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02/24/2018: Searching Out The SJI Outage Problem
02/22/2018: Take Back Your Meds Program
02/21/2018: County Looking At Building Affordable Housing -& A New County "Civic Campus"
02/20/2018: Update By The Community Long-Term Care Options Task Force
02/19/2018: Speaker: "The Rights of Nature & Community"
02/19/2018: Tucker Detours In FH Starts on 26th
02/15/2018: OPALCO Elections Time
02/14/2018: New Sidewalks & A Roundabout For FH
02/14/2018: Jensen Youth Scholarship Applications Are Due By March 9
02/13/2018: Imogen Cunningham: Through My Lens
02/12/2018: Open Meetings Act Not Violated By Hospital Commissioners Edwards & Schwinge
02/11/2018: Public Comment Hearing On Comprehensive Plan Vision
02/10/2018: Orca Drone Protection Bill Passes House
02/08/2018: Appleton & Smith Appointed To SJC Public Hospital Board -& Some Controversy
02/07/2018: Land Bank Expands “Mt. Grant” Land Area
02/06/2018: SJI Schools Big Winners in Knowledge Bowl
02/05/2018: San Juan School Superintendent Looking For New Job In Ellensburg
02/04/2018: Cooke Aquaculture Lease Revoked
02/01/2018: Big Bucks Awarded To SJC Projects
01/31/2018: OPALCO Election Candidates Named - Nominations By Petition May Also Be Submitted By 2/23
01/30/2018: $332K Fine For Cooke Pen Collapse
01/30/2018: Missing Person Found & Safe
01/29/2018: San Juan Vineyards Changes Hands
01/28/2018: Documentary On Dolores Huerta, American Farmworkers Co-founder
01/25/2018: Anacortes Ferry Landing Open
01/24/2018: SJIFD Banquet Awards
01/24/2018: Resigned/Unresigned & Resigned -And A County Wide Merger Of EMS-Fire Possible?
01/22/2018: Orcas Responders Have Their Own Accident
01/22/2018: Wind Storm Takes Out Power - & A Car
01/21/2018: FH Women’s March 2018
01/19/2018: Morris, Lytton Deliver For Local Construction Projects
01/18/2018: Filing Open For Orcas Hospital District
01/17/2018: SJC/Anacortes Ferry Ridership Increases 0.2% -Sidney Run Drops 10.1%
01/17/2018: The Shortest International Scheduled Flights In North America
01/16/2018: John Dennis Spellman
01/15/2018: And Around-And-Around We Will Go
01/13/2018: San Juan Island Real Estate Market Summary
01/12/2018: OPALCO Seeks Board Candidates For District 2
01/11/2018: Flu Activity Increasing In County
01/09/2018: Suggestions Wanted On Land Use Regulations
01/09/2018: Homeless Count Begins In SJ County
01/08/2018: Peter Garlock Appointed To OPALCO Board
01/06/2018: Master Program - Does It Remove Uncertainty Or Increase It
01/05/2018: Atlantic Salmon Net Pen Solution Proposed
01/04/2018: Orca & Salish Sea A Priority In 2018 Legislature Session
01/03/2018: OPALCO Working With PNGC
01/02/2018: SJ Home Trust Receives Two Land Donations For Affordable Housing
01/01/2018: San Juan County Superior Court Judge Kathryn C. Loring
12/28/2017: SJI Community New Year's Eve Party
12/27/2017: Swearing-In Ceremony Friday For Soon To Be Judge Kathryn C. Loring
12/26/2017: Friends Of SJ Unhappy With County Shoreline Master Program, Appeal To State
12/25/2017: Court Finds In Favor Of County In Public Record Case
12/24/2017: Start New Year With A Dash & Splash
12/23/2017: Criminal Investigation Requested Of Mobile Meat Processing
12/21/2017: Lions Supports School Literacy & Art
12/20/2017: Navy Transports Lopez Heart Patient
12/19/2017: Blaze A Trail Solstice Thursday
12/18/2017: SVC Life Transitions Program Offered
12/17/2017: Signup For SJ Island Girl’s Basketball
12/15/2017: Tour Of Wyeth Exhibition At SAM Offered
12/14/2017: FH Woman Pleads “Not Guilty” On 3 Child Rape Felonies
12/13/2017: Representative Lytton Receives Award
12/12/2017: Preservation Trust’s New Executive Director
12/11/2017: Insights From The State Prevention Summit
12/10/2017: Brand New Ambulance For SJI EMS
12/07/2017: San Juan Singers Seven Joys Of Christmas
12/06/2017: Volunteer Severe Weather Shelter Training Offered Saturday
12/06/2017: Odlin Park Gets State land
12/05/2017: Master Gardeners Clean Town Rain Garden
12/04/2017: Retirement Celebration Honoring Judge Donald E. Eaton
12/03/2017: SJC Kayak Trip Helps Convict Montana Postal Worker Of Workers Comp Fraud
12/03/2017: FH Port Public Meeting Monday On Budget & Harbor Improvements
11/30/2017: Changes May Be Coming On “Recreational” Marijuana Home Growers
11/29/2017: I-5 -One Of Most Dangerous Highways
11/28/2017: American Legion & Wine Bar Burglarized - Person Of Interest, But Not Much To Go On
11/27/2017: First Winter Family Art Days at SJIMA
11/26/2017: OPALCO Capital Credit Checks Coming - Plus A Little Extra
11/26/2017: OPALCO Linemen Work Dark-to-Dark To Return The Light
11/25/2017: “Out of the Cold” Friday Harbor Severe Weather Shelter Program
11/25/2017: Severe Winds Predicted -Ferry Delays Expected
11/23/2017: Species May Appear Deceptively Resilient to Climate Change
11/21/2017: Two Arrested On Orcas, Meth Related
11/20/2017: Community Long-Term Care Task Force
11/19/2017: And The Winners Are:
11/18/2017: Navy MedVac Of FH Man
11/16/2017: Town Will Continue Recycling
11/16/2017: Report Dead, Sick, Or Injured Swans
11/14/2017: Assessed Value And Levy Rates Sent Out
11/14/2017: Rotary Club Annual Gift Dictionaries To Students
11/13/2017: State May Euthanize 4 Habituated Deer
11/11/2017: How Non-Profits and Service Clubs Help Us
11/09/2017: The 11th Hour Of The 11th Day Of The 11th Month Of 1918
11/08/2017: Time To License Your Dog
11/07/2017: County Election Results
11/06/2017: “Sea Star Wasting Disease: What Is Happening Now?”
11/05/2017: Port Of FH Advisory Committee Wanted For Jensen Boat Yard Potential Purchase
11/04/2017: Graham Black New FH Port Commissioner
11/04/2017: $8K In Grants Awarded To Non-Profits
11/03/2017: Governor Appoints Loring As Judge
11/02/2017: Who Will Be Appointed To FH Port Commission?
11/01/2017: Put Your Thoughts On The Map
11/01/2017: Good Counsel From Prosecutor's Office
10/30/2017: Chasing Millions In Medicaid Dollars, Hospitals Buy Up Nursing Homes
10/17/2017: Big Boys Look At Vessel Noise Impacts On Whales - Negative Impacts Found
10/16/2017: SJC 2018 Preliminary Budget Published
10/15/2017: Public Welcome To BLM SJI National Monument Advisory Committee Meeting
10/13/2017: Fall is Flu Clinic Time
10/11/2017: Orcas Drug Bust
10/10/2017: Rotary Donates $18,850.00 To Local Groups
10/10/2017: Third Quarter Results For San Juan Island And The County
10/09/2017: County Settles Four Lawsuits... So Far
10/08/2017: Property Taxes Due October 31
10/05/2017: 2017 SJI Safety Fair
10/04/2017: More Atlantic Salmon Farming Allowed
10/03/2017: Three Who Would Be Judge
10/02/2017: New Fiber Optics & Cable By 2018
10/01/2017: New License Plate Honoring SJC?
09/28/2017: SJC Council Attending Public CompPlan “Vision Element”

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