs and Stories with NASA Researcher
02/01/2016: SJ Nature Institute Winter Lecture Series
01/31/2016: SJC Scores Some Grant Money
01/28/2016: SJ Fire Chief Steve Marler Has Died
01/27/2016: A Curious Little Development
01/26/2016: A “Pocket Park” Proposed In FH
01/25/2016: The SJI Library Wild Side Series: Winter- In The Dark Of The Night
01/24/2016: San Juan County Real Estate Market Summary
01/21/2016: Public Invited To GIve Input To BLM
01/21/2016: Fish For Teeth Dental Van at Mullis Center Friday
01/19/2016: New Orca, But Another Believed Dead
01/19/2016: Bipartisan Bill Would Automatically Register Some Voters
01/18/2016: The Province of British Columbia Rejects Kinder Morgan Pipeline
01/18/2016: Ted Leche Turns 90
01/16/2016: Local Man's Work On 60 Minutes This Sunday
01/16/2016: WSF Ridership Increased In 2015
01/16/2016: Wild Side Nature Series Begins At SJI Library
01/15/2016: Bingo Comes To Friday Harbor!
01/14/2016: Sexual Predator Concerns Surface Again
01/14/2016: SJC Annual Homeless Count January 28
01/13/2016: Orcas Chamber Music Salon Concert
01/12/2016: A Review Of OPALCO Internet Plan
01/12/2016: Marine Mammal Stranding and Response
01/10/2016: Registered Now To Vote Feb. 6th
01/09/2016: Donate To SJI Service Scholarship Fund
01/08/2016: SJI Chamber Of Commerce Member Highlight
01/06/2016: Dead Orca Not A Southern Resident Member
01/06/2016: Pre-Order Now For County Wide Plant Sale
01/05/2016: Build It And They Will Come -& Watch
01/04/2016: Sign Up For Hosted Excursion To Northwest Flower & Garden Show
01/03/2016: Know Your San Juan Islanders: Bruce_Gregory Talk Monday Jan 4, 2016
01/02/2016: Sign Up For Dental Van Return to FH
12/31/2015: SJC Council Lists 2015 Accomplishments
12/30/2015: Good News Turns Bad With Death OF Baby Orca?
12/30/2015: It One Shook The House: 4.8 Quake West Of SJI
12/28/2015: Navy MEDEVAC From Friday Harbor
12/28/2015: Elwha Out Of Service On
12/27/2015: Upcoming Free Lecture On Marine Mammal Stranding & Response
12/23/2015: FH Spring Street Water, Sewer, Storm Mains To Be Replaced February-March
12/22/2015: Begining In January OPALCO Bills Up 5%
12/22/2015: L.A. Charter Schools Attract Stronger Students
12/20/2015: $650K To IMA From WA Dept Commerce
12/18/2015: Salmon Runs To Return To SJI?
12/17/2015: Another New J Pod Baby! J54
12/17/2015: County Ruling Reversed, Home Owner May Remove Hazard Tree
12/17/2015: Chamber's Annual Meeting/Holiday Social/Awards
12/15/2015: Bob Myhr To Retire From OPALCO Board
12/14/2015: Thank You Navy...Again...
12/14/2015: Winners Of Launch SJI Business Plan
12/12/2015: Dec 12: Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe
12/11/2015: Count Birds In Your Backyard For Science
12/11/2015: Copper-Free Brakes Protect Salmon While Maintaining Performance
12/10/2015: Your Check Is In The Mail
12/09/2015: Question Raised On Parks Contract
12/07/2015: Wind Takes Power Out On Shaw & Orcas
12/07/2015: Another New Orca In L-Pond
12/06/2015: $2664 Donated To TH Food Bank
12/04/2015: Shoreline Master Program Update
12/03/2015: County Admits Mistakes In Records Requests
12/02/2015: Old-Fashioned Christmas Celebration
11/30/2015: You May Expect A 5% OPALCO Increase
11/29/2015: FH Island Lights Festival Dec 4th
11/28/2015: "San Juan Islands Made" Member Meeting
11/25/2015: SJIF Intra-Squad Swim Meet Saturday
11/24/2015: How's The County Doing Money Wise?
11/23/2015: Second House Fire On Orca
11/23/2015: Orcas House Fire -Smoke Detectors Worked
11/22/2015: 2016 Dog Tags Available
11/21/2015: Free Reference Books To Students
11/20/2015: IMA Islands Artists’ Registry Show
11/18/2015: -- Guest Column --
11/17/2015: Winter Storm In, Power Out, Power Back On
11/16/2015: Honoring Veterans In Friday Harbor
11/15/2015: More Barged Homes For Home Trust
11/14/2015: -- Guest Column --
11/14/2015: Nurse Ppractitioner Joins PeaceHealth
11/13/2015: A Word From Olympia…
11/11/2015: FH Patchs That Weird Hole On Blair St
11/09/2015: POW/MIA Flag Flies At Courthouse
11/08/2015: Council Rejects Road Spraying
11/07/2015: XL Pipeline Rejection Bad News For NW?
11/07/2015: Water Key To Backyard Habitat
11/05/2015: Low-Income Needs Assessment Findings
11/05/2015: Grief & Loss: Getting Through The Holiday Season
11/03/2015: SJI Rotary Club Donates Local & International
11/03/2015: Navy Evacuates 3rd FH Resident In A Week
11/02/2015: 1st Map Of Mantle Threatening West Coast
10/31/2015: Murray’s Bill to Protect Homeless Veterans
10/31/2015: Islanders Bank Is Into Halloween
10/30/2015: Dog Shot, Leg Amputated
10/30/2015: It’s National Bat Week
10/30/2015: Whale Museum Day of Remembrance
10/28/2015: Orcas Teacher Arrested On Sex Charges
10/27/2015: EDC Workshop on Disaster Preparedness for Business
10/26/2015: OPALCO Borrows $17.1M For Infrastructure
10/26/2015: Navy Medically Evacuates FH Man
10/25/2015: Whale Watching Boat Sinks Near Tofinao, B.C. Loss Of Life Reported
10/25/2015: Another Baby Orca Has Been Seen
10/25/2015: Ferry Reservations? Only Fine Tuning Needed
10/23/2015: Local Rotary Contributes $53K To End Polio
10/22/2015: Know Your Island Walk
10/21/2015: Gene Knapp Has Left Us…
10/20/2015: SJI Reservations Program Public Meetings
10/19/2015: Animal Protection Society Of FH Is The FHCC Member Of The Month
10/19/2015: Draft County Budget Ready For Review
10/18/2015: SJI Real Estate Market Up by 7.5%- Sort Of
10/17/2015: Conversation on Agriculture and Nature
10/16/2015: Fall Day On The Courthouse Lawn
10/15/2015: State launches `Vote in Honor of a Vet’
10/13/2015: Cattle Point Has A New Road
10/13/2015: New Signal Timing: Anacortes To Burlington
10/12/2015: SJI Island Rec - Touch-a-Truck Friday
10/10/2015: Rotary Builds A "Library House"
10/09/2015: Push For “Leave No Trace”
10/08/2015: Emergency Services Open House
10/07/2015: FH Soroptimists Helping Cancer Patients
10/06/2015: Meet The Honeywells & And Learn About Their Development Proposal
10/05/2015: Supreme Court: County Subcommittees Not Required To Meet In Public
10/04/2015: Fall 2015 Outreach Vehicle Reservations Planning
10/01/2015: Follow San Juan County on Twitter?
09/30/2015: Squaw Bay Name Change? We Say Peshaw!
09/29/2015: Hospital Board Candidates Respond To Questions Wednesday
09/29/2015: Recycling A Road
09/28/2015: FH Fall Farm Parade, Chili Cookoff & Seed Program
09/26/2015: Mark Madsen Appointed to OPALCO Board
09/25/2015: Update From SJISD Superintendent Danna Diaz
09/24/2015: OPALCO Joins Local Food Co-ops For National Co-op Month
09/24/2015: Letters About Literature Contest
09/23/2015: Celebrate National Public Lands Day On Lopez
09/23/2015: SJI "Ball Fields" Open House Saturday
09/21/2015: Greenhouse Regulations On Hold
09/19/2015: Town Installs New Signage for 4-Way Stop
09/17/2015: Flu Shots Offered By County
09/16/2015: “Fly” The Skies Of Friday Harbor
09/15/2015: Big Plans For County Transportation Needs
09/14/2015: Another New Orca -Will It Survive?
09/13/2015: State Money Available To Save Barns
09/11/2015: Town Tightens Up On Disabled Parking
09/10/2015: Islanders Customer -& Terry Clem- Appreciation Day Plus Annual School Supply "Stuff The Bus"
09/09/2015: Street Improvements Continue In F.H.
09/08/2015: Help Identify Conservation & Recreation Priorities
09/07/2015: How Are We Doing $ ?
09/05/2015: Civic Pride Award To Gresseth Building
09/03/2015: How Highs The Creek Ma?
09/03/2015: Recycle Those Old Glasses
09/02/2015: Taking Whale Research To New Heights
09/01/2015: Do You Eat Local Kelp? Should You?
09/01/2015: Land Bank Westside Preserve Doubles in Size
08/31/2015: Islanders Bank Gear-Up Is On
08/29/2015: USCG $1 Million Drug Runner Bust
08/29/2015: Meet A SJI Firefighter Training Officer
08/28/2015: Glenna Hall Leaves OPALCO Board
08/27/2015: Harassing Orca With Drone Expensive
08/25/2015: Domestic Violence, High Speed Pursuit, DWI, $250K Bail, In Jail
08/25/2015: BAT-tacular Full Moon Hike On Mt Grant Saturday
08/25/2015: Watch Out For Harmful Algae Blooms
08/24/2015: SJI Animal Shelter Wooftrax Partnership
08/23/2015: Lppez Grass Fire Controled
08/21/2015: Know Your island Walk: Webb Camp
08/20/2015: Three Home Trust B.C. Homes Arrived By Barge
08/20/2015: Staff Report For Eastsound Subarea Plan Online
08/19/2015: Example Of Community Service
08/19/2015: SJI School District Seeks Public Comment Regarding Online Odysseyware Program
08/18/2015: Public Hearing On Eastsound Subarea Plan
08/18/2015: Position Open On FH Arts Commission
08/17/2015: Real EstateSelf Directed Retirement Accounts
08/15/2015: OPALCO Rates & Funding Survey
08/15/2015: SHARK REEF Summer Edition Up
08/14/2015: Comment On State Wildlife Plan
08/13/2015: Mapping the San Juans Redux
08/12/2015: County Prevails Again On CAO
08/12/2015: Presidential Primary Not Moving
08/11/2015: Orcas Boy & His Dog Inspire Thousands
08/11/2015: Is Orca Free Of Hook?
08/10/2015: Family Feud At The Fair
08/07/2015: Free Back-To-School Health Screening
08/06/2015: Escape To Your Estate On SJI For $25M
08/04/2015: Orca With Hook In Mouth
08/04/2015: Happy Birthday US Coast Guard
08/04/2015: Artist Workshop At American Camp
08/03/2015: High Speed Internet One Neighborhood At A Time
08/01/2015: Sunday Sheep To Shawl At English Camp
08/01/2015: FREE Outdoor Summertime Arts and Crafts!
07/31/2015: Credit “The Blob” For The SJ Summer
07/30/2015: Another New Orca Spotted
07/30/2015: Volunteers Of The Month
07/29/2015: Want To Paint A Wall At Sunken Park?
07/28/2015: Former Council Candidate Accused Of Theft
07/27/2015: Law Suit Setback For The Over Charging Of SJC Permit Fees
07/25/2015: Superintendent Lee Taylor Selected As Olympic’s New Deputy Superintendent
07/24/2015: SJI Island Walk, Saturday
07/23/2015: Higher OPALCO Rates Coming?
07/22/2015: Why Such A Short Ballot?
07/22/2015: SJC Receives $141,953 In State Grants
07/20/2015: CG Rescues 4 From Grounded Vessel
07/20/2015: Marine Invertebrates, The Backbone of Life
07/20/2015: New County Water System Mapping Tool
07/19/2015: Encampment 2015 Slated For July 25-26 At English Camp
07/18/2015: Rural Residency Program In Friday Harbor
07/16/2015: What A Place For Mechanical Problem
07/16/2015: Navy Asserts Right to Training Urges Court Ignore Citizens’ Request For Relief
07/15/2015: 9th SJI Annual Concours d’Elegance
07/15/2015: San Juan Puzzles
07/15/2015: Teddy Deane CD Release Party
07/13/2015: Early Morning Fire Destroys Buildings
07/13/2015: SJI Churches Help Support The Friday Harbor Food Bank
07/11/2015: F.H. Grange #225 Takes 1st Place In State
07/10/2015: Beachwatchers & Birders Wanted
07/09/2015: SJC Welcomes Firefighters Who Are Veterans
07/09/2015: Youth Exhibitors Are Free At Fair
07/09/2015: MacKaye Harbor Water District
07/08/2015: $5.375 Million Bid For Spring Street Landing
07/08/2015: SJI Summer Arts Fair
07/07/2015: Friday Harbor Airport Runway Expansion
07/06/2015: Alternative OPALCO Press Release
07/06/2015: FH Ferry Fare Rate Public Meeting Tuesday
07/04/2015: Big Fireworks Display For Friday Harbor
07/04/2015: Large Crowds For FH Parade
07/04/2015: The Parade And The Flag
07/02/2015: Goose Island Continues To Burn
07/02/2015: Public Works Performing Roadwork
06/30/2015: New-Used EMS Ambulance
06/29/2015: 17th Annual Illg Distinguished Lecturer
06/29/2015: FH Fireworks Dollar-For-Dollar Match
06/29/2015: Rock The Dock With Rotary -And Help Eradicate Polio Too!
06/29/2015: County Releases Final Report On Wetlands “Whistle Blower” Complaint.
06/27/2015: Search On For Orcas Attacker
06/27/2015: Fireworks Sets Goose Island Ablaze
06/26/2015: Coming to Henry Island
06/26/2015: Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates
06/24/2015: Utility Poles For Wireless & Public Safety
06/24/2015: All Day Kindergarten At FHES?
06/22/2015: Small Brush Fire on Turtleback Mountain
06/22/2015: FH Airport To Receive $135K Grant
06/22/2015: Fireworks Illegal Without Permit
06/22/2015: OPALCO Board Sets Temporary Revenue Recovery Add-On
06/21/2015: Cartoonist Creates Videos To Answer Questions
06/19/2015: FANS Donates $5,000 to Island Rec
06/18/2015: Historic Barns of the San Juan Islands
06/17/2015: “Farm Pond” & Small Wetlands Exempt As “Unregulated,” But Can Still Be A Problem If Complaint Filed With State
06/15/2015: New Railroad on San Juan Island -Volunteers May Apply :-)
06/14/2015: SJI Community Foundation Awards $189,500
06/12/2015: Welcome To The M/V Samish
06/12/2015: Firewise Chipper Available on San Juan Island
06/11/2015: Exchange A.R.T. Show Opening Friday
06/10/2015: Land Bank Using Private Email Accounts?
06/09/2015: Changes To Town Business License Program
06/08/2015: -- Guest Column --
06/05/2015: 24th SJI Artists’ Studio Tour Sat & Sun
06/04/2015: National Monument Advisory Committee Meeting - Open To Public Comments
06/03/2015: Wildlife Dig Dead Wood In Live & Dead Trees
06/03/2015: L&I Wants Nominations Of Real-Life Heroes Who Saved A Life At Work
06/02/2015: New Nonprofit Recycling Building
06/01/2015: Local Man Dies In Motorcycle Accident
05/22/2015: Barlow’s Story
05/22/2015: Document Shredding at Islanders Bank
05/21/2015: Dinosaur(s) In SJ Country?
05/20/2015: County High Schools Rank Near Top In U.S.
05/20/2015: WDFW's 2015 'Citizen Awards' To Orcas Group
05/19/2015: SJC National Monument Committee Meetings
05/17/2015: Local Woman Amazon Bestselling Author
05/16/2015: Friday Harbor Labs Open House
05/15/2015: Civic Pride Award For Jeri's Spring Street Center
05/14/2015: SJI Trail Closed
05/13/2015: New Animal Shelter Volunteer Program
05/13/2015: 1660, Winds Of The Renaissance
05/11/2015: PeaceHealth’s New Medical Officer
05/11/2015: Vandals Strike Navigation Aids
05/11/2015: SJI High School Sailing Team Fundraiser
05/11/2015: Tracking “Leo Henderson”
05/11/2015: Theatre Games Workshop By SJC Arts Council
05/09/2015: SJI School District Arts Supported By SJI Museum of Art
05/09/2015: Navy Rescue Drill On Lopez
05/09/2015: Lopez Lamb, Wool & Goat Festival
05/08/2015: It’s Official: Tufted Puffins Endangered
05/06/2015: Sharp & Williams Running For SJI Hospital District Board
05/06/2015: Spring Street Landing Bulkhead Ready in Time for Summer
05/05/2015: New Director For Public Works
05/04/2015: Adams & Cornelius Win OPALCO Election
04/30/2015: Visitor Dollars Support Places Locals Love
04/30/2015: Gordon Steele 96 Sunday, Come Say “Hi
04/30/2015: Washington’s Air Quality Has Improved
04/29/2015: FH Summer Flower Baskets Going Up
04/28/2015: Don Craddock Honored At FH Airport
04/28/2015: New Leadership at SJ Island Rec
04/28/2015: Tests Rule Out Measles In SJC
04/27/2015: Island Artworks Opens Sat
04/26/2015: Work Begins On Cattle Point Road Relocation
04/25/2015: Family Umbrella Group Luncheon Tickets Available
04/24/2015: FH Teen Earns State Scholarship
04/23/2015: Great Island Clean-up Success
04/22/2015: Don Craddock 2015 Honored Pilot
04/22/2015: KYI Walk and Anniversary Celebration
04/21/2015: Free Medicare Wellness Visit
04/20/2015: Sign-up Now For The Tooth Mobile
04/19/2015: Sheriff Has A Busy March
04/17/2015: Land Bank Celebrates 25th Anniversary
04/17/2015: Victoria Clipper Ferry Fire
04/16/2015: SJI Missing Person Safe
04/15/2015: Grand Banks Sinks At Shipyard Cove
04/15/2015: Fire Contained To Garage At Eagle Cove
04/14/2015: Search For The Sharp-Tailed Snake
04/14/2015: Restoration Agriculture
04/12/2015: "Mighty Putty" Bomb Scare
04/11/2015: Gas Tanker Truck Rollover On Orcas
04/09/2015: Orcas Man Arrested In Hit & Run
04/09/2015: Arbor Day Tree Give-Away
04/09/2015: There Is Help For Sexual Assault Victims
04/07/2015: New Hearing Examiner For San Juan County
04/07/2015: Mary’s Closed Down…Now What?
04/06/2015: -- Guest Column --
04/06/2015: FH Sunshine Alley Revitalization Plan Receives A Merit Award
04/02/2015: Sheriff To Get Tough On Distracted Drivers
04/02/2015: Two SJI Easter Egg Hunts: Friday Night & Sunday Daytime
04/01/2015: Children’s Festival Poster Contest Winners
03/30/2015: Fatal Accident On Lopez
03/30/2015: Building Industry Members Host Luncheon
03/29/2015: Orca C.A.L.F. Workshop Part II April 11
03/27/2015: New Nature Preserve For SJI?
03/27/2015: Town Hall Meeting With Rick Larson
03/26/2015: WSJ: SJC “Top Spot For Luxury Getaway Home”
03/25/2015: Man Stabbed With Knife Has Own Deadly Weapon Charge
03/24/2015: SJI Woman Featured On The Daily Show
03/24/2015: Island Rec New School’s Out Program Coordinator
03/23/2015: Local Planning Race To Alaska
03/23/2015: Land Bank Celebrates 25th Anniversary
03/23/2015: Wolf Hollow to Host Open House
03/21/2015: 2015 Community Needs Task Force
03/19/2015: Dr. Diaz New SJI Superintendent
03/19/2015: Thriving Communities Conference Features Lopez Community Land Trust.
03/18/2015: Building Official Offered Job Back; Will Regretfully Decline?
03/17/2015: Justin Ha Wins Rotary Spelling Bee
03/16/2015: Navy MedEvacs Orcas Man
03/15/2015: Council To Discuss Greenhouses & MJ Grow Productions
03/14/2015: SHARK REEF Winter Edition Up
03/13/2015: State's Karelian Bear Dog Retiring
03/12/2015: "Johnny Appleseed Of Glass” Fritz Dreisbach
03/11/2015: Student Appointed to FH Arts Commission
03/10/2015: Navy To "Lessen" Noise Over Lopez
03/10/2015: Hawaiian Sailing Canoes In The Northwest
03/09/2015: County Lawsuit Over Excessive CD&P Fees
03/09/2015: Planning Commission Recommendations On Shoreline
03/08/2015: Council Members Lobby Olympia
03/06/2015: Youth Conservation Corps Hiring
03/05/2015: SJI Superintendent Finalists
03/04/2015: County & Union Strike New 3 Year Contract
03/03/2015: Preview Opening Of The San Juan Island Museum Of History And Industry
03/02/2015: Rice And Sun Grown Loses Again Over Lack Of Legal Access
03/01/2015: OPALCO & Rock Island: Does It Makes Good Sense For OPALCO?
02/28/2015: SJI School Dist. & SJI Rec Partner On Funding Athletic Programs
02/26/2015: Another One! That Makes 3 In 2 Months
02/26/2015: SJ Superintendent Offered & Will Accept Job At Chimacum School District
02/25/2015: Controversy Continues Within CD&P
02/24/2015: 2nd Anniversary For SJC National Monument -Input Wanted
02/23/2015: SJIPH District Meeting
02/23/2015: Get Your WA State Boater’s Education Card
02/22/2015: SJ Island Rec -" Starry Night
02/21/2015: Becky Takes The Helm
02/19/2015: OPACO & Local Service Net Provider Join Up For Internet Service For The County
02/19/2015: Oil Spill Preparedness & Response Workshop Sign-up Time
02/18/2015: He Ran From The Law, But The Law Won
02/17/2015: SJI EMS Awards
02/15/2015: -- Guest Column --
02/13/2015: Soroptimists Win Knowledge Bowl
02/12/2015: Salmon Fishing Closes February 15
02/11/2015: Coast Guard Detains Oil Tanker Enroute To Anacortes
02/10/2015: William Morris Will "Open" SJI Museum Of Art
02/09/2015: Nat Monument Looking For 4 Volunteers
02/07/2015: New Improvements To Auditor’s Office
02/06/2015: Navy Report On Eagle's Travels
02/06/2015: Where’s The Mud? Tracking Elwha Sediments In Strait Of Juan de Fuca
02/05/2015: Seaquarium's Lolita On Endangered List, But So What?
02/04/2015: Mt. Dallas Garage Fire
02/04/2015: SJI Father Daughter Dance
02/03/2015: SJCT Director Williams To Resign
02/02/2015: Navy To The Rescue -Again
02/02/2015: Time To Register For 12th Tour de Lopez
02/01/2015: Get Ready For Knowledge Bowl 2015
01/31/2015: OPALCO Explains Rate Increase
01/30/2015: Out With Winter Doldrums With Some Fresh Air For Springtime!
01/29/2015: FH Port Marina Ribbon Cutting Wednesday
01/28/2015: The Odds Were Poor But “One Lucky Bastard” Survived
01/26/2015: Council Green Light For New Rules On Green Houses & MJ Production
01/25/2015: SJ Island Real Estate Market Summary
01/24/2015: Fire On Orcas
01/23/2015: New Lopez Deputy
01/22/2015: Orcas Island Fire & Rescue Report For Dec
01/21/2015: Take A Hike With Mike Before He Does
01/20/2015: -- Editorial --
01/19/2015: National Monument Meeting Thursday
01/18/2015: $4 Million Marina Reconstruction Project Complete
01/18/2015: Looking For FHHS Mentors
01/17/2015: Drugs Are Still A Controlled Substance
01/16/2015: Historic Marriage Licenses Available Online
01/15/2015: Join The Friday Harbor Sailing Club
01/15/2015: PHPI Med Center Hosting "Fireside Chats"
01/13/2015: 3rd Navy Evacuation Of SJC Patient
01/13/2015: No Moratorium On Greenhouse MJ Production But New Regs Under Discussion
01/13/2015: EDC Offers Business Entity Workshop
01/12/2015: Discussion On New Permitting Review For Marijuana Producers & Processors
01/11/2015: Real Estate Market & Your Tax Assessment
01/08/2015: MJ Producer Closing Down?
01/06/2015: IMA's 1000th Visitor Receives Charter Membership
01/06/2015: New & Returning Officials Sworn In
01/05/2015: Fatal Fire On Lopez
01/05/2015: Time To Register For Fish For Teeth
01/04/2015: Be A Part Of County Government
01/02/2015: The Bodenstab Annual Weather Summary: Rain, Wind & Temperature
12/31/2014: How Better To Start A New Year
12/29/2014: State Supreme Court Rules For County In Building Permit Case
12/28/2014: $5K To SJI Islands Museum of Art
12/27/2014: Sensing Tornadoes Before Science, Birds Leave Their Breeding Grounds
12/27/2014: Supreme Court Upholds Rape Conviction
12/26/2014: Help Test Wild Birds For Flu
12/24/2014: WSF Winter Schedule Starts Sunday
12/23/2014: Attorney On Public Meetings Act Case
12/22/2014: New Chamber Music Festival Executive Director
12/20/2014: County Recognition Awards To County Volunteers
12/19/2014: Quarterly Review Of County Finances
12/18/2014: Plaque From State For Blair Project
12/18/2014: FH Sunshine Alley Draft Plans Available
12/17/2014: $10K To Athletic Association From Town
12/16/2014: Why Registering With Selective Service Matters
12/16/2014: Blair Avenue Ribbon Cutting tWednesday
12/15/2014: SJC Workers Say County Can Afford More
12/14/2014: $500,000 Energy Grant For Town of FH
12/13/2014: Monday Meeting On Open Public Meetings
12/12/2014: MJ Grow Building Permit Revoked
12/11/2014: SJ Singers Present “The Heart of Christmas”
12/10/2014: New Bulkhead For Spring Street Landing
12/09/2014: SJI Rec Volunteer Basketball Coaches & Referees Needed
12/08/2014: B.C. Aboriginals Lay Claim To The SJ Islands & Part Of Vancouver Island, & Stanley Park
12/08/2014: County Employees Reject New Union Contract Proposal
12/08/2014: MJ Public Meetings Set For Jan
12/07/2014: Blue Star Banner Awarded
12/06/2014: Holiday Social At English Camp
12/05/2014: Larsen & Murray Want Navy ‘Hush House’
12/04/2014: SJI Museum Of Art (IMA) Opens
12/03/2014: Land Use Pro & Con On Marijuana Growing
12/03/2014: -- Guest Column --
12/03/2014: SJ Island Rec Will Seek Levy
12/02/2014: Deputies Seek Information On Car Prowls
12/01/2014: Hotline for Dead, Sick Or Injured Swans
11/28/2014: Boat Found Near Lopez But Owner Missing
11/26/2014: Navy Helps Out Again
11/26/2014: OPALCO Announces Internet Pilot Projects
11/25/2014: Forum Speakers On Marijuana Moratorium & Large Green Houses
11/24/2014: Plan Ahead For Thanksgiving Travel
11/23/2014: Who Is Buying In The San Juan Islands?
11/23/2014: Pedestrian vs. Vehicle, No One Wins
11/21/2014: FH Citizens Donate To Food Bank
11/19/2014: Supreme Court Accepts Case On Open Government In SJC
11/18/2014: 'Excuse Me, But Why Is The Sign In The Middle Of The Sidewalk?'
11/18/2014: Lopez Meeting with Navy Scheduled
11/17/2014: Animal Lovers: a New Pet Could Mean Old Scammer Tricks
11/16/2014: Fatal Motorcycle Accident On Orcas
11/14/2014: WSF Reservations Discussion-Q&A Saturday
11/13/2014: Family Carnival at Fairgrounds November 15
11/13/2014: Earthquake Preparedness for Islanders
11/12/2014: IMA Opens December 5
11/10/2014: Oops! Assessor Apologizes For Mistake
11/10/2014: Jared Towers on Minke Whales
11/10/2014: County Volunteers Needed
11/10/2014: FH Class On Local Government
11/09/2014: Rotary Donates Reference Books
11/07/2014: Arts & Social Media Workshops
11/06/2014: Ferry Reservation Presentation On Lopez On Saturday -Sign Ups Allowed
11/05/2014: Friday Orcas/SJI Students Hold Vet Appreciation Day
11/04/2014: Election Results
11/04/2014: Compare SJC Assessor With Others
11/04/2014: In-stream Flow Rights Video
11/03/2014: Meet A SJI Firefighter
11/02/2014: EDC Supports OPALCO Broadband Direction
11/02/2014: Sheriff’s Log: October 15-21
10/31/2014: Turn Out For Our Local Special Olympics
10/30/2014: Know Your Islanders Talks
10/30/2014: Free Training To Become Oiled Bird Responder
10/28/2014: OIFR Rescues Cliff Stranded Dog
10/28/2014: Rotary Club Donates $10K To Local Groups & To Eradicate Polio
10/28/2014: Flying Squirrel Event At SJI Library
10/26/2014: All You Will Need Is Love, Ceasar Comes With All The Best Of All The Rest
10/26/2014: SJ Island Real Estate Fall Summary
10/26/2014: LCLT $4000 Grant for New 2015 Homes
10/24/2014: Possible Sex Predator on Orcas
10/16/2014: Orcas Candidate & Initiative Forum Friday
10/15/2014: State 125th Anniversary Capsule Keepers Sought
10/14/2014: CenturyLink Releases OPALCO Letter
10/13/2014: Suit Filed Against Owner Operator Of Commercial Green Houses
10/11/2014: -- Guest Column --
10/10/2014: NAVY Medically Evacuates 2 More From Orcas
10/10/2014: Exploring Mushrooms With Taylor Lockwood
10/09/2014: Navy Search and Rescue Helps Orcas Mann
10/09/2014: WSF Lines End, Reservations Begin Jan 5
10/08/2014: Lopezians Recognized For Lifesaving Efforts
10/08/2014: Building Codes Toolkit Class
10/08/2014: Town Improves Evergreen Park
10/07/2014: Rick Larsen On Lopez For EA18-G Growler Noise Issues
10/07/2014: Fall "To Do" List For Your Wildlife “Family
10/06/2014: Felling Trees For Historical Preservation
10/05/2014: The SJC Arts Council Seeks New Board Members
10/04/2014: State Letter-Writing Contest For Students
10/02/2014: Woman On Orcas Found Dead In Hot Tub
10/02/2014: Larsen Disappointed by USPS Shaw Island PO Proposal
10/01/2014: Council To Look At Animal Abuse & Control
10/01/2014: Johansen Slaps The Cuffs On Councilman
09/30/2014: Not Uurgen, But Outbreak of Enterovirus D68 Spreads
09/30/2014: Impacts Of Large Greenhouses Under Review By Council
09/30/2014: October is Time to Savor Living In The Islands
09/30/2014: “Coffee & Conversation” Friday At The Whale Museum
09/28/2014: Do We Really Need Branding?
09/28/2014: Domestic Violence: It's Not Just a Woman's Issue; It's a Human Issue
09/26/2014: SJI School District Response to Supreme Court Ruling on K-12 Education Funding
09/25/2014: Talk On "First Survey Of Islands"
09/25/2014: Bld Permits 5yrs Old & No Inspections?
09/24/2014: Coast Guard Medevacs Injured Diver Near Patos Island
09/24/2014: Countywide Bat Study Reports First Results
09/24/2014: Free Fire Safety Inspections On Orcas
09/17/2014: OPALCO’s Response Continues Concerns
09/15/2014: FH Program Wednesday On HONEY: Nature’s Floral Symphony
09/14/2014: Only 79 Southern Resident Orca Remain: Beginning Of Their Extinction?
09/13/2014: FH Airport Receives From $268K Feds
09/12/2014: WSF Has A New Skipper
09/12/2014: “War of the Whales” Event & Book Signing Friday At The Whale Museum
09/10/2014: 9-11 Ceremony At FH Memorial Park
09/10/2014: The Selling Of The San Juans
09/08/2014: Mystery On Orcas, Body Found In Tent
09/08/2014: Community Advisory Committee For SJC Hospital District #1
09/07/2014: Blair Sidewalks & Gutters Going In, But...
09/06/2014: DUI; Assaults; Threats; Vandalism; Drunk; Missing Persons, etc..
09/05/2014: -- Guest Column: Good Intentions Without Good Sense? --
09/04/2014: Stinkin’ Seaweed Supports Students
09/04/2014: Café Sought For Orcas Artworks Building
09/02/2014: Court Upholds 3 Member Council
08/31/2014: District & Teachers Reach Agreement
08/30/2014: SJI Community Home Trust Receives $40K
08/28/2014: Will SJI Teachers Strike?
08/27/2014: County Vacates Portion Of Cattle Point Road, To Be Restored To Natural
08/27/2014: Tour Patos Island & The 1893 Lighthouse
08/26/2014: Public Hearing On Vacating Portion Of Cattle Point Road
08/25/2014: AirLift Northwest Joint Meeting Monday With Council & Board Of Health
08/24/2014: Slow Down: School Begins Soon
08/24/2014: Ride The RoundTowner
08/22/2014: Sunday: 2014 SJI Concours d’Elegance
08/21/2014: Guatemalan Cooking On Lopez
08/20/2014: General George Pickett Swan Song Thursday
08/20/2014: CenturyLink May Face Penalties For Last Years Phone, DSL And 911 Service Outage
08/19/2014: Lecture: Ocean Roar: Combating Noise From Commercial Ships
08/17/2014: U.S., Canadian Coast Guard Conduct Joint Training
08/16/2014: "Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over"
08/14/2014: Sex Offender Arrested
08/14/2014: New Animal Shelter For San Juan Island
08/13/2014: Lovell Pratt Contract With County Canceled
08/12/2014: Town Changes 22 Spaces To 8 Hr Parking
08/12/2014: Get Your Wa State Boater's Ed. Card
08/12/2014: Council Meeting With Rep Lytton, Morris & Sen. Ranker
08/11/2014: American Legion Sues Town Over Mural
08/10/2014: BLM National Monument Advisory Committee
08/10/2014: Island Rec Wants Your Photos
08/08/2014: Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride On SJI
08/07/2014: Volunteers Sought For Town Of FH Planning Commission & Historic Preservation Board
08/06/2014: Huston Found Dead by Suicide In Oregon
08/06/2014: Billie J. Swalla "New" FH Labs Director
08/05/2014: SJC Council Attending A Public Meeting
08/05/2014: Senators Press Obama Administration on Marijuana Policies
08/03/2014: Elwha Back In Service
08/01/2014: -- Guest Column --
07/31/2014: Huston May Be Amongst Us
07/31/2014: The Ecology Of Whale "Drops"
07/30/2014: Are You For Or Against -See Below
07/29/2014: Public Hearing Thursday On Placing New Levy Lid Lift On Ballot
07/28/2014: SJI 37th Annual 8.8K Loop Run
07/26/2014: Successful Belly Landing At Air Show
07/26/2014: Saturday Fly-In In Friday Harbor
07/25/2014: New Town Treasurer & Finance Director.
07/24/2014: Seal Pup Protocol
07/23/2014: Pro & Con Statements On FH Transportation District Needed For Voters’ Pamphlet
07/23/2014: SJI EMS Will Try Again For A Tax Levy
07/23/2014: FH Airport Receives $1.2 M Fed Fundng
07/22/2014: July 26: Fly-In & Community Open House
07/21/2014: Town Approves Downriggers Building Locations & Heights
07/20/2014: Town Honors King Fitch
07/18/2014: Airplane Rolls Down Hill At Roche Harbor
07/18/2014: Town Serious On Trout Lake Trespassing
07/17/2014: -- Guest Column --
07/15/2014: One Dead, Two Safe After Car Enters Deep Private Pond On SJI
07/14/2014: Council Moves On Motion To Study Impacts Of Large Greenhouses
07/13/2014: SJC Fair Superintendents Needed
07/12/2014: Larsen Responds To Local Vets For Improved Services
07/11/2014: The British Are Coming: 16th Annual Encampment
07/10/2014: Whidbey & San Juan: A History
07/09/2014: DOE Goes After The Money
07/07/2014: Talk On Measures to Mitigate Harmful Effects Of Sonar On Marine Mammals
07/07/2014: Will Voters Support Extended Tax Increase?
07/05/2014: Great SJI 4th Parade
07/05/2014: WW II Ordinance Found In Orcas Storage Locker
07/03/2014: OPALCO & CenturyLink Repair Cable
06/29/2014: Ride The Evergreen State For The Last Time
06/28/2014: Sheriff To Ramp Up Patrols On 4th
06/27/2014: 10 Year Killer Whale Report
06/26/2014: SJI Hospital Board Picks Mike Taylor
06/24/2014: Shireene Hale Departing SJC Dept. of Community Development & Planning
06/24/2014: Two Contenders For SJI Hospital Commissioner
06/22/2014: Search Continues For New Assistant Secretary Ferries Division
06/21/2014: Where There’s Smoke, Sometimes Fire
06/20/2014: “Criminal Coffee" Owners Off To Prison
06/20/2014: Let The Fawns Be
06/19/2014: Continuing Drug Problems In The County
06/18/2014: Council Concerns On Industrial Ag Operations
06/18/2014: CSA Elects Two New Board Members
06/17/2014: -- Guest Column --
06/16/2014: Charges Filed On Tire Dumping
06/15/2014: KING Airs the Miró Quartet Performing Beethoven!
06/15/2014: Flag Day 2014
06/14/2014: Orcas Man Busted For Dealing & Firearms
06/14/2014: OPALCO Adds 700 Mhz Licensed Frequency
06/12/2014: Reception Friday For Friday Harbor's Treasurer Wendy Picinich
06/11/2014: Sheriff Takes Delivery of New Boat
06/11/2014: Who Will Take The Helm?
06/10/2014: 2014 SJI Concours d’Elegance
06/10/2014: Charity & Nonprofit Education Symposium
06/09/2014: A Tour Of Local Government
06/08/2014: Orcas House Fire
06/07/2014: New Public Safety Boat Sentinel
06/06/2014: D-Day Was 70 Years Ago
06/06/2014: SJC Fairgrounds Has New Website
06/05/2014: Meet Two Who Would Steer WSF
06/04/2014: Growing Concerns On Size Of MJ Grow Operations In County
06/03/2014: Listing Of Threatened Or Endangered Growing
06/01/2014: Council May Refuse ICE Jailing Requests
05/31/2014: SJ Hospital District Commissioner Resigns
05/30/2014: 3 Kayakers Rescued Near Cypress Island
05/29/2014: 125th State Anniversary Capsule Keepers Sought
05/29/2014: Brad & John Live
05/28/2014: Town Moving To Chip Seal To Replace Asphalt On Some Streets
05/28/2014: International Big Library eRead Program
05/27/2014: -- Guest Column --
05/27/2014: SJI Golf Classic Saturday
05/26/2014: Memorial Day 2014
05/23/2014: Memorial Day Events Monday May 26
05/22/2014: WSF Stops To Aid Boaters
05/21/2014: First Annual Dodie Gann Memorial Dog Walk Saturday On San Juan Island
05/20/2014: First Place For Middle School ROV Team
05/20/2014: Kings SJI Marathon Receives National Exposure
05/19/2014: National Monument Planning Meetings Set
05/19/2014: $1,200,000 Proposed For SJC Job Expansion/Development/Promotion
05/18/2014: -- The Weekly Nag --
05/17/2014: The List Of Candidates For Office Is Set
05/16/2014: SJI Man Crashes 3 Wheeler Into Chain
05/16/2014: Report Jet Noise On County Website
05/15/2014: FH Awarded $66,879.00 For Stormwater Planning & Design
05/14/2014: Council Passes On Combining Departments
05/13/2014: Protest Vigil On Navy Jets
05/13/2014: Another Candidate For Treasurer
05/13/2014: Facts On Small Acreage Farming
05/12/2014: Tooth Mobile Returns May 17
05/11/2014: Looking For Young Filmmakers & Students For 2014 Film Festival
05/11/2014: League of Women Voters Annual Meeting
05/11/2014: Vejvoda Will Run Against Joan White For Clerk Of Superior Court
05/09/2014: -- Guest Column --
05/08/2014: UW Friday Harbor Labs Annual Open House Saturday
05/08/2014: Lenore Bayuk Honored By Hospital District
05/07/2014: "Gypsy" & "Stella" Have A Problem
05/07/2014: Master Gardeners’ Spring Plant Sale 2014
05/06/2014: New Director of Health & Community Services
05/03/2014: OPALCO Election Maintains Status Quo
05/02/2014: -- Guest Column --
05/02/2014: SJC Hospital District To Hold Retreat
05/01/2014: May is National Historic Preservation Month
04/30/2014: -- Guest Column --
04/30/2014: Local Real Estate Market Improving
04/30/2014: Derelict Gear Removal Study Honored
04/29/2014: Local High Schools Some Of Best In State
04/28/2014: Garbage Flow Control To Be Removed
04/28/2014: State Award For SJI Trails Committee
04/27/2014: Ferry Fare Increases May 1
04/26/2014: FHHS Student Wins State Art Competition
04/25/2014: Jones Family Farms Fire
04/24/2014: County-Wide Planned Power Outage Overnight
04/24/2014: Derelict Vessel Prevention Program Surges Forward On New Funding
04/24/2014: Skagit Valley College Scholarships Funded
04/23/2014: Orcas Program “What Defines Art?”
04/23/2014: Spring Gardening Workshop
04/22/2014: Earth Day 2014: Do Somthing Cool Today
04/22/2014: SJI Island Hazardous Waste Round-up
04/21/2014: Monday CC Public Hearing, Action On Solid Waste Contract Expected
04/20/2014: While Friday Harbor Sleeps
04/18/2014: -- Guest Column --
04/16/2014: Free Tree Day In The County-This Year It Is Flowering Red Currant
04/16/2014: Spring Gardening Workshop Coming Up
04/16/2014: -- Guest Column --
04/16/2014: Comments Wanted On doe Oil Spill Contingency Plans
04/15/2014: SJI School District Looking At Budget Options
04/14/2014: Salmon Fisheries Set For 2014
04/13/2014: -- Guest Column --
04/11/2014: EPA Changes To Help County
04/10/2014: Measles Immunizations Iin FH Thursday, April 10
04/09/2014: Taking the Pressure Off In FH
04/09/2014: -- Guest Column --
04/08/2014: Audit Faults SJC Hospital District Financial Reporting
04/08/2014: Need To Immunized Against Measles Continues
04/07/2014: Council Discussion Continues On CAO & Shoreline Master Program
04/07/2014: Building Code Toolkit Class Offered
04/04/2014: "Farm" Bill Heads For Obama's Desk
04/04/2014: How Soon Do You Need That Permit?
04/03/2014: Ranker Bill On Life Alert Services
04/03/2014: $2.9M Art Museum In FH Moving Forward
04/02/2014: Citizens Growling About Growler Jets
04/01/2014: At Last, Whale Hunting Ban In Southern Ocean Sanctuary
04/01/2014: Feds Clarifing Stream Wetland Protection
03/31/2014: New CAO Rules Rule...For Now Anyway.
03/29/2014: CenturyLink Is Working To Restore Communications
03/29/2014: DWI On San Juan Island
03/27/2014: SJI Superintendent Not Going To Port Angeles
03/26/2014: Hudson A Candidate For OPALCO
03/26/2014: SJI Fire & Rescue Assisting With Oso Slide
03/24/2014: Dumped Tires Removed From Deadman Bay
03/22/2014: SJI Superintendent Looking Elsewhere
03/21/2014: Hazardous Waste Roundup Coming Up
03/20/2014: State Leaders Celebrate The First Of Three New 144-Car Ferries
03/20/2014: Unauthorized Wolf Kill In E. Wa
03/19/2014: Ferry Boss David Moseley Leaves The Helm
03/19/2014: Crime Victim Service Center Open Meeting
03/18/2014: So, Is This The Final Design?
03/18/2014: Rotary Spelling Bee Winners
03/18/2014: No Stable Place to Sleep
03/17/2014: Group Meets With State Expert On Animal Abuse Law
03/16/2014: OPALCO Rewards $ For Saving Energy
03/15/2014: SJISD School Buses Rated Safe & 100% Efficient
03/14/2014: Red Cross 2014 Award for an Outstanding Contribution
03/14/2014: SJI Summer Arts Fair
03/13/2014: Long Eared Owl spotted on SJI
03/12/2014: Waterfront History Presentation -and Pie Potluck- March 20
03/12/2014: Questions Raised On Orca Death & Canadian Navy
03/11/2014: Cuba 50yrs After The Missile Crisis
03/11/2014: Washington Wolf Population Expands
03/10/2014: Meet and Greet Nat. Monument Manager
03/08/2014: $2.63M To Port Of FH For Downriggers Fire
03/07/2014: “Noteworthy Recognition” For FHHS Students
03/06/2014: Saying Goodbye To Charlie Silverman
03/06/2014: “Timber!” At The Airport.
03/05/2014: Rotary Club Annual Spelling Bee
03/04/2014: BC Whale Watching Captain Fined, Banned for 10 Years From Whale Watching Industry
03/04/2014: Deer Harbor Bridge Meetings
03/03/2014: Ferries Back To Normal This Week....maybe..
03/03/2014: John Kulseth Endorsed By Current & Previous Assessor
03/02/2014: Buying Property In The San Juans
03/01/2014: Orcas Fire & Search For Missing Man
02/28/2014: Moseley Ferry Update
02/28/2014: Interim To Director Of CD&PD
02/27/2014: Dahlias For Your Island Garden
02/25/2014: Understanding The Ferry Boat Problem
02/24/2014: Happy 102nd Birthday To Living Legend Wolf Bauer
02/24/2014: Lopez: Bach Concerto Tonight
02/21/2014: Voters’ Pamphlet Art Contest
02/20/2014: A New Deputy Prosecutor For SJC
02/19/2014: CenturyLink Completes Credits
02/19/2014: Two More Hats In The Ring
02/18/2014: Remembering Boldt Decision 40 years later
02/17/2014: Nominate A Teacher
02/16/2014: Awards for FH High School Artists
02/14/2014: Opalco Invests In Energy Savings = Keeps Member Costs Down
02/13/2014: Change In Lic Fees Proposed For New Ferry Construction
02/12/2014: Newly Licensed SJI Driver In Rollover
02/12/2014: Land Clearing Needed Permits, Fines Levied, But Clearing Helpful To Rare Plants
02/12/2014: Shark Reef’s Winter Edition Online Now
02/11/2014: Deer Harbor Marina Building Fire
02/10/2014: SJI Knowledge Bowl 2014
02/09/2014: Grant Supports Musical Arts Education
02/07/2014: -- Guest Column --
02/06/2014: CAO Implementation Starts 31 March
02/06/2014: Downriggers Building Site Clean Up
02/06/2014: New Executive Administrator For CSA
02/05/2014: SJI Fire Rescue Awards For 2013
02/04/2014: Sheriff Nou Releases Hayride Report
02/01/2014: We All Be Happy Now
01/31/2014: Jury Agrees, "Criminal Coffee" Former Shop Owners Are Criminals
01/30/2014: National Monument Manager Marcia deChadenedes
01/29/2014: 60% Approval Required For Levy Passage
01/28/2014: Councilman Jarman Hospitalized
01/27/2014: $1.00 A Year Lease Includes Free Utilities?
01/26/2014: Meet A SJI Firefighter
01/25/2014: Orcas Student's 12th Man Video On YouTube
01/25/2014: Call for Removal of ‘Growler’ Jets
01/25/2014: EMS Permanent Levy Information
01/24/2014: Joan White To Seek Re-election As County Clerk/Court Clerk
01/24/2014: Hiyu Replaces Evergreen State
01/23/2014: Legal Brief Filed On CAO Water Buffers
01/23/2014: The Sealth & Yakima Out Of Service
01/22/2014: Courts Warn Of Email Scam Virus
01/21/2014: McCutcheon & Attorney’s “Final Statement on Christmas Eve Hay Ride Traffic Stop”
01/21/2014: SJC Ag Tax Advisory Committee Meets Wednesday
01/21/2014: Flu Now Widespread In Western States
01/20/2014: Playwrights On the Fringe
01/18/2014: $1 Million Matching Donation For SJI Playing Fields
01/17/2014: Mid-Winter Break School’s Out Camp - February 18th-21st
01/16/2014: Going…Going… & Soon Gone
01/15/2014: SJI Man Killed In Plane Crash In Ca
01/15/2014: FH To Replace Water/Sewer Pipes Downtown
01/14/2014: Bomb Scare Near Court House Over
01/14/2014: Sheriff Releases Information, But Big Questions Remain
01/13/2014: Supreme Court Losing Patience On Full Funding For Education
01/12/2014: Lecture On Harbor Porpoises Offered
01/11/2014: Murray, Cantwell Show Their #Hawkitecture
01/10/2014: State Continues Investigation & Extends Price Flexibility For CenturyLink
01/09/2014: Car Hits Hits Bld A Couple Of Times
01/09/2014: Advance Camping Reservations For County Residents
01/08/2014: SJI Woman Not Guilty Of Harassment For Feeding Someone Else’s Animals
01/07/2014: Winter Ferry Schedule Starts Sunday
01/07/2014: Boat Ownership Opportunity
01/06/2014: Con Artist Arrested
01/05/2014: Record Of Weather For 2000 To 2013
01/05/2014: Council Returns To Work Tuesday
01/03/2014: Airplane Down On Shaw
01/03/2014: Saturday: Annual Bird Count, All Islands
12/31/2013: Update On Hay Ride & Christmas Spirit Spoiler
12/31/2013: SJC Red Cross Helps Out In Everett Shelter
12/30/2013: Saturday, January 4th Bird Count
12/28/2013: County Lead In Land Clearing Case
12/27/2013: Park Visitors Up & Webb Camp Transfer Complete
12/25/2013: County Offices Holiday Schedule
12/24/2013: Home Invasion Robbery On Orcas
12/22/2013: Unpermitted Land Clearing Under Investigation
12/22/2013: WSF’s Newest Online Tool
12/21/2013: Ernest Pugh Memorial Saturday At The SJ Community Theatre
12/20/2013: School Crossing Guard
12/20/2013: Council Off For Christmas & New Years
12/19/2013: Gaylord Addresses Rotary Club On CAO Update & Marijuana I-502
12/19/2013: $100,000 In Matching Grant Funds For Eligible Nonprofits
12/18/2013: Local Convicted On Donation Box Theft
12/17/2013: Aww, How Cute Is That?
12/17/2013: CC Review Planning Commission Draft
12/16/2013: Red Carpet Out, But FH Port Subsidizes Shopping Off Island
12/15/2013: -- Guest Column --
12/14/2013: SJI Real Estate Jumps 9% In 2013
12/13/2013: SJ Singer’s Holiday Concert - “Twas the Night before Christmas”
12/13/2013: State’s Recycling Rate Remains Above 50%
12/12/2013: Firewise Members Receive Awards
12/11/2013: Outrage over Outage -CenturyLink Taken To Task At Hearing
12/10/2013: CenturyLink 1/2 Month Credits To Be Issued
12/10/2013: Controversy Continues On Open Space Tax Break Programs
12/08/2013: Monday Night Hearing On CenturyTel Outage
12/08/2013: SJI Grants For Salmon Recovery
12/07/2013: CenturyLink Credits Will Show Up In Bills
12/05/2013: Early Morning Fire Destroys Truck
12/05/2013: Canada Gets Unwelcome News On Marine Oil Spill Capabilities
12/05/2013: SJI Rotary Club Helps Provide Safe Drinking Water To Philippines
12/04/2013: New FH Port Buildings By 2015?
12/04/2013: Christmas Food Box For Those In Need
12/03/2013: Public Hearing In SJC By State Regulators On CenturyTel Outage
12/03/2013: Community Meeting: Q&A With WSF
12/02/2013: Man Takes The Clipper For A Ride
12/02/2013: Thanks To All For Another Memorable Thanksgiving
12/01/2013: NPS $800K For Clearing, Rehabilitating, Grading & More
11/29/2013: Ready To Load On Ferry..Oops!
11/29/2013: 114th Annual Christmas Bird Count-- Sign Up For 2013
11/27/2013: Thanksgiving's Over? Great! I Need A Home…& I Come W/20# Cat Food…help!
11/26/2013: Forum On Customs Location Well Attended
11/25/2013: SJI Lions Shopping Spree Winners
11/23/2013: Tax Valuations Continue To Fall
11/21/2013: OPALCO Board Votes To Accelerate Expansion Of Broadband
11/20/2013: CentruyLink Working On Out Of Service Charge Adjustments
11/20/2013: Town Asks Business Owners For A Festive December
11/18/2013: US Customs Community Forum Meeting On Their New Location
11/18/2013: Phone & Wireless Service Down For Some
11/17/2013: The LWV Monday On Healthcare & Religious Institutions InThe State Of Washington
11/16/2013: Purchase Tags & Place Photo Of Your Dog In County Data Base
11/15/2013: Board Of Inquiry Faults Cap and 2nd Mate In HYAK /Sailboat Collision
11/15/2013: Link Is Fixed: OPALCO & CenturyLink Improved Broadband Talks Continue
11/14/2013: Setting The Record Straight From CenturyLink’s Point Of View
11/13/2013: Thursday: 12th Annual Meeting SJ Community Home Trust
11/12/2013: CenturyLink severed fiber located
11/12/2013: Speed Sentenced To 180 Days Jail, $2K, But Suspended 2 yrs If…
11/12/2013: New Charge Proposed On Parcels With Septic
11/12/2013: Economic Development Summit Nov 13th
11/11/2013: Patty Murray On Veterans Day
11/11/2013: BPA Discrimination Against Veterans Not An Excuse To Let DOE Take Control
11/11/2013: Barge Over Cable Looking For Cut Or Kink
11/10/2013: Working 24-7 Until Cable Is Repaired
11/09/2013: OPALCO Carrying Phone And Data Traffic
11/09/2013: Internet Up, Barge & Repair Crews At Work Saturday
11/08/2013: A Public Forum On Cao Appeals -Now What?
11/03/2013: Shoreline Update Discussion Continues
11/01/2013: -- Guest Column --
11/01/2013: "Speiden" Presumed Dead
10/31/2013: Bill To Eliminate Traffic Ticket Exemptions For State Legislators
10/30/2013: Washington Centennial Time Capsule
10/30/2013: Navy MedEvacs Lopez Man To Harborview
10/29/2013: Herbicide To Benefit Island Marble Butterfly
10/29/2013: IMA Proposes Makeover Of Old FH EMS Bld
10/29/2013: SJI EMT & Island Air Ambulance Receive 2013 Fixed Wing Award Of Excellence
10/29/2013: FH Water/Sewer Main Replacement Project
10/28/2013: SJC Firm Involved In Moon Mission
10/28/2013: More Evidence That Boat & Ship Sound Alter Orca Behavior
10/27/2013: Coast Guard Auxiliarists Release Rehabbed Harbor Seal
10/26/2013: Another Bomb Scare On SJI
10/25/2013: A New Home For U.S. Customs & Border Protection In San Juan County
10/24/2013: A Pro & Con GMO Debate In FH
10/23/2013: Orca Male Population In Decline
10/22/2013: Public Hearing On Minor Changes To "Dangerous Dog” Ordinance
10/21/2013: -- Guest Column --
10/21/2013: Gaylord Gets His Raise
10/20/2013: Take A Gander At The 2014 County Budget
10/19/2013: County Wants & Needs Advisers
10/18/2013: Orcas Fall Salon Concert: The Gryphon Trio
10/17/2013: Plant The Plants At Odlin
10/15/2013: FH Haleys Sports Bar & Grill Alarm
10/15/2013: Council Not Impressed With CenturyLink Broad Band Performance
10/14/2013: Monday At CC: CenturyLink Makes Case To Be Partially Deregulated
10/13/2013: Be Chipper Now Through November
10/13/2013: New Director For "Islands" Red Cross
10/11/2013: CANCELLED Due To Illness: Surviving Sustainability In The San Juans
10/10/2013: TFH Hearing On Marijuana Regulations
10/10/2013: Soroptimists Will Give $10.5K In Awards & Scholarships To Local Women
10/09/2013: State Auditor’s Office Dings County
10/08/2013: South Beach Access Is To The Water
10/08/2013: Ag Tax Advisory Committee Meets
10/07/2013: FH Flu Shots Oct 14th
10/06/2013: 2014 Plan For Tourism To County
10/05/2013: Oktoberfest: 19th Anniversary Of A SJ Island Tradition Of Fundraising
10/04/2013: Road To South Beach Open -Sort Of..
10/04/2013: CD&PD Director Leaves At End Of Month
10/04/2013: FH Restaurant Chili Cook-Off
10/02/2013: Silhouettes Of Domestic Violence
10/01/2013: National Parks Bars All Access -Even County Roads
10/01/2013: Storm Flooding In Eastsound, But Constructed Wetland Works
10/01/2013: Flu Vaccine Shots Start Today On Shaw
10/01/2013: Oiled Bird Responder Free Training
10/01/2013: FHHS & Soroptimists Team Up On STEM
09/29/2013: In Honor Of 41 Who Have Passed
09/29/2013: CC Discussion Monday On Shoreline
09/28/2013: Burn Permits Available October 1
09/28/2013: SJI Medical Center Earns National Award
09/27/2013: Beachcombers & Birders Wanted!
09/27/2013: Juvenile Court Administrator Of The Year
09/26/2013: "October morning mild," & Then...Wild
09/26/2013: WSF Ferry Fares Go Up October 1st
09/26/2013: A Walk With The Road Boss
09/25/2013: County Gets Ready For Pot
09/25/2013: Who Knew? Mercury Switches?
09/24/2013: Why Downriggers Burned: Final Report
09/24/2013: Oil Spills Task Force Formed
09/24/2013: Separate Environmental Reviews For Coal Terminal Proposal
09/23/2013: Speed Convicted On 2 of 4 Counts
09/22/2013: Toni Bailey Retires From County
09/20/2013: Opalco Lineman Injured From High Voltage Line Airlifted To Harborview
09/20/2013: -- Guest Column --
09/20/2013: Literature Writing Contest
09/19/2013: Free Blood Pressure Testing At Peace Island Medical Center On SJI
09/18/2013: Lecture Wed: Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods
09/18/2013: EDC Offers FREE Tax Workshop
09/18/2013: L&I Proposes 2.7 Percent Rise In Workers’ Comp Rates
09/17/2013: Birds Coming, Going or Staying?
09/15/2013: Consignment Treasures Expands
09/14/2013: Not One Thing It’s Another: Bomb Squad Blows “Suspicious Package”
09/14/2013: Fog, Ferry, Sailboat, Accident, Boat Sinks
09/13/2013: "Affordable Care Act" Discussion On SJI
09/13/2013: Too Close To 9-11 For This To Happen
09/12/2013: Orca Calf L-119 Receives Her Name
09/10/2013: 9-11 Remembrance Ceremony In FH On Wednesday
09/10/2013: Deja Vu All Over Again: Growth Board Rules Against County
09/10/2013: Shoreline Master Program Update
09/09/2013: SJ Council Review Monday Of SJ Initiative’s Recommendations
09/07/2013: Weather Spotter Training Offered
09/06/2013: What Can Be Saved? Review & Analysis Of Downriggers Building Continues
09/06/2013: Soroptimists Spend $17,000 Supporting Cancer Patients
09/06/2013: Learn The 3rd Most Widely Used Language
09/05/2013: State Parks & SUBWAY® Restaurants Team Up For Environmental Education
09/04/2013: Two More Famous Folks In County...Briefly
09/03/2013: $9.6 Million For Salmon Recovery Grants
09/03/2013: National Monument Meetings In September
09/01/2013: -- Guest Comment --
09/01/2013: FH Film Festival Continues Tuesday
09/01/2013: Historic Barns Eligible for Rehab Grants
08/31/2013: Downriggers Fire Electrical Related
08/30/2013: Gaylord Welcomes New Guidance on Marijuana Laws
08/27/2013: Many Questions At SJI Hospital Meeting
08/27/2013: Larsen On SJI Wednesday
08/26/2013: Grief Support Group Offered
08/26/2013: FH Waterfront Memorial Benches Available
08/23/2013: Concours d'Elegance Sunday
08/23/2013: State Weighs In On Reproductive Rights
08/22/2013: FH Fire Related Port Meeting Draws Crowd
08/22/2013: 20 Grants To Restore Puget Sound & SJC shorelines
08/20/2013: Council Signs Transfer Station Contract With Orcas Recyling
08/20/2013: SJI On "All Things Considered"
08/20/2013: SJI Community Foundation Winner Is:
08/20/2013: New Record System For PeaceHealth Clinic
08/19/2013: After The Fire, Now What
08/19/2013: Larsen To Meet Vets Wednesday
08/18/2013: Council Heads For Mon Orcas Meeting
08/17/2013: Downriggers Restaurant Burns
08/16/2013: Orcas Fire & Rescue Report & 2014 Budget Hearing Sep 10
08/14/2013: It's County Fair Time
08/13/2013: Tetra Brazil Soccer Camp
08/13/2013: SJI Community Foundation County Fair Match
08/12/2013: “Harbor Life Ring” Launched By Town & Family Resource Center
08/11/2013: SJI Real Estate Market Summary
08/09/2013: Orcas 2013 Summer Festival
08/09/2013: American Officers, Indian Families & The Civil War
08/08/2013: Community Workshop/Tool Library Proposed
08/07/2013: Serious On Enforcement To Protect Orca?
08/07/2013: New Fire On Orcas: Accident
08/06/2013: Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival
08/05/2013: Call In Testimony On Fee Assessment
08/05/2013: Public Hearing On New Property Assessment
08/05/2013: FH Film Festival "The 11th Hour"
08/04/2013: 30th Annual Orcas Fly-In
08/03/2013: NOAA: Protection Remains For Orca
08/02/2013: EIS For Cherry Point Coal Export Project
08/01/2013: A Wonderful Weekend Of Weaving
07/31/2013: Ferry Fares Going Up, Other Changes Too
07/30/2013: Council Says “No” To More Council Rules
07/30/2013: Council Questions On County Wetland Reviews
07/29/2013: Clean-Up & Re-building On Orcas
07/28/2013: FH Fly-In Quite A Show
07/27/2013: SJI Fire Crews Off To Wenatchee Area
07/26/2013: Friday Harbor Fly-In
07/26/2013: Looking For Information
07/24/2013: -- Guest Column --
07/24/2013: Fly Like an Eagle - (Finally)
07/23/2013: Larsen Supports Tribal Lands In SJC
07/23/2013: SJI Grass Fire Next To Trailer Park
07/23/2013: Larsen Surveillance Transparency Bill
07/22/2013: Report On FH Ballfields & Park
07/19/2013: Meeting Monday & Asking For Help in “Suspicious” Fires
07/19/2013: Friends Of The SJI Library Book Sale
07/18/2013: Homelessness Has Decreased
07/17/2013: Council Moves To Change Some Fees
07/17/2013: Investigation Of Bonneville Power’s Unlawful Hiring & Retaliatory Practices
07/16/2013: Orca Recovery Rate Lowest Since 2002
07/15/2013: WA NG Army Band In FH Wednesday
07/13/2013: SJI Home Invasion
07/13/2013: Not A Total Loss After All
07/12/2013: SJ Island Rec Skyhawks Sports Camps
07/10/2013: $4.5M 85ft Yacht Burns, Sinks At RH
07/09/2013: Internet Outages Affecting Your Business?
07/09/2013: Whale Museum’s Lecture Series
07/07/2013: Alan Lichter
07/05/2013: American Legion Honors David Waldron
07/04/2013: $5.5 Million for Cattle Point Road Project on San Juan Island
07/04/2013: 4th Of July Parade Friday Harbor
07/03/2013: Big 4th For Friday Harbor
07/02/2013: SJI Chip Seal Will Be Completed On The 3rd
07/02/2013: Council Controversy On “Special Meeting Workshops”
07/01/2013: Craft Distilling Workshop Offered in Snohomish
06/29/2013: Is Your Contractor Registered?
06/27/2013: Funding For Prevention/Intervention
06/27/2013: U.S. Supreme Court Win For Property Owners
06/26/2013: Friday Harbor Arts & Crafts Market June 28
06/26/2013: Increased Sheriff Patrols Over Holiday
06/25/2013: Slip & Slide But Cattle Point Road Realignment Enters Design Stage
06/25/2013: Community Home Trust Fun Raising Dance & Dinner
06/25/2013: It’s Harbor Seal Pup Time
06/25/2013: SJI Prevention Coalition Will Train In A Prevent Impaired Driving Project
06/24/2013: County Council Special Meeting-Workshop
06/23/2013: On-Line Estimator Websites Accurate For San Juan?
06/22/2013: Cantwell Lauds Small Business Award Winner
06/21/2013: 2.8 Earthquake North Of SJI
06/21/2013: 10 Day College Biology Class In A Kayak
06/20/2013: $5.5 Billion For Bridges
06/19/2013: Attorney Convicted Of Felony Theft
06/19/2013: An Open Letter to the County Council
06/18/2013: I-5 Bridge Opens Wednesday
06/18/2013: Victoria Clipper Out For Fire Repairs
06/18/2013: PeaceHealth & Regence 2yr Contract
06/17/2013: Brickworks Opens Doors
06/17/2013: Council Back To Work This Week
06/17/2013: Orcas Woman Washington Small Business Person Of The Year
06/15/2013: It's Summer & Brush Fire Season
06/15/2013: FH Brickworks Grand Opening Today
06/14/2013: Friday 14, 2013 Is Flag Day
06/13/2013: $15.6 Million For Skagit River Bridge Repairs
06/13/2013: Burn Only Up To June 30
06/12/2013: Wildland Firefighter Classes
06/12/2013: Foundation Awards $155K in College Scholarships
06/11/2013: National Marina Day
06/11/2013: U.S. Senate Passes Farm Bill
06/09/2013: OPALCO Vision For Internet Service Refocused
06/07/2013: Unoccupied Rental Total Loss
06/07/2013: “Through the Eyes of the Raven”
06/06/2013: First Responders Finalize Boat Plans
06/05/2013: Testing Broadband Transmission Points
06/04/2013: Council Approves New Boat Purchase
06/04/2013: Darcie Nielsen Or Not The Building Is Going, Going, Gone
06/03/2013: Former President Of Mexico On SJI
06/03/2013: Town To American Camp Trail
06/03/2013: Orcas Fire Chief's Report
05/31/2013: Evaluators Needed For FHHS Students' Community Projects
05/30/2013: 22nd SJ Island Artists' Studio Tour Sunday
05/29/2013: 13th Annual Jazz At The Labs Benefit
05/28/2013: Governor Taps Reserve Account for Economic Aid For Skagit & SJC Economies
05/28/2013: Governor Inslee Announces Bridge Four Week Replacement Plan
05/26/2013: Memorial Day
05/26/2013: Violinist Geoffrey Castle May 31 FHES Benefit Arts Program
05/24/2013: Navy At Bridge. Travel: The Best Road To Use is: Best Road & See 2 Maps Below
05/24/2013: Bite of Orcas & Pet Parade Saturday
05/24/2013: Governor Signs Wolf Management Legislation
05/23/2013: Concert Band perform Electroacoustic Wind Band Piece, Tight Squeeze
05/21/2013: Your New County Manager
05/21/2013: Asleep At The Wheel, Escapes Injury
05/21/2013: Lopez Island Graduate Announces Candidacy for School Board
05/21/2013: League of Women Voters New Board
05/19/2013: Local Students Recognized By State
05/19/2013: Oil spill Readiness Plan Approved
05/17/2013: The Orcas -and “Granny”- Are Back
05/17/2013: Lett, Myhr & Bogert Reelected, Mulligan Resigns From OPALCO Board
05/16/2013: Talks Continue On Aerials
05/15/2013: Sustain Your Family From Your Land?
05/15/2013: County Manager Choices Down To Two
05/14/2013: Court Upholds Council's Closed Sub-Committee Meetings
05/14/2013: The New Spring Council Is Sworn In
05/11/2013: County Council May Choose A County Manager This Week
05/11/2013: Up & Down County Real Estate Mariket
05/09/2013: Friday Orcas & SJI "Free Washington Tour"
05/09/2013: Bizarre Brassiere Bazaar May 10
05/08/2013: Not Happy With Aerial Mapping Process
05/07/2013: Thursday Sailing Team Fundraiser
05/07/2013: New Member Of SJC Bar
05/06/2013: No Injuries On Roche Harbor Road
05/06/2013: PC Special Meetings On Shoreline & Transportation
05/05/2013: Fed EPA Regulations: Too Much, Too Little, Or On Track?
05/04/2013: FHHS Gold Medal Winner
05/03/2013: FH Runner In MS Coast to Coast Relay
05/02/2013: Zee & Kendall Busted On Illegal Construction & Land Use
05/01/2013: Meet The Candidates for County Manager
05/01/2013: Will Aerial Mapping Update Get Shot Down
05/01/2013: Dr. Lyshall Moves To SJ Islands Conservation District
04/30/2013: Local Northwest Writers At SJI Library
04/30/2013: Ok To Kill Wolf Attacking Animals
04/29/2013: Before The Court: When Is A Meeting A Meeting?
04/29/2013: Awards & Recognition For The SJI School
04/28/2013: Nat Park Wildflower Festival: May 5-11
04/27/2013: One Down, One To Go
04/24/2013: The New Spring Council
04/21/2013: Council To Hold Monday Special Meeting
04/15/2013: Local Connections To Boston Marathon
04/15/2013: Council Seeks Input On Streamlining Government Regulations & Permits
04/14/2013: SJI Duck Soup Inn Has A New Owner
04/13/2013: Learn About “Maritime Place Names” In Wa
04/13/2013: Join A Major Emergency Response Team
04/13/2013: Art Market “Call for Vendors”
04/12/2013: Another Community Earns Firewise Membership
04/12/2013: Salmon Fishing Seasons Set For 2013
04/10/2013: Tsunami Boat On Oregon Coast Found With Live Fish Inside
04/10/2013: Council Drops Two Proposed Charter Changes, Adds A New One
04/09/2013: Council Extends CAO To March 2014
04/09/2013: Holy Cow, Batman!! They Made Bat Detectors
04/08/2013: An Interview With A “Trust Islanders”
04/07/2013: Island Air Ambulance & SJI EMS Earn Prestigious National Accreditation
04/05/2013: Secretary of State Disagrees With Green Party Press Release
04/04/2013: Green Party "Wins" Mail-In Ballot Tracker Suit
04/04/2013: Volunteer Now For County Advisory Committees and Boards
04/04/2013: Classes On Creative Writing, Home Building & More Offered
04/04/2013: Catholic Health Initiatives & PeaceHealth Drop Proposed Partnership
04/03/2013: April & May Elections On Schedule - Supreme Court Rules Against Injunction
04/03/2013: SJC Students Introduce National Monument Officials At Anacortes Celebration
04/02/2013: Councilman Forlenza Suffers Heart Attack, Said To Be Improving
04/02/2013: Why The Ballot Measure Effort & Why Now?
04/02/2013: 2013 Marine Naturalist Training
04/01/2013: Rosenfeld vs. Forlenza
03/24/2013: County Council Tuesday Meetings
03/21/2013: SJC Fair is Looking for Entertainers
03/21/2013: Unhappy With Your New Charter? Vote Again!
03/21/2013: Google Maps, Permits, Search Warrants
03/20/2013: Thursday Town Hall Presentaton On “The Secure Communities Program”
03/20/2013: EDC Free Business Workshop
03/19/2013: Comment On Best Use Of English Camp’s “Oyster Farm”
03/19/2013: Domestic Violence Meeting
03/19/2013: Finding Alternatives To Toxic Chemicals
03/18/2013: Town Meeting With The Sheriff
03/18/2013: Rotary Spelling Bee Winners
03/17/2013: Shaw Island School Promotes Energy Efficiency
03/16/2013: Larsen Bill Protects Samish Land In SJC
03/15/2013: -- Guest Column --
03/14/2013: Public Hearing April 9th On Delay Of CAO Implementation To December
03/12/2013: Annual SJI Spelling Bee Thursday
03/11/2013: Looking A Little Better In 4th Quarter 2012
03/11/2013: Whidbey Based Jet Crash
03/11/2013: 19th Knowledge Bowl Students Beat Adults… Again
03/10/2013: FHHS Students Dominate Regional Art Competition
03/09/2013: CO-OP Youth Rally Scholarship Application Deadline: March 22
03/08/2013: Will Obama Declare National Monument Status To BLM Lands In County
03/08/2013: Oil Spill Plan Approved By Ecology
03/07/2013: Orcas Center Presents
03/04/2013: English Camp Park Expands
03/04/2013: What Does “Public Services” Mean To You?
03/03/2013: Free Workshop On Business
02/27/2013: Court Rules Against Challenge Of Charter Election -Appeal Planned
02/26/2013: Feds Remove More Barriers To Wireless
02/25/2013: SJI Knowledge Bowl 2013
02/23/2013: SJI EMS Service Awards
02/23/2013: Rattled Our Window
02/22/2013: Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy Some Buildings?
02/21/2013: Colton Harris-Moore Back In Spotlight
02/20/2013: Charter Lawsuit Decision Within Weeks
02/19/2013: Arbor Day Trees Find New Home
02/17/2013: SJI School District Receives State Honor & Grant
02/15/2013: FH Business Owners Busted By Feds
02/14/2013: Flash Mob On Orcas!
02/14/2013: Books For Kids
02/14/2013: Calling Class of 2030 High School Graduates!
02/13/2013: Pratt & Byers Win Big
02/13/2013: Whale Museum Re-Opens with expanded Exhibit Hall
02/13/2013: Lincoln Day Dinner SJI Saturday
02/12/2013: County To Delay Effective Date Of CAO Regulations
02/12/2013: Colonoscopies To Be Offered At SJI Medical Center
02/11/2013: SHARK REEF’s Winter Edition Online
02/11/2013: Bob Jarman Has Heart Operation
02/07/2013: $600K In State Wide 4-H Scholarships Available
02/07/2013: How To Use The CAO
02/06/2013: -- Guest Column --
02/05/2013: Conversation #1: Quality of Life- The "Conversation" Moves To SJI
02/04/2013: SJI Firefighters Honored
02/04/2013: -- Guest Column --
02/03/2013: Local Vistors Bureau Earns Gold
02/01/2013: 2013 Looks Good For Real Estate Sales
01/31/2013: It’s County Tax Time -Some Will See A Drop
01/30/2013: Auditor Explains Your Ballot
01/30/2013: Council Gears Up For A “Community Conversation”
01/29/2013: The Semi-Final Four Will Be?
01/28/2013: Are You Ready For A "Community Conversation?"
01/28/2013: 100,000 Comments For Broad Look At Proposed Coal Export Terminal
01/28/2013: The Candates On The Economy
01/27/2013: Poor Sleep+Old Age Prevents The Brain From Storing Memories
01/24/2013: OPALCO Members To Be Asked For Input On $34 Million Broadband Proposal
01/24/2013: Dodie's Shadow Is In Good Hands
01/23/2013: -- Guest Column --
01/22/2013: IMA Presents: Seiko Atsuta Purdue
01/20/2013: -- Guest Column --
01/20/2013: The Tooth Mobile Is Retuning
01/18/2013: County Council Candidates To Discuss Issues Saturday 26th
01/17/2013: Reward Offered In Vandalism Case
01/17/2013: Search On for New County Manager
01/17/2013: Nat Parks "Buys" -Or Will- SJI Oyster Farm
01/16/2013: Progress At Council Retreat
01/15/2013: Gregoire Delivers Her Final "State Of The State" Address
01/14/2013: Candidate Forum 16th & 17th
01/14/2013: Volunteer To Tutor English
01/14/2013: New Council Embraces Open Meetings
01/12/2013: CAPR Lawsuit Update
01/11/2013: Car Accident On Orcas
01/11/2013: The Friday Harbor Whale Tail
01/10/2013: Orcas Make It To Open Water
01/10/2013: Paul Watson Sets Sail Again
01/09/2013: Friday Harbor Purchases Public Art
01/08/2013: New SJC Undersheriff Appointed
01/08/2013: County Council 2013
01/08/2013: New Council Today Faces A Full Work Load
01/08/2013: Candidate Forums
01/06/2013: Farm & Artisan Food Business Planning
01/05/2013: A Big One: 7.5 Earthquake Tsunami Warning Cancelled For B.C.
01/05/2013: WSF Staffing Changes & Service Impacts
01/04/2013: Saturday's Ferry Community Partnership Meeting Special Invitation
01/03/2013: Council Members Will Attend Ferry Advisory Committee Workshop
01/03/2013: Supply Chain Management Training
01/02/2013: Controversy On Barbed Tagging Of Orca
01/02/2013: Swearing In Of The Elected
12/31/2012: Navy,Whidbey-Area Officials Discuss Recent Jet Noise Concerns
12/30/2012: A New Dock For English Camp
12/29/2012: “Residents Only” Reservations County Parks
12/28/2012: Evaluators Needed For Community Projects
12/27/2012: 3.9 Quake Near San Juans
12/27/2012: Jean Ann Melborne DAR Good Citizen - 2012
12/26/2012: Oregon Group Kicks In 20K For Brickworks
12/26/2012: "Winter Is A Lean Time For Wildlife"
12/23/2012: It's Was A Wonderful Life Dec 24th At The Palace Theatre
12/22/2012: Push to Name Whale After Shooting Victim
12/21/2012: Making Sense Of Assessment Vs. Appraisals
12/21/2012: The Bucks Stopped Here
12/20/2012: Council Had A "Productive Year"
12/20/2012: Gregoire proposes 2013-15 budget
12/19/2012: Fish-For-Teeth ToothMobile Program Receives Donations
12/19/2012: State’s Recycling Breaks Own Record
12/18/2012: Spring Street International School Is Growing
12/18/2012: -- Guest Column --
12/17/2012: Gregoire On Obama’s Marijuana Remarks
12/17/2012: Illegal Tobacco Sales To Minors Jumps
12/16/2012: Paul Watson Resurfaces, But Still A Fugitive
12/14/2012: The Candates Have Filed
12/14/2012: Counselors Available For Studenta
12/13/2012: County Wide Audubon Christmas Bird Count
12/12/2012: Two For Orcas
12/12/2012: Lighted Boat Parade & 52yrs Of Santa Ship In Friday Harbor Saturday
12/11/2012: Lovel Pratt Will Try Again
12/11/2012: SJI 2012 Recruit Class
12/10/2012: State Samsung Scholarship Recipient
12/10/2012: 100 Fish Caught On First Day
12/10/2012: FANS Free Skate Give-a-Way!
12/08/2012: -- Editorial --
12/08/2012: Your OPALCO Check Is In The Mail
12/07/2012: Start Smart, Youth Sports Development
12/06/2012: Governor Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill
12/04/2012: Props 1,2,3 Head To Court
12/04/2012: Vandals Hit San Juan
12/04/2012: State Awards $65 Million For Affordable Housing Projects
12/02/2012: -- Editorial --
12/01/2012: Lytton Elected Deputy Majority Floor Leader
11/30/2012: Orcas Still Endangered?
11/30/2012: WAF Public Session December 6
11/29/2012: Children’s Festival Organizers Needed
11/27/2012: -- Introducing A New Columnist --
11/26/2012: Where Are The Cow & Pig?
11/26/2012: CAO Final Hearing...Maybe..
11/26/2012: Fund Raising For BeadforLife
11/23/2012: Man Drowns At Port of FH
11/23/2012: Will Match Ag Donations Up To $100K
11/22/2012: Missing Person Becomes A Tragedy
11/21/2012: Happy Thanksgiving
11/21/2012: An “Ocean Hero”
11/21/2012: FH Principal Leaving
11/20/2012: If You Found The Bones, Call The Sheriff
11/20/2012: EDC Workshop On Marketing On A Shoestring
11/19/2012: Peace Island Medical Center Open House & Ribbon-Cutting
11/16/2012: And The Winners Are: “Tokitae” & “Samish”
11/15/2012: $900 M State Budget Shortfall For 2013-15 Biennium
11/14/2012: More P-8A Squadrons To Whidbey Island?
11/14/2012: Can Saturn Climate Change Teach Us About Earth
11/13/2012: Dead, Sick Or Injured Swans Hotline
11/12/2012: Emergency Services Will Get A New Boat
11/10/2012: Council Salaries Increased To Nearly $75K
11/08/2012: New Charter Changes & Date Lines For New Council Positions
11/07/2012: -- Guest Column --
11/06/2012: Election Results
11/06/2012: Late Meeting On Consignment Treasures
11/05/2012: Large Crowd Against Coal Transport
11/03/2012: Stop Feeding The Hummingbirds?
11/02/2012: So Vote Already!
11/01/2012: SJC Red Cross Volunteers Head East
11/01/2012: Chili Dinner with all the fixings* & Auction and Raffles
10/31/2012: Resurrection Derby to Honor Veterans
10/31/2012: Coast Guard WSF Preparedness Exercise
10/30/2012: County Council Clerk Hires Attorney
10/29/2012: County Volunteers Needed
10/29/2012: State Wolf Recovery Still On Track
10/28/2012: 7.7 Quake Rattles Queen Charlotte Islands
10/27/2012: SJI Garage Sale To Benefit Animal Shelter
10/26/2012: Is There An Uncapped Well On Your Property?
10/26/2012: CG & WA Sign Pollution Prevention Partnership
10/25/2012: The Corner Store On SJI Still Open
10/24/2012: Today Is World Polio Day
10/24/2012: Fred Hoeppner International Regatta
10/23/2012: Mail Theft Problem On SJI
10/23/2012: Global Entrepreneurship Week & A Free Workshop
10/21/2012: -- Guest Column: Why I Support I-502 --
10/21/2012: FHHS Teacher& Student To Receive National Art Recognition
10/19/2012: Pass or Fail, Prosecutor Will Adapt Policies To Fit Vote on Marijuana Initiative
10/19/2012: Go Birding Saturday On Lopez
10/17/2012: How OPALCO Will Use $38.4M Loan
10/17/2012: Emergency Services At New Hospital
10/17/2012: Should Council Receive Pay Raise?
10/17/2012: Conservation District Offers Cost- Share Program
10/16/2012: County Sued For Open Meetings Violations & Faulty BAS Procedures
10/15/2012: Union Endorses Hughes & Forlenza
10/14/2012: -- Guest Column --
10/14/2012: Rosenfeld’s Use Of County Computers For His Campaign Questioned
10/14/2012: That Bump In The Night Was A 2.4 Earthquake On San Juan Island
10/13/2012: New Integrated Cross-Border Maritime Law Enforcement Program
10/13/2012: 2013 Preliminary Budget Commentary
10/13/2012: Burn Ban Off For Western Washington
10/11/2012: Council Clerk On Administrative Leave -Uses County Equipment For Charter Campaign?
10/11/2012: OPALCO Obtains $38.4M Federal Loan
10/11/2012: Cattle Pt Rd Realignment FEIS Review
10/11/2012: Historic Friday Harbor Walking Tour Series
10/10/2012: Council Moves To Help Consignment Treasures
10/10/2012: The Man Who Saved the Whooping Crane
10/10/2012: Delay Pruning To Help Wildlife
10/09/2012: Council Special Meeting On CAO
10/08/2012: State Of Emergency & Burn Ban -All Fires- In All Counties In The State..., Except..
10/08/2012: Spring Street International School Is Growing
10/07/2012: FH Tigers Home Game On Oct 20th
10/05/2012: -- Guest Column --
10/05/2012: Supreme Court Upholds Environmental Cleanup Funding
10/05/2012: Hospital District Responds To Citizen Concerns
10/04/2012: The Great Island Grown Festival
10/04/2012: Home Show? How To Avoid Contractor Scams
10/03/2012: Minimum Wage Jumps To $9.19 Next Year
10/02/2012: Who Will Run SJI Solid Waste Facility?
10/01/2012: Private State Advocacy Group Supports National Monument
09/30/2012: Garbage Tax Increase Today
09/30/2012: Gov. Gregoire Heads To India & Korea
09/28/2012: San Juan Safety Fair Saturday
09/27/2012: Wolf Pack Is Eliminated
09/27/2012: Time For Influenza Vaccine
09/26/2012: CSA Hits The Road With New Report & Public Meetings
09/25/2012: Relive the 2012 Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival on KING-FM
09/25/2012: Ranker Supports Charter Changes
09/23/2012: Wolf Pack Kills livestock, Two Teams Are “Eliminating” The Pack
09/22/2012: Comment Starts Monday On Gateway Pacific Terminal
09/21/2012: National POW/MIA Recognition Day
09/20/2012: Positive Suggestions At Forum On SJI Consignment Treasures
09/19/2012: $1M Grant Will Help SJI PeaceHealth
09/19/2012: Missing Person located- All Is Well
09/18/2012: A Sustainable Farm On Lopez
09/18/2012: For & Opposed To Proposed Charter Amendments
09/17/2012: Wounded Warrior Project Rides SJI
09/15/2012: Dicks Receives “Dishonorable Mention” From CREW
09/15/2012: Port Upgrades Airport Detention Pond
09/14/2012: Choice & Consequence
09/13/2012: FH Taxiway Reconstruction Nearly Complete
09/13/2012: Questions Persist As Council Struggles’ With CAO Regulations
09/12/2012: Smoky Skies In Eastern Washington
09/12/2012: Take A Walk Through A Little San Juan History
09/11/2012: Dialogue And Monologue
09/10/2012: Sherriff’s Boat Involved In Grounding Being Checked For Damage
09/10/2012: Justice Richard Sanders Coming To FH
09/08/2012: Car Crash On SJ, Three Airlifted Off Island
09/07/2012: New Report Questions CAO Assumptions
09/07/2012: $22 Million More From Feds For Salmon Recovery Grants
09/06/2012: What Is He Thinking??
09/06/2012: "Waxed @ IMA"
09/05/2012: Lecture Series: Tracking Cetaceans
09/04/2012: Successful Drive For School Supplies
09/03/2012: Sally W. Bryan Scholarship Fund Established
09/01/2012: Spring Street Leak Repaired
08/31/2012: Richard Bach In Airplane Crash On San Juan Island
08/31/2012: Fish For Teeth Returns
08/30/2012: $40K Turtleback Oak Restoration Grants
08/29/2012: Eastsound Burglar Arrested
08/29/2012: Not Always Easy Being Right
08/28/2012: Cantwell & Murray Ask Obama To Declare SJC BML Lands A National Monument
08/27/2012: Change in Recording Fees
08/26/2012: Medical Assistant Training Available
08/24/2012: County Purchase Of Land Bank Land For PW Mitigation Project: $85,600K
08/23/2012: The Imperiled Island Marble Butterfly
08/22/2012: Sept 1st Music Festival
08/22/2012: Council To Implement New Pay Schedule
08/21/2012: Council Hearing On Wetlands Tuesday
08/21/2012: Washington Territory and State History Presentation
08/20/2012: Still Time To Enter That Car
08/19/2012: What Should County Priorities Be?
08/18/2012: "Gear Up" For Our Schools
08/17/2012: Still Time To Comment On Growler Aircraft
08/16/2012: New Transportation Program
08/15/2012: Coast Guard Responds To Too Close To Orca Near Orcas
08/15/2012: County Prosecutor Asked -Sort of- To Advise On Free Speech
08/14/2012: Senator Maria Cantwell in SJC To Raise Money & Plan "Future of Campaign"
08/14/2012: Tonight: Diving Birds In The Salish Sea - Its A Risky Business
08/14/2012: SJI Community Foundation County Fair Match Opportunity
08/13/2012: John Volk Honored On FAA Aviation Chart
08/10/2012: Wildfire Protection Plan Approved
08/10/2012: Wolf Removed From NE Washington Pack Due To Repeated Livestock Attacks
08/09/2012: Prairie Landscape Of American Camp
08/08/2012: The Return Of Amy & SJ Initiative?
08/07/2012: Looking Like A New Sales Tax
08/07/2012: Purple Heart Day
08/07/2012: Real Estate Sales Better Than Last Year
08/06/2012: -- Guest Column --
08/04/2012: November Ballot Measures
08/02/2012: OPALCO Student Ambassadors Bring Home Honors
08/02/2012: OPALCO Rebates For Some Purchases
08/01/2012: America Legion Auxiliary Honors Shirley
08/01/2012: Friday Harbor Art Market
07/31/2012: Major Expansion For Spring Street School
07/30/2012: Marine Tech Training Scholarships Available
07/28/2012: Professional Finance Award For Town Of Friday HarborTreasurer
07/28/2012: Aug 4th Fund Raiser For Orcas 911 Monument Project
07/27/2012: Lopez Transfer Station Budget Approved
07/26/2012: Watson Skips Bails Over Japan & Costa Rica Extradition Requests
07/25/2012: Progress On Orcas TS Operation
07/24/2012: Sailboat Runs Aground & Catches Fire Near Spieden Island
07/24/2012: CC Struggles To Accept Some Of The PC CAO Regulations
07/23/2012: CC 2nd Touch On CAO Monday
07/20/2012: -- Guest Column --
07/20/2012: Feds Give WSF $40 Million, Now What?
07/18/2012: Shaw Island Classic Time
07/18/2012: -- Guest Column --
07/17/2012: County Makes Case For New Sales Tax
07/16/2012: And Another One Falls Down...
07/15/2012: Float Award Fireworks Generates Fireworks Donation
07/14/2012: Wow! Quite The Storm
07/13/2012: On A Scale Of 1 To 10, The Storm Was A 10 On Orcas PW Scale
07/13/2012: Operators Wanted For SJI Waste Site
07/13/2012: Orcas Shuttle Bus Back
07/11/2012: -- Guest Column --
07/11/2012: Planning Commission Moves Forward
07/10/2012: County Criticized For Holding Dueling Hearings On CAO Regulations
07/10/2012: Washington State Ferries Commemorative Magazine For 60-Year Celebration
07/08/2012: Council Back In Session Monday & Tuesday: CAO On Agenda
07/08/2012: -- Guest Column --
07/08/2012: A New Wolf Pack, & A New Sheep Attack In Northeast Washington
07/07/2012: New Costs Due To Fluorescent Lights
07/06/2012: -- Guest Column --
07/06/2012: Speak Your Mind On State Transportation
07/06/2012: Got An Algae Bloom?
07/06/2012: On Reporting Marine Debris
07/05/2012: The Sun Came Out For The 4TH
07/04/2012: Some Americans Do Not Agree With The Declaration Of Independence
07/03/2012: 3.1 Earthquake Hits Near San Juans
07/03/2012: Undersheriff Zerby Honored As He "Officially" Retires
07/03/2012: Friday Harbor Earns "WellCity" Award
07/02/2012: Education First Priority For Rob McKenna
07/02/2012: Rock the Dock With Rotary On The 4th
07/01/2012: Salmon Back Big Time…Again
07/01/2012: Senator Murray Secures Ferry Funding
06/30/2012: Auditor Releases 2011 Annual Report
06/28/2012: Missing Person Found, All Is Well
06/28/2012: Meet Republican Candidates Saturday
06/27/2012: Ag Sales & Farm Stands
06/27/2012: Tsunami Debris On Coastal Beaches
06/25/2012: "Safe & Sane" Can Be Put To Unsafe & Insane Use
06/25/2012: Calm To 35 mph Gusts Hits Kayak Tour
06/25/2012: Permanent Protection Of Samish SJC Land
06/24/2012: Students Represent OPALCO At Co-Op Leadership Camp
06/23/2012: SJ Island Jam For Relay For Life
06/22/2012: Save the Date--Annual Pig War Picnic on the Fourth of July
06/22/2012: Sam Reed Says “Goodbye”
06/21/2012: Wildfire Protection Plan - Public Comment Period Open
06/20/2012: FRIENDS Board Member Builds Without Building & Landuse Permits
06/20/2012: Gov. Gregoire Releases Rules Moratorium Report
06/19/2012: Secretary of State Sam Reed At SJI Rotary Club Wednesday
06/19/2012: Donations Needed For The SJI 4th Of July Fireworks
06/18/2012: Multi-Media Presentation, “SILVER SEAS"
06/18/2012: “The Living Lesson”
06/17/2012: SJI Community Foundation Awards $130+K in College Scholarships
06/17/2012: Mt. Baker Road & Trail Project Put-off
06/15/2012: Crosscut NW News Picks Up IG Story
06/14/2012: Stop Signs Mean "STOP"
06/14/2012: Artist Talk At Waterworks
06/13/2012: Boat Noise + Hunger = Stress Levels Increase In Orcas
06/13/2012: Free Orcas Workshop On Business Planning And Financing
06/13/2012: FH Art Market Kicks-off First Season
06/12/2012: The New Town Of Friday Harbor Administrator
06/11/2012: New & Improved WSF Vehicle Reservation System Moving Forward
06/11/2012: State Emergency Logistics Exercise
06/10/2012: Dead Calf Called 'Probable' Case Of Wolf Predation East Of Bellingham
06/08/2012: Wa Parks: How Should They Be Operated
06/08/2012: Saturday SJI Garden Tour
06/07/2012: Public Shoreline Reports Result In Revisions & New Comment Period
06/06/2012: SJC Republican Delegates Report In
06/06/2012: Friday Harbor Airport Master Plan Update
06/04/2012: Arrest In Sexually Explicit Phone Calls
06/04/2012: Lopez Wishes To Handle Their Own Garbage
06/04/2012: June is Wa Great Outdoors Month
06/02/2012: SJI Artist Studios Tour Sat & Sun
06/01/2012: Meet Bronze Sculptor Maria Michaelson
05/31/2012: Good Showing By FH ROV Teams
05/31/2012: Charter Review Wrap Up Saturday On Orcas
05/30/2012: San Juan Preservation Trust Acquires 687-Acre Red Mill Farm
05/30/2012: Kennel Kids APS Companion Pet Photo Contest
05/30/2012: Council Opens Subcommittee Meetings
05/28/2012: Memorial Day In Friday Harbor
05/25/2012: Want To Help Students Help Our Community?
05/24/2012: WSF Informational Community Meeting
05/23/2012: $15,000 A Month For Interim Administrator
05/22/2012: Sen. Ranker, Reps. Morris & Lytton Will Hold Town Hall Meeting In FH
05/21/2012: Public Hearing Tue On Wireless Ord
05/21/2012: Whooping Cough Vaccination Clinics Available
05/18/2012: And The Candidates Are:
05/18/2012: Capsized Vessel Near Sucia Island - 1 Drowns
05/18/2012: 2012 “Good Stewards” Awards
05/17/2012: Orca Death Related To “Physical Trauma”
05/17/2012: Thar She Blows!
05/17/2012: Wildfire Risk Assessment Meetings This Month
05/16/2012: County Works To Improve UDC
05/15/2012: Watson Arrested On Old Charge
05/15/2012: CC & PC Joint Meeting Friday On Fish & Wildlife Habitat CAO Regulations
05/14/2012: Orcas Discussion Abut
05/13/2012: Spring Time Is Scam Time For Asphalt Paving “Deals”
05/11/2012: Council Selects Interim County Manager
05/10/2012: Armchair Tour Of Lighthouses
05/10/2012: OPALCO & EDC Invite Community To Broadband Forums
05/10/2012: Rodgers Back In Jail - Drugs
05/10/2012: CAPR To Meet With BLM Today
05/09/2012: National Historic Preservation Month Event
05/08/2012: -- Guest Column --
05/08/2012: Land Bank Debt Hits Hard
05/06/2012: Council Will Slog Through Wetlands CAO Field Trip Monday
05/06/2012: 1st Quarter Looks Good For County, But...
05/06/2012: Gregoire Declares Whooping Cough Epidemic
05/04/2012: Young Friday Harbor Man Found Dead
05/04/2012: FISH FOR TEETH Brings ToothMobile Back To San Juan Island Fri & Sat
05/03/2012: -- Guest Column --
05/03/2012: County & Some Members Of Public Confused By "Forms"
05/02/2012: Pete Rose Resigns
05/01/2012: SJI Rotary Improving Water Quality
05/01/2012: No More Closed Sub-Committee Meetings
05/01/2012: Confusion On County vs. Private Form?
04/30/2012: Peak Season Surcharge Begins May 1-And Small Cars Get A Bigger Discount
04/29/2012: FHHS Students Find Community Spirit
04/28/2012: Charter Review Wrap Up Saturday With A Return To 3 Commissioners-But Full Time
04/26/2012: Dollars For Scholars Group Honored
04/26/2012: Pauli's Annual Arbor Day Tree Give-Away Continues Sat On Lopez, Orcas & San Juan
04/24/2012: Emmy-Nominated Film On Orcas Moves To New Location After Complaints
04/24/2012: Real Estate Sales Looking Better
04/23/2012: Council Decision On Increase Sales Tax Coming Up
04/23/2012: History Essay Contest Winner Announced
04/22/2012: Reflections On Gulf Oil Spill Anniversary
04/20/2012: Sexually Explicit Calls Can Be Traced
04/19/2012: Emmy Nominated Film Premiere In FH
04/19/2012: Council; Public Not Informed On CAO
04/17/2012: -- Guest Column --
04/17/2012: SJI School District To Approve $1.25M Bond On Wednesday
04/17/2012: The Great SJ Island Clean-Up Is Coming Up
04/16/2012: “Every 15 Minutes” Program Starts Tuesday
04/16/2012: County Ban On Plastic Bags Proposed
04/16/2012: EDC presents Economic Forecast Luncheon with Dave Wallace & Mark Anderson
04/13/2012: $3M Lopez Wingwall Work This Week
04/12/2012: Questions about Council Terms Remain
04/12/2012: Update On The Charter Review Commission Goings-on
04/12/2012: Gregoire On Budget Agreement, End Of Special Session
04/11/2012: Wildflower & Garry Oak Tour
04/10/2012: Free Movie On Fatherhood
04/10/2012: This Is National Library Week
04/09/2012: Can They, Like, Ya Know, Swim??
04/09/2012: 21st SJ Island Artists’ Studio Tour
04/07/2012: Volunteer For Children’s Festival
04/07/2012: Food Worker Test and Card Available Online
04/06/2012: Vehicle Service Back To Normal
04/06/2012: Veterinary Clinic Receives Gift Of Equipment
04/04/2012: Charter Commission Chugging Ahead
04/04/2012: State Tells Assessor Enforce Contracts On "Open Space" Taxes
04/03/2012: Feeling Healthy? Odds Are Good If You Live In SJC
04/03/2012: No Final Passage Of Wireless Ord, But Getting Closer
04/03/2012: SJI & Orcas Garden Clubs To Hear Non-GMO Petition Report
04/01/2012: New Leadership At SJCT
03/31/2012: And The Winners Are..
03/30/2012: Large Fire Near Squalicum Harbor Marina
03/30/2012: Charter Review Commission Meets Saturday In FH
03/29/2012: Soroptimist Awards For Three Local Women
03/29/2012: Young Golfer Shows Promising Future
03/28/2012: CSA Adds Attorney Mackie To Their Team
03/27/2012: Vinny’s Gets A “New” Chef
03/26/2012: Girl Becomes Sick After Eating Laurel Leaves-A Common County Wide Plant
03/26/2012: SJI Family Game & Community Dinner
03/25/2012: Gregoire Supports Appeal Of Stormans v. Selecky Ruling
03/25/2012: Comments To Charter Commission Continues
03/24/2012: Extra Fishing Days 2012 Halibut Season
03/23/2012: Cantwell’s Pushes To Preserve 1,000 Ac Of Fed's Land In SJC
03/23/2012: French Legion Of Honor For Lopez Vet
03/22/2012: Major Wetland Case Goes Against EPA
03/22/2012: Island Walk From Port To Airport
03/21/2012: New Superintendent For SJI National Park
03/21/2012: Stamper On Aggressive Policing
03/20/2012: A Solid Waste District For Lopez?
03/20/2012: Business Improvement District Proposed For Friday Harbor
03/19/2012: Orcas Writer Publishes “The Barefoot Bandit”
03/18/2012: Deadline Extended On Shoreline Reports
03/16/2012: Charter Review Commission:Major Changes Discussed
03/14/2012: SJI Teacher Will Resign, But Gets Full Pay Until She Does
03/14/2012: 7th Annual Spelling Bee Is Thursday
03/14/2012: $1.7 M Saved By Cutting State Cellular Devices
03/13/2012: Girl Airlifted After Driver Runs Stop Sign
03/13/2012: Be A Part Of SJI St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganz
03/12/2012: IMA Museum and Sculpture Park Looking For Docents
03/12/2012: Council Continues Soild Waste DiscussionTuesday
03/11/2012: Rain Or Shine, Sunday Included, OPALCO Crews Respond
03/10/2012: Ranker Sponsored Brynna Gregg As Senate Page
03/10/2012: Share Your Photos Of The Outdoors
03/09/2012: 2nd 144-Car Ferry For SJC
03/08/2012: Charter Commission Report On Orcas Meeting
03/08/2012: Regional Ocean Sciences Bowl Winners
03/07/2012: Comment on County Solid Waste Plan
03/06/2012: Watching NOAA’s Whale Of Waste
03/05/2012: Critical Areas Ord Moving Slowly Forward
03/04/2012: Tuesday PC Hearing On Wetlands
03/03/2012: March 10th The Charter Review Commission Meets On Lopez
03/03/2012: New Sheriff's TIP LINE: 370-7629
03/02/2012: -- Guest Column --
03/01/2012: March Is American Red Cross Month
03/01/2012: Job Growth Continues -Gregoire
02/29/2012: Shoreline Characterization & Inventory Causes Waves At Hearing
02/28/2012: Garbage & Recycling Service Levels
02/28/2012: Art & Good Mental Health
02/27/2012: Vote Tues In SJC Conservation Dist Election
02/26/2012: -- Guest Column --
02/24/2012: George Johnson Walks With $105K, Lawyer Gets $145K
02/24/2012: Moving Van Flips, Blocks Orcas Road
02/24/2012: Land Bank Purchases Conservation Easement On Lopez
02/23/2012: Tracking A Tagged Orca
02/22/2012: Hit & Run Driver Surrenders To Sheriff
02/22/2012: Spirits On The Water: A Celebration Though Slides & Stories
02/22/2012: Recognition For SJ Preservaton Trust
02/21/2012: Private School Month
02/21/2012: B.C. & Wa Partner On Jobs, Border Management
02/19/2012: Real Estate Sales Slump = Less $ For County
02/18/2012: “San Juan Eagles” Honored
02/17/2012: Orcas Rollover Traps One Driver -Other Driver Leaves Scene
02/16/2012: Cantwell & Secretary Salazar Host Town Hall -Saturday In Anacortes- on Future of SJ Islands’ Federal Land
02/16/2012: Public Hearing On Wetland Ordinance
02/16/2012: L112 Found Dead At Long Beach
02/16/2012: Senate Passes Teacher Evaluation Bill
02/15/2012: Draft Wetland Section Of CAO Available
02/14/2012: All School Bonds & Levies Pass
02/14/2012: One More Boat Removed
02/13/2012: Derelict Vessel Program Still Afloat
02/13/2012: -- Guest Column --
02/13/2012: SJI Knowledge Bowl Winners
02/11/2012: A Broken Consort Sunday
02/08/2012: Sunday: Learn About Pruning Older Fruit Trees
02/08/2012: Canadian Navy Pings In US Waters
02/08/2012: What Is A Wetland? Not Just Wet Land
02/08/2012: SJI Firefighters Honored For Service
02/07/2012: Party For Elmo And Friends Saturday
02/07/2012: United Way Awards $78,000 to SJC Non-Profits
02/05/2012: In Support Of Due Process
02/04/2012: Town & County Councils Want Action On Ferry Funding
02/03/2012: Meeting On Dead Trees In Moran Park
02/03/2012: Continuing Bad News On Ferry Funding
02/02/2012: Potentially Explosive Material Detonated
02/02/2012: Senate Passes Gay & Lesbian Marriage Equality Bill -Moves To House
02/01/2012: CA Park Ranger Shoots Man With Shock Gun In Dogs Off Leash Incident
02/01/2012: Relay For Life Kickoff Rally
01/31/2012: Missing Woman's Body Found
01/31/2012: Improved Wireless Coming? Maybe
01/31/2012: Hospice Offers Grief & Loss Support
01/30/2012: Charter Review Commission To Meet Saturday On SJI
01/29/2012: Teddy McCullough Receives Outstanding Youth Leadership Award
01/29/2012: CC Review Of County “Workplans”
01/28/2012: Fed Judge Gives Colton 6 1/2 years
01/27/2012: Navy Sonar Training Lawsuit
01/26/2012: State Wide Changes Proposed On Teacher & Principal Evaluations
01/25/2012: Assessor Begins New Appraisal Cycle
01/25/2012: Colton Harris-Moore Apologizes To SJC Sheriff Deputies
01/25/2012: Winter Wildlife Feeding: Do It Right, Or Don’t Do It
01/23/2012: San Juan Trails Committee "Trails Passport" Has Arrived
01/23/2012: Ranker Introduces Legislation
01/23/2012: Public Meeting on Derelict Vessels
01/21/2012: Septic Inspection Classes Offered
01/20/2012: Rep. Larsen Will Oppose Current Anti-Online Piracy Legislation
01/19/2012: Vacancies On County Boards & Commissions
01/18/2012: 2012 Arthur Whiteley Lecture Series
01/17/2012: Wildfire Risk Assessment Planned For County
01/17/2012: New Tax Funded Public-Private Center Proposed
01/16/2012: SJISD Capital Projects & Technology Levy
01/14/2012: State Of The State: Need More Money
01/14/2012: Employment & Life Skills Classes On Lopez
01/13/2012: Orcas Man Killed By Fall
01/11/2012: EMS Receives Rotary Club Grant
01/11/2012: With Fingers Crossed, Council Votes On Ag Stewardship Program
01/10/2012: Focus on Fire Safety: Fire Escape Plan
01/09/2012: Tuesday Special Meeting For Special Bill
01/07/2012: Local High School Student Busted: Selling Heroin & Cocaine
01/06/2012: A Different Time, A Different Place
01/05/2012: Gov. To Introduce Gay Marriage Legislation
01/05/2012: Preschool Storytime-Learning Activities-Social Play At SJI Library
01/04/2012: -- Guest Editorial --
01/04/2012: Public Invited To "Vote Counting Equipment Test"
01/03/2012: Evaluators needed for FH Student's Community Service Projects
01/02/2012: Charter Review Begins Saturday
12/31/2011: Kitsap County's Shoreline Buffers Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court
12/30/2011: Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of The Island Guardian In Johnson Case
12/29/2011: Saint Mary Sinks
12/27/2011: Lot's Of Green For A Green Highway
12/27/2011: County Farmland Preservation Grant "Wrap Up"
12/26/2011: $6.3 Million In Federal Grants To Local Communities
12/24/2011: White Christmas? Pack Patience & Tire Chains If Heading For The Mountains
12/23/2011: Port of FH Installs “Dark Skies” Street Lights
12/23/2011: Winter Schedule Starts Sunday Jan 1
12/22/2011: Student Essay Contests Offered
12/21/2011: More Misdemeanors Will Be Dismissed In 2012
12/20/2011: Boat Burns, Sinks, Owner Okay
12/20/2011: Brann Cabin Restoration Runs Out Of Money
12/20/2011: King Tides A’Coming
12/18/2011: Gov. Has New Strategies To Reform State Government
12/18/2011: Marine Biodiversity Loss Greater Than Predicted
12/16/2011: Colton-Harris Gets 7 years
12/16/2011: Colton Harris-Moore Sentencing Today
12/15/2011: Hospice of SJ Offers Grief & Loss Support Group
12/13/2011: A Good Landing Is Any Landing You Walk Away From…Again…
12/13/2011: Council Tweaks Ordinance On Critical Areas
12/13/2011: Gregoire’s New Initiative To Restore Puget Sound
12/11/2011: Women’s Fund Announces Local Grants
12/10/2011: Chetzemoka Makes Trade Magazine’s Top 10 Work Boats Of 2011
12/10/2011: Teen Video Contest To Promote Reading, Libraries
12/09/2011: New Blinking Warning Lights For Schools
12/09/2011: Progress on Solid Waste Plan
12/08/2011: 17yrs Later, Project Completed
12/07/2011: Favorite Trail Improved by Community Effort
12/07/2011: Ecology Updates Western Washington Stormwater Manual-Comments Accepted
12/02/2011: CC Public Hearing Tuesday On Critical Areas
12/02/2011: County & Union Close To Contract Agreement
12/01/2011: Plan To Conserve & Manage Wolves
12/01/2011: Solid Waste Goes Private By Late Summer -Hopefully.
11/30/2011: Gov. Petitions To Allow Medical Use Of Pot
11/29/2011: Council Sets Tax Levies
11/29/2011: Major Public Meeting Thursday
11/25/2011: Comment Wanted On The “Voluntary Agricultural Stewardship Program”
11/25/2011: Workshop On Understanding Financial Statement
11/23/2011: A Celebration Of Family
11/22/2011: -- Guest Column --
11/22/2011: Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award
11/21/2011: -- Guest Column --
11/19/2011: Sheriff Deputies & Detective Honored
11/18/2011: County Action Against Lopez Farm-Stand
11/17/2011: “Forts” Are Allowed At American Camp
11/16/2011: Dog Off-Leash Trial Ends With Small Fine
11/15/2011: Citizens’ Salary Commission Grants 3% COLA To Some, But No Salary Increases
11/14/2011: Take The Ferry Rider Survey On Ferry Fares
11/12/2011: Man Disappears Before Boat Race, Found Drowned Near Boat
11/11/2011: Veteran’s Day 11-11-11
11/10/2011: Town Hall Meeting Saturday
11/10/2011: Visual Artist Registry Is Online
11/08/2011: Voters Dump New Parcel Fee For Solid Waste In Landslide Vote
11/08/2011: Council Budget Discussions Tuesday
11/08/2011: Council Looks To New Fee Increases
11/07/2011: Departments Present Budget Request On Monday
11/06/2011: State Budget Reduction Alternatives Means New County Cuts May Follow
11/05/2011: Farewell To SJISD Board Members - New Levy Request In The Works
11/04/2011: "They Represent You" Contact Info Available
11/02/2011: Hammel Pleads Guilty To All Charges: Both Juvenile & Adult Trials On Same Day
11/02/2011: No Good News On State Budget
11/02/2011: Public Hearing Coming Up On Wetlands
11/01/2011: Supreme Court Rules For County & The Island Guardian Against George Johnson
11/01/2011: -- Guest Column --
11/01/2011: Community Support For Student Nurse Program
11/01/2011: Financing Seminar For Businesses Presented By EDC
10/31/2011: Council Passes Redistricting Map
10/28/2011: Two Locals Busted: $15K & 1000 Oxycodone Pills
10/28/2011: National Drug Take Back Day Is Every Day
10/27/2011: -- Guest Column --
10/26/2011: Scientist Honored For Work Eliminating Toxic Chemical Flows
10/26/2011: SJI “Great Island Giveaway & Social”
10/25/2011: Hazardous & Flooded Areas Deliberations
10/25/2011: Brann Cabin Restoration Underway
10/25/2011: Learn About Your Soil
10/24/2011: Not Nagging, Really, But…
10/24/2011: Rotary Club Dictionary Project
10/22/2011: Percy Schmeiser Comes To SJC
10/22/2011: Saturday Ferry Delays
10/20/2011: -- Guest Column --
10/20/2011: County Council Receives Draft Budget
10/19/2011: 10yr Old Takes To The Skies
10/19/2011: Today: SJ Action Agenda Oversight Group & Puget Sound Partnership "Open House"
10/18/2011: Domestic Violence in the Faith Community
10/18/2011: The New Buck Bay Bridge Is Open
10/18/2011: Rep. Lytton Schedules Orcas Island Roundtable for Oct 29
10/17/2011: Plan-A And Plan-B Explained By Council… Or Are They?
10/17/2011: Public Hearing Tuesday On Hazardous and Frequently Flooded Areas
10/16/2011: County Council Revised 2012 Priorities
10/15/2011: Sat: "Leaves Of Gold" Concert At Rosario
10/14/2011: Gala Fund Raising Dinner & Speaker Saturday For The SJ Nature Institute
10/13/2011: 2011 Oktoberfest: 17th Anniversary Of A SJ Island Tradition Of Fundraising
10/13/2011: Historical Home Tour Museum Benefit
10/12/2011: Report On Protection Of Orca By WDFW
10/11/2011: Council Fine Tunes Document Explaining Upcoming Election On New Parcel Fee
10/11/2011: -- Guest Column --
10/10/2011: Barge With 9K Lb of Navy Explosives Runs Aground, Refloated
10/10/2011: Ranker A Realtor’s “Legislative Champion”
10/09/2011: Solid Waste Plan B: Mandatory Curbside!(?)
10/07/2011: It’s SAFETY FAIR Sunday On SJI
10/07/2011: Serve On United Way Board
10/06/2011: Orcas Horns & Nouveau Stride
10/05/2011: NOAA grant to restore abalone
10/05/2011: FH High In The Top 12 For Advanced Placement Performance
10/03/2011: PW Truck Upset About New Boat?
10/03/2011: “Video Conferencing Effective” -SJC
10/02/2011: Minimum Wage Up To $9.04 hr
10/01/2011: State Agency Consolidation Continues
09/30/2011: SJ Island Oktoberfest Saturday
09/29/2011: Poverty In The County
09/28/2011: SJI Artstock This Weekend
09/26/2011: CC On Orcas: More $ Needed For Stormwater Projects
09/26/2011: An Ill Wind That Blows No Good
09/24/2011: King Fitch Announces His Retirement
09/23/2011: New State (County?) Budget Cuts?
09/22/2011: New Enforcement Regulations Proposed
09/22/2011: Isle be Jammin' Performer's Showcase
09/21/2011: The Students’ Greenhouse Has Arrived!
09/21/2011: Flu Vaccination Clinics Scheduled
09/20/2011: Your Views On Shoreline Regulations??
09/20/2011: First Aid & CPR Classes Offered
09/19/2011: Meeting Wed On American Camp Preservation
09/19/2011: CC Discussion On Election Redistricting Report Tuesday
09/18/2011: Lopez, Orcas Council Teleconference Set
09/16/2011: Helping Ross Help Others
09/15/2011: $325K For New PW Boat
09/15/2011: Courses On Sustainable Small-Acreage Farming and Ranching Offered
09/14/2011: A New Director For Public Works
09/14/2011: Real Estate Market Improves
09/14/2011: What Should The Shoreline Look Like
09/12/2011: CC Special Meeting Tuesday
09/10/2011: FH 9-11 Memorial Ceremony
09/10/2011: SJI Piano Recital Honors Hungarian Composer
09/09/2011: No Tsunami From BC Earthquake
09/09/2011: County Interviewing Candidates To Head Public Works
09/09/2011: SJI Fire Crew Heads East To Combat Fires
09/08/2011: Notice of Public Hearing
09/08/2011: ART Non-Profit Hosts Open House
09/07/2011: New Ball Field On Shaw Proposed
09/07/2011: IMA Call to all Visual Artists in San Juan County
09/06/2011: Gary Pflueger New Principal In Idaho
09/05/2011: Tropical Storm Irene Help From SJC
09/03/2011: New STAR Program Ready To Go
09/03/2011: 3rd Annual Gear Up for Schools Campaign
09/02/2011: $ Available For Organic Family Farms
09/02/2011: Sign-Up For Business Workshop
09/02/2011: Shoreline Visioning Meetings
09/01/2011: Hit The Beaches & Pick Up Litter
08/31/2011: State Money Available To Save Barns
08/30/2011: Field Workshop On Geology Of Sucia Island
08/29/2011: Fund Raising Fun Helps SJI Terry Ogle
08/26/2011: Orca Struck By Private Boat? Maybe Not.
08/26/2011: Concours D’Elegance Successful Sunday
08/25/2011: WSF Fares and Car Sizes Go Up
08/24/2011: Case Against Severson Dismissed by County
08/24/2011: Charter Review Commission Candidate Challenged
08/23/2011: Salmon Lecture On General Threats
08/22/2011: State Supreme Court Rules Against Local Govenment Shoreline Control
08/20/2011: Orcas? Ferry Advisory Committee Has An Opening For You
08/19/2011: FH Historic Preservation Members Needed
08/18/2011: U.S. Sec. of Interior Hears Support For BLM of SJC
08/18/2011: Ferry Lobbying Effort Has Begun
08/17/2011: Council Rules
08/17/2011: SHARK REEF’s Second Decade Begins
08/16/2011: Two SJI Fire Depts. Become One
08/16/2011: DOE Fines For First Six Months=$519K
08/15/2011: Special CAO Workshop Meeting Tuesday
08/15/2011: Friday Harbor Art Market For The Summer
08/14/2011: Jessica: An Inspiring Woman
08/13/2011: Voters Will Decide on Solid Waste System Funding & Services
08/12/2011: -- Guest Column --
08/12/2011: Ready For Wildland Fires
08/11/2011: Taxpayers Should Cut Government's Credit Cards
08/11/2011: Tour Adventuress On Saturday
08/09/2011: Drowning Tragedy On San Juan Island
08/09/2011: Seal Study Success
08/08/2011: What Happens If Voters Say “No!” To SW Parcel Charge
08/08/2011: Serve On A County Committee
08/06/2011: August is Whale Watching Month
08/06/2011: Fishing Hunting License Fees Increase
08/05/2011: Purchase A Brick, Or A Bench, Or Both
08/04/2011: Let the Training Begin
08/04/2011: Gov Proclaims Aug. 7-13 Farmers Market Week
08/03/2011: Top Ten List Of “What Works” In County Government
08/03/2011: Employers Will Not Be Penalized For Late Online Filing
08/02/2011: -- Guest Column --
08/02/2011: Gov. For Business Tax Simplification
07/31/2011: Lunch With Mother Of Barefoot Bandit
07/30/2011: Noble Starr’s Honor Flight
07/29/2011: Time To Apply For 4-H Teen Rally
07/29/2011: -- Guest Column --
07/29/2011: Groundbreaking Begins Construction Of SJC’s Critical Access Hospital
07/28/2011: The Adventuress Goes Aground -Again
07/28/2011: Furloughs Will Close Some County Offices Monday Aug 1
07/27/2011: Part Of Watmough Road Will Be Chip Sealed
07/27/2011: Council To Hold Town Hall Meetings On CAO
07/26/2011: Cantwell On National Conservation Area
07/25/2011: -- Guest Column --
07/25/2011: 4 Airlifted After Hayride Runaway
07/22/2011: Cantwell & Larsen Will Support National Conservation Area
07/22/2011: SJIL Book & Art Collection Sale
07/21/2011: Hospital Ground Breaking
07/20/2011: -- Guest Column --
07/20/2011: Slow Going On Solid Waste Funding Fee
07/20/2011: 100 Million Pounds + Of Electronics Recycled
07/19/2011: Continued Solid Waste Discussion Tuesday
07/19/2011: Consolidation Of State Agencies Begins
07/17/2011: Loss Of Power, Pilot Walks Away
07/16/2011: Ferry Fare Changes In The Works
07/16/2011: Monday Deadline For Voter Registration
07/14/2011: Lopez To Be Exposed To Wider World
07/14/2011: Foxes Are Cute.. How About A Wolf Pack?
07/13/2011: $110.00 Property "Fee" For Solid Waste Likely To Be On Ballot
07/13/2011: CAO Updates Available, Meetings Scheduled
07/12/2011: Council Back From Break - Ready To Discuss $100.00 Property “Fee” To Fund Solid Waste
07/12/2011: New Turtleback Trail for Hikers
07/11/2011: Brown Island & Pear Point Could Be Combined With Legislative Dist. 3 (FH) ??
07/11/2011: Emergency Closures Of Beaches - No Oysters, Mussels Or Any Invertebrates
07/11/2011: Land Bank Obtains Lease For Odlin South
07/10/2011: Boat Checks To Stop Aquatic Invasive Species
07/09/2011: Latest On: Boat Hits Rocks
07/07/2011: FH Premier Showing of Rob Michaan Documentary
07/06/2011: Quite The Parade
07/05/2011: County Redistricting Committee Wants To Hear From You
07/02/2011: County Office Closed July 5th
07/01/2011: Coast Guard Focused On BUI Violations
06/30/2011: Lecture On Killer Whales
06/29/2011: Fatal Accident On Orcas
06/29/2011: Ranker Rankled & Sets The Record Straight
06/29/2011: American Red Cross Volunteers Deploy
06/29/2011: Free Soccer Training For Boys & Girls
06/28/2011: PC Hearing On Geologically Hazards & Frequently Flooded Areas Scheduled
06/28/2011: Have An Opinion On Ferry Schedule?
06/27/2011: Tsunami Model Shows Possible Impacts To Islands
06/27/2011: County Sends Wrong Advice To Candidates For Charter Commission
06/25/2011: "D’Boat" Be On The Beach
06/25/2011: Introduction to Sailing Classes
06/24/2011: Ecology Wants Input On 2010 Assessment Of Marine Waters
06/23/2011: It Is Our County Fairgrounds: What Do We Want From It?
06/22/2011: Local Realtors Give YouTube A Go
06/22/2011: Make Art In The Park!
06/21/2011: Spring Has Sprung & So Have Seals: It’s Seal Pupping Season Time
06/20/2011: Colton Cops A Plea
06/18/2011: Cantwell, Larsen Back Effort To Protect Land In County
06/17/2011: Gregoire Arrived In Spain Today
06/17/2011: Gregoire’s Statement On June Revenue & Upcoming Trip To Paris
06/16/2011: Gregoire Signs & Comments On Budget
06/16/2011: New Arena Fence For The County Fairgrounds
06/15/2011: A Class Act For Two Class Acts
06/15/2011: Hospice of SJ Will Hold Fall Training
06/14/2011: Gregoire Will Not Run Again
06/13/2011: Workshop On CAO Continues Tuesday
06/12/2011: Costs Cutting Patrol Cars
06/12/2011: Sunny Day, School Break, Goof Off Time
06/11/2011: Wednesday Last Chance To File As Candidate For Open Offices
06/10/2011: Islanders Customer Appreciation Days
06/09/2011: Special Speaker At Legion
06/09/2011: LWV Will Host State Legislators
06/08/2011: Charter Review Positions Increased By 3
06/08/2011: Interactive Website Maps Priority Species
06/07/2011: Coast Guard Responds To Grounded Fishing Vessel
06/07/2011: Council Moving Toward $50 to $75 Parcel Fee + Gate Fee For Solid Waste -Or It Is Curb Side Pick up?
06/07/2011: WSF Boss To Host Public Meeting
06/06/2011: Orcas & FH Numbers Change On Charter Review Commission
06/06/2011: Celebrate our Island Trails
06/05/2011: Friday Harbor Rain Garden
06/04/2011: Spelling Bee Winners
06/03/2011: 20th Anniversary SJI Artists’ Studio Tour
06/02/2011: School Hires Interim Principal
06/02/2011: Revamped Website For State Digital Archives
06/02/2011: Weissinger New Port Legal Counsel
06/01/2011: The Final Three: Interim Principal
06/01/2011: Candidate Filing Week-Jun 6 through 10
05/31/2011: Memorial Day 2011
05/28/2011: Vaccinate Horses For West Nile Virus
05/26/2011: Gun Shot To Head, Medevaced Off SJI
05/26/2011: In The Superior Court
05/26/2011: Now We Know Spring Has Sprung
05/25/2011: Rosenfeld States He Has Sleep Apnea
05/25/2011: New Director For The IMA
05/24/2011: "Green" Schools Cost More, Less Efficient Than Average School
05/24/2011: Senate Approves A Natural Resource Agency Consolidation Plan
05/22/2011: CC "Work Session" Complete On Transportation Element
05/21/2011: Gregorian Chant Performed In FH
05/20/2011: May Means Poppy Days & Memorial Day Ceremonies
05/20/2011: Kings Market SJI Marathon, June 5.
05/18/2011: Hydroplane (small ones) Races On SJI Sat
05/18/2011: Tour The Palace Saturday
05/17/2011: A Day To Remember For This Guy
05/17/2011: Council Begins Fine Tuning Of BAS
05/17/2011: Gov. Signs Last Bills Of Regular Session
05/16/2011: A Milestone For FH Soroptimists
05/16/2011: CC Workshop Monday & Tuesday On BAS
05/15/2011: King’s Choir In FH Sunday
05/14/2011: False Distress Call Costs $50,000
05/13/2011: Governor Signs Discover Pass Into law
05/12/2011: Better Ending Thursday In Capsized Boat Accident Near Cattle Pass
05/12/2011: Lopez Lamb & Wool Festival
05/12/2011: WSF Boss To Host Public Meeting
05/11/2011: Gov. Gregoire Enacts Health Care Reforms
05/11/2011: The Experiment Begins
05/11/2011: Redistricting Committee Holds First Meeting
05/10/2011: Murray’s LEARN Plan: $2.35 Billion Funding Increase For Education
05/10/2011: Meet Local Author & Illustrator, Bryn Barnard at the Library!
05/10/2011: 5th Annual Orca Greeting Ceremony
05/09/2011: Don't See This Every Day
05/08/2011: Islanders Compete In Ironman Utah
05/08/2011: No Lifejackets, One Dead Near Camano Island
05/07/2011: Pygmy Rabbit Recovery Renewed
05/06/2011: It Is EMS Week
05/05/2011: Children's Festival At Fairgrounds Saturday
05/04/2011: Spring Piano Recital With Grisha Krivchenia
05/04/2011: 28 Down To 2 In Principal Search
05/03/2011: Student’s Plan For Greenhouse Moves Forward
05/03/2011: Bloom Week At SJI National Parks
05/02/2011: Mistakes In County's "BAS" on Sea Level
05/01/2011: Billmyer Pitches One For Wounded Warriors
05/01/2011: DOE Helps Tackle Oil Spill Issues
04/30/2011: Vedder & Van Lund Honored By Council
04/29/2011: Welcome To Anacortes
04/28/2011: Locals Meet With Secretary Of Interior In Support Of National Conservation Area
04/28/2011: No Pot Of Gold, But A Golden Sight
04/27/2011: Get Ready For SJI Artists' Studio Tour
04/27/2011: Rick Hughes Honored For Prescription Drug Take Back Program
04/27/2011: Discover Local History in May!
04/26/2011: Petition Drive To Renew Land Bank
04/26/2011: 2011 Noxious Weed Control Plan
04/26/2011: Mt Baker Road & Trail Project Rolling On
04/25/2011: Easter Fun On The Beach
04/24/2011: Joyce Sobel Honored By LWVSJ
04/23/2011: Gov. Calls For Special Leg Session
04/22/2011: “Eggsquisite” Easter Goodies SJI Bake Sale Saturday 10 to 12
04/22/2011: School Board Candidate Forum Scheduled
04/21/2011: SJC Pays $10K To SJC Green Party Over Bar Code Suit
04/21/2011: A New Bridge For Orcas
04/21/2011: Some BAS Now On Line
04/20/2011: Lions Roar... And Squeak In 3rd Win
04/20/2011: Goodremont/Hoffman Do It Again
04/18/2011: Don't Pay To Join Lawsuits Promising Mortgage Relief
04/18/2011: County Wide Increase In Homeless
04/18/2011: CC Discussion On Senior Rent Subsidy
04/18/2011: Recreational Shrimp Fishery Opens May 7
04/17/2011: Whale Museum Applauds Increased Protection for Orcas
04/16/2011: Knowledge Bowl Tuesday On SJI
04/15/2011: Adult Or Juvenile? To Be Determined In July
04/15/2011: San Juan Singers Welcome Spring!
04/14/2011: The "Special Pal" Program
04/14/2011: Rosenfeld Apologizes For Public Naps
04/13/2011: Prosecutor Moves To Try Juvenile As Adult
04/13/2011: L&I Encouraging Hiring Registered Contractors
04/12/2011: Wed & Thur: “Safer Communities, Safer Kids”
04/12/2011: Council Back To Work On Tuesday, Action Agenda On The Agenda
04/10/2011: New Protection Rules For Orcas
04/10/2011: Morris Sponsors Bill To Fund Additional 144-Car Ferry
04/09/2011: 1st Degree Murder-Arson Charges To Be Filed Against Son
04/08/2011: Low Level Radiation Found SJC Rainwater
04/07/2011: 15 Yr Old To Be Charged Friday in Fatal Stabbing & Fire
04/07/2011: Fatal Fire Investigation Expands To Potential Crime Scene
04/06/2011: Hit A Tree, Drove To Find Cell Coverage
04/06/2011: Oil Spill Protection Plan Approved
04/05/2011: Chalk This One Up For Our Side
04/05/2011: Gear Up For Great Island Clean-Up!!
04/04/2011: World Famous Eagle Family
04/03/2011: Fatal Fire In Friday Harbor
04/02/2011: Academy Chamber Orchestra Comes To Orcas
04/01/2011: IMA Presents: "Teaming With Nature"
03/31/2011: Gov. Gregoire: "Milk Safe To Drink"
03/31/2011: Just One More Example Of Why We Live Where We Do
03/29/2011: Woman Saved After Cries For Help Heard
03/28/2011: Recall Of SJI School Board Turned Away By SJC Superior Court
03/28/2011: Shed Burns To Ground On Orcas
03/28/2011: Tuesday: The Borgen Project Explained at the SJI Library
03/27/2011: Chair Pratt To Lead Brainstorm Session On Transportation
03/26/2011: Watson Wins One For The Whales
03/25/2011: Rosenfeld Takes Advice To Heart
03/25/2011: Self Report That Taxable Personal Property
03/25/2011: Tour Historic Lodgings On Orcas Island
03/24/2011: King-5 News Report "Sleeping Councilman"
03/24/2011: Support Project SJI Grad Night: Donate to PTSA Rummage Sale!
03/23/2011: County Code Enforcement Officer Resigns
03/23/2011: County Confused On "Nonconforming"
03/23/2011: Thursday In Friday Harbor
03/22/2011: Canadian Navy Ship Wake Damages Marina & Boats In FH
03/22/2011: New Proposed Transportation Budget For Ferry System
03/21/2011: SeaDoc At Lower Tavern & On TV
03/20/2011: SJI Library To Go For Levy Lid Lift
03/19/2011: Beloved Teacher Publishes Expansive Literary Web Site
03/18/2011: -- Guest Column --
03/18/2011: Bicycle Tune up, Warm Up 2011
03/17/2011: Dr. Malcolm Heath Aviation Museum Featured Pilot
03/17/2011: FH Animal Protection Society Founders
03/16/2011: It's Official: Sex Offender To Live Elsewhere
03/16/2011: In Honor Of Exceptional Women
03/16/2011: -- Guest Column --
03/15/2011: Questions Raised About DOC Supervision
03/15/2011: New Group Formed In Response To Level-3 Sex Offender Move
03/15/2011: EDC Offers Workshop on HUBZone & Government Contracts
03/14/2011: -- Guest Column --
03/14/2011: State Rep To Meet With Council Members Re Sex Offender Move
03/14/2011: Volunteers Needed To Restore Cayou Valley Lagoon At Deer Harbor
03/14/2011: Timeline Changed To Petition Board Of Equalization
03/12/2011: -- Guest Column --
03/11/2011: Public Works Director Resigns
03/11/2011: Sex Offender Likely To End Up On San Juan
03/11/2011: Japan Tsunami Here By 8am Expected To Be Only Inches Tall
03/10/2011: -- Guest Column --
03/10/2011: Sat: Artist & Inventor Of 3d Pavement Art
03/09/2011: Council Speaks Out On Sex Offender’s Move To San Juan Island
03/09/2011: Shakespeare Program "Much Ado About Nothing"
03/09/2011: EDC: New Location, New Board Members
03/08/2011: School Board Rejects Power Proposal
03/08/2011: Ranker Bill On Shoreline Causing Ripples
03/07/2011: SJI School Board Censures Superintendent
03/06/2011: 4-H Know Your Government
03/05/2011: Elisabethan Broken Consort Sat & Sun -Orcas, Lopez on Sat, San Juan On Sunday
03/05/2011: Morris Bill To Aid Alternative Energy Projects
03/05/2011: Senate honors retiring Sheriff Bill Cumming
03/04/2011: “By Hook And By Crook”
03/04/2011: Book Signing In Friday Harbor Saturday
03/03/2011: 40' Boat Hit Rocks Off Lopez
03/03/2011: House Approves Education Bills
03/03/2011: -- Guest Column --
03/02/2011: New Tax Passed On Real Estate Sales
03/02/2011: Native Plant Sale
03/01/2011: Unprofessional Conduct Complaint Filed Against School Superintendent
03/01/2011: -- Guest Column --
03/01/2011: New Recall Petition Against SJI School Board
02/25/2011: New Director For People For Puget Sound
02/25/2011: SJ Islands #2 on NY Times Places To Go list
02/25/2011: New Plant Species Found In County
02/25/2011: 9.1% Increase in 2011 Property Taxe Rates
02/25/2011: -- Guest Column --
02/24/2011: SJI School Board & The Principal Go Public
02/24/2011: Workplace Deaths Rise Across The State, Agriculture Tops The List
02/23/2011: With Snow Comes Vehicle Accidents
02/22/2011: Board Meets With Pflueger & Teachers: No Action Taken -To Court Wednesday
02/22/2011: Ranker Sponsors Bill To Remove "Nonconforming Use" From Shoreline Buffer Evaluations
02/22/2011: A Personal Relationship With Garbage
02/21/2011: Scenic Byway Plan Seeks Public Input: Comments Due February 28
02/21/2011: How Many Salmon In 2011?
02/19/2011: Special Event At The SJI Library Sundays
02/18/2011: Gaylord Finds Fault With Petition For Recall Of School Board
02/17/2011: Eight Practical Ways To Reverse The Decline of Public Schools
02/17/2011: Ranker Bill Will Not Alter Gaylord's Raise
02/16/2011: Trails Are For Everyone
02/16/2011: Senators Call For Action From Administration To Help Wounded Veterans
02/15/2011: SJI Grange Gets It's Charter Back
02/14/2011: “Float the Fleet" Contest
02/13/2011: -- Guest Column --
02/12/2011: Controversy Continues To Swirl Around SJISD Staff & Board
02/12/2011: Gregoire Appoints New Executive Director Of Puget Sound Partnership
02/11/2011: County Schools: Fair To Exemplary
02/11/2011: What The Wildlife Health Center Does
02/10/2011: SJI School Board Hires Attorney
02/10/2011: Sign-Ups For NRCS Farm Land Preservation Program
02/09/2011: CC & PC Hear From The Scientists
02/09/2011: Time To Think About Running
02/08/2011: -- Guest Column --
02/08/2011: Not too Late For Flu Vaccination
02/08/2011: Holistic Management For Farm Planning and Profitability
02/07/2011: Council & Planning Commission Joint Meeting Tue On Best Available Science For CAO
02/07/2011: A New Plan For SJI Library
02/07/2011: State Employees Ideas Save $1.1 Million
02/06/2011: Annual SJI Firefighter Banquet
02/05/2011: "...and the fish are jumping"
02/03/2011: A County Legend Has Died
02/03/2011: Islanders Bank New President & CEO
02/03/2011: OFFICIAL NOTICE OF San Juan County Primary
02/02/2011: Request For Recall Of School Board Filed
02/02/2011: Court Of Appeals Rejects Appeal By Friends Of The San Juans
02/02/2011: Ranker Sponsors $30 State Parks Fee
02/01/2011: Plane Taxies Without Pilot, Crashes Into Hangar
02/01/2011: 3 Years Later: Clear Clean Water -You Can Make A Difference
01/31/2011: Evaluating BAS
01/31/2011: Real Estate Sales Slump = Less $ For County
01/30/2011: Fraud Busters Collect $137M For State
01/28/2011: Dear Members Of The School Board & Superintendent Thompson
01/28/2011: SJI Theatre Honors New “Life Friend”
01/28/2011: $4,000 To FH American Red Cross
01/27/2011: School Board Stands Firm, But Agrees To Review Procedures
01/27/2011: An Open Letter To The County Council
01/26/2011: CC Moves Forward On AG Conservation Program
01/26/2011: Open Letter To The San Juan Island School District Community
01/26/2011: A Fresh Start For The Environment
01/25/2011: ARC Opposes PC On Proposed Changes For Tax Breaks
01/25/2011: SJC Fair Budget Gets Hit Again, This Time From State
01/24/2011: Controversy Continues Around School Board Action
01/24/2011: Dangerous Dogs Ordinance Passed In FH
01/23/2011: Law Enforcement Officer Of The Year
01/23/2011: $5.5 M For Charity By State Employees
01/22/2011: San Juan EMT’s Honored at Awards Banquet
01/21/2011: The 'Pity Party' For Wounded Marine Is Over
01/21/2011: A Place Of Expression: Legal Graffiti
01/21/2011: -- Guest Column --
01/20/2011: Too Many Deer = Environmental Change
01/19/2011: Those Who Will Redistrict
01/19/2011: Opera In Friday Harbor
01/18/2011: New Full-Time SJI EMS Paramedic
01/17/2011: Concern Continues On Loss Of Principal
01/16/2011: A Sign Of The Times
01/15/2011: 25th Year Of The Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Program
01/14/2011: Many Questions On Shoreline Master Plan Update Process
01/14/2011: CNN Hero In FH Saturday
01/13/2011: Murray Opposes Fee Increases for Military Retiree Health Benefits
01/13/2011: Editorial
01/13/2011: Early Music County Wide Festival Begins January 15 & 16
01/13/2011: Flu Season - Time For Those Shots
01/12/2011: SJISD Board Accepts Principal’s Resignation
01/11/2011: New County Council Members Sworn In -Will Things Change?
01/11/2011: Gov. Gregoire: Nothing Can Dampen Our Resolve
01/11/2011: An Oath Of Office
01/11/2011: Dollars For Scholars Time
01/10/2011: Gaylord Elected As WACO President
01/10/2011: Homeless In San Juan County
01/09/2011: Island Rec Seeks Planning Help
01/07/2011: Council Members Express Concern On Proposed WSF Regional Authority
01/07/2011: The Gov Has A Plan: Seamless Education
01/06/2011: The Gov Has A Plan: Ferry Districts
01/05/2011: Saying Goodbye -For Now…
01/05/2011: Accident Sends Two To Hospital
01/04/2011: Sheriff Will Charge For “Official Services”
01/03/2011: Want To Review The Charter?
01/03/2011: Thank You Dorothy!
01/02/2011: Ice Is Still With Us -Drive Slow
01/01/2011: Make It A Great Year!
01/01/2011: San Juan Island 2010 Weather Summary
12/31/2010: Close Call On Orcas
12/31/2010: 2011: New Approach On Environmental Policy Would Be A Good Thing
12/30/2010: What The? Snow, Sun, & Ice
12/29/2010: A Call For Action On Solid Waste Problem
12/28/2010: Get Ready: WSF New Fees & Less Service
12/27/2010: Water & Land Conservation Projects Wanted
12/25/2010: Free Christmas Tree Chipping Service
12/24/2010: Full Reverse! AG Changes Course On WSF Fee Increases
12/23/2010: Petitions Okay On Ferries
12/22/2010: $75K To Woman Who Refused Entry To Officers
12/21/2010: No Ferry Fare Increases Without Legislative Approval
12/20/2010: $1 Million “Whistleblower” Claim Filed
12/19/2010: Local Farm Wins State Award
12/18/2010: Orcas: Are We Loving Them To Death?
12/17/2010: BC & Local Governments Call For Cross-Border Action On Oil Spill Risks
12/17/2010: Randi Dooley-Park Resigns - Hospital Board Seat Vacant
12/17/2010: SJI EMS & Island Air Partner For Air Ambulance Service
12/16/2010: Official Release On State Budget
12/15/2010: San Juan Preservation Trust Acquires Vendovi Island
12/15/2010: Gov Budget Cuts Will Be Felt Here With Less Ferry Service
12/15/2010: Gov. To Announce Budget Today
12/15/2010: Solid Waste Running In The Red $15 to $20K A Month
12/15/2010: VALMARK Accepts Community Safety Partner Award
12/14/2010: How To Get Flashbanged
12/14/2010: In The Christmas Sprit - Fundraising For An Injured Vet
12/14/2010: -- Guest Column --
12/13/2010: WSF Staff Coming To FH -& Soon The Chetzemoka Too?
12/12/2010: This Year’s Flu Vaccine Said To Be “An Excellent Match”
12/11/2010: Another New Baby Orca...But Where Is The Mom?
12/10/2010: Bahrych Receives Federal Award
12/09/2010: Flooding In The Islands? It’s possible.
12/09/2010: Susan Osborn Christmas Concert On Orcas
12/08/2010: Council Removes Timing Restrictions On Land Use Changes
12/08/2010: Volunteer Opportunities On County Boards and Committees
12/08/2010: SJI Ag Guild Selects Adam Eltinge As Brickworks Construction Manager
12/07/2010: Agriculture Management Workshop
12/07/2010: Whale Museum’s 2nd Annual “Black & White Night” Dinner Event
12/05/2010: “Formula Businesses” -A Bad Idea?
12/05/2010: See St. David's Day School
12/04/2010: Expect More Tourists In 2011?
12/03/2010: "Two Birds In The Bush, & I Counted 3 More..."
12/03/2010: Gaylord Gets A Raise
12/03/2010: On The Road Again..
12/03/2010: All About Agricuture: Fri On Orcas
12/02/2010: Pay Increase Not Needed
12/02/2010: Back With A Bite Sea Shepherd New Weapon In Whale Wars
12/01/2010: Council Passes Budget, But Passes On Income Source
11/30/2010: Site Plan Vesting Initiative Proposed
11/30/2010: Direct Hit Can Be A Near Miss
11/29/2010: Recount Complete And The Winner Is Still Jamie Stephens
11/29/2010: Tuesday: Tax Increases, Tax Breaks & The 2011 Budget
11/29/2010: Guest Column
11/28/2010: Agriculture Management Workshops
11/27/2010: What An Interesting Artist
11/26/2010: Constitution Essay Winners
11/26/2010: -- Guest Column --
11/25/2010: New Office For Animal Protection Society
11/24/2010: Pie Sale Benefited Local Girl Scouts
11/23/2010: Myhr Calls For Recount
11/23/2010: Volunteers Return As Budget Woes Continue
11/22/2010: Severe Cold For Next 24 Hours
11/22/2010: Do The “Turkey Trot” Thanksgiving Day
11/21/2010: An Orcas "Science of Safety" Program
11/19/2010: And The Winner Is: Jamie Stephens
11/19/2010: FH & SJI Fire Agree To Trial Merger
11/19/2010: Now That Is A Fire Drill!!
11/18/2010: Council Struggles With Open Space Programs -Public Hearing Scheduled
11/17/2010: ~ Guest Editorial ~
11/17/2010: Friday Is National Adoption Day
11/16/2010: County Votes For Privatization Proposals To Run Solid Waste Program
11/16/2010: Want To Serve On A Committee?
11/15/2010: Monday: Council Discussion On Privatization Of Solid Waste
11/15/2010: Work Begins On FH Farmer's Market
11/14/2010: Farm To Cafeteria Community Fundraiser!
11/13/2010: County Declared a "HUBZone" By Feds
11/12/2010: Dicks Resigns As PSP Director, Gets Two New Jobs
11/12/2010: Not Paying Workers’ Comp? Could Be Costly To Construction Employers
11/11/2010: Remembering The Vets On Veteran’s Day
11/11/2010: Barefoot Burglar Indicted In Seattle
11/10/2010: A Ride With The Sheriff -A Good Thing
11/10/2010: Further Education/Training For Women
11/09/2010: Boy Scouts Serving Community
11/09/2010: Lending A Hand To Abe
11/08/2010: Wolf Eel: Eel, Fish Or Monster?
11/07/2010: WDFW & DNR Propose Sustainable Funding For State Lands - Want Input
11/06/2010: From Russia With Love…
11/05/2010: Four Busted For Major Deer Poaching
11/05/2010: Charles Dickens Connection In County
11/05/2010: Re-Count Likely In Lingering Lopez Race
11/04/2010: Community Input Needed on Arts Council
11/04/2010: Un-intended Drive-in On Lopez
11/04/2010: Driver Hits Tree, Takes A Hike
11/03/2010: Ag Guild Buys Erickson Bld W/Out County Tax Money
11/02/2010: Peterson, Nou Winners, Myhr vs. Stephens Too Close To Call
11/02/2010: Local Groups Float Derelict Vessel Funding
11/02/2010: Your Opinion On WDFW Enforcement?
11/01/2010: Continued Public Hearing Tuesday On Ag/Timber Tax Break
11/01/2010: 5th Annual Garlic Festival At Doe Bay
10/31/2010: U.S. Constitution Study Course Donated
10/31/2010: Business Financing Seminar
10/30/2010: Preschool & Daycare Kids Visit Fire Station!
10/29/2010: “Choking Game?” What’s That?
10/29/2010: Halloween: Make Sure Danger Doesn’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance
10/28/2010: Seminar Sat & Sun On Wetland Science And Related Laws
10/28/2010: Free Business Planning Workshop
10/28/2010: "Village at the Harbour" Receives Community Safety Partner award
10/27/2010: “A Poster Child For Abuse" Wants A New Tax Break -Council Seeks Legal Advice
10/26/2010: Oil Spill Drill Wednesday
10/26/2010: "Combating The Oceans’ Plastic Plague”
10/26/2010: SJ Island Real Estate Market Summary
10/25/2010: Orcas Pleased With WASP Population
10/24/2010: Storytelling with Sam Buck
10/24/2010: Odlin Park Open House On Renovation Plan
10/23/2010: Sail Away With A Best Offer
10/23/2010: Free Workshop On Hiring Employees
10/22/2010: Local Man Named A Conservation District Supervisor of the Year
10/22/2010: Medical Center Adjusts Salaries & Staffing
10/21/2010: This Election Is For The Birds
10/21/2010: Business Financing Seminar
10/20/2010: Is A 2.5% + 2% Ferry Fare Hike Fair?
10/20/2010: Solid Waste A Public or Private Operation?
10/20/2010: A Sign Of The Times
10/19/2010: GMA Board Blows Hole In Barge Landings
10/18/2010: Solid Waste Funding Dissussion Tuesday
10/18/2010: Ag Tax Break Discussion
10/17/2010: A Thank You From Iraq
10/15/2010: L116: A New Calf In L Pod
10/15/2010: No Donation Is Too Small, When Help Is Needed
10/15/2010: Tour Estuary Restoration At Deer Harbor
10/13/2010: Orcas Island Fire & Rescue Early Pay Off Of $380,000 Bonds = Savngs Of $66K+
10/13/2010: Public Comment To Be Allowed On Proposed National Conservation Area
10/13/2010: Oct 14th: Ballots Mailed Out
10/13/2010: Free Energy Code Training Available
10/12/2010: Vesting Of Site Plans Proposed
10/12/2010: Jump In Phone Tax For E911 Upgrade
10/11/2010: A District 2 Debate/Discussion Wednesday
10/11/2010: Bid On A Boat? A Truck?
10/10/2010: US Army Master Sgt Matsumoto (Ret.) Receives Congressional Gold Medal
10/08/2010: It Was A Fun Filled Safety Fair Saturday
10/08/2010: Meet & Greet Peterson Saturday
10/08/2010: Post-Game Place In FH
10/08/2010: “Are You Styling”? Saturday On SJI
10/07/2010: Rental Assistance Program Moving Forward
10/07/2010: Workshop on Social Media
10/06/2010: -- Guest Column --
10/06/2010: Lopez Island Fall Farm Festival
10/05/2010: Double Duty Dumping On SJI & Meetings On Survey Scheduled
10/05/2010: AP Picks Up Zeppelin Story
10/03/2010: 150 Years of Island History & The Presbyterians in Pictures & Stories
10/03/2010: $112.8M State Medicaid Cuts
10/02/2010: Sign Up Now For Leadership Class VI
10/01/2010: -- Guest Column --
10/01/2010: Done Deal With $1.2M For Hospital Land
09/30/2010: Free "Hands Only" CPR Classes By Orcas Fire & Rescue
09/30/2010: Wanted: “Dollars For Scholars” Board Members
09/29/2010: Clark’s Grebe A Wa Species Of Concern
09/29/2010: SJC Woman One Of Six 2010 'Disney Worldwide Conservation Heros'
09/29/2010: Successful “Gear Up” Program For Students
09/28/2010: -- Editorial --
09/28/2010: Mitchell Hill To Become Part Of English Camp Property
09/27/2010: Schooner Zodiac Dismast - 2 Injured
09/26/2010: -- Guest Column --
09/26/2010: A Showcase Of SJI Businesses
09/24/2010: Orcas Concert Benefit For DVSAS
09/24/2010: Free Workshop on Government Contracts
09/24/2010: SJI Foundation Awards $1,287,433To PeaceHealth
09/23/2010: A Local SOB Interviewed On KIRO Radio
09/22/2010: Council Fails To Pass Recommened Motion On Negative Balances
09/22/2010: DNR lifts burn ban
09/21/2010: Solid Waste $1M In Red, CC Banking On Land Bank Funds To Go Black?
09/20/2010: Bungling Burglar Booked
09/20/2010: Can Only Kill 2 A Day… In Washington State
09/18/2010: Auditor Thanks Council For Making A Decision On Solid Waste Funding
09/18/2010: Restoration Of Beaverton Valley
09/17/2010: Only A Drill, But "Fire Fighters Wanted"
09/17/2010: Various Concerns Stops Food Safety Bill Approval -For Now
09/16/2010: One Transfer Station Discussion Set
09/16/2010: Call Cantwell & Murray On Farming Bill Amendment
09/16/2010: Agricultural Plastics Recycling ~ Fall 2010
09/15/2010: It’s A Plane, A UFO…no, just a HUGE Airship
09/15/2010: CC Confirms Min $5.00 Per Trip Fee
09/14/2010: Home Trust Fundraiser Sept 18th
09/14/2010: Private Loan To Purchase Erickson Bld -Funding Needed For Renovation
09/13/2010: Orca Not Abandoning Her Dead Calf
09/13/2010: Learn About Community Science and Ecosystem Monitoring
09/12/2010: Is The Bloom Off The Rose For Rose?
09/12/2010: Remembering 9/11 On Lopez
09/10/2010: 9/11 Memorial Saturday In Friday Harbor
09/09/2010: $13M To Existing $71.4M For More Studies, Few Projects
09/08/2010: Follow The Seal Pups
09/08/2010: Looking For A Park Commissioner
09/07/2010: Info Services Reorganized, Johnson Out
09/07/2010: Tuesday: Eminent Domain Discussion
09/06/2010: New SJI Paramedic
09/05/2010: Special Assessment Renewed For 10Yrs
09/04/2010: EDC Customer Service Workshop
09/03/2010: $25K Grant For Ag Strategic Plan
09/02/2010: Save The Salmon, Yes, But What’s Up With The Sockeye Runs?
09/02/2010: Slow Day For TV News
09/02/2010: CC Asked To Support Change In Liquor Licenses
09/02/2010: $625K To Fight Substance Abuse On Lopez
09/01/2010: Council Orders Staff Rpt On “One, Or Zero, Transfer Stations”
09/01/2010: 80K Free Trips To Dump Dumped By CC
09/01/2010: Auditor’s Advice To CC Minces No Words
08/31/2010: The County Council May Be Moving Toward A Decision On Solid Waste
08/30/2010: The SJI SOB’s Announce Bunny Kills Halted
08/29/2010: Concours d’Elegance
08/28/2010: Council Serious On Making Decision On Solid Waste?
08/27/2010: Paul Watson Lecture Friday In FH
08/27/2010: B.C. Movement On Dumping Sewage
08/26/2010: Sunday Pizza Party For Farmer’s Market Supporters
08/26/2010: Textbook Rental Program At Skagit Valley College
08/24/2010: Council Rejects Easement On Erickson Building
08/24/2010: Will Council Accept Land Bank Easement?
08/23/2010: Doing The Bunny Hop With The Park Rangers
08/23/2010: Boater Rescued From Water
08/22/2010: Gov Cuts $51M Out Of WorkFirst
08/21/2010: Dropped A Bomb when they said “Bong?
08/21/2010: Seemed Like The Right Thing To Do At Time
08/20/2010: PC Meets Friday On Property Tax Break For Potential Farming
08/18/2010: Looks Like: Nou & Johnson For Sheriff
08/18/2010: Even A"Dead" Ember Can Start It
08/17/2010: Myhr & Stephens -Nou & Johnson(?)
08/17/2010: That “Haze” Is Wildfire smoke
08/16/2010: SJ Islands Scenic Byway Corridor Plan
08/16/2010: Odd Accident Next To FH High School
08/16/2010: Council To Ask If Town Favors Nicholson Purchase For Farmer's Market
08/15/2010: Public Hearing On New Solid Waste Fees
08/14/2010: Concours d’Elegance
08/13/2010: Don't Get Burned By Asphalt Work
08/12/2010: 19th Annual Wildlife 100 Tour
08/12/2010: Council Receives 2nd Quarter Budget Update - A Little Bit Of Good News
08/12/2010: New High Risk Pool Begins Enrollment
08/11/2010: New Gate Fee To Enter Transfer Station
08/11/2010: Car Headed For Wrecking Yard Catches Fire
08/11/2010: Council Decides Advisory Ballot Not Needed
08/10/2010: Report On SJC Archaeological Project
08/10/2010: Winthrop Man Dies From Cardiac Event
08/10/2010: 33 Years Running -Don’t Get Left Behind, Sign-up Now
08/09/2010: Public Hearing Tue on an “Advisory Ballot On Solid Waste Funding”
08/09/2010: "Pirate" Invasion August 9
08/09/2010: -- Guest Column --
08/08/2010: SJI Real Estate Market Summary
08/07/2010: Are We -In Fact- Really Helping?
08/06/2010: And Three Walk Away
08/06/2010: Another SJI Accident On Westside Rd
08/05/2010: Teacher Jobs Amendment Passed
08/05/2010: Citizens Needed for Advisory Boards
08/04/2010: $1.5M For Research On Management Of Algal Blooms In Puget Sound
08/03/2010: Ruckelshaus Resigns Chair Of PSP
08/03/2010: Tall Ships at Roche Harbor For Public Sails
08/03/2010: USA vs. UN On Property Rights
08/02/2010: Voting Equipment Testing August 13
08/02/2010: Calling All Photographers
08/01/2010: Deadlines For Entering Fair Exhibits
07/31/2010: Land Bank Orcas Judd Cove Preserve Guided Interpretive Walk
07/30/2010: State and Local Taxes Drop to 30th Nationally
07/30/2010: Hits Boulder, Flips - All Okay
07/29/2010: 8M Gal Of Fuel On Adrift Barge Regains Power Heads For Port Angeles
07/28/2010: Sexual Misconduct With Student, So Spanish Teacher Splits For Spain
07/28/2010: Islanders Bank President Steps Away
07/28/2010: Fire Season Is Here
07/28/2010: Your Ballot Is In The Mail -Fill It Out
07/27/2010: Dealing With Long Lines at SJI Transfer Station
07/27/2010: Learning About Rabbits
07/27/2010: ~ Guest Editorial ~
07/26/2010: Six Rescued Off Matia Island
07/26/2010: Friday Harbor Air Fair
07/25/2010: 40th Annual Shaw Island Classic Race
07/24/2010: Seat Belts Are Just Such A Good Idea
07/23/2010: S.O.B. Types Set To Protest Tonight
07/23/2010: Activists Educate Tourists About Dangers Of Whale-Watching
07/22/2010: Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against SJC On A Domestic Violence Call
07/22/2010: Gregoire Sued Over Climate Change Executive Order
07/21/2010: Larsen Secures Funding for FH Ferry Terminal
07/21/2010: Council May Ask For An Advisory Ballot On Funding Solid Waste
07/21/2010: Lopez Fireworks: Rose Sees Red Over “Gross Incompetence” Comment
07/20/2010: Wildlife Monitoring With Scat Detection Dog
07/19/2010: Look At A Tide Pool With National Park Service
07/19/2010: Nancy Drew Comes To SJC To Watch Whales
07/17/2010: Big Weekend On The Islands
07/16/2010: Why Henry V Relates to the Attitude Concerning San Juan County
07/15/2010: Barbara Starr Appointed To Town Council
07/15/2010: Vote for the Best Pig Kisser in Friday Harbor!
07/15/2010: Survey On Solid Waste Policy
07/14/2010: Planner Blasts Public Access Speaker
07/12/2010: Undersheriff, Sergeant & Deputies Speak On Sheriff Primary Race
07/12/2010: New Schedules for SJI, Orcas Waste/Recycling Facilities
07/12/2010: The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Rabbit Is?
07/12/2010: State Agencies Closed Monday
07/12/2010: Consultant Wanted For CAO & Shoreline
07/11/2010: Colton Caught - At Last...
07/09/2010: Mother Nature Introduces Deadly Biotoxin, Forces Closure Of Shellfish Harvest
07/08/2010: Rollover On West Valley Rd - Minor Injuries
07/08/2010: Electrical Fire - No Injuries
07/08/2010: Return The Odlin Park Grant Money?
07/07/2010: CG Crash Results In Loss Of Life
07/07/2010: Tracy Roberson New SJI Rec Commissioner
07/07/2010: Fair Board To CC: Be Fair!
07/07/2010: It’s Hot -Don’t Dehydrate
07/06/2010: Private Funding For Rescue Tug
07/05/2010: Tobacco Sales to Minors Drops, But No Longer Declining
07/03/2010: Green: ON THE EDGE Opens
07/01/2010: In Honor Of Judge John O. Linde
07/01/2010: ~ Guest Editorial ~
07/01/2010: Gregoire Announces An Electric Highway
06/30/2010: Council Learns Depth Of Debt
06/30/2010: Council Will Continue Talking With Town About Lease & New Roof
06/29/2010: Odlin Park Renovation Public Meeting Wed
06/28/2010: Family Art Days Are Back
06/27/2010: Whale Museum Offering Wildlife Tours
06/25/2010: Council Rejects Offer To Build Roof, Town & Commercial Haulers To Haul Off Island
06/25/2010: SJC & State Take Hard Look At Budgets
06/25/2010: Orcas Firefigher/EMT Fund Raiser Breakfast
06/24/2010: Council Appoints Pratt & Peterson To "Action Agenda Oversight Committee"
06/24/2010: Council Approves CAO Participation Plan
06/23/2010: - Guest Editorial -
06/23/2010: Public Meeting On Odlin Park Renovation
06/22/2010: Cuts In Road Budget Proposed
06/21/2010: New Service Club chartered by FH High Schoolers
06/21/2010: TFH Councilmember Brooks Resigns
06/21/2010: Free Barbershop Ferry Sing Wednesday
06/19/2010: Lecture “Hide and Seek in the Open Sea” At FH Labs
06/18/2010: New Energy Code Turned Down By Gregoire As Too Expensive
06/17/2010: Too Young, Too Fast; But Two Survive
06/17/2010: Planning Commission To Look At Ag Open Space Tax Breaks
06/16/2010: “Pristine” Waters Costs SJC A $300K Grant
06/16/2010: San Juan County Has An Oil Spill Response Organization Ready & Willing
06/15/2010: House Fire In FH Seen From Other Islands
06/15/2010: Today Is Flag Day
06/15/2010: Public Hearing On Six Year Transportation Improvement Program
06/15/2010: SJICF Awards $100K+ In Scholarships
06/14/2010: Service To Veterans; & The Community
06/14/2010: ‘Green: ON THE EDGE’ July 2 through Mid-September
06/13/2010: The Deer Harbor Station Ground Breaking
06/13/2010: $100M To UW & FH Labs For Atmosphere & Ocean Studies
06/12/2010: SJC Deputy Jeff Asher Declares - No Other Sign Up Surprises In Races
06/12/2010: Land Surveyor In Training Certifications Awarded
06/11/2010: Another New Orca!
06/11/2010: Water-Friendly Dishwasher Detergents Now Available
06/10/2010: CC & PC Joint Meeting On CAO
06/09/2010: Town Will Replace Tipping Floor Roof
06/09/2010: Shaw Island Couple Safe After Bell Helicopter Crash Near Bell Island
06/08/2010: Help Save The Puffin
06/08/2010: Have A Wetland? County Needs Local Data For BAS
06/07/2010: Orca Awareness Month
06/07/2010: ~ Guest Editorial ~
06/06/2010: Time For A New Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Plan
06/06/2010: Sweet Harmonies In FH
06/05/2010: “Back To Square One” on Salary Adjustments of Sheriff & Prosecutor
06/05/2010: Brian & Amy Windrope Resign and Head South
06/05/2010: Council To Discuss CAO Work Plan Tuesday
06/04/2010: Killer Whale Tales Returns To FHES Monday
06/03/2010: Candidate Filing Week - June 7 - June 11
06/02/2010: Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament - Still Time To Be A Part
06/02/2010: - Guest Editorial -
06/01/2010: Vehicular Homicide Investigation Underway in SJI Vehicle Accident
06/01/2010: Memorial Day 2010
05/31/2010: A Moment Of Remembrance
05/30/2010: One Very Close Call On Orcas
05/29/2010: Salary Commission To Reconsider Sheriff's Pay Cut
05/28/2010: Bar Association Requests -Again- Council Name Courtroom After Judge Linde
05/28/2010: Two County Awards For Wastewater Treatment
05/26/2010: Boy That Colton Kid Is A Pain
05/26/2010: Council Drills PSP Staff -Then Asks PSP To Approve A Local Committee
05/25/2010: Judge Stewart Andrew to Seek Re-election
05/25/2010: Transient Orca May Be Killing Sea Lions
05/24/2010: The Feds Want A Plan For Their SJC Land
05/24/2010: Leadership SJ Islands Class VI Graduates
05/21/2010: Sheriff's Pay Cut By $10K, $5K Raise For PA
05/21/2010: Documentary Film Festival Inaugural Kicked-off Sunday
05/21/2010: SeaDoc Octopus Award For Support Of Ecosystem
05/20/2010: Help The Disabled Vote - Volunteers Needed
05/20/2010: EMS Week Honors EMTs Proudly Serving the Community
05/19/2010: County Asks Town To Pay For Cover Of SJI Tipping Floor
05/19/2010: DOE Considers Allowing Reclaiming Of Wastewater (Not from septic fields)
05/18/2010: State Audit Slams Ruckelshaus & Puget Sound Partnership
05/17/2010: Council Votes To Fund Orcas Rec If Necessary
05/16/2010: FH Joins International Protest For Lolita
05/15/2010: Three Who Would Be Sheriff
05/15/2010: No Grace Period On Cell Phone Enforcement
05/14/2010: Support For Free Lolita Movement Saturday
05/14/2010: Humpback Entangled In Crab Pot Gear
05/13/2010: Still No Action On Solid Waste Issues
05/13/2010: Should Cannon In Odlin Park Remain?
05/12/2010: Council Surprised By Legal Power Of Action Agenda
05/12/2010: Budget & Wages Increase In State
05/11/2010: $26K For Senior Rental Subsidies Proposed
05/11/2010: Concerns On Slime Mold Disease -Study Of Local Eelgrass Underway

05/09/2010: Road Work Season In SJC
05/08/2010: Spring Is Springing
05/06/2010: Brent Johnson Will Run For Sheriff
05/06/2010: FH Youth Boxing Fundraiser Dinner
05/06/2010: Green Summer of 2010
05/05/2010: Macdonald Resigns From SWAC
05/05/2010: No Roof For Now, Self-Haul To Drop Box Is The Plan For SJI Transfer Station
05/04/2010: Sheriff Bill Decides To Retire
05/04/2010: DOE To County: Show Us The Progress
05/04/2010: 1st Annual Photo Contest for Resident Orca
05/03/2010: Dana Lyons Concert For Whale Museum
05/02/2010: 2010 Children’s Festival At Fairgounds
05/01/2010: SJI Chamber Celebrated Business at First Annual Banquet
04/30/2010: 1st Step Taken Toward Improved Wireless
04/29/2010: Council Receives Bad News On CAO Timelines & Nonconforming Issues
04/28/2010: 3 Populations Of Rockfish Declared Threatened Or Endangered
04/28/2010: No More Vessel Renewal Reminders
04/27/2010: May 1st: Boat Launches At SJC Park Will Require Training & Permits
04/26/2010: CC Approves Ord Allowing Fairground Size/Use Expansion
04/25/2010: NEW Photos of Jensen Shipyard Fire
04/24/2010: ARTSTOCK - Last Call for Artists!
04/23/2010: Filmmakers In FH For Film Showing
04/23/2010: SJI Community Foundation Accepting Applications For 2010 Grant Cycle
04/22/2010: Imagine No Litter!!
04/22/2010: Free Workshops for Local Boaters
04/21/2010: Man Sent To Intensive Care After Knifing
04/21/2010: FAC “Puzzle Master Shares” His Views On Ferry Service
04/21/2010: Dana Lyons - Live in Concert on May 3
04/21/2010: Marine Naturalist Training Program Offered
04/20/2010: Free Health Screening Today In FH
04/20/2010: Attorney General Coming To FH
04/20/2010: NOAA Seeking Public Input On A Draft Marine Aquaculture Policy
04/19/2010: Friends File Against County
04/16/2010: Knock On Door If No Census Form
04/15/2010: Need $ For Historical Preservation Or Programs?
04/15/2010: -- Guest Column --
04/14/2010: State Funding For A Farmers Market In FH
04/14/2010: Council Moves Forward On Water Element
04/13/2010: Wave Of Protest Builds On Proposed Transporting Water Ban
04/12/2010: Ferry Schedule/Reservations Discussion Tuesday With WSF Representative
04/11/2010: Public Hearing On Water Resources Element
04/11/2010: Green: ON THE EDGE - Call to Artists
04/10/2010: Time To Get A Census Form
04/09/2010: Ace Hardware Grand Opening
04/08/2010: County Passes New Dump Fees & Town Looks At Taking Over
04/08/2010: Goodu & Langle Acquire Eaton Law Practice
04/07/2010: This Little Girl Needs Your Help
04/07/2010: Multi-Use Trail Opens On Turtleback
04/07/2010: Do Our Killer Whales Need Protection?
04/05/2010: County Responds To Town Council On SJI Transfer Station Issue
04/05/2010: 3 Growth Management Hearings Boards Now Become One
04/05/2010: Special Meeting Mon Morn On Town Withdraw On Dump Sale
04/04/2010: On-Site Sewage Issues Relevant to SJ Islands
04/03/2010: Marine Naturalist Training Program
04/03/2010: So What’s Next, Locusts?
04/03/2010: Baker Boys & Elegant Edibles
04/03/2010: Well, At Least It Was On Friday
04/02/2010: Town Upset, Dumps Transfer Site Sale
04/02/2010: UDC Amendments To Be Considered By PC
04/01/2010: Don Eaton Sworn In As SJC Judge
04/01/2010: Be A Whale Museum Volunteer
03/31/2010: April 6th Public Hearing On 14% Dump Fee Increase - Will A New Tax Pass?
03/31/2010: Benjamin Franklin on Whittier Stage Thursday, April 1
03/30/2010: Wireless (Cell Phone) Moving Forward
03/30/2010: Local Woman Wins Regional Award
03/30/2010: Economic Development Council Offers Free Workshop On Wednesday
03/29/2010: Political Change In November For Orcas
03/28/2010: FH Airport And Friends Honor Bob Nichols
03/27/2010: County Loss, Town Gain
03/26/2010: A Walk for the Wounded III - Kilimanjaro
03/26/2010: Free Composting Workshop on SJ Island
03/25/2010: Honoring Pilot Bob Nichols
03/25/2010: A Year In Jail For 8 Burglaries
03/24/2010: Court Rules Against County In Land “Set Aside” Case
03/24/2010: Army Beats Navy In "The Kiss"
03/23/2010: Governor & Attorney General In Battle Over Passage Of Health Care Bill
03/23/2010: Gardening With Ciscoe Morris
03/23/2010: Farm Bill Signed Into Law
03/22/2010: Thank You Don!
03/21/2010: -- Guest Column --
03/20/2010: Govenor Signs Some "Green" Bills
03/19/2010: NEV Bill Controversy Intensifies
03/18/2010: The Hunt Winds Down -For Now...
03/18/2010: -- Guest Column --
03/18/2010: New Dump Fees Are Coming
03/17/2010: Council Shifts NEV Support Into Reverse
03/17/2010: -- Guest Column --
03/16/2010: Judge Eaton Orders New Election On Safe & Sane Fireworks Ban
03/16/2010: House Fire On Orcas
03/15/2010: -- Guest Column --
03/15/2010: Union Will Allow Voluntary Unpaid Furloughs For 2010
03/14/2010: And She Wins Again
03/13/2010: Homeless In San Juan County
03/12/2010: Free Composting Workshops
03/11/2010: Council Moves Forward On BAS
03/11/2010: More Afordable Housing In FH
03/10/2010: CC: Approve Another Levy Lift & Raise Rates For Dumps
03/09/2010: CC Exploring New Tax For Solid Waste
03/08/2010: County Gets A Break On GMA Deadlines
03/08/2010: FHES Greeting Place Complete
03/07/2010: 13 PS Areas Free Of Derelict Fishing Nets -SJC Not One Of Them
03/07/2010: Land Bank Looking For Farm Lease Proposals On San Juan Island
03/04/2010: Cell Phone Ordinance Moves Forward
03/04/2010: What's Up With Rockfish & Seals
03/03/2010: Sunk Boat Saved
03/03/2010: Parcel Fee Funding For Solid Waste Out, May Close All But One Transfer Station
03/03/2010: County Retreat Results
03/02/2010: A County Council Early Start Tuesday On A Full Agenda
02/28/2010: Rich Peterson Will Stand For Re-Election
02/28/2010: Sunday Search For Bare-Foot Burglar
02/28/2010: This Is A Drill, This Is A Drill!
02/26/2010: Don Eaton Appointed By Gov. Gregoire As SJC Superior Court Judge
02/26/2010: Town Backs Out Of Ag Group & Land Bank Proposal For Farmer’s Market
02/26/2010: Calling Class of 2027 High School Graduates!
02/25/2010: Captive Orca Kills Trainer At SeaWorld
02/25/2010: The Dining Room Opens Tonight
02/24/2010: 100 Wonderful Years
02/24/2010: MRC Hiring A Coordinator To Monitor Environmental Programs
02/23/2010: Woodmans' Prevail In Court ... Again
02/23/2010: More Permits Than Applicants For ADUs
02/22/2010: Another Burglary Suspect Arrested
02/21/2010: SJC A National Monument? Golly, What's Next?
02/20/2010: County’s Move to Recycled Paper Lowers Cost To Others
02/19/2010: Council Expanding Video Recording To Video Conferencing
02/17/2010: CC Passes BAS Work Plan For CAO Update & May Hire Professor Adamus To Help
02/17/2010: Farm Internship Bill Passes Senate 46-0
02/17/2010: Teaching Kids About Living A Healthy Life Outdoors
02/16/2010: Security Starts With You
02/15/2010: Rescue The Derelict Vessel Program
02/14/2010: America’s Cup Returns After 15 Years
02/13/2010: FH Soroptimists 2nd Largest In USA
02/13/2010: Children’s Festival Poster Contest
02/11/2010: The Barefoot Burglar Back On Orcas?
02/11/2010: Ranker Bill Expands Use Of Electric Vehicles On County Roads
02/10/2010: Shotgun Blast Nicks Neighbor's Neck
02/10/2010: County Continues To Wrestle With BAS
02/10/2010: Free Training To Be An Oil Spill Responder
02/09/2010: Council Protest On Orcas
02/09/2010: Another Reason To Live Here
02/09/2010: Ranker's Udate Review
02/08/2010: SJI In New York Times? Twice. Huh?
02/07/2010: The State Of The Sound -And SJC Waters
02/06/2010: Orcas Awards Banquet For 2009
02/05/2010: Judge Orders Legislature To Fully Fund Education
02/05/2010: Island Air Receives Five Star Aviation Safety Award
02/05/2010: Million-To-One Chance At Spelling Bee
02/04/2010: CC Approves MRC 2010 Work Plan
02/04/2010: Firefighters Honored for Service in 2009
02/03/2010: The Karma Of Dogs & Whale Poop
02/03/2010: Hearing On Expansion Of Fair Grounds
02/02/2010: And The GMA Dance Goes On, And On…
02/01/2010: Tuesday: Questions & Issues On CAO Regulations-Property Rights
02/01/2010: 2010 Violet Richardson Award Winner
02/01/2010: Certificate Of Need Approved For SJI Hospital
01/31/2010: New Firewise Communities Eligible For Free Chipper Time
01/30/2010: Flu Season: It Ain’t Over until it’s Over
01/29/2010: County Real Estate Sales Volume Drops 31% -Which Is An Improvement!
01/28/2010: Friday Meeting On Affordable Housing
01/28/2010: Orcas & SJI Transfer Stations Add Friday To Closed Days
01/27/2010: Council Retreats On New Development Fees For Dumps
01/27/2010: Family Homeless After Orcas Fire
01/26/2010: Richard Lawson Has Passed
01/25/2010: CC Takes Up Sutton Rd Question Again
01/25/2010: Council & Public Hears From Wireless Providers
01/25/2010: Morris Wants Aerospace Jobs - Or Our Money Back
01/24/2010: Desi Whalen A Finalist In State Contest
01/24/2010: 56% Increase To Dump A Can Of Garbage
01/23/2010: The Tongue: A Stroke Indicator?
01/22/2010: My Fair Lady Auditions Coming Up
01/22/2010: Lunch With The Honorable John Koster
01/22/2010: FH Community Spelling Bee
01/21/2010: Fire Marshal Bob Low Resigns For New Job
01/21/2010: Firm Hired To Manage SJ Islands Scenic Byway Project
01/20/2010: $1,000.00 Add On To “Development Permits” To Pay For Old & New Garbage
01/20/2010: PC Reverses Vote, Recommends Wireless Communication Rules Into UDC
01/18/2010: --Vote "Yes" For Lopez Schools--
01/17/2010: --Vote "Yes" For SJI Schools--
01/17/2010: Orcas Island Library is Open on Sundays: Noon-3:00PM
01/16/2010: Some Numbers On The Weather
01/15/2010: Care And Rescue Of Oiled Wildlife
01/14/2010: Council Responds To NOAA With MRC Report
01/14/2010: A New "Marine Interagency Team" Proposed By Ranker
01/12/2010: Planning Commission Public Hearing Continues Friday On Land Use
01/12/2010: Off The Road On San Juan Island
01/11/2010: Joint County-Town Housing Authority Discussion On Tuesday
01/11/2010: SJC Annual Bird Count Results
01/10/2010: Court Of Louis XIV Music
01/08/2010: Meningitis Death In Friday Harbor
01/08/2010: Youth Sentenced For Vehicular Homicide
01/07/2010: Hushebeck Appointed To FH Town Council
01/07/2010: Two More Arrested In Burglary Ring
01/06/2010: The Third Way: A Golden Rule For Home Rule
01/06/2010: County Joins Town In Styrofoam Ban
01/05/2010: Council Receives Report On Solid Waste Funding Options For $1.5M Shortfall
01/04/2010: Major Public Hearing Tuesday On Essential Public Facilities
01/03/2010: Hearing On Polystyrene Food Containers
01/01/2010: Highlights of 2009
12/31/2009: A Blue Moon Begins The New Year
12/30/2009: Judge Andrew Will Apply For Appointment To Superior Court
12/30/2009: SJC Job Market Better Than Rest Of State
12/29/2009: DOE: “Long term goal: Eliminate"
12/28/2009: Burglar Suspect Reported Arrested On Mainland
12/28/2009: New Energy Codes Adoption Questioned
12/27/2009: Bauschke To Climb Kilimanjaro In Fund Raiser For Wounded Veterans
12/26/2009: Vacant Seat For FH Town Council
12/25/2009: Black Ice Hazard Continues
12/24/2009: Rash Of Burglaries Hit San Juan Island
12/23/2009: Drive To Repair Forest Rds Speeds Up
12/22/2009: That Black Ice Can Get You
12/22/2009: New Fees Adopted For PW
12/21/2009: Who Will Be New Superior Court Judge
12/21/2009: Gregoire To Close $2.6 Billion Budget Shortfall
12/20/2009: Get Ready For New WSF Schedule
12/20/2009: $1.6M For NW Straits Marine Conservation Initiative
12/18/2009: Loss Of Building On Obstruction Island
12/18/2009: Town Will Continue $40+K Study For Purchase Of Farmer’s Market Bld
12/18/2009: Health Insurance Savings For County
12/17/2009: WSF Reservation Pilot Program Possible
12/16/2009: Grants for Salmon Recovery In SJC
12/16/2009: All With Chronic Health Conditions Urged To Get H1N1 Vaccinations ASAP
12/16/2009: A Stormwater Engineer For SJC
12/15/2009: Team Work Saves Orcas Man
12/15/2009: CC To Seek EPA Money For Action Agenda
12/15/2009: AG Sues DIRECTV For “Sales Practices"
12/13/2009: --Guest Opinion Column--
12/12/2009: Applications To Protect Farm Land Sought
12/11/2009: Dark Nights, Bicycles And Cars = Danger
12/11/2009: New Energy Code Changes Called Radical
12/10/2009: SJC Recipient of 5th Landmark Deeds Award
12/10/2009: Friday Hearing On Land Use Element
12/09/2009: Judge Hancock Interim SJC Judge
12/09/2009: Planning Reorganization Scaled Back By County Council Split Vote
12/07/2009: Orcas FD Saves House
12/07/2009: Where Be That Ferry?
12/06/2009: SJ Initiative Presentation To CC Tuesday
12/05/2009: They Won't Be Home For Christmas
12/03/2009: Judge John O. Linde Has Passed
12/03/2009: Western Washington Hearings Board: Gone
12/03/2009: $25K From Enron Scandal To OPALCO
12/03/2009: New Elderhostel Program For SVC SJC
12/02/2009: Commander & Director On Ferry Service
12/02/2009: Senator Ranker Drops By
12/01/2009: Murray & Cantwell Introduce Senate Resolution In Memory Of Fallen Officers
12/01/2009: Fair Board In Support Of A Farmer's Market At The Fair Gounds
12/01/2009: CD&PD Reorganization & New Fees Proposed; Again
12/01/2009: CATS’ 20th Annual Festival Of Trees
11/30/2009: Safe & Sane Fireworks Still Smoldering
11/30/2009: Ferry Tickets For Cancer Patients
11/27/2009: San Juan Islands Receive More Publicity
11/25/2009: Students Learn About War
11/24/2009: For & Against Nichols Street Purchase
11/22/2009: New Columnist: Janice Peterson
11/22/2009: First SJ Intra-Mural Swim Meet
11/21/2009: Volunteer Beach Restoration On Lopez
11/20/2009: 2M Gal Fuel Oil On Grounded Ship North Of SJC -No Leaks
11/20/2009: Adoption Celebration In Superior Court Today At 3:30 p.m.
11/19/2009: Orcas Park & Rec Commission Race Close
11/19/2009: Recycling Is Up State Wide & SWAC Meets Monday To Discuss New Fees
11/18/2009: More Firewise Communities
11/18/2009: GIS Demonstrations Today
11/17/2009: AG Warning On Drinks Aimed At The Young
11/16/2009: High Wind Warning
11/16/2009: CC Votes 5 To 1 Against A COLA Raise
11/13/2009: San Juan County Confirms Resident’s Hospitalization From H1n1 Influenza
11/13/2009: Council Votes Themselves In As Full-Time Employees For Retirement Purposes
11/13/2009: State Supreme Court On School Funding System
11/12/2009: Another New Orca Spotted Wednesday
11/12/2009: Lopez CAO Field Trip & Meeting Today
11/12/2009: Vacation Video Contest Winners Announced
11/11/2009: Local Man Receives Combat Medic Badge
11/11/2009: Adoption Celebration In Superior Court
11/10/2009: No Self-Haul = $4 Million Savings For PW
11/10/2009: Gold Medals For Local Winery
11/10/2009: Flea Market & Craft Fair
11/10/2009: H1N1 Vaccine Priority Expanded
11/08/2009: CC To Discuss "Advice To Salary Commission"
11/08/2009: Know Enough To Be A Citizen?
11/07/2009: FH Airport Emergency Gates Completed
11/06/2009: Sheriff’s Guild "Arrests" COLA Rate For 1 Year
11/06/2009: $5M For Border-Related crimes
11/05/2009: Vaccine Now Includes All Under 25
11/04/2009: Two Boats Burn & Sink At RH -No One Hurt
11/04/2009: Heroin-Cocaine Dealer Busted On SJI
11/03/2009: SJC Levy & SJIsland & Orcas Rec Pass; Fire Works Ban Stays
11/03/2009: Comment This Week On Parks, Recreation and Preserved Lands Plan
11/02/2009: Friday Harbor Tigers Win!
11/02/2009: H1N1 is Spreading -Hope, Is For More Vaccine
11/02/2009: Violet Richardson Award Time
10/31/2009: New Coast Guard Captains Qualified
10/31/2009: -- Guest Column --
10/30/2009: “Car On Edge Of Cliff”
10/30/2009: Gates Foundation For Orcas Nonprofits
10/29/2009: County Will Need Another $450+/- To Update Shoreline Regulations
10/29/2009: A Local Giveaway
10/28/2009: Tide Gate Removed To Restore Lagoon
10/28/2009: Hydroelectric Power, To Salmon Benefit
10/27/2009: Coast Guard To The Rescue
10/27/2009: New Plans For Preserved Land-Parks-Trails
10/26/2009: Barefoot Burglar Search Widens
10/26/2009: Time To Start On That Quilt
10/25/2009: Back To The Old Ways
10/23/2009: -- Guest Column --
10/23/2009: Volunteers Needed For Honor flights
10/22/2009: H1N1 Hits The Islands
10/22/2009: A New Orca For J-Pod
10/22/2009: Be A Reading Buddy
10/21/2009: Council To Join Public On CAO Field Trips
10/21/2009: SJC Still H1N1 Free, For Now Anyway
10/20/2009: Jet Noise & Lopez -No Easy Answers
10/19/2009: Council "Opens" Fisherman Bay Rd
10/19/2009: Big Changes Proposed For Fair
10/19/2009: Going, Going...Sold!
10/18/2009: -- Guest Column --
10/17/2009: This Is A Drill, Only A Drill
10/16/2009: First Peek At 2010 Budget
10/16/2009: Planning Commission Dumps On CD&PD Staff Report
10/16/2009: 2nd Scenic Byway Grant For Visitors Bureau
10/16/2009: NOAA extends Deadline For Comments
10/16/2009: What Happened To SJI School Sports Funding?
10/15/2009: PC & Comp Plan Updates
10/14/2009: A New Local Committee For The PSP
10/13/2009: H1N1: What It Can Be Like For Your Child
10/13/2009: Letter To The SJ County Council
10/13/2009: Friends Restore Shorelines on SJ & Lopez
10/12/2009: Nasal H1N1 Vaccine Here, Injectible Type Will Arrive Next Week
10/12/2009: -- Guest Column --
10/11/2009: Time Off To Help With Budget Cuts
10/10/2009: SJC Man Meets With Top Australian Leaders
10/10/2009: You Too Can Be A Sediment Control Lead
10/09/2009: Safety Fair Saturday Filled with Fun
10/08/2009: PC Hearing On Barge Landings
10/06/2009: At Last, A New SJC Planning Commission Member
10/06/2009: Two New Committees Proposed By PSP For San Juan County
10/04/2009: Mostly "No" To No-Go-Zone Public Hearing
10/04/2009: League of Women Voters Offers General Election Forum
10/02/2009: Orcas Fire & Rescue On Stage 1 Flu Plan
10/02/2009: GMA Compliant...For Now.
10/02/2009: $66,883 Of Grants To 27 Non-Profits
10/01/2009: Erickson Property Purchase By Ag Guild Still In The Works
09/30/2009: Whalewatch Boat Takes On Some Water
09/30/2009: No Trips To Dump On Saturday
09/29/2009: Budget Discussions By CC Continue
09/28/2009: Public Meetings On Land Use This Week
09/27/2009: The Superintendent’s Report
09/26/2009: Patos Island Fire Department Update
09/26/2009: Ranker Gives Testimony On Ocean Policy
09/25/2009: But SJC Has A Nuclear Ban …
09/25/2009: Doggone Lot Of Fun
09/24/2009: Killer Whales Kill Harbor Porpoise Off SJI
09/24/2009: Distler Votes For Additional WSF Fares
09/23/2009: PC Special Meeting On County Wide Barge Landings
09/23/2009: Computer Model On 11 Swine Flu Deaths Is Worse Case Model
09/21/2009: Solid Leads On The Barefoot Burglar
09/21/2009: MRC Does Not Support No-Go-Zone
09/20/2009: -- Guest Column --
09/18/2009: Time Again To Recycle Ag Plastic
09/17/2009: Barefoot Burglar Strikes Again?
09/17/2009: Peddling Ordinance Lawsuit Filed
09/17/2009: Islanders #1 & #2 Bank In Washington State
09/17/2009: Cinderella In Friday Harbor
09/16/2009: Ruckelshaus, The No-Go-Zone & MRC
09/16/2009: Court (sort of) Rules For Small Buffers In Kitsap County
09/16/2009: Just Do It!
09/15/2009: PWs Trucks -and stuff- For Sale
09/15/2009: Comment On “Haze” From Cherry Point
09/14/2009: New Rates Recommended For Dumps
09/13/2009: Open Burning Season Still Closed
09/13/2009: Nine New West Nile Cases In State
09/10/2009: Do You Know This Man??
09/10/2009: Remembering The Loss
09/10/2009: Fatal Lopez Accident Trial Set For Nov 2nd
09/10/2009: KaBOOM! Gas Explosion Pops Boat’s Seams At RH
09/09/2009: Young People & Sustainable Farming
09/09/2009: LWV Offer A View of Health Care Crisis
09/09/2009: Comp Plan Public Meetings
09/07/2009: Football Player Airlifted From Field
09/07/2009: New Director of the SJC College
09/05/2009: House Saved By OFD
09/05/2009: Swine Flu Is Among Us
09/05/2009: Time For County Wide Ban
09/04/2009: Union Approves Voluntary Furloughs
09/04/2009: Couple Of Lucky People
09/03/2009: SJC Receives "Scenic Byway Award"
09/03/2009: Dumps Still Losing Money -Will Close On Saturday
09/03/2009: Loss Of Control Of Moped
09/03/2009: Architect Hubbell In FH Friday
09/02/2009: Hey! I Need That Salmon!
09/02/2009: Steering Committee For CAO Outreach Plan Appointed
09/01/2009: Be On Look Out For (Aborted?) Killer Whale Calf
09/01/2009: Meetings Wednesday On No-Go-Zone & Related Issues
09/01/2009: Here We Go Again On Ferry Fares
08/31/2009: Endangered Butterfly On Buck Property
08/31/2009: New Study On Child Vaccine Program
08/30/2009: Same-Sex Rights Address Historic Injustices
08/29/2009: "Anna J Sinks", Captain Chevalier In Serious Condition
08/28/2009: -- Guest Column --
08/27/2009: The Slaughtering Of The Whales
08/27/2009: Questions & Answers On The CAO
08/26/2009: Still In The Dark On The Why & How Of CAO Requirements
08/24/2009: -- Guest Column --
08/24/2009: SJ County & The Underpants Gnomes
08/24/2009: Shorelines
08/24/2009: Proposed Increase For Ferry Fares
08/23/2009: SJI Firefighters Fight Mainland Fires
08/21/2009: FH Bans Styrofoam & Hopes CC Does Too
08/21/2009: B.C. Bud Bust Off San Juan Island
08/20/2009: Employment Rate Stays High In SJC
08/20/2009: Council Expects large Crowd On Tuesday
08/19/2009: Second Daily Amtrak Train To Vancouver
08/19/2009: Keep The Water Clean
08/18/2009: Beating A Puppy Alerts Deputies To Man’s Location
08/18/2009: FH Premiere Of “Saving Luna”
08/18/2009: LWV of SJ Recognizes 19th Amendment Anniversary
08/16/2009: SJC Digital Mammography Now Available
08/14/2009: Coroner Report On Murder-Suicide
08/14/2009: Very Improved GIS Mapping Up
08/13/2009: Diver Missing Off Orcas
08/13/2009: 2 Orcas Hostage Incidents & A Suicide
08/12/2009: DOE Offers $400K For Shoreline Update
08/11/2009: CC Moves Levy Lift To Vote Of The People
08/11/2009: 1872 Treaty At Odds With No-Go-Zone?
08/11/2009: Real Estate Brokers: Sales Impact County Budget
08/10/2009: 2 of 4 Ferries On Way To Wrecking Yard In Mexico
08/08/2009: -- Guest Column --
08/07/2009: Levy Lid Lift Straw Vote Results
08/07/2009: Orcas Town Meeting On Property Tax
08/06/2009: USCG Sea Lion Rescues Two
08/06/2009: Closure Concerns Continue On No-Go-Zone
08/06/2009: 100 Year Photo History
08/05/2009: Another View Of CAO Requirements
08/05/2009: Land Bank Photography Exhibit
08/04/2009: $10+M Loss Revenue For County Predicted On Proposed “No-Go” Zone
08/04/2009: A Curve With A Sad History
08/03/2009: Orcas Fire Commissioner Election Aug 18th
08/02/2009: British Soccer Camp To Visit Orcas Island
08/01/2009: “Unlocking The Political Box”
07/31/2009: SJC Video Contest A “Hit” On Web
07/30/2009: Stage Left Tonight
07/30/2009: "Holy Cow!" Plus A Dead Bull
07/29/2009: A No-Go-Zone Proposed For West Side Of San Juan Island
07/29/2009: Attack By Re-Enactors Leads To Felony Charges
07/28/2009: Real Estate Sales Down
07/28/2009: Council Will Ask For Levy Lift
07/28/2009: Lightning Keeps Orcas Firefighters Busy
07/27/2009: Forum On CAO Set For Tuesday
07/26/2009: New Taxing District For Orcas Proposed
07/25/2009: Hot Days Predicted For Next Week
07/25/2009: Council Budget Workshop Monday
07/25/2009: Hot Days On Orcas
07/24/2009: New Sign For Fire Department
07/24/2009: Gregoire Goes To Washington (D.C.)
07/23/2009: CC Keeps Lid On Levy, But Wants “Lift” From Voters
07/23/2009: -- Open Letter To Council --
07/22/2009: The Carrot & The Hammer
07/22/2009: Pig War Re-enactors July 25-26
07/21/2009: Kevin Ranker Suffered A "Mini-Stroke"
07/21/2009: CC Special Meeting Wednesday: Property Tax Increase Discussion
07/21/2009: Time To Inspect That Septic System
07/20/2009: YMCA Day Campers Try Rescue Work
07/20/2009: Calling All Photographers: How Good Can You Be?
07/20/2009: Absurd To The Surreal: Beckett & Ruhl
07/19/2009: Can You Hear Me Now?
07/19/2009: Judd Cove Gets A $650K Boost
07/17/2009: Bad Accident, But No Injuries
07/17/2009: Murray Muscles More Money
07/17/2009: Feds Approval May Free $50M For Puget Sound
07/17/2009: Time -At Last- To Combine SJI Fire Departments?
07/16/2009: Whale-Watching Boat Grounded
07/16/2009: Friday Harbor Home of "World Champions"; Well Maybe..
07/15/2009: State Responds To Lawsuit
07/15/2009: Council Votes To Reduce Public Access Hours
07/15/2009: Possible Increase In Property Tax -If Voter Approved
07/15/2009: CAO Workshop Scheduled, But Format Uncertain
07/14/2009: Locals Take Wa Secretary Of State To Supreme Court
07/14/2009: "Now Hear This!"
07/14/2009: LICC Wins National Award
07/13/2009: Solid Waste Running...In The Red
07/13/2009: ---- Guest Editorial ----
07/12/2009: Building Code Board Of Appeals
07/11/2009: Free Play: San Juan County Parks
07/10/2009: Pickett’s Last Stand Last Friday
07/10/2009: Vote Counting Equipment To Be Tested
07/09/2009: Sutton Road Site Redesignation Proposed
07/09/2009: SJI Hospital Site Selection Completed
07/08/2009: Henrickson Out In Reorganization
07/08/2009: Haul Out Your Own Damn Garbage!
07/08/2009: 4Th July Ferry Traffic A Mess
07/08/2009: Kiss A Pig Contest
07/08/2009: Council Hires New Council Clerk
07/07/2009: CC Votes For Sutton Road Project Manager
07/07/2009: Fair Grounds Overlay District Proposed
07/07/2009: Ranker Lauds Larsen & Cantwell On Salmon Habitat Funding
07/07/2009: SJI Firewise Meetings Set
07/06/2009: Critical Needs Grants Ready To Be Awarded
07/06/2009: Video Contest: $6,367 In Prices
07/05/2009: The World Comes To Friday Harbor
07/04/2009: Great 4th Of July In San Juans
07/04/2009: Loss of Control Of Moped On SJI
07/03/2009: Fighting Polio & Rocking The Dock On 4th
07/02/2009: Harbor Seal Pups Are Coming
07/02/2009: Council Adopts “Phase One” Budget Cuts
07/01/2009: Hit By Another Quake. Good News?
07/01/2009: Guilty Plea In Animal Cruelty Case
07/01/2009: Why An Additional Tax For Island Rec?
07/01/2009: Assistive Technology For Loan At SJI Library
06/30/2009: New Tax Law Started Last Year
06/30/2009: Baby Billboards Busted
06/30/2009: New Firefighters Join SJI Fire Department
06/29/2009: Our Award Winning County Treasurer
06/28/2009: Council Clerk Moves On
06/27/2009: The Local Face Of PeaceHealth
06/27/2009: Fire Prevention Education
06/27/2009: Gregorian Chant Sat In FH
06/26/2009: Public Hearing Wed On Budget
06/26/2009: New BC Salmon Farm Possible
06/25/2009: 2.3 Earthquake In The Islands
06/25/2009: -- Open Letter To County Council --
06/25/2009: Required Repairs Complete On Sutton Rd Transfer Station
06/24/2009: ---- Editorial ----
06/24/2009: Council Moves Forward On Limited “Peddling” Ordinance
06/24/2009: “Touring Watch” Impacts Ferry Schedule
06/24/2009: $333K Tourist Tax Divvied Out
06/23/2009: Turtleback Public Access Progress
06/23/2009: DNR Warning On Old Burn Piles
06/22/2009: No Net Loss of Ag Land Proposed
06/22/2009: Council Off To Orcas
06/22/2009: Free Parking July 3-6 at Anacortes Terminal
06/21/2009: Red Helmet Awarded To Heroes
06/19/2009: Fire Danger Is High: New Brush Fire On Orcas
06/19/2009: Appreciation From Afghanistan
06/19/2009: Limited Ferry Traffic Control For FH
06/18/2009: Without More Cuts, County May Borrow
06/18/2009: Why Do Tobacco Vendors Sell To Minors?
06/17/2009: Only Three Wheels….So Went Home?
06/17/2009: Good Turnout, Poorly Organized Meeting
06/16/2009: Council Layoffs & $44,785 “Raises” In Pay
06/16/2009: BC Salmon Farms Endanger Wild Salmon
06/15/2009: Supreme Court Turns Down State On Shoreline Ruling
06/14/2009: ---- Guest Column ----
06/13/2009: Feds Fund $50M For Puget Sound Clean Up
06/13/2009: Bodenstab Named President of Art Group
06/12/2009: No More Untreated Sewage From Victoria
06/12/2009: “Peddling” Ordinance Proposed
06/12/2009: Report That Dead Bird: West Nile Virus Concerns
06/11/2009: Barbara Ann Road Fire On Orcas
06/11/2009: Watson & Sea Shepherd Big On TV
06/11/2009: ---- Guest Column ----
06/10/2009: Fire Contained On Orcas
06/10/2009: Councilman Fralick Warning on Budget Delay Impacts On Personnel Cuts
06/10/2009: Labor Union & Council Sign Contract
06/08/2009: Arson At SJI School District Ball Fields
06/08/2009: Kings Market Offers A Challenge Gift Of $50,000.00 To SJI School District
06/08/2009: CC Told County Spending Will Be Cut
06/07/2009: Sailboat Accident May Have Claimed Two, Four Make It To Shore
06/07/2009: Attic Treasures Needed
06/06/2009: Free Parking & Parking “Meters” Proposed For Downtown Friday Harbor
06/06/2009: Eastsound & Fisherman Bay Receive State Ecology Awards
06/05/2009: Ham Radio -A County Wide Emergency Communication System
06/05/2009: Noel Monin New Town Council Member
06/04/2009: Proposed Ban On Styrofoam Food Containers -Today At Town Hall
06/04/2009: Lopez Island Woman Wins Washington Counties Scholarship
06/03/2009: Vehicles Squashing Turtles On Lopez & San Juan -Crossing Signs Requested
06/03/2009: CG Tells WSF: Working Crews Too Hard
06/03/2009: Children’s Theatre Workshops In July
06/02/2009: Property Tax Deferral Program Available
06/02/2009: OIF&R Strike Team Returns For A Visit
06/01/2009: Lavender Farm Production Up In Flames
06/01/2009: New Swine Virus In Our State
06/01/2009: SWAC To Hold Forums To Educate & Be Educated
05/31/2009: ---- Guest Column ----
05/30/2009: Chamber Music In San Juans
05/29/2009: Man Found In Water Near Sucia Island
05/29/2009: No Longer Lonely In Superior Court
05/29/2009: Today & Saturday: Free Health Check-up
05/28/2009: Lopez Pool Project Surging Forward
05/28/2009: Risk Assessment On Sutton Rd Dump: So Far, So Good
05/27/2009: June 1 Documentation Required To Return
05/27/2009: SJC Proposed As Part Of A Maritime National Heritage Area
05/27/2009: Trail Workshop Opportunity
05/26/2009: Memorial Day - Friday Harbor - 2009
05/25/2009: Local Man Wounded While Serving As Combat Medic In Afghanistan
05/24/2009: PC Returns Enforcement Ord For More Work
05/24/2009: Sunshine = Algae Blooms In Fresh & Marine Waters
05/21/2009: Criminal-Civil Fines & Possible Jail Time For Permit Violations
05/21/2009: Grand Opening Party
05/21/2009: Online Filing For County Candidates
05/20/2009: The New (Interim) SJISD Superintendent
05/20/2009: More Reasons Why We Live Here
05/19/2009: Contentious & Confusing Actions On CAO
05/19/2009: Mammal Stranding Network Needs Help
05/18/2009: CAO Committee Wants Advice From CC
05/18/2009: Monday Work Session Set On Housing Authority
05/18/2009: Who Are The Candidates For Interim Superintendent?
05/16/2009: SJISD Board Selects The Interim Superintendent Finalists
05/16/2009: Puget Sound Concert Opera Sat In FH
05/16/2009: Annual Celebration Of Orca Greeting Ceremony
05/15/2009: Orcas Rec Coordinator Leaving After 13 Years
05/14/2009: Judge Linde Elected To Policy Board By Fellow State Judges
05/14/2009: Trail Workshop Opportunity
05/13/2009: Another “Park” For The County?
05/13/2009: Bit More Than A “Grill Fire”
05/13/2009: Historic Barns of San Juan County
05/12/2009: Waldron Wants “Nuclear Weapons Free Zone” Road Signs Replaced
05/12/2009: Registraton Looking Good For '09' Marathon
05/11/2009: File for Office by Mail Beginning May 15
05/11/2009: $500 Donation To Fisher House
05/09/2009: Lime Kiln Lighthouse-Open House
05/09/2009: Holding The Line On Gov Costs
05/08/2009: SJI Man Threatens To Shoot Deputies & Others
05/07/2009: New Staff Cuts In Planning Department
05/07/2009: Town To Consider Sutton Site Lease/Purchase To County
05/07/2009: Lambiel Is Back With A New Message
05/07/2009: Have An Idea For Salmon Recovery?
05/06/2009: CC Faces Tough Choices To Raise $1M
05/06/2009: Possible Risk To County On Sutton Site Identified?
05/05/2009: Statement From Peterson & Pratt On SJI Transfer Station Selection
05/05/2009: Board Of Appeals For Building Department
05/04/2009: Bad News, Good News In RE Market
05/04/2009: ---- Guest Column ----
05/04/2009: Volunteers Needed For Anti-Litter Efforts
05/03/2009: 2009 Opening Day Boat Parade
05/01/2009: If You Are Sick, Stay Home! -SJI School Superintendent
05/01/2009: Flu Hits Orcas??
05/01/2009: George Post Resigns From SWAC
05/01/2009: Six Probable Swine Flu Cases in State
05/01/2009: Swim Lessons In Friday Harbor
04/30/2009: SJC Fair Volunteers Needed
04/29/2009: Council Needs To Cut $1 Million From Budget
04/28/2009: Official: Council To Move Forward With Sutton Road Transfer Station
04/28/2009: Public Hearing Today On Transfer Station
04/28/2009: No Swine Flu In Wa..(Yet) Some Facts:
04/27/2009: If You Catch It, Put It Back!
04/26/2009: Funding Needed For Cancer Treatment Trips
04/26/2009: Governor Receptive To SJC Ferry Needs
04/24/2009: Orcas Island Fire & Rescue Emergency Rescue Training
04/24/2009: Lights Ouuuuut!
04/24/2009: SJSCD Cuts 6 Teaching Positions
04/23/2009: DOE Responds To PW Inspection Request
04/23/2009: Town May (Be Forced To) Apply For DOE Cleanup Grant Money
04/22/2009: State Education Bill Passes
04/22/2009: Earth Day
04/21/2009: Stewardship Award Winners Announced
04/21/2009: "The Mr. San Juan Island Competition"
04/20/2009: Clean Water Matters!
04/20/2009: Marine Naturalist Workshop On Wednesday
04/19/2009: Sunday: SJI Museum Reception
04/17/2009: SJC Theatre Garden Dedication
04/16/2009: Stand Up Tea Party On The Lawn
04/16/2009: A Very Close Call On Lopez
04/16/2009: 20+ Years Service & Sorry To Leave
04/16/2009: Beachwatchers & Birders Wanted For Observation & Seabird Surveys
04/16/2009: Warm Up For Earth Day
04/15/2009: Many Questions On Transfer Station EIS
04/14/2009: CC Nixes Directors Interpretation
04/14/2009: Unhappy Boater Questions $5K Fine
04/14/2009: Council Uneasy With Henrickson Rulings
04/14/2009: RFID Data Collection Outlawed
04/13/2009: New ‘Sign’ For Lambiel Museum
04/12/2009: Orcas Fire Fighters 2009
04/12/2009: Comedy Stage Hypnotist April 17
04/09/2009: Voices Coming Through Water Off SJI
04/09/2009: No Action On Housing Element -Yet.
04/09/2009: FH Centennial To Be Honored Saturday At Elegant Edibles Sale
04/08/2009: Appeals On Dump FEIS Delayed By County
04/08/2009: Comments On Wetland Mitigation Banks?
04/08/2009: Ranker: $93M For 40th District
04/07/2009: Cell Phone Regs Update Sent To CD&PD
04/07/2009: Poster Contest Winners
04/07/2009: Spring is Coming! Catch the Bloom!
04/07/2009: Greener Energy Alternatives
04/06/2009: CC Work Session Tuesday On Housing
04/05/2009: Help Wanted & Help For Small Businesses
04/05/2009: Lecture Series On Toxins in Our Water
04/05/2009: Computerized Food Handling Training
04/04/2009: Thank You San Juan Island
04/03/2009: Busy Time Again For Orcas FD
04/03/2009: EIS On Dump Selection Appealed
04/03/2009: Accessory Buildings Topic For Council
04/02/2009: Sidney Run Stays In Transportation Budget
04/02/2009: Improving Waldron Parking On Orcas
04/01/2009: Crack In (Empty) Oil Tanker Found
04/01/2009: Additional Time To Comment On Transfer Station
04/01/2009: Over 30 Foreclosures on Homes Coming Up? Nope.
03/31/2009: CC Tours Orcas Transfer Station
03/30/2009: 378 Votes To Keep, 7 Votes To Move Dump
03/30/2009: Progress On Mitchell Hill
03/29/2009: Family Umbrella’s Focus In Our Community
03/28/2009: Concepia Gallery Opens
03/27/2009: CC Public Hearing On Tuesday To "Consider Possible Alternate Dump Site"
03/27/2009: Rescue Tug Funding From Vessel Owners
03/26/2009: FH Tree Well Program Continues
03/25/2009: Shayo Appointed County Code Enforcement Officer
03/25/2009: Two Dumps For San Juan Island?
03/25/2009: Rentals Not Major Part Of Affordable Housing Element Of Comp Plan
03/24/2009: If You Don’t Have A House, You Don’t Get Anything
03/23/2009: Town To Council On Dump Site: Your Choice To Make
03/23/2009: Puget Sound Partnership Review Open
03/22/2009: Have You Seen A Clemmys Marmorata?
03/22/2009: Turning Points
03/20/2009: Buck Annexation Approved
03/20/2009: Town & County Support "Earth Hour"
03/20/2009: Adult Co-Ed Softball League
03/19/2009: Board Approves Contract For Hospital
03/19/2009: Navy Extends Comment Period On Jet Flights
03/18/2009: SJC Bottomfish Populations Continue To Decline
03/18/2009: Survey On Alcohol, Tobacco & Drug Use
03/18/2009: US Needs Can. To Restore Puget Sound
03/17/2009: Senator Murray Supports Government Providing Veterans Medical Care
03/17/2009: 9 New Homes & 8 More Coming Soon
03/17/2009: Orcas Champion Girls Basketball Team
03/16/2009: Public Works Has Some Problems -And More To Come
03/16/2009: Benefits Overlooked By Thousands Of Families
03/15/2009: Salmon Recovery State Awards
03/14/2009: Worldwide Notice For Local Singers: “Bailout”
03/14/2009: Search For New Superintendent Begins
03/13/2009: Island Rec & SJISD To Fund Athletics
03/13/2009: Man Cited On Ferry For Being Under The Influence
03/13/2009: SB 5836 Not Going Anywhere
03/12/2009: Next Step In SJI Transfer Station Selection: The FEIS Is Released
03/11/2009: Car Off Cliff & Into Water Claims Life Of One On Orcas
03/11/2009: Rose Explains CD&PD Layoffs
03/11/2009: St. Patrick’s Extravaganza Dinner and Auction
03/10/2009: CD&PD Lays Off Permit Coordinators
03/10/2009: Final EIS To Be Released To Public
03/09/2009: Rescue Tug Assists Inbound Cargo Ship
03/09/2009: Crumb Rubber Begone!
03/09/2009: Council Off To Lopez On Monday
03/08/2009: “From Bean To Bar” & Chocolate Tasting
03/07/2009: Looking Good To Keep The Tug Boat
03/06/2009: Soltman To Be Hired By the Vashon School District
03/06/2009: SJISD Community Dinner & Music
03/06/2009: Possible Skill Centers For SJC Schools
03/05/2009: $500 For Best FH Centennial Poster
03/05/2009: Dr. Geyman On National Health Care
03/04/2009: Soltman Likely To Leave SJISD
03/04/2009: Trails Committee Third Annual Potluck -At The Grange Tonight
03/03/2009: Council Responds To PW Report With Questions
03/03/2009: Two For One: Theatre And Museum Exhibit
03/03/2009: Swim Team Finale
03/02/2009: PW Indorses SWAC Dump Site Recommendations
03/01/2009: Focus Day For Education Funding
02/28/2009: Stop A Fire before it Starts!!!
02/27/2009: - Guest Editorial -
02/27/2009: DOE: If There Is No Problem, Don’t Waste Money On Studies
02/26/2009: MRC Needs Your Help
02/26/2009: SJ Ferry Route Becomes Permanent "Scenic Byway"
02/25/2009: Council Struggles With Open Public Meetings Act: & Their Own Rules
02/25/2009: DOE Faults Management Of SJI Dump
02/25/2009: The Power Of Happy Drums
02/25/2009: One Injured In SJI Accident
02/24/2009: SJC Not Part Of Marine Transportation Facilities Bill
02/24/2009: County Schools Asked To Expand Skills Training
02/24/2009: $1.88 Million For Homes For Islanders
02/23/2009: State Wants Control Of Marine Transportation Facilities- including SJC?
02/22/2009: Odd Findings In SJC Health Report
02/22/2009: Ecology, U.S. Coast Guard Wrapping Up Spill Response Off Orcas Island
02/21/2009: Pam Nichol’s Web Page Gives Updates & Allows Posting Of Messages
02/20/2009: Boat Burns, Sinks, Spills Oil At West Sound
02/20/2009: Tuck & Patti Friday On Lopez-Saturday On San Juan Island
02/20/2009: Low Income Tax Credit Filing
02/19/2009: Rep. Morris Meet With Sidney Mayor Cancelled
02/19/2009: Rachael’s "Vacation" In SJC Airs Feb 20
02/18/2009: Navy Extends Comment Period
02/17/2009: Still Time To Comment On Jets Over County
02/16/2009: Happy President’s Day & Your Property Tax Bill Is In The Mail
02/16/2009: Community Recycling/Swap Meet: 2-21-09
02/14/2009: Save The Washington State Ferries Rally
02/13/2009: Good Luck & Friends Give A Local Man A Second Chance
02/13/2009: Images of America - Friday Harbor
02/11/2009: Woman Shot In Chest On SJI
02/11/2009: Life Comes At You Fast…
02/11/2009: FAC May Be Sunk By The Gov
02/11/2009: One Community-One Book: “Folly” Author On SJI Tonight
02/10/2009: A Great Town Birthday Party!
02/09/2009: New Bill Will Negate Supreme Court Decision On Critical Area Ordinance
02/08/2009: Young Salmon Need Food & Shelter
02/07/2009: Small Business Administration Loan Help
02/06/2009: FH Centennial Party Monday -Don't Miss The Judging Of The Beard Growing Contest !
02/05/2009: Firefighters Honored For Service In 2008
02/05/2009: Recycle Electronic Products In SJC?
02/05/2009: $115K To SJC Fm United Way Grants
02/04/2009: Council Agrees: Referendum on Fireworks Ban Will Be On Ballot
02/04/2009: Eastsound Moves Toward GMA Compliance
02/04/2009: A Petition For Ferry Funding
02/04/2009: Father-Daughter Dance
02/03/2009: How Can You Say No To This Request?
02/03/2009: ADU Lottery Looking For Players
02/03/2009: A Cold December = High Power Bill
02/02/2009: 16th Annual Knowledge Bowl
02/01/2009: Will WSF Pick Plan 'B' Due To Cash Crash?
01/30/2009: Welcome To Bruce & Tom
01/30/2009: UPDATED: Looking For A Bailout Foundation
01/30/2009: 4.5 Earthquake Shakes Beds In SJC
01/29/2009: SJC 2009 Property Tax Bill is $41 Million -and where does that money go?
01/29/2009: Algae Incubator Off Coast Blamed For Algal Blooms
01/28/2009: Firewise Chipper Coming to To Town
01/28/2009: Ice On The Roads -Accidents On Orcas & SJI
01/28/2009: “Big” Homes Surcharge Not Legal
01/28/2009: Local Chief To Expand His Service
01/27/2009: No Questions By CC On SWAC Report
01/26/2009: Bad One On Orcas
01/26/2009: And The Winners Are
01/24/2009: Council To Receive SWAC Recommendations Monday
01/23/2009: "Under The Sea" Theme For Kid's Poster Contest
01/23/2009: Still Time To Tell WSF What You Think!
01/22/2009: 50 Year Contact For $30M Hospital Proposed
01/22/2009: Council To Hold ‘09’ Retreat
01/22/2009: Toxic Flame Retardant Banned
01/21/2009: The Face of Business in Japan and China
01/21/2009: Workshop: Sell Local Food Products to SJ School District
01/20/2009: No Time For Retirement
01/20/2009: States Inn In The Morning
01/19/2009: And The Winners Are..
01/18/2009: - Guest Editorial -
01/17/2009: Waldron Airstrip Easement for SJC
01/16/2009: A Tribute To Ernest Pugh
01/16/2009: Proposal For Emergency Mutual Aid
01/15/2009: New Survey On Housing Underway
01/14/2009: Local Boy Makes Good
01/14/2009: Get On The Boat Thursday & Testify
01/14/2009: Grand Opening & Open House
01/13/2009: The 2009 County Council
01/13/2009: "Car Needs A Tire"
01/12/2009: - Guest Editorial -
01/12/2009: Fisherman Bay Plan
01/11/2009: Ghost Of The Coast
01/10/2009: SWAC Releases Final(?) Recommendations
01/10/2009: Rules On Burning Storm Debris
01/09/2009: Home & Possessions A Total Loss
01/08/2009: Flooding Of Road On Orcas
01/08/2009: Affordable Housing Discussions & Hearings
01/08/2009: Images of America - Friday Harbor
01/07/2009: New Stop Signs For FH Proposed
01/07/2009: Land Bank Looks At Eight New Acquisitions
01/06/2009: Weed Tax Passed By Council
01/06/2009: A Good Start For 2009
01/06/2009: SJI EMS Awards
01/05/2009: New Deputy Prosecutor
01/04/2009: Art Is Where You Find It
01/03/2009: Bon Voyage To International Run
01/02/2009: Observing History
12/31/2008: Guest Editorial
12/30/2008: A New SJI Dump At A New Location: SWAC
12/30/2008: Health Department Budget Cuts Services
12/29/2008: SWAC Works On Dump Site Recommendation
12/29/2008: Public Comment Meetings On County Housing Needs
12/28/2008: Diane Timm Retirement
12/27/2008: 2009 Leadership SJI Class Selected
12/26/2008: Loss Of Money To Impact Parks
12/25/2008: Only Rain In The Forecast
12/23/2008: Beth Hudson Sustains Serious Injuries
12/23/2008: Don't Forget To Feed The Birds!
12/22/2008: Serious Accident On SJ: Woman In Surgery
12/22/2008: Butterfly In Trouble Without Safety Net
12/22/2008: SJC EMS Adds Six New EMTs
12/21/2008: The Swans & Ducks Otter Be Careful
12/21/2008: In The Spirit Of The Season
12/21/2008: Orcas Fire & Rescue Kept Busy
12/20/2008: Santa Claus In Friday Harbor
12/19/2008: County Fined $10K For Open Sewage Dumps
12/19/2008: Governor Scuttles Sidney Ferry Run? Maybe.
12/18/2008: Christmas Band Will Play On
12/17/2008: Winter Wonder Land & Swans
12/17/2008: Storm Returns With Snow
12/17/2008: County Council Call-In
12/16/2008: The Southern Resident Orca Population Crashes In 2008: Starvation
12/15/2008: Winter Storms & Your Water System
12/14/2008: Icy Roads, County Open on Schedule
12/14/2008: Ice On the Roads
12/13/2008: And Speaking of Storms...
12/13/2008: The Christmas Spirit In FH
12/12/2008: Bike-Crosswalk-Car = Accident
12/12/2008: Sunday: "Who Dunit?" On Lopez
12/11/2008: State Auditor Nixes FH Stop Work Payment
12/11/2008: CC Considers Hiring Lobbyist For $3,000 A Month - Lichter & Myhr Opposed
12/11/2008: 30 Years & Counting
12/10/2008: $51+ Million County Budget Passed
12/10/2008: Turtleback Plan Passed With Council Review In Six Months
12/10/2008: Council Will Hold Special Meeting To Pass Revised Ord Increasing Weed Tax
12/10/2008: United Way Of SJC
12/09/2008: Turtleback Revised Draft Plan Ready For Comment
12/09/2008: Noxious Weeds Tax Sprouts Up Again
12/08/2008: 5.66% Increase In Dump Fees Approved
12/06/2008: County Housing Needs Assessment Ready For Review & Comment
12/06/2008: Election Cycle Complete
12/05/2008: Lion's Club Shopping Spree at King's Market
12/04/2008: How NOT To Win Friends & InFLUence People
12/04/2008: Local Teacher Achieves Recognition
12/04/2008: Saturday FH Breakfast with Santa
12/03/2008: Orcas Recount Finds No Errors
12/03/2008: CC Returns Some Budget Cuts
12/03/2008: Adding To Odlin Park
12/02/2008: Fee Increases Passed for CD&P, Fire Inspections & Parks
12/02/2008: 0.1% Tax Passed By County Council
12/02/2008: Low Income Seniors To Get Help
11/30/2008: The New Kids
11/29/2008: Climate Action Team Recommendations
11/28/2008: ‘Native American Heritage Day Act of 2008’
11/28/2008: SJI Turkey Trot Success
11/25/2008: Gregoire & McKenna To Sue Feds
11/25/2008: Transfer Station Choice Delayed
11/25/2008: Property Tax Appeals Up
11/25/2008: SJISD & Kiwanis Thank Donors
11/24/2008: No Decision On Buck Annexation
11/24/2008: New SJI Firefighters
11/22/2008: Guest Editorial
11/21/2008: CC Votes In Comp Plan & UDC Changes
11/20/2008: Guest Editorial
11/20/2008: Council May Restore Some Budget Cuts
11/20/2008: Council Requests A Freeze On Cost of Living Adjustments
11/19/2008: Budget Pain Explained To CC
11/19/2008: CC Rejects New Weed Tax
11/19/2008: Council Passes Critical Aquifer Ordinance
11/18/2008: County Is Running Out Of Money -Big Time
11/18/2008: Forum held On SJI School Funding
11/17/2008: Fee Increases Recommended
11/17/2008: Crumb Rubber Replacement Plan
11/16/2008: Hands at Work
11/15/2008: Bad News For Salmon & Orca
11/14/2008: No Drop In Building Permits
11/14/2008: Tuesday: Changes to Comp Plan & UDC Expected
11/13/2008: What Is It & Why Is It There?
11/13/2008: Will Old Flood Plain Maps Sink Us?
11/13/2008: Referendum Rockets to Success
11/13/2008: SJI Events Announced For December
11/12/2008: $37,906,916.94 So Far, & Counting
11/12/2008: New Business Group Formed In FH
11/11/2008: Local & State Aid For Vets & Their Families
11/10/2008: 44 New Affordable Homes For FH
11/10/2008: Affordable Housing Speakers Tonight
11/10/2008: Recycling Assistance
11/09/2008: Trails Committee - Group Bike Ride
11/08/2008: 90% Voter Turnout In County
11/07/2008: Action Agenda to Protect/Restore Puget Sound -Will Not Be Cheap
11/06/2008: Essential Public Facilities Ord Moved Forward
11/05/2008: CC Budget Discussions
11/05/2008: CC Cuts Stormwater Fee 90%
11/04/2008: Essential Public Facilities Ord “Not Legal”
11/04/2008: Peterson: “Stormwater Fees Counter Productive”
11/03/2008: "Old" Regulations May Not Stop A New Dump
11/03/2008: When Will It End (Hard Rock Problems)
11/03/2008: Orcas Marine Science Lecture Series
11/02/2008: Fall Is Back & So Is The Time To Fall Back
11/02/2008: Time To Harvest The Worms
11/01/2008: 7 New Local Captains
10/31/2008: Flea Market & Craft Fair At Fair
10/30/2008: Plastics in Our Oceans
10/29/2008: CC: Need More Info On New Program
10/28/2008: Critical Area Designation Delayed
10/27/2008: County Schools To Discuss Consolidating
10/26/2008: A Critical Public Hearing Monday
10/26/2008: Orcas High: A “School Of Distinction”
10/24/2008: FH Dog Leaving for Service Dog Academy
10/24/2008: Want To Lease Some Farm Land?
10/24/2008: On Purpose, Or Accident?
10/22/2008: A Budget Message From Pete Rose
10/22/2008: Gann, Turnbull & Guard Support Petersen
10/21/2008: County Cuts 20 Jobs
10/21/2008: SWAC Rejects Two Dump Sites
10/21/2008: Water For A Few Not A Public Benefit
10/19/2008: Home Sales Are Up
10/19/2008: Lethal Derelict Fishing Nets
10/18/2008: Welcome To Newest US Citizen In SJC
10/17/2008: Banking Crisis? Not Here, Thank You
10/16/2008: He Seemed Like A Nice Guy...
10/16/2008: Car Meets Out Of Control Moped
10/16/2008: Big Turnout For Tax Increase Re:Weeds
10/15/2008: A Storm Water Funding Plan
10/15/2008: Chaffee & Rosenfeld: Keep The Dump Where It is!
10/14/2008: Pratt & Petersen Respond To Questions
10/14/2008: Could Have Been Much Worse
10/13/2008: Rumors and Ranker
10/12/2008: San Juan Island’s First Pastor
10/10/2008: PC Drops "Vacation Rentals" Working On Public Facilities
10/10/2008: County Mulching Noxious Weeds
10/09/2008: Meet The Candidates
10/09/2008: CAPR Makes Their Endorsements
10/09/2008: Safety Fair Saturday Filled with Fun
10/09/2008: “Rights in Civil Society and Polity”
10/08/2008: Sex Offenders, Tasers, & Overtime
10/08/2008: Oil Spill Crew Receives Legacy Award
10/08/2008: Boating Safety Class Offered
10/07/2008: Stormwater Public Meetings Oct 7, 8 & 9
10/07/2008: Land Bank Buys Sundstrom Farm
10/07/2008: Countrywide Settlement In Wa Helps Homeowners
10/06/2008: WSF Public Meeting On Board Ferry
10/06/2008: SJI Fire Department Hall Of Fame
10/05/2008: Ecology & "Clean Cars" Rule
10/04/2008: Join Firewise For A Free Chipper Day
10/03/2008: Retirement Party For Hazelton
10/03/2008: Transportation Summit Results Available
10/02/2008: Council Splits Vote On Cell Phone Coverage
10/02/2008: "Savory Farms and Healthy Habitats"
10/01/2008: Little Support For Orcas Franchise
10/01/2008: Turtleback Management Plan Nears Completion
09/30/2008: New Owner: Rosario To Stay A Resort - Purchased For $5.7+M -
09/30/2008: A Mother’s nightmare - Brother Charged With Murder In Death Of Brother
09/30/2008: Annual School Bus Ridership Count= $$
09/30/2008: First Aid & CPR Classes Offered
09/29/2008: One Brother Dead, One In Jail
09/29/2008: At Last: Public Input Asked On Stormwater Funding
09/28/2008: FH Sunday Afternoon Concert
09/27/2008: Building Trails
09/27/2008: Breakfast of Champions Awards $700,000!!
09/26/2008: FH Finds Another Old Oil Line
09/26/2008: Public Meetings on Stormwater Utility
09/26/2008: Stormwater -Ok To Wash The Car
09/25/2008: CC Agrees To New UDC Docket Timelines
09/25/2008: A Million Here, A Million There..Oops!
09/24/2008: Benedict Receives Sentence Based On Agreement Between Prosecutor and Defense
09/23/2008: PC Reverses Former Opinion -Agrees To ADU Lottery
09/23/2008: Guest Editorial
09/22/2008: Staff Recommends Against PC Recommendations
09/22/2008: Septic System Inspection Classes
09/21/2008: Rains Are Welcome
09/21/2008: Possible $250K in Matching Funds To SJSD
09/19/2008: Busy Day On Orcas
09/19/2008: The Big Picture
09/19/2008: Public Right-Of-Way For Public Good?
09/18/2008: Farmer’s Market, Town & Land Bank Do Not Join Forces
09/18/2008: And The Winners Are
09/17/2008: Council Wants A Crosswalk
09/17/2008: Transportation Summit
09/17/2008: SJ Community Park Moves Forward
09/16/2008: Powerful Links to Fed Info
09/15/2008: Guest Editorial
09/13/2008: Ed W. Freeman
09/12/2008: Shining Star Award Celebration
09/12/2008: Dealing with Difficult People
09/11/2008: America’s Cup Boat In SJ Waters
09/10/2008: UDC Changes Held Off -For Now
09/10/2008: County Reviews Code Enforcement Policy
09/09/2008: Rush To Keep Tax Break For Ag Land
09/08/2008: Line Jumping On Rise In Anacortes
09/08/2008: CC Public Hearing Tuesday On UDC Changes
09/06/2008: Very Happy Dogs
09/05/2008: Benedict To Be Sentence This Month
09/04/2008: Spanel, Quall & Linville Endorse Ranker
09/04/2008: Ecology Adds FH Sites To Cleanup List
09/04/2008: Public Hearing On Transfer Station
09/03/2008: Join The Observers In Monroe
09/03/2008: Captain's Licensing Course
09/02/2008: Supreme Court Rules
09/02/2008: A Fluorescent Orange Jacket May Be Wise
08/30/2008: “Big Toy” Playground Opens -With Concerns
08/29/2008: Teen Summer Blast Swim & BBQ
08/28/2008: In Case You Missed The 1st One
08/27/2008: New Land Bank Purchase
08/27/2008: Bicycler’s Lament
08/26/2008: EIS Info On SJI Transfer Station
08/26/2008: FOX News Comes Calling
08/26/2008: Rosario Closing Concerns Council
08/25/2008: Neighbor, Can You Lend A Hand?
08/24/2008: More Cell Towers?
08/22/2008: Missing Boater Found Dead
08/21/2008: Final Results Are In
08/21/2008: Transfer Station Analysis Almost Available
08/21/2008: County Hiring Freeze
08/20/2008: Stormwater Funding Details Dribble Out
08/19/2008: Supreme Court Update On CAO Agenda
08/18/2008: Friday Harbor Centennial Celebration Begins
08/18/2008: Too Much Too Soon On Orcas Village?
08/16/2008: Back to school Immunization
08/15/2008: FH Man Acquitted Of Felony Assault
08/14/2008: Up To 52 New Units Proposed For FH
08/14/2008: Another Film Shot In SJC
08/13/2008: CC Forced To Postpone Orcas Action
08/13/2008: Land Bank Trail Builders
08/12/2008: Be Immortalized By A Brick
08/12/2008: Friday Harbor Centennial Celebration
08/10/2008: The Stormwater Poullution Solution
08/08/2008: De Freitas Is New TFH Council Member
08/08/2008: Fuse lit on Fireworks Ban referendum
08/07/2008: SJI Transfer Station Info Meeting
08/06/2008: Elwha Dead In Water Off Lopez

08/06/2008: Okay, Who Put Soap In The Bay?
08/06/2008: County Feels The $ Squeeze
08/06/2008: Killer Whale Calf Found On Beach
08/05/2008: WA Supreme Court Upholds Shoreline Rules
08/04/2008: Linde & Gaylord & Politics
08/04/2008: Free Recycling Set-Ups for Public Events
08/01/2008: Questions Raised On Ethics In Judge Race
07/31/2008: Ballots In The Mail
07/31/2008: Stormwater Ord Bogs Down
07/31/2008: West Coast Governors Ocean Action Plan
07/30/2008: SJC Proposed As: Critical Aquifer Recharge Area
07/29/2008: Engine Fire Forces Water Landing Off Stuart
07/29/2008: New Fund To Support FH Anniversary
07/28/2008: SJI Transfer Station EIS Released
07/28/2008: Guest Editorial
07/28/2008: Orcas Island HS Class Of 1988
07/26/2008: Islanders Helping Out At Homes For Islanders
07/25/2008: Harriet Spanel Endorses Ken Henderson
07/24/2008: Land Bank’s Shoreline Preserve Benefits
07/24/2008: SJI Firefighters Deployed To Wildland Fire
07/23/2008: Guest Editorial
07/23/2008: Council Hearing On $3M Dock Purchase
07/22/2008: Appeal Filed on Fireworks Ban
07/22/2008: 4th Of July Traditions
07/21/2008: SJ & B C Coroners Looking At Feet
07/21/2008: Today: Puget Sound Partnership Workshop
07/21/2008: SJI Transfer Station EIS Draft Out 7-28
07/19/2008: Fire Camp Class On Orcas
07/19/2008: Morris Endorses Kevin Ranker
07/18/2008: Quall Endorses Ranker Opponent
07/18/2008: Open letter to Parliament Member Keith Martin:
07/18/2008: Stay Current On Immunizations
07/18/2008: Cole Certified As A Chief Medical Officer
07/17/2008: Art Museum & Westcott Bay Unite
07/16/2008: Petersen Has Stirred It Up In Victorian
07/16/2008: Report Derelict Fishing Gear
07/15/2008: Candidates For Judge Sign Pledge
07/15/2008: SJC Democrats Ready To Go
07/13/2008: What Gorgeous Weather!
07/12/2008: WSF Wants Your Opinion
07/11/2008: SJC Fire Firefighters In E. Wash
07/11/2008: Regulation Concerns On BC Aquaculture
07/10/2008: Swimming the Crossing for Breast Cancer
07/09/2008: Small Grass Fire On Mt. Dallas
07/09/2008: Septic System Inspection Classes Fill Up
07/09/2008: Lopez & Orcas Wildland Firefighters
07/08/2008: Reduced Bonding Proposed For Development
07/08/2008: Beware Blue-Green Ponds
07/07/2008: Governor Spends Day On Orcas
07/07/2008: Atlantic Salmon Escape From Pens
07/06/2008: Orcas Island July 4th 8:15 P.M.
07/05/2008: 4th Of July 2008
07/03/2008: Fighting Polio & Rocking The Dock On 4th
07/02/2008: Twin Checks For Twin Sisters
07/02/2008: Whales May Help Marine Birds
07/01/2008: July 15 Cut-Off For Conservation Program
06/30/2008: Fire Danger In San Juan County HIGH
06/30/2008: Firefighters Assist In Off-Island Wildland Fire
06/29/2008: Dr. Dayton Killed In Fall
06/28/2008: Fire Season Is Upon Us
06/27/2008: Man, Motorcycle, Deer, Accident
06/27/2008: SJ Initiative Policy Group Meets
06/27/2008: Tobacco Costs to Employers and Employees
06/26/2008: SJI Hospital Commissioners Take Next Step Toward New Facility
06/25/2008: FH Business Go To Work On Town Improvements
06/25/2008: One Month, One Road, 160Lbs
06/24/2008: The Governor Is Honorary Chair of Linde Campaign
06/23/2008: 112' Adventuress Aground Off Bell Is
06/23/2008: Local Man To Be White House Guest
06/23/2008: 20 Yrs Service & Still At It
06/23/2008: RecX Horseshu Ranch Day On SJI
06/21/2008: A Classical Start Tonight To Summer
06/21/2008: SJC Ferry Advisory Committee News Release
06/20/2008: DOE Awards To SJC Sewer Plants
06/20/2008: Uboost Joins SNS Project Inkwell
06/19/2008: Noxious Weed Board Requests Assessment Increase
06/19/2008: Only 2009 Model "Clean cars" Can Be Licensed
06/19/2008: Airlift Northwest To Return This Summer
06/18/2008: Council Moves To Formalize Monday Meetings
06/17/2008: Fees Increased For Owner-Builder Permits
06/17/2008: CC Continues Discussion On Stormwater Regulation Complaints
06/17/2008: Register for Marine Educators Conference
06/16/2008: Armed Forces Plates Available To Family
06/16/2008: Saying Goodbye to BJ
06/16/2008: SJ Septic Service Under New Ownership
06/14/2008: New CC Chief Of Staff Takes Over
06/14/2008: Whidbey Island Bank Merger Off
06/13/2008: Orcas FD Lends A Hand
06/13/2008: Going Green Requires National Commitment
06/12/2008: New Orca Protection Statute
06/12/2008: Friday Harbor Centennial Celebration
06/11/2008: Aquatic Reserve Coming Back ?
06/11/2008: Ecology begins statewide rulemaking for rainwater collection
06/11/2008: Washington Grants fund waste management
06/10/2008: SJ Council & Land Bank To Discuss Wetland Purchase
06/10/2008: County Council To Formalize Their Monday Meetings?
06/10/2008: Rollins Withdraws From The Race For Ranker’s Seat
06/10/2008: 4-H Schedules All-Island Cleanup Of Fairgrounds
06/09/2008: Local Assistance For Veterans
06/09/2008: Crowded Field Of Candidates
06/08/2008: Judge Linde Will Stand For Election
06/08/2008: Employee Recognition Ceremony
06/06/2008: SJI School Directors Briefed On Education Funding
06/06/2008: Free Check-Up Courtesy Of The Lions
06/05/2008: K & L Pods Return To SJI With New Baby
06/05/2008: Lecture Saturday By Wa Iditarod Sled Dog Racer
06/05/2008: July 15 Cut-Off Date For Popular Conservation Program
06/04/2008: Council Bans Safe & Sane Fireworks
06/04/2008: One More Signs Up For Ranker’s Position
06/04/2008: Firewise Communities Helping Neighbors
06/03/2008: Gaylord Will Challenge Judge Linde For Judgeship
06/03/2008: Council To Review Current Stormwater Requirements
06/03/2008: Combs Presented Award From FH Fire Department
06/02/2008: Gordy Petersen Announces for County Council District #1
06/01/2008: FF Councilman Kelley Balcomb-Bartok Resigns
06/01/2008: The British Are Coming!
05/31/2008: More $ For SJI “Save Our Schools” Drive
05/31/2008: Lovel Pratt Announces for County Council District #1
05/30/2008: Leadership San Juan Islands Class IV Graduates
05/30/2008: San Juan Island Celebrity Golf Classic:
05/28/2008: Thursday: Spring Street Discovery Speaker Series
05/28/2008: Mindy Kayl Announces Her Candidacy
05/28/2008: SJ Hospital Medical Center Feasibility Report Published
05/28/2008: Trash Speaks for Itself
05/28/2008: Lichter to Run for Re-Election
05/25/2008: Memorial Day Parade and Commemoration
05/24/2008: SJ County Unemployment Rate At Only 3.6%
05/23/2008: Harold R. Brown, Sr.
05/22/2008: Scenic Walkers
05/22/2008: Departments Join in Live Fire Training
05/22/2008: Guest Editorial
05/21/2008: County & Town Approve Letter On Border Checks
05/21/2008: United Way Receives $5,000 Tulalip Tribes Grant
05/20/2008: SJC School District Receives New Pledge
05/20/2008: County Sewer Plants Receive DOE Awards
05/19/2008: Johnson Fundraiser Successful
05/18/2008: Guest Editorial
05/18/2008: Citizen Input Wanted on Future of the Fairgrounds
05/16/2008: Council Action Turns Off Candidate For The Council
05/16/2008: Event to Highlight Local Efforts to Save Salmon
05/15/2008: Salary Commission Says Enough Already
05/15/2008: Guest Editorial
05/14/2008: Draft Letter On Spot Checks Is Dead, Then Alive
05/14/2008: CC Hits Road Fund For Stormwater “Loan”
05/14/2008: Friday Harbor Baseball & Softball Hit-A-Thon
05/13/2008: Town & County Draft Letter On Spot Checks
05/13/2008: Chip Seal Work to Begin on Orcas May 12
05/12/2008: New Threat Of Building Moratorium
05/11/2008: SJC Firefighters Take Advance Testing
05/09/2008: SJI Dog Park Trotting Along
05/08/2008: $275K Raised For SJI School District
05/08/2008: Change Your Schools
05/07/2008: Deja-vu All Over Again
05/06/2008: Council Will Advertise For Committee Openings
05/06/2008: Money Up Front For That Building Permit
05/06/2008: “Spring Fling” Auction For Spring Street School
05/05/2008: Donor For Matt Johnson Found
05/05/2008: Houston Taylor Awarded As A Red Cross Real Hero
05/04/2008: Heritage Vessel: Pacific Catalyst
05/03/2008: H. Ramsay Milne
05/03/2008: Deck Collapse Injuries 4 On SJI
05/02/2008: Wynn Barnard a Winner For Soroptimists
05/02/2008: Spring Into Action At SJI Children's Festival Saturday
05/01/2008: Will He Run Again?
05/01/2008: Community Action Month
04/30/2008: Fay Chaffee Announces For County Council
04/30/2008: Call In Tagged Lincod
04/29/2008: Helping Others Help Themselves
04/29/2008: BC Power Projects Put Salmon At Risk
04/28/2008: Stormwater Loan From Land Bank…Maybe
04/28/2008: 4th of July Parade Theme Announced
04/27/2008: New Equipment On Island Air Ambulance
04/26/2008: Rick Larson Raises Questions about Border Patrol
04/26/2008: Time To Go Lake Fishing
04/26/2008: ‘Thank You’ for Spring Cleaning our Beaches!
04/26/2008: WSU Beach Watchers Graduates Class Of 2008
04/26/2008: $525K To Home Trust
04/24/2008: Planning A Ferry Trip This Saturday?
04/24/2008: Private Dumps Not Legal
04/23/2008: $820K SJI School Funding Shortfall
04/23/2008: Safe Cargo: The Right Way To Secure Your Load
04/23/2008: Else Ranker & A Proud Parent
04/23/2008: Planning An Event? You Need A Permit
04/22/2008: Rosenfeld Concerned About Partisan Press
04/22/2008: Ecology's Earth Day 2008 Website Portal To Special Events Statewide
04/22/2008: Why Gas Is So Expensive
04/21/2008: Co-op Members Can Use Their Power to Take Charge of the Future
04/21/2008: Sign-up & Pick-up Roadside Litter
04/21/2008: Chuck Rust Running For County Council
04/20/2008: Sealth Replaces Elwha Until 4-27
04/17/2008: 2008 Arbor Day Bare-Root Seedling Give-Away
04/17/2008: Reminder: Not All Signs Are Legal
04/17/2008: Orcas Village Hearing Set For Friday
04/16/2008: CC To MRC: Discontinue Any Effort on Aquatic Reserve
04/15/2008: EDITORIAL
04/15/2008: Took Some Time, But We Have A Year-Round Tug
04/15/2008: Global Warming & Elections: 2008
04/14/2008: Fisherman Oppose Aquatic Reserve
04/13/2008: Who Should Be Allowed To Use Turtleback Mountain?
04/11/2008: Ranker Will Run For State Senate
04/10/2008: Guest Editorial
04/10/2008: Crime Victims’ Rights Week
04/09/2008: Council Takes First Step Toward $2M Commitment For Eastsound Stormwater
04/09/2008: Council Not Pleased With MRC Actions
04/08/2008: Lecture: "Immigrants: Due Process Under the Law"
04/08/2008: Teen Paintball Trip
04/07/2008: Aquatic Reserve Meeting Off To Bad Start
04/07/2008: Land Bank & Island Trail Riding Club Meet
04/06/2008: Honoring Bob Boyce
04/06/2008: More Bluebirds Released In San Juan County
04/06/2008: Disaster Drill at Friday Harbor on Sunday
04/04/2008: 2008 Wildlife Benefit Concert On Saturday
04/03/2008: Dave Zeretzke Day
04/03/2008: Wa State Poet Laureate At FH Library Friday
04/03/2008: Water Flowing at Courthouse Again
04/03/2008: Courthouse Springs A New Leak!
04/03/2008: Man In Hospital, Dog Killed In Acident
04/03/2008: Courthouse Leak Fixed
04/03/2008: How To Get Rid Of Mercury In Those Lamps
04/03/2008: Ferry Lottery For Trucks Hauling Garbage
04/02/2008: Bob Boyce
04/02/2008: Fireworks Ban Under Consideration
04/02/2008: Meetings On Proposed SJ Aquatic Reserve
04/02/2008: Local Foods for Local Folks
04/01/2008: April 1 Joke?, No, Solid Waste Fees Up Again
04/01/2008: SJC GOP Holds Convention In Friday Harbor
04/01/2008: Whale Museum Docent Training Program
03/31/2008: Work Crew Lends A Hand
03/31/2008: Guest Editorial
03/31/2008: SJI Sea &Land Routes Newest Scenic Byway
03/31/2008: Home Trust Awarded $600,000
03/30/2008: Did You Think It Was Two Guys Is A Box?
03/28/2008: Myhr & SJI Visitors Bureau Have Dinner With The Gov
03/27/2008: Courthouse Without Water for Week, Or More
03/27/2008: Griffin Bay Holds A Learning Center Open House
03/27/2008: Local Man Rescued From Montana Plane Crash
03/27/2008: A Call To San Juan Island Artists & Galleries
03/26/2008: Law Prohibits Spying On Consumers
03/25/2008: Courthouse Plumbing Springs A Leak
03/25/2008: No Town Regulations On Colors
03/25/2008: Stormwater Low Impact Development Practices
03/24/2008: Devils Mountain Fault At Fault?
03/24/2008: Business Owners & Farmers May Owe Personal Tax
03/24/2008: Dollars For Scholars Board Plans For This Year
03/22/2008: Ranker To Seek Employment Elsewhere
03/22/2008: Christine Miller Leaving San Juan County Fair
03/21/2008: Exhibition At IMA
03/21/2008: Not What It Appears
03/20/2008: Border Chief Responds To Council & Public
03/20/2008: Farmland Preservation Workshop
03/19/2008: US Supreme Court Rules Against The Political Parties
03/19/2008: Neah Bay Rescue Tug Funded
03/19/2008: NOAA May Protect Five Puget Sound Rockfish Species
03/17/2008: Eco-Terrorism On Orcas
03/17/2008: “Normal” Service Will Resume -WSD Director Moseley
03/16/2008: Fralick To Run Against Lichter For Council Seat
03/16/2008: Single Car Accident Claims Life On Orcas
03/16/2008: State Legislature Follows SJC’s Orca Protection Action
03/16/2008: Final Status of Some Key Legislative Issues
03/14/2008: Wynn Barnard Is The '08' Violet Richardson Winner
03/14/2008: "Lucia's First Love" Recital Saturday At SJCT
03/14/2008: SJI Ambulances To Be Upgraded
03/13/2008: Realtors Provide Life-Saving Devices To School
03/13/2008: Sign Up Time: Evergreen Girls and Boys State
03/12/2008: Border Protection Chief Will Address CC Next Tuesday
03/11/2008: Fire Works Ban. Supported Or Not?
03/11/2008: Home Trust Grant For Buck Property Turned Down
03/11/2008: Increased Cell Phone Coverage May Be Coming
03/10/2008: Rose Asked To Assume Management Of Council Staff
03/10/2008: Discuss Orcas Village Plan Wednesday
03/08/2008: Carbon Calculator For Individuals & Counties
03/07/2008: Reduced Capacity On Ferry Starts Monday
03/07/2008: Westcott Bay Institute Expands
03/06/2008: “Stimulus Act” Puts Extra Money in Taxpayers’ Pockets
03/06/2008: Where There's Smoke
03/06/2008: Babysitting Clinic For Girls and Boys
03/06/2008: Seven Performances Of Enchanted April
03/05/2008: Transportation Problem
03/05/2008: Transportation Policy Board Proposed For SJC
03/05/2008: Land Bank To Purchase 186 Acs at $1,175,000
03/04/2008: New Stormwater Ord Needs Work -Rich Peterson
03/04/2008: Navy Admits Harm From Sonar -Court Agrees
03/03/2008: Must Be Spring!
03/03/2008: ADU Permit Applications Accepted Beginning March 6
03/03/2008: New Exhibits On Acoustics At The Whale Museum
03/03/2008: WDFW Warning On Invasive Mussels
03/03/2008: WSFerry and Orcas Fire Department Joint Training
03/02/2008: Dispatches From The Field
03/01/2008: San Juan Island’s Jr. Girl Scouts & Brownie Troops Leap Into Cookie Time!
03/01/2008: Free Homeownership Counseling Offered
02/29/2008: WSF Sets New Course With Hammond On Board
02/29/2008: Rescue Tug To be Pulled From Service
02/28/2008: New (Improved?) Stormwater Ordinance Launched
02/28/2008: Response Tug Does It Again
02/27/2008: Council Makes A “Refined List” Of Priorities For SJC
02/26/2008: Saving the Farm Without Breaking the Bank
02/26/2008: Ecology Partial Certifies a “Wave Power” Project
02/26/2008: How To Protecting Your Home From Wild Fires
02/25/2008: County Council In 2008 Retreat
02/23/2008: Port of FH Aviation Museum Dedicated
02/22/2008: Survey Results "Varied"
02/22/2008: St. Patrick’s Extravaganza, Dinner and Auction
02/22/2008: Help out at the K-9 Carnival!
02/21/2008: A Gift of Land On Orcas
02/21/2008: Solar Still Too Expensive To Be Viable
02/20/2008: BC To Pump Some Money Into Sewage Treatment
02/20/2008: House & Senate Water Down Stormwater Regulation
02/18/2008: A Dog Park Planned for San Juan Island
02/18/2008: CC Not Meeting This Week
02/15/2008: New Ferries On The Horizon
02/14/2008: UW Study: Regulations Raise Housing Costs
02/14/2008: Guest Editorial
02/14/2008: SSIS Seeks Host Family Volunteers
02/14/2008: DOE: Put Drain Pipes On A Fat-Free Diet
02/13/2008: County Moves To Legalize Rainwater Catchment
02/13/2008: Turtleback Management Plan Available For Review
02/13/2008: Westcott Bay Institute Awarded Grant
02/12/2008: 2nd Council District Community Meeting Scheduled
02/12/2008: Council Agrees on “Provisional” Logo, Do You Agree?
02/12/2008: FAC & Council Members Meet
02/12/2008: New WSF Director May Be Good News For SJC
02/11/2008: A Historical Day
02/11/2008: National Trust Honors Friday Harbor
02/10/2008: Caucus Results
02/08/2008: American Cancer Society Offers Transportation Assistance
02/07/2008: Gladiator Tug Aids 918' Ship Headed Our Way
02/07/2008: SJI National Park Draft Plan Available
02/07/2008: Knowledge Bowl - 2008
02/07/2008: San Juan County Declaration & Resolution on Climate Change
02/07/2008: Historic Preservation Review Board Members Needed
02/07/2008: New Program Helping 7th & 8th Graders Set Their Sights On College
02/06/2008: Ribbon Cut For New Administrative Building
02/06/2008: Public Display Of Support For MacLeod
02/05/2008: Election 2008: How It Works In Washington
02/05/2008: Council Holds First Meeting In Legislative Building
02/05/2008: Farmland Preservation 101A
02/05/2008: Marine Resources Committee Sets Goals for 2008
02/04/2008: Senate Bill To Charge Fee To Appeal CAO
02/03/2008: SJI Agricultural Guild To Work Toward Farmers’ Market
02/02/2008: Chris Ogle Found Deceased
02/01/2008: Washington Orcas Return To California Waters
01/31/2008: “We Care” Packages For Troops
01/31/2008: SJI Farmer's Market Moves To Fairgrounds For Winter
01/31/2008: New San Juan County Website is Online
01/31/2008: Two Vacancies on the Conservation District Board
01/30/2008: Firefighters Honored While Celebrating 50 Years
01/30/2008: A World of Magical Sounds at SJCT on January 31
01/30/2008: Democratic Precinct Caucuses
01/30/2008: 08 Republican Caucus Locations
01/29/2008: Council Removes FAC Chairman & Reprimands A Member
01/28/2008: Call For Artists: SJI Summer Arts Fair 2008
01/28/2008: Have An Idea On "Sustainable Growth?"
01/27/2008: An Essay
01/25/2008: Bad Week On The Coastline
01/25/2008: ARC Has A Coordinator
01/25/2008: ORCA Recovery Plan Released
01/23/2008: Port Of Friday Harbor Director Marilyn O’Connor
01/23/2008: Planning Commission Rejects/Accepts UDC Change
01/23/2008: Builders Question Building Department on Timelines
01/23/2008: Local Man Takes CEO Role At SNS Project Inkwell
01/22/2008: Overflow Crowd For Dino Rossi
01/18/2008: How’s That? Bureaucrat Says “My Fault, I’ll Pay”?
01/18/2008: Immediate Action Urged Against Whooping Cough
01/17/2008: One Word Change & The Planning Process Changes
01/17/2008: AG McKenna, & Rossi In SJC Saturday
01/17/2008: Community Hospital Committee and PeaceHealth Initiate Feasibility Assessment
01/16/2008: Councils Concerns On Ferry Service
01/16/2008: Fundraising Dinner For Senior Center
01/16/2008: Tossed and Found
01/16/2008: New Paramedic Joins SJI EMS
01/15/2008: EDITORIAL
01/15/2008: Ferry Advisory Committee Hit By A Squall
01/14/2008: Now The Klahowya Replaces The Evergreen -- What Next?
01/14/2008: Growth Board Grows “Impatience” With County
01/13/2008: New Septic Maintenance Program Passed
01/13/2008: Free Renewable Energy Workshop Thursday
01/10/2008: One Step Closer to Public Access On Cady Mt.
01/10/2008: RSVP For Free Seminar On Wells
01/10/2008: Avoiding Fines For Water Quality Violations
01/09/2008: SJI Transfer Station May Get A Roof
01/09/2008: David Chancellor Black
01/09/2008: Have Ideas On Improving The Building Department??
01/09/2008: Seattle Opera Comes To San Juan Island!
01/08/2008: Hiyu to Replace Evergreen State On Inter-Island Run
01/08/2008: Missing Person
01/08/2008: CC Meets For 1st Time In '08', & In New Bld
01/08/2008: Chimney Fire, But No Damage
01/08/2008: Meetings On Upcoming Bluebird Releases
01/08/2008: SJC Audubon’s 108th Christmas Bird Count Summary
01/07/2008: $16K In Donations For OIFD Defibulators
01/06/2008: New Controller Of Islanders Bank
01/04/2008: Consumer Alert On Warranty Notices
01/04/2008: “Uninterruptible Power Supply" Interrupts Power Supply
01/04/2008: New Magnifier At SJI Library
01/03/2008: Part Time Council? Some More Than Others
01/02/2008: Credit Card Policy For County Reviewed
12/31/2007: Consignment Treasures Looks Forward To ‘08’
12/28/2007: Have An Opinion On Climate Change In Wa?
12/27/2007: Texting While Driving Law Starting Jan. 1
12/27/2007: New Tax May Be Back On Track
12/26/2007: Native Plant Sale: Order Now
12/26/2007: Drowning in Plastic
12/21/2007: CC Approves Right To Vote On Annexzation
12/20/2007: SJC Budget Amounts Explained For 08
12/20/2007: Judge Linde Says “Thank you”!
12/20/2007: New County Veterans’ Advisory Board Formed
12/19/2007: John Linde Is The New Judge
12/19/2007: Still No Judge, But We Do Have A Poet!
12/19/2007: CC Splits Vote, Rejects Fee To Study Stormwater
12/19/2007: Extreme Makeover – A New Look For Alcohol
12/19/2007: Spring Street Begins 2008 Scholarship Fund Drive
12/18/2007: Here We Go Again? CC Takes Up Storm Water Ord
12/18/2007: Christmas Carols At Senior Center
12/18/2007: Minor Accident On San Juan Island
12/18/2007: A Season for Sharing in Fire Safety
12/16/2007: New Septic Inspections Proposed
12/16/2007: MOCHA
12/15/2007: Brownies & Junior Girl Scouts Donate To Community
12/14/2007: Eight More Homes For Islanders
12/14/2007: National Bill of Rights Day
12/13/2007: Gladiator To The Rescue -Again!
12/13/2007: Christmas Bird Count Sat, Dec 15
12/13/2007: Land Bank Meets Friday In FH
12/13/2007: Kiwanis Christmas Toy Drive.
12/13/2007: Islanders Bank President Announced
12/12/2007: CC Passes 53+ Million County Budget
12/12/2007: Washington Continues To Recycle, But Garbage Grows
12/12/2007: Soroptimist Seek Applicants For Women's Opportunity Awards
12/11/2007: Public Hearing On Fee Increase For Garbage
12/10/2007: Open Letter Of Thanks!
12/10/2007: Black Ice
12/10/2007: PW Requests Fuel Depots For Orcas/San Juan
12/10/2007: No One Needs To Be Cold -Help Is Available
12/09/2007: Good News, Bad News
12/06/2007: New Property Taxes To Pay For Ferries?
12/06/2007: Salary Commission Decides: Keep It As Is
12/05/2007: Evans Questions Slow Down On Building Permits
12/05/2007: SV College Open Enrollment Begins Thursday
12/04/2007: Concerns Over Future Of SJI Grange Building
12/04/2007: Suit Over Ballot Bar Codes Will Go To Trial
12/04/2007: Remember United Way Of SJC In Your Holiday Giving!
12/03/2007: Toxic Chemicals of Concern & Stormwater
12/02/2007: Rain Garden Manual Available
12/01/2007: Thank You Capitan Simpson -But Not Goodbye
11/30/2007: It's Back!! + Tax Deferments Too
11/30/2007: League To Address Campaign Finance Reform
11/29/2007: Local Musicians up For Music Award
11/29/2007: 31 Million -Or More- For A Hospital
11/28/2007: Stormwater Sub-Committee Reports Disagreement
11/28/2007: County Proposes Strategy for Protecting Groundwater
11/28/2007: BYOB! The solution: Bring Your Own Bag
11/27/2007: No Public At Public Hearing On New Fees
11/27/2007: Auction Items & Volunteers Needed For Fundraiser
11/27/2007: Need To Set Policy: Parks & Fair Board
11/26/2007: County Told: Define The Problem!
11/25/2007: For The Sake Of Argument
11/24/2007: Puget Sound Partnership Taps Leading Scientists to Guide Restoration Effort
11/23/2007: Community
11/22/2007: Happy Thanksgiving To All!
11/21/2007: Who Is Stealing Road Signs? & Why?
11/21/2007: Safety Concern: Illahee Pulled From Service
11/21/2007: K-9 Carnival and Children’s Festival Help Needed!
11/20/2007: State Assessors’ Vote to Protect Taxpayers
11/20/2007: Roche Harbor Future Development Plans
11/20/2007: County Gains Some Important Support For Priorities
11/19/2007: Want to be an “Angel”?
11/19/2007: Lions ‘07’ Shopping Spree
11/18/2007: New Medicare Options Workshop In FH
11/16/2007: Genetically Modified Organisms Forum
11/16/2007: Turtleback A Year Later
11/16/2007: Tigers Take Championship; End Season Undefeated 10 - 0
11/15/2007: Storm Water Meeting
11/15/2007: Children’s Theatre Production November 16 & 17
11/14/2007: Simple Majority Ballot Measure May Pass
11/14/2007: County Revenue Estimate: The “Squeeze” is On
11/14/2007: “GIS on the Islands”
11/13/2007: South Beach On San Juan Island
11/12/2007: Council Sub-Committee Formed on Stormwater Issue
11/12/2007: - Guest Column -
11/11/2007: Veterans Day 2007. A Time To Say “Thank You”
11/11/2007: SJI Chamber Visitor Information Center Staff Honored
11/09/2007: State Supreme Court Rules Against I-747
11/09/2007: Guest Editorial
11/08/2007: Council Moves Quickly In Response To Election
11/08/2007: County Policy Reversed By Fed Law
11/08/2007: Time To Sign Up For Craft-Flea Market Sale
11/07/2007: Council To Hold Special Meeting Friday
11/07/2007: Girl’s Basketball Registrations In Process
11/07/2007: Firewise Awards On San Juan
11/06/2007: Help Out On Thanksgiving Day
11/06/2007: Reason To Be Proud & Happy
11/05/2007: Phillip Clarence White
11/05/2007: Plastics Recycling On Major Islands
11/03/2007: SJI Library Surveys Island Residents
11/02/2007: Mama na Dada Comes To Friday Harbor
11/01/2007: Stage Play “Doubt” At RH Pavilion
11/01/2007: Workshops Offered On Shoreline Protection
11/01/2007: Violet Richardson Award Applications Now Open
10/31/2007: County Budget Message: Not So Good
10/30/2007: Roche Harbor Roll-Over
10/30/2007: Help(!!) Out The Halloween Candy Drive
10/30/2007: A Wild Ride With WSF
10/29/2007: Guest Editorial
10/29/2007: Drive-Through Flu Shots Offered
10/29/2007: New Show At Waterworks
10/28/2007: You Are Invited To An Award Dinner
10/27/2007: Ian Byington Has A New Album
10/26/2007: New Coast Guard Captains Qualified
10/25/2007: Big Full Moon
10/25/2007: Premiere of Seattle Opera Young Artists Program
10/25/2007: SJ Joins In Firefighting In Ca
10/24/2007: The WSF Director Retires
10/24/2007: Council Hesitantly Selects Trust/Buck Project
10/24/2007: Owner Builder Program Targeted In Budget
10/23/2007: Jon Larson
10/23/2007: Tourism Spending Down, Ferry Fares Up
10/23/2007: ROAR
10/22/2007: MRC Wants DOE Funds: Education For Businesses
10/21/2007: SJI Real Estate: Sales Drop, Value Remains Steady
10/19/2007: Do Not Buy That Magnet!
10/19/2007: SJ Historical Museum Auction Saturday
10/18/2007: State Cracking Down On Unemployment Fraud
10/18/2007: Thinking About Starting A Business?
10/18/2007: Climate Change Lecture Series Starts Friday
10/17/2007: Four Councilmen Testify Before Salary Commission
10/17/2007: Canada Continues To Be a Poop Head On Pollution
10/17/2007: Home Trust “Annual Dessert Night”
10/17/2007: Puget Sound Kids Day 2007
10/17/2007: Booster Seats for Safety
10/16/2007: Tuesday Was "National Boss Day"
10/16/2007: A Real Water Shortage Is Known By Some
10/15/2007: Phone-a-Thon Fundraiser Monday and Tuesday Night
10/15/2007: Lecture On Maya Lin’s Confluence Project
10/14/2007: Two Classes Offered On Marketing A Manuscript
10/13/2007: Island Air Receives 4th Prestigious Safety Award
10/12/2007: Call Toll-Free Line To Report Dead Wild Birds
10/12/2007: Skagit Valley College Gains National Honors
10/12/2007: A Decade Of Service To Victims
10/11/2007: If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another
10/10/2007: Safety Fair Saturday Filled with Fun
10/10/2007: Celebrating A Building’s 100 Yr Birthday
10/09/2007: County Willing To Help Eastsound On Water & Sewer
10/09/2007: No Wind Storm After All
10/09/2007: San Juan Island Oktoberfest 2007
10/09/2007: October Is Scout Popcorn Sale Month
10/08/2007: Council Asked To Take Lead On WSF Issues
10/08/2007: Community Forum On Underage Drinking
10/08/2007: Free Hearing Tests, And More...
10/05/2007: SJI House Auctions For 1.5+ Million
10/04/2007: Lichter Wants Orcas Meeting, CC Agrees
10/04/2007: Be A Reading Buddy: Help Kids Learn to Read
10/04/2007: Ranker Appointed to Puget Sound Ecosystem Board
10/03/2007: Council Debates Stormwater Fee, Reaffirms Support
10/03/2007: Pacific Northwesterner Returns To Roots After 17 Yrs
10/02/2007: FH Movie Premier For An Orca Relief Fundraiser
10/02/2007: SJI Community Foundation Awards 56K to 20 Groups
10/02/2007: DOE Collects $72+K In Penalties In 2nd quarter
10/01/2007: Council Debates Climate Change Ordinance
09/29/2007: State & MRC To Discuss Oil Spill Programs
09/29/2007: Wa Joins Other States To Reduce Gas
09/28/2007: Whidbey Island Bank & Frontier Bank Merge
09/28/2007: Donate Now For 10-20-07 Museum Auction
09/28/2007: First Aid & CPR Classes Offered
09/28/2007: Gate's Grant Time Again
09/27/2007: Stormwater Seminars This Week
09/27/2007: Poor Attendance At 1st Budget Workshop
09/27/2007: Leadership SJI Begins Recruitment for Class of 2008
09/26/2007: Property Sales up 2nd quarter over 1st quarter
09/26/2007: Hearing To Be Held On Sales Tax Increase
09/26/2007: CC Recommends Sato To SJ Action Area
09/26/2007: Start Burning Oct 1... Except In GMAs
09/25/2007: County May Pay Henrickson $500 Mo To Be Pro-Tem
09/25/2007: Town To Lose Another Historic Building? Perhaps Not
09/25/2007: No Amount Too Small To Respond To
09/24/2007: CC Wants Input On Budget Priorities
09/24/2007: 28th Annual FRIENDS Picnic
09/22/2007: Visser’s To Auction Home, Move To Uruguay
09/21/2007: League of Women Voters Schedules Election Forums
09/21/2007: Quall Heads New Education Committee
09/21/2007: Help for People with Low Vision
09/20/2007: CC Will Hold "Public Meeting" on Stormwater Funding
09/20/2007: 9 Grand For 8 Days, “Try Not To Spend It All!”
09/20/2007: Only One “ADU Conversion” Permit Still Available
09/20/2007: Marine Naturalist Training Program This Fall
09/19/2007: PW Proposes New Work To Fix Old Work
09/19/2007: Council Gets The Official Tour & Opens Some Bids
09/19/2007: Coaches & Halloween Party Volunteers Needed
09/18/2007: CC Considers Getting “Facts Out" On Stormwater
09/17/2007: Supreme Court Rules 8-1 Against Mandatory Buffers
09/17/2007: Help In Saving Old Barns
09/17/2007: Chipseal Time Again On Orcas
09/14/2007: Island Museum of Art exhibits Lopez Artists
09/14/2007: A Few Key Words To Think About
09/13/2007: 25 Years Adds Up To Time To “Go Fishing!”
09/13/2007: New Solid Waste Program Manager
09/12/2007: Orca Ord Becomes Law In SJC
09/12/2007: SJI Group Hopes To Add Local Radio Station
09/11/2007: Public Hearing On Orca Protection Ordinance
09/11/2007: Learn About Changes in Charitable Solicitations
09/11/2007: Registration Open: Skagit Valley College In F.H.
09/10/2007: Ecology awards 50K For Watershed Restoration/Protection
09/10/2007: Take Down Those Signs!
09/08/2007: Guest Editorial
09/08/2007: Goofy Sense Of Humor Needed For An Open Role
09/07/2007: The “San Juan Islands” Action Area
09/07/2007: SJI Lib & FH Labs Sponsor Author
09/06/2007: Will Take Billions To Protect/Restore PS
09/05/2007: Gates Proposals Are Due
09/05/2007: 25 Elementary School Age Performers Wanted!
09/04/2007: Learn About The Puget Sound Partnership
09/04/2007: Sept 5 Whale Museum’s Lecture Series
09/04/2007: SJ Preservation Trust’s $650K Fundraising Succeeds
09/01/2007: The Tradition Continues
09/01/2007: THIS SATURDAY- Don't miss the last free Family Art Day of the summer!
08/31/2007: Jim Nollman Art, Music, & Whales
08/31/2007: Rotary Bike Rest Ribbon cutting
08/30/2007: Is This The Current Agenda?
08/30/2007: Westcott Bay Sculpture Park: "Artists In Action"
08/29/2007: Work Begins On Legislative Building
08/29/2007: SJC Planning Commission Receives UGA Input
08/28/2007: Garage Sale Items (?) For "Dollars For Scholars"
08/28/2007: Watmough Campaign Passes $400,000 Mark
08/28/2007: Soccer Nights at Islands Community Church
08/27/2007: Firefighters Deployed To Assist In Major Wildland Fire
08/26/2007: FH Port Director Steve Simpson Announces Retirement
08/25/2007: 9th Annual Steve Braun Memorial Triathlon
08/23/2007: Do You Know These Men? The FBI Would Like To
08/23/2007: Guest Editorial
08/23/2007: The SJ I Community Foundation Awards
08/22/2007: County & Town Discuss Town Dump
08/22/2007: Look For This Logo
08/21/2007: Joint Meeting Held By Town & County
08/21/2007: No Net Loss Of Farm Land Proposed To CC
08/20/2007: Will SJC Lose Control To DNR?
08/19/2007: Watmough Wild Campaign Requires $200,000 More
08/16/2007: CC Discusses “Spin” & Press Releases
08/15/2007: SJI Grange Suspended By State Master
08/15/2007: “Let's Talk!” In The Ag Tent
08/15/2007: Bloom It & Groom It In Ag Tent At SJC Fair!
08/14/2007: CC May Take Second Look At Survey Policy
08/14/2007: In FH: Seattle Chamber Brass Quintet
08/14/2007: Get Your Disaster T-Shirt At The Fair
08/14/2007: Volunteers Needed For FH 8.8k Loop Run
08/13/2007: With, or Without, Prejudice?
08/13/2007: Guest Editorial
08/12/2007: SJI Fire Department Welcomes New Chief
08/12/2007: Gregoire Proclaims Aug. 12-18 Wa Farmers Market Week
08/12/2007: New Requirements For Immunizations
08/11/2007: The Mother of All Parking Lot Sales!
08/10/2007: $120K Matching Private Grant To Keep Watmough Wild
08/10/2007: Sign Up Now: Summer Bike Ride on Shaw Island
08/10/2007: Ecology Awards SJC 45K For Litter Cleanup
08/09/2007: Gaylord Warns SJC May Be Sued Over Referendum
08/09/2007: SJC & Gaylord Still Subject Of Civil Rights Lawsuit
08/07/2007: Council Drops Law Suit Against Referendum
08/07/2007: Court Sides With Gavora, But Gaylord May Obtain Restraining Order To Stop Election
08/07/2007: Who Pays The Cost Of Development?
08/07/2007: State Conservation Programs & The SJ Islands
08/06/2007: County & Town Councils Adopt Rd Plans
08/05/2007: Water Main Springs Leak On Spring Street
08/03/2007: Care Package Donations 1st Saturday Ea Month in FH
08/02/2007: CC Subcommittee To Explore Need For “Financial Incentives”
08/01/2007: Town Road Improvements
08/01/2007: CC Holds Off Nominating SJC As “Aquatic Reserve”
07/31/2007: Guest Editorial
07/31/2007: SJC May Be Nominated As An “Aquatic Reserve”
07/31/2007: Lichter: Veterans Wanted For Advisory Board
07/30/2007: You’re In Violation! Oh…Never Mind
07/30/2007: Guest Editorial
07/28/2007: Judge Rules Against CC On Land Division Appeal
07/26/2007: Guest Editorial
07/26/2007: New Westside Property Added To Preserve
07/26/2007: San Juan Builders Association…#1 in the Nation
07/25/2007: Dumptruck Rollover, Driver Trapped But Okay
07/25/2007: County Passes New Rules On Septic Inspections
07/25/2007: New Residents "06-"07": FH Adds 10, SJC 190
07/24/2007: Entire SJI Grange Leadership Resigns
07/24/2007: Conservation Partnership Looking For $1.225 Million
07/22/2007: Septic Maintenance Plan Public Hearing
07/22/2007: SJ Islands "Paint-Out" Supports Land Conservation
07/20/2007: Nancy Jo Cavenaugh - July 28, 1934 - July 7, 2007
07/19/2007: CC Endorses Marine Stewardship Plan
07/19/2007: SJVB Retains Tourism Funding
07/18/2007: Ballot Tracking System Derailed
07/18/2007: CC Upholds PW On Stormwater Appeal
07/18/2007: SWAC & Lichter Tour Some Dump Sites
07/17/2007: Mr. Ranker Goes To Washington
07/17/2007: Whale Museum Land Based Wildlife Tours
07/16/2007: Bad News/Good News
07/16/2007: Orcas Island Recreation Program
07/16/2007: Wags To Riches
07/14/2007: Inter-island Traffic Alert
07/13/2007: What Were They Thinking?
07/12/2007: Rescue Tug Coverage To Remain
07/12/2007: Guest Editorial
07/12/2007: State Wide Recognition For Local Firefighter
07/12/2007: The Town Deserves A Round Of Applause
07/11/2007: 4 To 2 CC Vote To Sue On Referendum
07/11/2007: $95K For Salmon Recovery
07/11/2007: SJ Islands Ranked #4 By Travel + Leisure
07/10/2007: Storm Water Referendum: CC To Court?
07/10/2007: Island Style Ride Sharing
07/09/2007: Fair Warning: Calling All Writers!
07/08/2007: A Canadian View Of Transborder Agreement
07/06/2007: 9 More Affordable Homes In FH
07/06/2007: Superpod Of Orca In Strait Of Georgia
07/05/2007: The 4th In Friday Harbor
07/05/2007: Breaking News: Boater Missing
07/05/2007: 4th Of July
07/03/2007: Suffering “The Worst of Both Worlds”
07/02/2007: And Another Multi-Vehicle Accident On SJI
07/02/2007: Four Car Accident Sends Two To Hospital
07/02/2007: “Timebenders” Return To SJ On 4th
07/01/2007: F H Fire Department Rescues Flag
06/30/2007: Successful Invention Camp
06/28/2007: “Will The Owner Of The Car Please…”
06/28/2007: Bald Eagles: No Longer Endangered?
06/28/2007: Gov. Appoints State Leaders to “Protect and Restore Puget Sound”
06/28/2007: Ecology Bans Burning In UGA
06/27/2007: CC To Court On Referendum? Knapp Vote May Decide
06/27/2007: Missoula Children’s Theatre Presents Cinderella June 30
06/27/2007: BC Orca Recovery Strategy Release Stalls Lawsuit
06/27/2007: Volunteers Wanted For Dollars For Scholars
06/26/2007: Council Hires Attorney As Clerk
06/26/2007: Stormwater Hearing Rescheduled -No One Is Happy
06/25/2007: SJ Initiative Meeting Monday
06/25/2007: Council Passes A “No Brainer”
06/24/2007: Dispatches From Bangladesh
06/22/2007: Friday was “Take Your Dog to Work Day”
06/22/2007: MedVac Helicopter Based On SJI This Summer
06/21/2007: Public Trashes Proposal To Move Dump
06/20/2007: Will Council Try & Stop Referendum Vote?
06/20/2007: Guest Editorial
06/20/2007: Buyer’s Club Co-Op Being Formed
06/20/2007: Skyhawks Multi-Sports Camp On Orcas
06/19/2007: It Worked! Baby Bluebirds on SJ Island
06/19/2007: Host British Soccer Coaches this summer!
06/19/2007: Council Signs Transborder Island Agreement
06/18/2007: Voters May Decide On Stormwater Fee
06/18/2007: Performing Arts Society’s Concert, Wednesday
06/15/2007: Dispatches From Bangladesh
06/15/2007: Transfer Station: Improve Existing Or Move It?
06/14/2007: State & Feds Come To Hear & Help
06/13/2007: Legal Waters Found Deep For Orca Protection
06/12/2007: Took A Few Years, But Rosario Has A Plan
06/12/2007: CC Clerk Moves To Town Position
06/12/2007: Legion Team Work For A New Patio
06/12/2007: SJCFD #3 Makes Choice On Fire Chief
06/12/2007: Auditions June 18-19
06/10/2007: CC Takes Up Rosario & Orca Ordinances On Monday, Then It Is Off To Canada
06/10/2007: Well Child Health Screening Clinic
06/08/2007: SJI To Hold Major Meeting On Ecosystem Protection
06/07/2007: Nantucket Planner In Friday Harbor On June 20 & 21
06/06/2007: CC Moves To Protect Orca In SJC Waters
06/05/2007: CC Appoints CAO Committee
06/04/2007: Checking Finger Prints, But 10K Could Solve Case
06/04/2007: Whale Harassment Case Settled For $540.00
06/04/2007: SJC Hires Communications Manager
06/04/2007: CC Briefing Tuesday On Stormwater Appeal Procedures
06/04/2007: Guest Editorial
06/04/2007: Time To File For Elected Office!
06/01/2007: Coast Guard Busts Illegal Immigrants
06/01/2007: 2nd Attack By Dogs (aka: Family Pets) On Livestock
05/31/2007: $10,000.00 Reward For Conviction Of Vandal(s)
05/31/2007: Ground Breaking In Friday Harbor
05/30/2007: Shirley Bonita Nielsen
05/30/2007: SJ Assisted Living Breaks Ground May 30
05/30/2007: Guest Editorial: Bags!!!!
05/30/2007: United Way Receives $2,000 Wells Fargo Foundation Grant
05/28/2007: Update Award Fund Pledges Reach $6,000.00.
05/28/2007: MEMORIAL DAY 2007
05/25/2007: Annexation Of Buck Property Still A Question
05/24/2007: Public Hearing On FH Expansion
05/24/2007: Forum On Incentives To Preserve Historic Blds
05/24/2007: Dr. Osborne To Be Honored By Whale Museum
05/24/2007: Dinner & Auction for SJ Community Home Trust
05/24/2007: Film Makers Contest - Cash Awards
05/23/2007: 2 Day Presentation By Nantucket Planner Scheduled
05/23/2007: Chip Seal Success Says PW
05/23/2007: Dinner & Auction for SJ Community Home Trust
05/22/2007: Governor To Select Our Judge
05/22/2007: CC Cancels Public Hearing On Road To Beach
05/21/2007: New SJI Transfer Station Or Fix Existing?
05/21/2007: Group From Turkey Tour SJC
05/21/2007: EMS Week: Extraordinary People & Service
05/20/2007: SJCT New Resource Center Opens
05/18/2007: Leadership SJ Islands Class III Graduates Today
05/17/2007: Storm Water Petition & Appeal Surges Forward
05/16/2007: Guest Editorial
05/16/2007: Charges Filed In Fatal Accident On SJI
05/15/2007: Community Shows Up For Steve Maas
05/15/2007: State Salary Commission Wants Your Comments
05/14/2007: Master Gardener’s Fundraiser A Success
05/14/2007: $1,500 State Award To Lopez School For Recycling Program
05/11/2007: "Firewise": Help & Learn How In FH
05/11/2007: Ferry Unloading Problem
05/10/2007: Whale Museum Marine Naturalist Training
05/10/2007: SJ Pilots Association To FH Port: No Air Show Planned
05/10/2007: United Way SJC Campaign Boasts Record Amount
05/09/2007: CC To Decide On Judgeship Question
05/09/2007: Final Meeting On FH Transportation Plan Thursday
05/09/2007: United Way SJC Campaign Boasts Record Amount
05/08/2007: Local Man In Jail For Sex Crime
05/08/2007: Rosario Master Plan Approval...Almost, Soon…
05/07/2007: Ausilio Pleads Guilty To Vehicular Homicide
05/07/2007: SJ Initiative Second Public Meeting Monday on Orcas
05/04/2007: New Orca Calf Sighted In SJ Waters
05/04/2007: SJ Conservation Dist. & PW Improve Lagoon & Beach
05/04/2007: Low Income Seniors Free Produce Program
05/03/2007: Gladiator Tug Aids Tanker Headed Our Way
05/03/2007: “Aerofest San Juan” In Planning Stage
05/02/2007: Did PW Set Example Of How Not To Set Examples?
05/01/2007: Feral Cat or Household Pet?
05/01/2007: Guest Editorial- Part Two
04/30/2007: SJICC Votes To Spearhead Town Improvement Plan
04/30/2007: Real Estate Investment Seminar -Free!
04/29/2007: Fed’s Give Permits For Study Of Tidal Energy
04/28/2007: Rescue Tug Assists Ship Inbound For Tacoma
04/27/2007: Unanimous Against SJC In Statewide Lawsuit
04/27/2007: Those Damn Bugs Are Coming Back
04/26/2007: SJ Initiative To Hold First Public Meeting Fri on SJI
04/26/2007: What is the Driving Force On Road Design & Use
04/26/2007: The Chip-Seal Season Is Coming
04/25/2007: CC Votes To Keep Battleship Island Name
04/25/2007: Grange Wants Action On Noxious Weeds
04/25/2007: Bowling For Scholars
04/24/2007: SJC & New Judge Implementation
04/24/2007: Council To Take Up Renaming Of Battleship Island
04/23/2007: Overall, Good News In Real Estate Values
04/23/2007: Lecture: “Cancer and Our Environment.”
04/22/2007: Guest Editorial
04/22/2007: For The Nature-Computer Game Lover
04/20/2007: Wanted: Heavy Metal --- A Special Collection of Mercury
04/19/2007: Done Deal: SJC Will Get Own Judge, If...
04/19/2007: New Septic Maintenance Program Proposed
04/19/2007: Have A Salmon Recovery Project Proposal?
04/18/2007: CC Discusses Financial Incentives To Travel
04/18/2007: County Counts Successes at State Capital
04/17/2007: Is Your Name On This List? If so, There Is $ For You
04/17/2007: Rosario Master Plan One Step Closer To Approval
04/17/2007: Additional $ For Tug Rescue On Hold
04/16/2007: Imagine No Litter!
04/16/2007: The “Firewise” Program Is Back
04/14/2007: Fire Codes Prevent A Potential Hotel Fire
04/13/2007: FH Burn Ban Lifted!
04/13/2007: Guest Editorial
04/12/2007: FH Animal Protection Society’s 25th Anniversary
04/12/2007: Island Air Ambulance Celebration Sunday
04/11/2007: Is The County Liable For Bicycle Accidents?
04/10/2007: Council Presented Draft Rules on Whale Watching
04/10/2007: SBA Offers Windstorm Aid to Small Businesses
04/10/2007: Large Turnout For Second Marine Workshop
04/06/2007: Will Council Ask For More Pay?
04/05/2007: SJC Girls: 2,3 & 4 In Sportsmanship
04/05/2007: SJ Historical Museum Awarded Grant
04/04/2007: Priority Loading For Farmers & County Nixed
04/04/2007: Want To Help? List Of SJC Committee Vacancies
04/03/2007: "After Work" Citizen Access To Council
04/03/2007: Register Spring Quarter at Skagit Valley College
04/02/2007: Nantucket Planner May Come To SJC -For A Day
04/02/2007: Keeping Kids Safe Online
04/01/2007: Forum Scheduled On Global Warming
03/30/2007: Calling all San Juan Island Students:
03/28/2007: Betty S. Gilson MD
03/28/2007: Help Children Celebrate Their World!
03/28/2007: Egg Lake Dock to be Replaced
03/28/2007: 90 Limit On All Road Side Memorials
03/27/2007: Skeletal Remains Found On Orcas
03/27/2007: “Ride Share Program” Gets Sign Of Approval
03/27/2007: Wallace G. Mullis
03/27/2007: Public Hearing Today On Memorials On County Roads
03/27/2007: Calling Playwrights And Local History Enthusiasts
03/26/2007: Litter Tally Tells A Dirty Story
03/24/2007: Islanders Encouraged to Look for Bluebirds
03/23/2007: Comments Wanted On Protecting Whales In WA
03/23/2007: BC Sewage Prosecutions Gaining Momentum
03/22/2007: Solar Lights For Courthouse Parking Lot?
03/22/2007: CC & Auditor At Odds On Emergency Funding For Affordable Housing
03/21/2007: Bad Roads + Bicycles= Bad Policy
03/20/2007: Appeal Filed On Guest House GMB Decision
03/19/2007: Burn Ban Imposed In SJC Urban Areas
03/19/2007: Feasibility Discussion Of Food Co-Op Continues
03/16/2007: Home Owners Want "Storm Water Tax" Refund
03/16/2007: Matt Zybas Will Return To Snohomish County
03/16/2007: Movement Towards Vocational Technical Training
03/15/2007: SJC's First Referendum Is Charging Forward
03/15/2007: CC Accepts Grant For "Strengthening Families"
03/14/2007: New Committee Will Help Critical Area Ord UpDate
03/14/2007: 35 MPH? CC To Explore SJC Speed Limits
03/13/2007: Bluebirds Re-Introduced To San Juan County
03/12/2007: Car Plunges Into Water, Driver Escapes
03/12/2007: Is It Okay To Park In The Intersection?
03/09/2007: Hearings To Be Held On Rosario Resort Master Plan
03/09/2007: Western Bluebird Re-Introduction Project
03/08/2007: US Supreme Court May Decide How We Vote
03/08/2007: Tickets For St. Patrick's Day Dinners & Auctions
03/08/2007: Eastsound Sub Area Plan Update
03/08/2007: New Business Resources At Libraries
03/07/2007: Land Bank Has Lots For Sale in FH
03/07/2007: Guest Editorial
03/06/2007: Dr. Marcia Zakarison Dies Unexpectedly
03/06/2007: Fatal Car Accident On SJI
03/05/2007: March 12th Deadline To Sign Ferry Petition
03/03/2007: Good Turnout For Trail Run At Moran Park
03/02/2007: Relay For Life Kickoff On Saturday
03/02/2007: Cookie Season Starts Today
02/28/2007: Tragedy On Lopez: Lopez Man Drowns
02/28/2007: Council To Address Their Public Image
02/28/2007: 9% More To Dump Garbage
02/28/2007: First Aid & CPR Classes Offered On SJI
02/28/2007: Free Composting Workshops
02/27/2007: Getting To Know You -All About You
02/27/2007: Want To Serve Your County?
02/27/2007: Doris Margaret Hartman
02/26/2007: CC Work Session/Retreat Mon & Tue On Priorities
02/24/2007: Soroptimists Awards Outstanding Women & Teens
02/23/2007: Bill Munich's Murderer Found Guilty
02/23/2007: Tidal Energy Project Permit Submitted
02/23/2007: How To Test HS Kids In Math & Science
02/22/2007: Bellevue North? Big Time Bld In FH
02/22/2007: SJC: Highest Incidence Of Breast Cancer In WA
02/21/2007: Shannon Makes U-Turn On Road Failures: Rock Passed Tests, But Rock Is Wrong
02/21/2007: High School Auto Mechanics Class Rebuilds 78 Chev
02/20/2007: PC Hearing On HE To Continue
02/19/2007: Guest Editorial
02/17/2007: Successful Open House at the Whale Museum
02/15/2007: At Last, Possible Law On Cell Phones & Driving
02/15/2007: PC Public Hearing On Changes To HE Rules
02/13/2007: Growth Board Rules In Favor Of County & Friends
02/13/2007: State "Dissolves" Tariff Policy Committee
02/13/2007: Builders Assoc On Ferry Issues: Legislature Is Key
02/12/2007: Warning Period Over: Cover That Load!
02/12/2007: Whale Museum Open House
02/10/2007: Lakedale Resort To Offer Weekly Wine Tasting Events
02/09/2007: Knowledge Bowl - Fun For All
02/09/2007: Gov. Gregoire Announces Action on Climate Change
02/08/2007: WSF Petition Drive Speeds Up
02/07/2007: Ranker Makes A Direct Hit
02/07/2007: Knowledge Bowl Competition Thursday Night
02/07/2007: 2007 Spelling Bee Winners
02/07/2007: New Members Inducted into Soroptimists
02/07/2007: SJI Library Announces New Adult Programming Series
02/06/2007: Feds Approve Plan: Restore Puget Sound Chinook
02/06/2007: Nearly 100 County Council Priorities For '07'
02/05/2007: Current Reports From Afar: Thailand
02/05/2007: How To Comment On Orca Recovery Plan
02/05/2007: Practice Makes Perfect
02/05/2007: State Tax Report Released
02/05/2007: Father Daughter Dance
02/04/2007: New VA Medical Center Likely In Mt Vernon Area
02/02/2007: Objections, But FH Accepts WSF "Plan"
02/02/2007: Good Turnout for First Food Co-Op Meeting
02/01/2007: Way Too Close For Comfort
02/01/2007: WSF Has Big Plans For FH
02/01/2007: "Nowhere In Africa"
01/31/2007: Which Way Does The Wind Blow? Be A Weather Spotter
01/31/2007: Island Air To Offer Air Ambulance
01/31/2007: Poster Contest: The World Through A Child's Eyes
01/30/2007: Sales Of Tobacco To Minors Continue To Drop
01/30/2007: Judicial District Update
01/30/2007: Should Be A Barn Burner On Wednesday
01/30/2007: SJC Man Interviewed On KPLU: Windows Vista
01/29/2007: Charter Bites Back On New Tax
01/28/2007: League To Lead Discussion On GMA Tuesday
01/28/2007: New Director Of The Whale Museum
01/26/2007: Horsemanship Clinic & Western Swing Music
01/26/2007: Friday Harbor S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g Bee
01/25/2007: Seniors-4-Seniors
01/25/2007: Guest Editorial
01/24/2007: "San Juan County Employee Appreciation Week" Thank You For Your Help
01/24/2007: A Few Bumps In Presentation By PW On Roads
01/24/2007: Planning For A SJI Natural Grocery Co-Op
01/23/2007: Rough Road Ahead
01/23/2007: Robert F. Buck Family Sells Land For Affordable Housing
01/23/2007: SJI Firefighters Honored for Dedicated Service
01/22/2007: CC Tells Rose Not To Attend State Meeting Of Officials
01/22/2007: Still Time To Get Influenza Vaccine!
01/22/2007: Leadership San Juan Islands Class III Begins
01/19/2007: Saturday is "San Juan Leo Day"
01/19/2007: Community Leadership Series Starts
01/18/2007: Progress On New Judge
01/18/2007: FHFF Association Annual Awards
01/17/2007: "Good Ol' Boy" Government, Or Charter Government?
01/17/2007: Whale Museum Offers Marine Naturalist Training
01/17/2007: Time For A Hospital On SJI?
01/16/2007: Should Battleship Island May Be Re-named "Morse Island"?
01/15/2007: Report Lists Troubles In Puget Sound
01/14/2007: FH March Planned To Honor MLK
01/13/2007: The Diary of Anne Frank
01/12/2007: Ice On The Roads
01/12/2007: Gov. Gregoire Calls for Fed Disaster Funding
01/11/2007: Sunrise On First Storm Of '07'
01/11/2007: Storm Related Fatality
01/10/2007: No 100% Increase In WSF Fares
01/09/2007: Bailer Hill Open! No, Wait! Oh What A Mess!
01/09/2007: New Elected Officials Sworn In
01/09/2007: Counties Upset Over Loss Of Oil Spill Council
01/09/2007: Vacancy On The Land Bank
01/09/2007: Public Is Welcome on Turtleback Mountain
01/08/2007: Bailer Hill Road Remains Closed
01/08/2007: Seafood Store Sinks
01/08/2007: Will SJC Have A New Judgeand A New PA??
01/06/2007: What Water Shortage?
01/05/2007: Winter Ferry Sailing Schedule Starts Sunday
01/04/2007: Last Hurrah On Guest Houses? Unlikely.
01/03/2007: PC Review Of Hearing Examiner Rules Delayed
01/01/2007: A New Year Resolution Some Should Make
12/30/2006: OPALCO Board Says "Thank You!"
12/28/2006: Frost On The Roads !!
12/27/2006: Tis The Season For Waste Reduction..& Fun!
12/27/2006: Electronics Recycling Event Sat, FH
12/26/2006: Benefit Sunday For Jamie Morrison
12/26/2006: At Last, MedVac Program Returns!
12/24/2006: New Visser Column: “Nantucketafication”
12/22/2006: What Do SJC & Ho Chi Minh City Have In Common?
12/22/2006: More Legal Action Up North On Sewage
12/22/2006: Kelley Balcomb-Bartok New FH Council Member
12/21/2006: CC Discusses Hiring A Consultant
12/21/2006: County Council Travel Money
12/21/2006: Local Company "Goes Global"
12/20/2006: FH Wants County To Honor Dump Agreement
12/20/2006: A Local Judge For SJC?
12/20/2006: Garbage Goes Down, Rates Go Up
12/19/2006: Islanders Bank Sold To Off Island Group
12/19/2006: Board Raises Health Fees 5 %
12/18/2006: 100 Yrs: Courthouse Re-dedication Today, Dec 19
12/16/2006: Public Cautioned On Post-Storm Tree Care/Cleanup
12/15/2006: Property Tax Relief For Seniors & Disabled
12/14/2006: National Bill of Rights Day
12/14/2006: Legislative Priorities
12/14/2006: Santa & Boat Parade At RH Saturday
12/14/2006: SJ Singers Gloria Concert Sat & Sunday
12/13/2006: "Quest For The Pacific" Lecture Series
12/13/2006: Council Passes Stormwater Ord To An Empty House
12/12/2006: John C. Volk Has Passed
12/12/2006: Public Hearing Today On New Fees: Stormwater
12/12/2006: Tonight: River & Sea Otters Lecture
12/11/2006: Help Determine Bird Population In SJC
12/10/2006: $250 For Illegal Parking In Disabled Spot
12/08/2006: Public Input Wanted On Fee Increases
12/08/2006: In The Spirit Of The Season
12/07/2006: Barge Landings at LaFarge Beach
12/06/2006: End Of An Era
12/06/2006: Letter On "Stop Dock Study" Put On Hold
12/06/2006: "Dog" Ordinance Receives Update
12/05/2006: At Last: A Full County Council
12/05/2006: CC Tells State To Stop Dock Study
12/04/2006: WSF Draft FH Master Plan
12/03/2006: New Council Members Take Office Today
12/02/2006: Emergency Declared By County
12/02/2006: Storm Over, Driving Problems Remain
12/01/2006: Two Attorneys Join PA Team
11/30/2006: County Closing Raises Concerns & Questions
11/30/2006: Benefit Players Present A Ceremony of Carols
11/30/2006: Local Firm's West Coast Event a Success
11/29/2006: Not Only Cars Having Traction Problems
11/28/2006: Guest Editorial
11/27/2006: ICE & More ICE On The Roads
11/24/2006: Guest Editorial
11/24/2006: "The Swallows Are Home Again"
11/24/2006: New Well Construction and Contractor Rules
11/22/2006: Charter Cost 1.9 Million?
11/20/2006: Call for Actors "The Cemetery Club"
11/18/2006: Click Of A Finger: Send A Card To Those Serving In Iraq
11/18/2006: First Of Five Arrive San Juan County
11/17/2006: Want To Help Run The Town?
11/17/2006: Not Extinct, & Not Endangered, But To Be Protected
11/17/2006: 2007 Rescue Tug Coverage Assured
11/16/2006: New Secretary Of Defense Has Orcas Home
11/16/2006: Guest Editorial
11/16/2006: Help Offered For Medicare Enrollment
11/16/2006: Dollars For Scholars Garage Sale
11/15/2006: Saying Goodbye To SI
11/15/2006: "Breaking" News: Tsunami May Hit WA?
11/15/2006: CC Meets New Attorney
11/15/2006: Turtleback Mountain Saved
11/14/2006: CC To Take Position On Global Warming?
11/14/2006: America Recycles Day!
11/14/2006: Free Electronic Recycling By 09'
11/14/2006: Attend Make a Book Workshops at Library
11/13/2006: Just Sitting Out The Rain
11/13/2006: Project Manager Selected For SJ Initiative
11/12/2006: AEDs: SJ County Has Been A Leader
11/10/2006: Happy Birthday To The US Marine Corps
11/10/2006: Guest Editorial
11/10/2006: Holiday Decorating Contest
11/09/2006: Officer Candidate Matthew Carter
11/09/2006: Violet Richardson Award Applications Now Available for Girls 14-17
11/08/2006: Lichter & Ranker Question Gaylord's Choice of DP
11/08/2006: SJC Joins NW Marine Industry Project
11/08/2006: Agricultural Survey Completed
11/07/2006: Lichter: "Revoke Funding For Deputy Prosecutor"
11/05/2006: A Child In Need Of Community Help
11/04/2006: Turtleback To Remain In Natural State
11/03/2006: SJC Sued Over "Ballot Tracker" System
11/02/2006: Guest Editorial
11/02/2006: Survey Underway On SJC Preparedness
11/02/2006: Leadership SJI Schedules 2 Open Houses
11/01/2006: Permit Director: "Abolish The Owner Builder Permit"!
11/01/2006: Rear-Ender In Friday Harbor
11/01/2006: Chief McLaughlin To Move On
11/01/2006: Rescue Tug Service Starts Today
10/31/2006: New Understandable SJC Budget
10/31/2006: CC To Provide More Information To Public
10/30/2006: Hertel Questions legality Of SJC Voting System
10/29/2006: We Get The Picture: Winter Is Here
10/29/2006: Guest Column
10/27/2006: Meetings To Begin On Critical Areas Ordinance
10/26/2006: San Juan Island Annual Roadside Cleanup Starts
10/25/2006: County May Get Additional Judge
10/25/2006: Charges To Be Filed In Auto Fatality
10/25/2006: Ranker Expresses Concerns, & Support On State Parks Proposal
10/25/2006: Local Governments Support Oil Spill Recommendations
10/24/2006: Editorial
10/24/2006: Burning Allowed Again -With A Permit!
10/24/2006: Private Sector In B.C. Fights To Prevent Sewage Dumping
10/23/2006: CC Reduces Speed Limit On SJI Road
10/23/2006: What Is Killing Off ORCA?
10/20/2006: SJ Historical Museum's Autumn Auction
10/19/2006: Court to Review County's Dual Methods to Determine Parcel Size
10/18/2006: Guest Editorial
10/18/2006: Council Approves Hiring Help For Prosecutor
10/18/2006: "Dog Ordinance" Nearly Ready For Pubic Hearing
10/18/2006: Save Turtleback Mt Deadline Is Near & Dear
10/18/2006: San Juan Island's New "Personal Historian"
10/17/2006: State Wide, Recycling & Garbage Are Increasing
10/17/2006: Self-Haul On SJ To Remain? New Transfer Station To Be Built?
10/17/2006: Where We Are: The Weed Board
10/16/2006: Prosecutor To Ask For Help
10/16/2006: Report Released On Restoring The Sound
10/14/2006: At Long Last: Firearm Restrictions Apply in County
10/14/2006: Victims Services Center Awarded $30,000 Grant
10/12/2006: Lynne Rogers
10/12/2006: Off And Running!
10/12/2006: Update On 1897 Hanging
10/11/2006: CC Slowly Trots Toward New Dog Ord
10/11/2006: Court Upholds Access Site Enforcement On Henry Island
10/11/2006: Have Any Info On A Hanging in 1897?
10/10/2006: Oil Spill Response Trailers Granted To SJC
10/10/2006: Guest Editorial
10/09/2006: Hyak Replaced By Smaller Sealth For 4 Months
10/09/2006: October 10: SJI Intermodal Transportation Committee
10/08/2006: Guest Editorial
10/07/2006: Sheriff Bill Has Operation For Aneurysm
10/07/2006: Orcas Elementary School gets READY FOR ANYTHING
10/06/2006: Pacific Coast Governors Announce Partnership
10/05/2006: Have Dinner & Support SJ Nature Institute
10/04/2006: Citizen Questions CC On Advisory Ballot Policies
10/04/2006: County Looks To Hire Project Manager For "Ecosystem-Based Initiative"
10/04/2006: '06' ADU Quota May Be Filled
10/03/2006: New Group Want To Hear From The Community
10/02/2006: County Employee In Hospital
10/02/2006: Holy Smoke!
10/02/2006: SJI Community Foundation "Breakfast of Champions" A Success
09/30/2006: Guest Column
09/29/2006: First Aid & CPR Classes Offered
09/29/2006: Pete Rose Continues His Rotary Membership
09/29/2006: Good Luck On Monday For An ADU Permit!
09/28/2006: CC Wants Priority Loading for Livestock on Ferries
09/27/2006: SJI Community Foundation "Breakfast of Champions"
09/27/2006: Sweat Equity, and Neighbor Helping Neighbor
09/26/2006: World Beat Resounds at SJ Community Theatre
09/26/2006: San Juan County Wilderness EMTs Graduate
09/25/2006: CC Reviews State Archeological Agreement
09/25/2006: Breakfast of Champions: SJI Community Foundation
09/24/2006: New Ferry Ticketing System Next Month
09/23/2006: Cover & Secure That Load!
09/21/2006: "Open House" For Homes For Islanders
09/20/2006: D's Go To Polls, Win Big
09/20/2006: Council "Time Off"
09/20/2006: Gulf Islands' Planners Visit SJI
09/19/2006: No Injury Flip-over On SJI -Driver Leaves Scene
09/18/2006: SealWatch Wants Your Help
09/16/2006: 12,694 Assists. Ambassadors End Their Summer.
09/14/2006: Pierce County Man Infected by West Nile Virus
01/18/2005: *Repaired*
09/14/2006: Gaylord: No Plans To Resign
09/14/2006: No More Free Parking At Anacortes Terminal
09/14/2006: Marine Turbines Study For SJC Proposed
09/13/2006: CC "Aliquot System" Policy Remains
09/13/2006: 1200 Rally Last Saturday To Save Turtleback Mt
09/12/2006: Few Turn Out For 9-11 Memorial In FH
09/11/2006: CC To Sell Bonds For Turtle Back & Carlson Bld Purchase
09/11/2006: No Ifs, Cans, Or Butts About It!
09/09/2006: Guest Editorial
09/08/2006: FH Council Fails To Act On Savings Proposal
09/08/2006: Emergency Management Hires Preparedness Educator
09/07/2006: New Winter WSF Parking Rates
09/06/2006: Deputy Prosecutor Resigns
09/06/2006: Names & Conditions Of Accident Victims Released
09/05/2006: Friday Deadline For Name In SJI Directory
09/05/2006: Pramila Jayapal to Speak at SJI Library
09/03/2006: Fatal Accident On SJI
09/02/2006: FH Retains Island Cup
09/01/2006: SJI Lions Help Student Athletic Participation
08/31/2006: Court Agrees To Drop County ADU Case
08/30/2006: GMB Declines To Rule On "Vesting" Ord
08/30/2006: Bad News, Good News
08/30/2006: Gates Grant Proposals Meeting: 9-5-06
08/30/2006: Ban On Camp & Recreational Fires
08/29/2006: SJC Hires New Human Resources Manager
08/29/2006: Last Chance To Crab!
08/29/2006: Smoking Ban: Bar & Tavern Sales Dip, Restaurants Up
08/28/2006: 2 DNR Forest Health Meetings-At Same Time
08/28/2006: Saving Turtleback Mt: $5.3 Million by November 15
08/25/2006: List Of Candidates For Election
08/25/2006: Guest Editorial
08/24/2006: Appeals & Court Action Likely On ADUs
08/24/2006: Last Weekend For "The Merchant of Venice"
08/24/2006: SJC Stormwater Rate Structure Recommendations
08/24/2006: Guest Editorial
08/23/2006: Council Moves To Withdraw Appeal Of ADU Case
08/23/2006: Canadian groups intervene to save Killer Whales
08/22/2006: SWAC Wants More Info From Staff
08/21/2006: ADUs: Questions Still Remain
08/20/2006: Fair Rides Go Down, No Refunds
08/20/2006: SJC Fair Management Wins Award
08/18/2006: BREAKING NEWS GMA Rules In Favor Of CC
08/18/2006: Town & County Agree On Capron Funds Split
08/18/2006: Recent County Council Appointments
08/17/2006: Council To Decide Who May Bypass On Appeal
08/17/2006: The Fair Has Something For Everyone
08/16/2006: Council To Move To Carlson Building
08/16/2006: Who Are The "Trash Masters"?
08/15/2006: M/V Yakima delayed, But Good To Go
08/15/2006: County Council Appointments
08/15/2006: A Century of Harvest: SJ C Agriculture Tent
08/15/2006: Obituary for "Henry The Burrow"
08/14/2006: Look For Spartina Drift Cards - New Project Underway
08/14/2006: DNR Forest Health Meeting: Mt. Vernon
08/14/2006: Head Start Accepting Applications for Enrollment
08/11/2006: SWAC To Public: Four Options For Garbage
08/10/2006: EDITORIAL
08/09/2006: Maybe Next Week For Courthouse Decision?
08/08/2006: Town Offers Dustpans & Brooms To Businesses
08/08/2006: 8th Annual Steve Braun Memorial Triathlon
08/07/2006: Recent County Council Appointments
08/07/2006: Curb-Side, or Self-Haul: Input Is Wanted
08/04/2006: Town Buys Solar Powered Circulators For Lake
08/03/2006: Charge against BC & Greater Vancouver: Sewage
08/02/2006: Gaylord To Council: "That Would Be An Illegal Act"
08/02/2006: No Decision On Court House Space
08/01/2006: Sales Up In San Juan County -How Come?
08/01/2006: SJI Trails Committee Draft Plan Ready
07/31/2006: Big Check For Ball Fields
07/31/2006: Land Bank Acquires Two Properties On SJI
07/31/2006: Make Trash Into, Well, Something!
07/29/2006: Natural Horsemanship Demonstration
07/29/2006: Relay For Life Saturday & Sunday
07/28/2006: Myhr, Peterson & Knapp Unopposed For Council
07/28/2006: Call For More Progress On BC Sewage,
07/28/2006: Seal Skeleton Display On Orcas
07/27/2006: Town Loss, County Gain: Low New Fire Marshal
07/27/2006: San Juan County Not Affected By Oyster Closure
07/26/2006: CC & Citizens Make Their Case Before GMB
07/26/2006: County Manager On The Job
07/25/2006: SJC To Host Regional Agricultural Summit
07/25/2006: SJC Elections Department Open House
07/24/2006: Large fire On Galiano Island
07/24/2006: Province Intervenes On Victoria Sewage Treatment
07/21/2006: FH Fire Quickly Extinguished
07/21/2006: It Is The Fire Season In SJC
07/20/2006: Traffic Circle Proposed For FH
07/20/2006: Turtleback Mt. Steering Committee Formed To Raise $
07/20/2006: SJC Stormwater Steering Committee At Work
07/19/2006: CC Awards Funding For Public Development
07/19/2006: Summer Lecture - Minke Whales: Baleen of Death
07/19/2006: Orcas Geared Up For Fire Season
07/18/2006: CC Struggles With Courthouse Space Needs
07/18/2006: Some Hope for Victoria Sewage Treatment Plan
07/18/2006: Orcas Fire Department Fun Day
07/17/2006: Who Moves Into New County Building?
07/17/2006: Lion's Club Movie-Marathon
07/17/2006: July 31 Deadline for Solar, Wind Power Generators
07/14/2006: Help FH & SJI Fire Depart. Help Others
07/14/2006: Pelindaba Lavender Harvest Festival
07/13/2006: Council Moves Forward On ADU "Vesting" Ord
07/12/2006: Two New Planners Join The Team
07/12/2006: New Stormwater Utility Steering Committee
07/12/2006: Good News From Land Bank
07/11/2006: Puget Sound Partnership Report To Governor
07/10/2006: Public To Decide Use Of Gravel Pit: Island Rec
07/10/2006: Freeholders Take Council To Task
07/09/2006: Banjo Benefit Concert
07/08/2006: Written Word Deadline Monday, July 17
07/08/2006: Flood Gate For Port Stanley Lagoon
07/07/2006: Grammy Winners Tingstad & Rumbel Return
07/07/2006: New Gordy Column: Require Then Refuse!
07/06/2006: Is Puget Sound "Healthy"?
07/05/2006: Fourth Of July Parade Photos
07/04/2006: Fourth of July Kalbert Column
07/03/2006: Timebenders Return For The 4th
07/02/2006: July 4th Pig War Picnic
06/30/2006: Fireworks That Are Legal in SJC
06/30/2006: Fireworks & Ferries: You May Be Checked
06/29/2006: Dramatic Rescue in the Grand Canyon
06/29/2006: Stickers With Helmets
06/28/2006: CC Discusses County Space Needs
06/28/2006: CC Buys Gravel Pit, Gives It To SJI Rec
06/27/2006: Tulalip Lopez Development: Just A Dream?
06/27/2006: Home Construction Course Offered
06/27/2006: Four Days Left To Burn
06/26/2006: Chad Kimple Receives FF-EMT Scholarship
06/26/2006: New Director For SJI Library
06/24/2006: Musicians Unite to Replenish Music Scholarships
06/23/2006: Beaches Closed In SJC Due To Marine Biotoxin
06/23/2006: New Group On SJ Is Talking Trash!
06/22/2006: Statewide Monitoring For West Nile Virus
06/22/2006: Report On League of Women Voters Convention
06/21/2006: Gaylord Seeks Re-Election As County Prosecutor
06/21/2006: CC Wants To Hear All HE Appeals
06/21/2006: Additional Time Granted In ADU Hearing
06/20/2006: County Granted Time To Pursue Options On DNR Land
06/19/2006: Shared Strategy Offer Considered By CC
06/18/2006: SWAC Wants Citizen Input on Solid Waste
06/16/2006: Local View On Gates Stepping Down
06/15/2006: Leave Young Wildlife Alone
06/15/2006: Auditions Coming Up For Playwrights Festival
06/14/2006: Turtleback Mountain May Be Saved From Development
06/14/2006: Fire Code Fees Adopted
06/14/2006: Summer Solstice Orca Symposium
06/13/2006: SJ Islands Ambassadors Class of '06
06/12/2006: SJ Waters Proposed As Critical Habitat For Orca
06/10/2006: Interview With Local Publicist
06/08/2006: Pete Rose Top Pick For County Administrator
06/08/2006: EDITORIAL - Who Will They Choose?
06/08/2006: Commencement SJC Skagit Valley College
06/08/2006: Free Business Tax Workshop on June 9
06/07/2006: Against Legal Advice, CC Approves ADU Ord
06/07/2006: Gregoire's Work Group Forum in FH
06/06/2006: Host Family Volunteers Needed
06/05/2006: Council Braces For ADU Public Hearing
06/05/2006: Tukang Project Strikes Oil
06/05/2006: The Friends of The San Juans New Attorney
06/03/2006: Local Resident Discount At Pelindaba Downtown
06/03/2006: Want To Coach Basketball?
06/02/2006: SUMMER KICK-OFF Week-end is here
06/02/2006: FH PC Recommends Approval Of 68 Homes
06/01/2006: Salary Commission Cuts Council Pay
05/31/2006: The Final Four Selected
05/31/2006: New Principal Selected For FHHS
05/31/2006: The British Are Coming
05/30/2006: Parade & Ceremony For Memorial Day
05/30/2006: Triathlon Discount Registration
05/27/2006: Elaine Loretto Fleming
05/26/2006: Ferries Start Summer Season
05/25/2006: Use Of Grinder Still Not Settled
05/25/2006: Teen Library Assistants Sought
05/25/2006: Oops! Car Ends Up On Sidewalk
05/24/2006: Interviews Scheduled For County Administrator
05/24/2006: How Much Land Do You Own?
05/24/2006: HELP! "Runner" Missing
05/23/2006: Small Gasoline Spill At Port Of Friday Harbor
05/23/2006: FH Principal Interviews Begin Today
05/22/2006: Three & Counting: Leadership 06' Class Graduates
05/22/2006: Be A Docent At Whale Museum
05/20/2006: County Asks For Help To Study Groundwater
05/19/2006: Bush approves federal storm aid for San Juan County
05/19/2006: Replacement Sought: SJC Board Public Health
05/19/2006: State: Listening Session For Public Feedback
05/18/2006: SWAC & Consultants At Work On Solid Waste
05/18/2006: 2 Days Left: Young Authors Writing Contest
05/18/2006: Fire Insur May Fall If Near Hydrant
05/17/2006: Tax Fails To Pass
05/17/2006: CC Gears Up For CA Interviews
05/17/2006: CC Moves Forward On Vesting Ordinance
05/17/2006: SJ Preservation Trust Receives $100,000 Gift
05/16/2006: Court Grants Partial Stay Request -Good/Bad News
05/14/2006: Friday Harbor Flare Shoot-Out
05/12/2006: SJ Preservation Trust Members Elect New Trustees
05/12/2006: New Faces At San Juan Island Library
05/11/2006: CC Takes On Guesthouse Vesting Ord Again
05/11/2006: State Allows Additional Days Of Crabbing
05/10/2006: Serious Questions On CC Selection Process
05/10/2006: CC May Form CA Review Committees
05/10/2006: Volunteer Opportunity: SJC Chamber of Commerce
05/10/2006: Island Rec REC X summer programs
05/09/2006: Sign-up Now For June 3rd and 4th Mammograms
05/09/2006: Rosenfeld Announces
05/09/2006: Fair Board seeks donations for free admission
05/08/2006: Full Of Gas
05/08/2006: Council To Hold Another Public Hearing On ADUs
05/08/2006: Local Group Formed To Inform On Health
05/08/2006: "Thank You" On National Teacher Appreciation Week
05/06/2006: Steven Swanberg Has Passed Away
05/06/2006: SJI Community Foundation Funds Available
05/05/2006: 17K Raised For Preschool Programs On SJI
05/04/2006: Clallam County Files Against SJC Motion For Stay
05/03/2006: Council "Holds" short Illegal Meeting?
05/03/2006: Guest House Decision Continued to Friday
05/02/2006: CC May Decide On Guest Houses Today
05/01/2006: Man Rescued, Dog Missing
05/01/2006: Truck Lost, But Fire Prevented From Spreading
04/30/2006: Fare Increase Begins Today, May 1
04/29/2006: The Writers' Cafe Returns On Wednesday
04/28/2006: County-wide Disruption of Communications
04/28/2006: ARBOR DAY: Bare-Root Seedling Give-Away Today!
04/27/2006: Summer Programs For Island Youth
04/27/2006: Two New Views on Gas Tax Lawsuit
04/27/2006: Whale Report
04/26/2006: CC May Ask Court To Rule On Guesthouses
04/25/2006: New Home For Orcas High School Rowers
04/24/2006: Ducks to Docks -All Safe, Some Hot, Some Cold
04/24/2006: A 2nd Look At Lopez Village by Growth Board
04/22/2006: NW Stone Sculptors Assoc 2nd Annual Exhibit
04/22/2006: WSF: Elwha Breakdown To Impact Sji Capacity
04/21/2006: Volunteers Needed for Earth Day 2006
04/21/2006: FH Needs Historic Review Board Needs Members
04/20/2006: Salary Commission Meets
04/19/2006: Friday Harbor: Sandpiper Unit on Fire
04/19/2006: Oh Boy, A Billionaire & Lopez, SJ I & Turtleback Land?
04/19/2006: CC Faces The Music From Citizens
04/18/2006: Governor Signs Bill, SJC Set To Lose Big
04/18/2006: Household Garbage Ending up in Town Cans
04/17/2006: Court Of Appeals Wants To Hear More.
04/14/2006: Displaced Otter Confused In Friday Harbor
04/13/2006: EDITORIAL
04/13/2006: Canadian CG Hovercraft May Aid SJC
04/12/2006: Court Orders County To Pay Fine & Release Notes
04/12/2006: County To Develop Sewage Management Plan
04/11/2006: SJ Lions To Form "Leo Lions" For The Young
04/10/2006: Myhr Reports To CC On Islands Trust Forum
04/07/2006: Citizens Salary Commission Appointments Complete
04/06/2006: BPA Rate Increase Hits NW Bump
04/05/2006: Missive On Iraq Still Sputtering
04/05/2006: Four Members of Salary Commission Approved
04/05/2006: CC Moves Forward With Restrictive Ordinance
04/04/2006: Fisher Vs. Knapp?
04/04/2006: Concern On Possible Elect. Rate Increases
04/03/2006: Court Asked Not To Grant Stay Of Decision On ADUs
04/01/2006: SJ Preservation Trust Opens SJ Office
03/30/2006: New Gordy Column: Shadow of Doubt
03/30/2006: Gene Knapp To Run For County Council
03/30/2006: Friends of the San Juans Awarded PIE Grant
03/30/2006: Lichter's Missive To Bush & Congress Still On The Pad
03/29/2006: EDITORIAL
03/29/2006: CC Moves Forward On Carlson Bld
03/29/2006: Scenic Byway Public Information Meetings Scheduled
03/28/2006: CC May Ask For Vote On Iraq War
03/28/2006: Friday Harbor Center wins Best Building Award
03/24/2006: Workshops Scheduled On SJI: Septic & Critical Areas
03/24/2006: WSF Rates Approved As Expected
03/23/2006: Pelindaba Film/Dessert/Discussion Program
03/23/2006: County Asks Governor to Save Capron Funds
03/23/2006: Val Mark Receives 2006 Rotary Award
03/22/2006: 100% Guest Houses Allowed??
03/22/2006: Ranker Challenges Gaylord Over Memo
03/21/2006: Dave Quall Meets With SJC Educators
03/20/2006: Busy Work Session Tuesday For CC
03/20/2006: Dept. of Ecology: No Drought This Year
03/20/2006: WSF To Change Some Proposals
03/18/2006: A Bulb Too Bright!
03/17/2006: Charter Impact Still Being Felt
03/17/2006: Meeting On An Endangered SJ Butterfly
03/17/2006: Scenic Byway Meetings Scheduled
03/16/2006: Council Holds Hearing On Orcas
03/15/2006: Getting Tough On Allowing Guest Houses
03/14/2006: CC To Start Work On ADU Ordinance
03/14/2006: Guest Editorial
03/13/2006: PW Director On Sustainability In SJC
03/10/2006: Award-Winning Play at SJCommunity Theatre
03/09/2006: Good Timing
03/09/2006: Leadership SJI Recruiting for Class of 2007
03/08/2006: CC Wants to Extend Timelines For ADUs
03/08/2006: PC Splits On ADUs
03/06/2006: Enroll Now for Skagit Valley College
03/06/2006: Not Much To Agree On
03/05/2006: New Gordy Column: What Kind of Community?
03/05/2006: Lawmakers Pass Air Ambulance Bill
03/03/2006: A SJC Health Group Receives 20K Grant
03/03/2006: What the CC Wants from County Administrator"
03/02/2006: Parking Is Such A Problem In FH
03/02/2006: 1884 Lynching Still Hanging Around
03/02/2006: 5 "Outer Islands" Artists Display Work.
03/02/2006: ARC Announces Outreach Meetings
03/01/2006: County To Lease Part Of Carlson Bld
03/01/2006: Perhaps A Step Closer To Impact Fees
02/28/2006: How To Keep Customers Happy
02/28/2006: Salary Commission Appointments - Who Does What?
02/28/2006: Deer Harbor Plan Ready For Input
02/27/2006: Forum On Patriot Act Draws Large Crowd
02/27/2006: Playwrights and Playwriting Workshop
02/25/2006: CALL FOR ARTISTS!
02/24/2006: Hearings Held On Fare Increases
02/24/2006: Organic Waste To Help WA Energy Production?
02/23/2006: Another Senior Planner Leaves - Pressure on CD&PD to Hire
02/22/2006: Guest Editorial
02/21/2006: Kalbert Column: Solar Power
02/20/2006: Parks Service Accused of Destroying Rare Butterfly Habitat
02/20/2006: Additional 6% Ferry Increase Proposed by WSF
02/20/2006: Lecture: How We Can Save The Sound & The Straits
02/17/2006: Elect Car Aids Sheriff Pursuit
02/17/2006: County Takes A Look At Carlson Bld
02/16/2006: Spelling Bee Champion Selected
02/16/2006: A "File of Life Kit" Could Save A Life
02/15/2006: Teen Bands Wanted - Really!
02/15/2006: CC Settles Land Bank-Auge Dispute
02/15/2006: Controversial Ranker Visit to PC Meeting
02/15/2006: Windstorm Creates Emergency? CC Says Yes
02/15/2006: Griffin Bay High School Graduates
02/14/2006: Finally: Hearing On Affordable Housing Tax
02/14/2006: Public Hearing on E. Orcas Water Supply
02/13/2006: New Wireless Internet Access Available
02/13/2006: BC Weasels Out Of Sewage Clean-Up?
02/12/2006: League of Women Voters Celebrates 86th Birthday
02/11/2006: FH Port Seeks Comment: 6 to 20yr Master Plan
02/10/2006: House Moves To New Home
02/09/2006: Father-Daughter Dance on SJI is sold out!
02/09/2006: CC Limits Exemption On Farm Blds
02/08/2006: PA & CC At Odds..Again
02/07/2006: MedVac Bill Moves Forward
02/07/2006: A Synopsis Of A Marine Resource Meeting
02/07/2006: Smoke Detector & Firefighter Avert Disaster
02/07/2006: How-to On A Critical Areas Ordinance
02/06/2006: PC To Keep Working on ADU Ord
02/06/2006: Storm Damage to Ferry & Passengers
02/06/2006: Most Likely Not Storm Related
02/06/2006: Recycling is high in Washington
02/03/2006: AG Acts To Improve Public Disclosure
02/03/2006: Sunshine In The Council Hearing Room
02/02/2006: Poster Designers Wanted
02/02/2006: Saved! But Will Be Moved
02/01/2006: Impact Fees? New Taxes? Maybe.
02/01/2006: A Pandemic Flu Primer for the Islands
01/31/2006: Shared Strategy Offers Help To County
01/30/2006: County Receives $71K For County Wide Sewage Plan
01/29/2006: Local Connection To UW Med School Endowed Chair
01/27/2006: County Can Add Members To Board Of Health
01/27/2006: Saturday: Old Time Community Dance At FH Grange
01/26/2006: County Fire Marshal Job Handed Back To CD&PD
01/26/2006: SJI School District Awarded $147K Grant
01/25/2006: The Whale Museum Gets New Lighting
01/25/2006: PC Still Unimpressed With Proposed ADU Ord
01/24/2006: Pro Tem Is On The Job
01/24/2006: An Email Worth Reading
01/23/2006: New Codes, Permit Fees & Penalties Proposed
01/20/2006: Retail Sales Up In County
01/20/2006: Land Bank Acquires Easement On Lopez
01/19/2006: PC To Hold 2nd Hearing On ADUs This Friday, 9 am
01/19/2006: Hearing Examiner Rules For County on BLM
01/19/2006: Land Bank Meeting Friday, January 20th
01/18/2006: Judge Hancock's Speech To Elected Officials
01/17/2006: MedVac Flights May Resume
01/17/2006: Learn About The Pinto Abalone
01/16/2006: Chaplain O'Mara killed In Accident On SJI
01/15/2006: SJI Song and Dance Concert January 21 and 22
01/15/2006: Don't Dress for Dinner Returns to RH Pavilion
01/15/2006: Tom Holzhauser 1942 - 2006
01/13/2006: Breaking News:
01/13/2006: BOCC Action May Cost Council $50K
01/12/2006: Council to Hire Professionals to Find Administrator
01/12/2006: Roy Franklin Aviation Museum Moving Forward
01/11/2006: Auditor To Serve as Temporary-Temporary Pro Tem
01/11/2006: The New Administrator ProTem
01/10/2006: Taking The Oath To Uphold The Charter
01/10/2006: County Council May Appoint Pro-Tem Today
01/09/2006: Family, Friends, & County Honor Marty'
01/07/2006: Official Opening Of New Ferry Service To Bellingham
01/07/2006: Classic Courtroom Drama SJ Community Theatre
01/06/2006: First Meeting of County Council: Mon, Jan 9
01/05/2006: New Fire Safety Inspections & Fees Proposed
01/05/2006: New Minimum Wage As Of Jan. 1
01/05/2006: RH Has 25 Openings left for Fishing Tournament
01/04/2006: Part Of The Family
01/04/2006: And Yet More Grants Available
01/02/2006: The First Of Many?
01/01/2006: New Years Resolutions made possible by Island Rec!
12/31/2005: The Grand Old Party Has One On Orcas
12/31/2005: San Juan County Democrats Announce 2006 Activities
12/29/2005: SJI Man Found Dead
12/28/2005: 12 New EMTs Ready To Serve
12/28/2005: BOCC Votes Eastsound Regs Over Shoreline Act
12/26/2005: Vendors Wanted for Orcas Wedding Fair
12/26/2005: Grants give endangered species a boost
12/26/2005: CALL FOR ARTISTS!
12/25/2005: We Wish You The Best, And We Thank You!
12/23/2005: SJC Man Keynote Speaker At Salmon Conference
12/23/2005: Wood Boat Center ($2 Million?) Dead In The Water
12/23/2005: Register for Winter Quarter at Skagit Valley
12/23/2005: Comments Due On Orca Plan Jan. 3
12/22/2005: Let There Be Light!
12/22/2005: Town Looking At Creative Solutions To Growth
12/22/2005: New Years Eve Bash: Volunteers needed
12/21/2005: The End Of An Era
12/21/2005: Replacing Si On EDEN: May Be Expensive
12/20/2005: Nature Conservancy To Support County In Stewardship Project
12/19/2005: 1st PC Workshop On ADUs Finds Problems
12/19/2005: Myhr On The Charter: Shaw, Dec 28
12/19/2005: Gordy Column: Time For A Change
12/15/2005: 1st Workshop on ADU Compromise To Be Held
12/15/2005: Don't Forget: County Wide Power Outage
12/15/2005: Si Tells BOCC They Need a New Project Leader
12/14/2005: Ecology & Chevron At Odds On Oil Spill Test
12/13/2005: 8 Homes On 4.85 Acres? Neighbors Say NO!
12/13/2005: Washington State Sno-Parks Open for Winter!
12/13/2005: Learn About Historical Reef Netting Of Salmon
12/12/2005: Affordable Housing "Bank" Still Moving Forward
12/12/2005: County Questions Rosario EIS Responses
12/09/2005: SJC In Court Again: Freedom Of Information
12/09/2005: $100,000 Available for SJC Farmers/Foresters
12/08/2005: Attend Make a Book Workshops at Library
12/08/2005: Ferries, Terminals Smoke Free Today, December 8
12/07/2005: SJC Dog Ordinance To Get Some Teeth
12/07/2005: Private Sector Helps the State, Gets Credit For Project
12/06/2005: Fairhaven to Friday Harbor Ferry Service Launched
12/02/2005: County To Have Remote Email/Computer Access
12/02/2005: For Our Readers In Sunny Climes
12/01/2005: Magnifier Helps Reading
11/30/2005: Can Churchill House In FH Be Saved?
11/30/2005: Neighbor Appeals Boundary Line Modification
11/30/2005: BOCC Caught Off-Guard On Moratorium
11/30/2005: BOCC To Hold Hearing On Smoking Ban
11/29/2005: Draft Model Rules For Public Disclosure
11/29/2005: No Money For Town-County Bld
11/28/2005: DOL New Fees & Requirements
11/28/2005: SJI: Dump Closed Until Thursday
11/28/2005: December 3: "Island Lights" Celebration Begins
11/28/2005: New Medicare Rx Coverage Available
11/25/2005: Cowan, Erickson win first annual Turkey Trot
11/25/2005: 5h Annual Thanksgiving Dinner On SJ
11/23/2005: Gretchen Shaw Winner Lions Annual Shopping Spree
11/22/2005: Guest Editorial
11/22/2005: DOE: Know Of Any Polluted Water Bodies?
11/22/2005: Volunteer: Children's Festival Planning Committee
11/21/2005: Temporary Ferry Slip To Be Removed Starting On 28th
11/21/2005: Photography Gallery Reopens
11/21/2005: SJI Library: Audio & Large Print Books Online
11/18/2005: $10 To Bellingham? Yes: New Passenger Ferry
11/18/2005: Town Approves Athletic Fields For School
11/17/2005: Cars Wait To Unload Trash On SJI
11/17/2005: Public Hearing On SJI Sports Fields Tonight
11/17/2005: Update: The New CD&PD Director
11/17/2005: SJI Transfer Station Closed By..Town?
11/17/2005: Contaminated sites created by Victoria's sewage
11/17/2005: Peacock & Robins New SJIVB Board Members
11/16/2005: Charter Supporters: Thank You!
11/16/2005: County May Have A New CD&PD Director
11/15/2005: Orca Relief Applauds ESA Listing of Orca Whales
11/15/2005: Software Training for Staff
11/14/2005: Ex-Freeholders Call For Advisory Committees
11/14/2005: Invasive Spartina Threatens SJC Bays
11/14/2005: Lions Proud Of Lion Andrew McLaglen
11/11/2005: Rhea Miller To Return To Lopez?
11/11/2005: November is Veterans' History Awareness Month
11/11/2005: San Juan Woman In Fatal Accident.
11/11/2005: Gaylord On Campaign-Finance Suit
11/11/2005: Ferry News: Extra Service & Smoking Ban
11/10/2005: Tanker assisted by tug and towed to Port Angeles
11/10/2005: New Form Of Government, So Now What?
11/10/2005: New Planner: New Building Code?
11/10/2005: Attend Make a Book Workshops at SJI Library
11/10/2005: Lose A Dog??
11/08/2005: Quall To Meet County School Boards In FH
11/08/2005: Last Chance to Enjoy a Suite at the Plaza
11/07/2005: Busy Week For The BOCC
11/07/2005: County To Increase Bld & Land Use Fees
11/05/2005: Our Thought For The Weekend
11/05/2005: Influenza Immunization Clinics for High Risk
11/04/2005: Visitors Spend Record $113.5 Million In SJ County
11/03/2005: Neil Simon's "Plaza Suite" Opens
11/03/2005: Land Bank Closes On Two Properties
11/02/2005: County Urged To Attend Quarantine Workshop
11/02/2005: Public Participation Plan Set For ADU Ordinance
11/01/2005: CD&PD To Retain Consultant, Make Changes
11/01/2005: Women's Summit Nov 4th & 5th at Rosario Resort
10/31/2005: Guest Editorial
10/31/2005: Guest Editorial
10/31/2005: FH Firefighters & Lots Of Halloween Candy!
10/30/2005: $6.000.00 Raised For Wounded Solder
10/29/2005: Our Thought For The Weekend
10/28/2005: Guest Editorial
10/28/2005: Halloween Pod Nod at The Whale Museum
10/28/2005: Two More Planners Plan To Move On
10/27/2005: Ray Bigler Hospitalized, But Okay
10/27/2005: Institute For Justice: Court Ruling A "Stunning Blow"
10/27/2005: Ferry Fares Down, But Will Increase??
10/27/2005: Gaylord: Court Ruling Backs Public's Right To Know
10/27/2005: US Marine Corps 230th Birthday Dinner
10/26/2005: Learn About The Mysterious Murrelet
10/26/2005: $13,383,585.00 Budget For 2006
10/25/2005: BOCC Takes Step Toward a County Manager
10/25/2005: Teen Halloween Party: 31st 8-10:30 pm
10/25/2005: New SJI Lions
10/25/2005: Adult Immunization Clinics Start on 31st
10/24/2005: SJ Islands Women's Summit Nov-5 & 6th
10/24/2005: SJC Leadership Class Of 2006
10/24/2005: League of Women Voters Has New Energy
10/22/2005: Our Thought For The Weekend
10/21/2005: Register Now & save $50: RH Salmon Classic
10/21/2005: New Rotary Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians
10/20/2005: New Director For College
10/20/2005: Carl Verheyen Band in Concert and Workshops
10/19/2005: Town & BOCC May Share New Office Bld
10/19/2005: State Regulates Firewood Sellers
10/18/2005: BOCC Requested To Adopt New Bld Code
10/16/2005: Walking for the Wounded
10/16/2005: Wedding Announcement
10/16/2005: New Rotary Members
10/15/2005: Start with Pumpkin Carving & then it is the Oktoberfest
10/14/2005: PC May Propose CP & UDC Changes
10/13/2005: Attorney Tells Gaylord Charter Has Flaw
10/13/2005: Fairgrounds To Be Expanded
10/12/2005: What a LuLu! AG Says No LuLu On Ballot
10/12/2005: BOCC Still Working On Forming Citizens Committee
10/12/2005: Roche Harbor Claims Another One
10/12/2005: Learn About The Pinto Abalone
10/11/2005: SJI Chamber of Commerce Open House
10/11/2005: Hunting rifles will compete with fishing poles in Oct.
10/11/2005: Science Lecture 7:00 PM at Camp Orkila
10/11/2005: SJI Business Raises $14,000.00 For Local Groups
10/10/2005: Register NOW for the Islands Women's Summit
10/08/2005: Ferry Advisors Urge NO on I-912
10/06/2005: Update on Sgt. Robertson
10/06/2005: Appeal Upheld On Thor Black Permit
10/06/2005: Ferry Delays Friday at Anacortes
10/06/2005: Want To Be A Trustee?
10/05/2005: Public Works Road Budget Approved
10/04/2005: What Happens If SJ Dam Fails?
10/03/2005: Bill Munich Has Left Us
10/03/2005: Open Gym programs In FH For All
09/30/2005: Guest Editorial
09/30/2005: First Case West Nile Infected Horse In WA
09/29/2005: Republicans Unexpectedly Have A Candidate
09/29/2005: BOCC May Impose Building Moratorium
09/28/2005: An Then There Were Three
09/28/2005: BOCC Starts Work On 06' Budget
09/27/2005: Endangered Marine Species & Habitats Lecture Series
09/27/2005: A Democrat, Green Party, & perhaps, a Republican??
09/27/2005: Guest Editorial by Steve Ludwig
09/24/2005: Bld & Planning Closed Until Oct 3rd: Fire Damage
09/24/2005: Grants For Habitat Restoration On Private Lands
09/23/2005: Want To Be On Stage, Or Help Those That Are?
09/22/2005: Rotary Club Sponsors Exchange Students
09/22/2005: Youth Basketball Volunteers Needed
09/20/2005: Soon To Be County Commissioner: Myhr
09/20/2005: United Way Wants Your Help To Help Others
09/19/2005: Ferry Fall Schedule In Effect
09/19/2005: New Proposed Tax Moves Slowly Forward
09/17/2005: San Juan County Personnel to Assist with Hurricane Recovery Efforts
09/16/2005: Islands Playwrights Festival
09/16/2005: Not As Bad As It Looks, But Could Have Been
09/15/2005: Example of the stranded pet problem in New Orleans.
09/15/2005: Larsen Weighs In On BOCC Primary Race
09/15/2005: Primary BOCC Campaign Finances Report
09/15/2005: Meet The New Land Bank Director Today
09/15/2005: Youth Drug Use Continues to Decline
09/14/2005: Gaylord & Bahrych At Odds On Sherman Case
09/14/2005: Eat Cajun/Creole, Help Gulf Coast Victims
09/13/2005: Interim Director To Return To PW
09/13/2005: Alert Neighbor Averts Potential Disaster
09/12/2005: Growth Board Sued In Local Court
09/11/2005: Land Bank 05 Plan Ready For Comment
09/11/2005: Heritage Trees In Friday Harbor
09/08/2005: BOCC Ignores PA Advice, Stays Guesthouse lawsuit
09/07/2005: State & Local Help For Hurricane Victims
09/06/2005: Zulu Cultural Ambassador In FH
09/06/2005: Send A Cheerful Get Well Or Thank You Card
09/05/2005: 2:30 PM Today (9-6-05): BOCC To Discuss ADUs
09/03/2005: Taking No Chances With Gas Trucks
09/02/2005: New $5.00 Flat Tax: Conservation District
09/01/2005: Welcome To Roy Franklin Terminal
08/31/2005: EDITORIAL
08/31/2005: Freeholder Ludwig Will Be On Ballot
08/30/2005: Rosario Resort Noise Prompts Concerns
08/29/2005: BOCC Slows Down PW Yard Development
08/28/2005: It's Time To Allow Guest Houses
08/27/2005: Saying Good-Bye To Wendy
08/26/2005: Athletic Fields Concept Moves Forward
08/25/2005: Comp Plan Update Workshops Attract Few
08/24/2005: Freeholders Present Charter To BOCC
08/23/2005: Be Alert For Auroras Tuesday & Wednesday
08/23/2005: The Whale Museum's Summer Lecture Series Presents
08/21/2005: Building Is History
08/19/2005: Housing Bank Proposal Will Not Be On Ballot
08/19/2005: Some People Have All The Luck!
08/18/2005: Fuel Tank Ruptured As Truck Leaves Ferry
08/17/2005: Cannot Live In Existing House while Building New
08/16/2005: Last Week To Apply: Leadership Class II
08/15/2005: BOCC Moves Forward on Land Purchase
08/13/2005: Thank You Freeholders: Their Work Is Almost Done
08/13/2005: So Who Pays For This?
08/12/2005: Guest Editorial On PW Yard
08/11/2005: SJC Named In Civil Rights lawsuit
08/11/2005: Questions On BOCC Executive Sessions Raised
08/10/2005: Real Killer Whales Don't Eat Fish
08/09/2005: BOCC Punts On Appointing-Now It Gets Interesting
08/08/2005: Fun With Friends On A Summer Night
08/07/2005: Another Way To Watch Whales
08/05/2005: BOCC: Still No Decision -But Now We Know Why
08/05/2005: Bob Myhr Files For Primary Race
08/04/2005: Protecting Our Orca Whales on a Daily Basis
08/02/2005: Another Day, Another Delay -BOCC Will Try Again In The A.M.
08/02/2005: Editorial
08/01/2005: Freedom Of Information Issue Raised
08/01/2005: All Day All Night: Relay For Life Raises $43,880.81
07/30/2005: 4-wheel drive, big tires, dirt road, early morning hours
07/30/2005: Jamie Stevens (D): A Candidate For The BOCC
07/29/2005: But It Was All Just A Misunderstanding
07/29/2005: SJI School District Explains Wait on Ball Fields
07/28/2005: "I Don't Think I Can Fix It"
07/28/2005: Gen. Pickett Presented Award By SJC Theater
07/27/2005: So Who Needs A Committee Anyway?
07/27/2005: Guest Houses Only With Permits Prior To 2000
07/27/2005: Bahrych Scolds Gaylord
07/26/2005: Cady Mountain Forest Land Protected
07/26/2005: Water Rights Fees Increased.. Because..?
07/25/2005: Concerns Not Going Away On School Land Development
07/25/2005: Time Running Out To Be On Ballot
07/21/2005: Soon to be seen: "Welcome To Roy Franklin Terminal"
07/21/2005: Bob Myhr (D): A Candidate For The BOCC
07/20/2005: Two Volunteer Groups Want County Funding
07/19/2005: Good News: WA Still Special!
07/19/2005: When A Boat Sinks, "Stuff" Floats Away
07/18/2005: The Pace In Friday Harbor To Slow?
07/16/2005: If You Walk Away, It Is A Good Landing
07/15/2005: Fire Scare At FH Labs
07/15/2005: DNR Asks For Information On Derelict Vessels
07/14/2005: Ferry Security Increased in Response to London Bombings
07/14/2005: 911 Program Missing Names & Addresses
07/13/2005: Going, Going, Gone In Friday Harbor
07/13/2005: Editorial Comment
07/13/2005: Don't Let Your Teen's Summer Go to Pot
07/12/2005: $1 Million To SJC To Protect Wetlands
07/12/2005: Gallery Owner In Favor Of Saving Old Buildings
07/12/2005: SJI Leadership Looking For 20 Participants
07/10/2005: Galt Guest Editorial
07/10/2005: Oops! Webster Lives In Wrong District-Out of Race
07/09/2005: Groups Applaud Leadership On Victoria Sewage
07/07/2005: And The Nominees Are: Ellis Jr., Lehman, Myhr & Stephans
07/07/2005: Pesky Old THN Still In Some County Waters
07/06/2005: Who Will Replace Miller?
07/06/2005: Were Not Special Anymore: West Nile Virus In Human?
07/05/2005: Judge Rules on the Case
07/04/2005: 4TH Of July Parades Well Attended
07/04/2005: State Bomb Squad Called In On Suspicious Packages, But No Bombs
06/30/2005: Miller's Views On Draft Charter: Not Positive
06/30/2005: Whale Museum Gets New Paint & Sign
06/29/2005: MV Swan Sinks Near Friday Harbor
06/29/2005: Eastsound Water Wars To Come To An End
06/29/2005: Whooping Cough? Again? In July?
06/28/2005: If BOCC Hires County Manager, End Of Freeholder Concept?
06/27/2005: Gaylord's Actions On I-912 Concern Initiative Organizers
06/26/2005: DOE Issues Warning & Investigation On Barge landing
06/26/2005: Dance with the Pros at DanceWorkshop II
06/24/2005: Leadership Class Plants Oak Tree
06/24/2005: Another Senior Planner Comes On Board
06/23/2005: SJI School Expects to Start Site Work On Fields
06/23/2005: Murray: $25 Million Fed Funds For WA Salmon Recovery & $1.4 Million For N. Straits
06/22/2005: Special Report: History of Special Education & IDEA
06/21/2005: SJI School District Settlement Is Released
06/20/2005: DOE Tells Gaylord "It's Your Job To Do"
06/20/2005: Need Athletic Fields, But Need Better Access
06/20/2005: Westphalen Joins Weissinger Firm
06/18/2005: Gaylord Guest Editorial
06/18/2005: Scott Webster to Run for SJ Port Commission
06/17/2005: Interim Director: $20,000 For Study Of Department
06/17/2005: FH To Lose 2nd Ferry Slip
06/16/2005: BOCC Concerned On Use Of Rifles
06/15/2005: $1.8M Public Works Land Purchase
06/14/2005: Land Bank Expands Crescent Beach Preserve
06/13/2005: Rhea Miller To Resign In July
06/12/2005: What A Place For A Fire!!
06/11/2005: $50,000 For Ball Fields, But Planning at Impasse?
06/10/2005: Veterans and Motorcycles: A Fund Raising Weekend
06/08/2005: $162,000 Unexpected Yearly Expense For School
06/08/2005: Island Housing Solutions Summit
06/07/2005: Questions on Amsbaugh & Shaw Departure
06/06/2005: Memorial Park Redux
06/04/2005: SJI Students Honor Their Principal
06/04/2005: Volunteers Needed for Memorial Triathlon
06/03/2005: Art Days At Sculpture Park
06/02/2005: Land Bank Seeks Input On Cady Mountain
06/01/2005: Young Songwriters Record Their First CD
05/31/2005: County Hires New Code Enforcement Officer
05/30/2005: Memorial Day - Friday Harbor - 2005
05/29/2005: Veterans and Poppies
05/28/2005: Petersen's Given Award For Preservation
05/25/2005: New County Storage & Equipment Yard For PW ?
05/24/2005: Appeal On LaFarge To County Hearing Examiner
05/22/2005: The First County Wide Leadership Class

BC Candidates Support Sewage Treatment


Is The Deputy Director Next To Leave?

Freeholders To Ask Your Opinion on Their Opinions

New Land Bank Director

Town To Present Award To Lori and Gordy Petersen

05/16/2005: Guest Editorial
Salal Homes Tour Successful

A Woman Of Many Talents Leaves Us- Colleen Clancy

How Did It Happen? CD&P Director Is Out

05/11/2005: BOCC Passes Ordinance on Guest Houses
SJC Fed Parks To Be Run By Contract Workers? Yeah, Maybe, But Not Here -Yet?

650M-From State-If State Gets It From Feds

EDITORIAL: Guest House Saga Continues

05/07/2005: 15 yrs & And Going Strong:
Island Rec's Children's Festival

Lions Club: White Cane Days

Will Berms & Screening Stop Stump Grinder Noise?

BOCC & FH Council Wants More Ferry Traffic

NW Stone Sculptors Group Show

County To Hire New Code Enforcement Officer

Land Bank Buys, & Will Sell Agricultural Land On SJI

BOCC Grants Exceptions To Low Income Housing Loans

05/03/2005: BOCC Begins Legal Process On Essential Public Facilities
05/02/2005: The Port Still Shows Interest In Buying Old Cannery
Freeholders Hold FH Town Hall Meeting

Quick Response From County Employee Helps To Save House

01/18/2005: *Repaired*
How About A Shrub

04/27/2005: Budget May Be Based On Levels Of Performance
04/26/2005: Rose Strong Speaks At Lincoln Day Dinner
04/25/2005: Libbey Howard and Nigel Oswald are Wed: Story in Lifetstyes Section
04/25/2005: Community Concert Wishes Ben White Healing Vibrations
04/24/2005: West Nile Virus Entered Washington State - No Human Cases -Yet
Trusted Traveler Program Allows Easy Boat Entry From Canada

04/22/2005: Victoria's Dirty Secret: BC Government Thwarted Effort To Upgrade Sewage Facilities
Projected Growth Rates For Eastsound Concern Many


BOCC Cautioned By Seltser On Use Of Undercover Agents

04/18/2005: WSF Comes Back For More Public Input On Fares - Light Rain, Light Turnout, Nothing New -
Lichter Sees Need For County Administrator - Freeholders Agree

04/16/2005: BC May Have Known Sewage Dumping Harmful

San Juan Builders Association Meet With New Director

The Smell Of Ammonia

Truck Accident On San Juan Island

Attempted Suicide On San Juan Island Unsuccessful

Pitching For Ball Fields At Town Council

Cattle Pt Road To Be Built - Sooner Or Later

Land Bank To Interview For New Director

Access To Land Bank Property Of Concern To Neighbors

Town Proclamation

Lakedale Campground Sale Complete

04/07/2005: County Addresses Building Permit Backlog -Again
SJ County Democrats Elect Stan Wagner County Chair

04/06/2005: Planning for a Visual Arts Museum for the San Juans.
04/05/2005: Painter of houses, painter of words
01/18/2005: *Repaired*
04/02/2005: Planning Commission To Hold Workshop On Transient Rentals
03/31/2005: Charlotte Hincke - 100 Years Young
03/30/2005: Land Bank's Cady Mountain Management Plan Up For Comment
03/29/2005: BREAKING NEWS Quick Reponses By Island Air Staff And Pilot Helps Rescue Survivor Of Plane Crash
03/29/2005: A Ban On Hand Held Cell phones While Driving Moves Forward
03/27/2005: John Evans On Medevac Bill Sponsored By Spanel & Quall
03/25/2005: Looking Good At The Mullis Community Senior Center
03/23/2005: Tom Cowan Objects To Permit Center Sign
03/23/2005: Press Release From The WA State Ferries
03/21/2005: Community Water Systems Safe? State Says Yes; But Could Be Safer
03/19/2005: Food On The Ferries By May - Agreement Ratified By Worker's Union
03/18/2005: Controversy Over Report On Sonar Testing
03/17/2005: 100 Million Gallons Of Water From Rosario To Eastsound
03/17/2005: Frontier Building Supply Still In Business
03/17/2005: Public Is Heard By WSF - So Far Anyway
03/12/2005: New Evans Column And A Guest Editorial
03/10/2005: Joint Meeting Of BOCC And Town Take Up Affordable Housing & Rental Assistance Issues
03/10/2005: The 18th Deadline For Food On Ferries
03/07/2005: Eleanor Roosevelt is visiting our islands!!
03/07/2005: Support Morris And Quall As They Work To Help Us
03/03/2005: Bringing The Islands Together
03/02/2005: Children Learn About The Middle Ages
02/27/2005: Doing Business the Island Way - March is your chance to learn about, and give input, to the San Juan County Economic Development Council
02/26/2005: There Are Still Some Left
02/23/2005: New Service Organizations Story
02/20/2005: New Environment Story Posted
02/19/2005: A Guest Editorial submitted by Ray Bigler
02/18/2005: EDITORIAL - It Should Be A Law
02/16/2005: CONDUIT MAN
02/15/2005: Valentine's Day was Volunteer Appreciation Day at Mullis Community Senior Center
02/13/2005: Your Future in Five Minutes, and Is the Comp Plan Broken?
02/13/2005: Breaking News in S J County of State Wide Importance
02/08/2005: Town Meeting and a "Walking Village"? Lichter Hard at Work on Orcas
02/07/2005: Planning for Health and Fitness Expo is Underway
02/02/2005: A Little Dust-Up At The BOCC
02/02/2005: San Juan Business Park Hearing to be Re-Scheduled
01/28/2005: Will Taxpayers pay for the Permitting of Private Barge Landings??
01/28/2005: -new Nag and a Petersen and Evans Column posted
01/20/2005: BOCC to conduct a Work Session for Essential Public Facilities - Again..
01/18/2005: The Puget Sound Action Team released State of the Sound 2004 today
01/18/2005: New Director is On the Job

John Evans
Greg Hertel
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Teresa Smith
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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