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07/22/2019: Taylor Sentenced To 20yrs For Murder
07/22/2019: Deadly Rabbit Disease On Orcas Island
07/21/2019: Statewide Efforts Restore Fish Passageways For Salmon Recovery
07/19/2019: Senator Murray Works To Curtail Warrantless Vehicle Checkpoint Stops
07/18/2019: San Juan Island National Historical Park 21st Annual Encampment
07/17/2019: Public Invited to Submit Art to Highlight the Dangers of Releasing Pets and Plants into the Wild
07/15/2019: Whale Sanctuary Project Town Meetings July 21, 23, 24
07/14/2019: Fish Farms Finished In 2022
07/12/2019: SJI Fire& Rescue Responds to Residential Fire
07/11/2019: Not-For-Profit Air Medical Transport To Serve San Juan County
07/10/2019: SJI Community Foundation Partners to Finish Baseball Field
07/09/2019: SJC Fire Dist 3 Passes State Audit
07/09/2019: SJI Women’s Fund Awards Grants
07/08/2019: Taylor Sentencing Continued
07/07/2019: Army Divers To Remove Derelict Nets
07/07/2019: Mullis Center Returns The Flag, & Allows The Pledge Of Allegiance
07/04/2019: WSF Survey On Anacortes "Enhancements"
07/02/2019: $3,987,448 State Grants To County
07/01/2019: SJI Women’s Fund Honors Mariluz Villa, Remembers Joyce Sobel
07/01/2019: All Clear On Elwa Bomb Threat
06/30/2019: Car Accident On SJI
06/27/2019: New Principal & A Special Services Director
06/26/2019: SJICF Awards $177k in Scholarships, Academic Awards
06/25/2019: Writers Wanted
06/25/2019: New Friday Harbor Soroptimist Board
06/24/2019: Lion’s $1000.00 Grant For New Signs
06/24/2019: FH Rotary 16th Installation Dinner
06/23/2019: Medevac Flights and Kaiser Denials.
06/20/2019: 2019 SJ Center Skagit Valley College Graduates
06/19/2019: 49th Annual Shaw Island Classic Race
06/18/2019: Coast Guard Assists Kayakers
06/18/2019: Another Senior Banned From Senior Center
06/17/2019: Mullis Center Flag Has Disappeared
06/17/2019: OPALCO Manager Paid Over $33,000.00 A MONTH
06/13/2019: Kiwanis Everyday Hero Award
06/12/2019: Lopez Hill Preserve Celebration
06/11/2019: Firefighters Respond SJI Fire At White Pt
06/09/2019: Learn How To Be A Foster Parent
06/07/2019: Smith Appointed To Region EMS & Trauma Care Council
06/05/2019: Comment On County Land Capacity Analysis
06/04/2019: $3K To FH School Band
06/03/2019: Inslee & OPALCO Talk Broadband
05/31/2019: Sentencing for Taylor Set For July 8
05/30/2019: San Juan Island Artists’ Studio Tour
05/29/2019: Gov Meets With FHHS Space Settlement Design Team
05/28/2019: SJC Hospital District Donates $15K For Long-Term Care Study
05/27/2019: SJI "Bikefest" Saturday June 1st
05/26/2019: Memorial Day Parade Monday In FH At 10 A.M.
05/24/2019: OPALCO Awarded $5.8M to Fund Energy Efficiency Projects!
05/23/2019: FHHS Art Students Win State Art Competition
05/22/2019: New Measles Cases In Washington
05/22/2019: Update -sort of- On The SJI Bear
05/21/2019: Kiwanis Support Stand Up Men
05/20/2019: Mussel-sniffing Dog “Puddles” Joins Fight Against Invasive Species
05/17/2019: Island Sinfonia: Sunday
05/16/2019: FHHS Aerospace Team Headed To World Finals
05/15/2019: Your Rental Property Options
05/14/2019: Alchemy Art Center Residence Program
05/13/2019: WSF Community Meetings Wednesday
05/13/2019: EPA Change In Water Standards Opposed By State
05/11/2019: BLM Seeks Nominations
05/09/2019: Coast Guard Responds To B.C. Whale Watching Boat Rescue Of 45 People
05/09/2019: "Deputy"Guss Joins Sheriffs Office
05/08/2019: FH Laboratories Open House Saturday
05/07/2019: Handicapped Access At Jackson Beach
05/07/2019: 2019 $ for Home Fund Program
05/06/2019: Bigg’s Killer Whales Sightings Up
05/04/2019: Presentation On Marjorie Walker
05/02/2019: Boyce Scholarship Fundraiser Saturday
05/01/2019: EDC invites SJC Knowledge Workers To Meet-Up
04/30/2019: Opening Day Boat Parade & Open House Sunday May 5
04/29/2019: Cooke Pays The $332K Penalty Over Salmon Release
04/28/2019: Brian Moore Appointed To SJI School Board
04/25/2019: Dennis Willows Chosen For Port of FH Airport Honor Wall
04/24/2019: Bat With White-Nose Syndrome In Wa
04/23/2019: Want A Thankless Job? Candidate Filing Week - May 13-17
04/22/2019: Want To Be A SJC Hospital Commissioner?
04/21/2019: Book Talk - Earth Day
04/19/2019: Children’s Festival Poster Contest Winners
04/18/2019: Teen Flashlight Easter SJI Egg Hunt
04/17/2019: SJI Community Arts Theatre Society (CATS) Annual Fund Raiser
04/17/2019: SJC Waters Still Safe For Shellfish Harvest
04/17/2019: Owner Closes Down Hardened Arms In FH
04/16/2019: Town Hosts Spring Cleanup April 22-26
04/15/2019: Local Union Sues Their Union
04/14/2019: Meetings on Oil Spill Responses
04/11/2019: Jobs Galore At FH "Job Fair"
04/11/2019: SJI Easter Basket Sale
04/10/2019: SJ Singers & The Chameleons Fri & Sat
04/09/2019: Wells On The Shoreline In San Juan County
04/09/2019: Support libraries on Library Giving Day Wednesday
04/08/2019: Get Paid To Conduct 2020 Census
04/07/2019: Local "Earthquake Swarm” Over 4 Days
04/05/2019: Washington's Wolf Population Increases For 10th Straight Year
04/04/2019: Chamber Concert SJC Community Theatre
04/03/2019: SJI Park Seeks “Fox Brigade” Volunteers
04/02/2019: SJI Fire & SJC Hospital Boards Vote To Become One
04/01/2019: FHHS Band Wins Three Superior Ratings
03/31/2019: Statement From State On Vaccines
03/28/2019: Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery Student Presentation Sunday
03/27/2019: Dining for Scholars: Thursday, March 28
03/26/2019: Small Craft Advisory Issued For Wednesday
03/26/2019: Friday Harbor Man Killed In Auto/Tree Accident
03/25/2019: SJI Fire & Rescue Come To Aid Of Kayaker
03/24/2019: SJIMA Family Art Days
03/21/2019: Boyfriend Stabbed, Sheriff Looking For Girlfriend
03/20/2019: American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Centennial Tea Event
03/19/2019: Fish For Teeth Mobile Dental Clinic To Friday Harbor
03/18/2019: Disaster Preparedness for Small Businesses
03/17/2019: New Policies On Shoreline Development
03/14/2019: 19 Cent Gas Tax Coming
03/13/2019: Grumbling Over 36 More Growlers
03/12/2019: Hill of Thrills Build-a-Racer Workshop
03/11/2019: New American Camp Visitor Center Planned
03/10/2019: New Legal Problems For Sheriff & Prosecutor
03/10/2019: Rotary Spelling Bee Winners
03/07/2019: Office Supply Building Destroyed
03/05/2019: Islands’ Oil Spill Update
03/04/2019: Garry Oak Prairie Lecture Series
02/28/2019: Kiwanis Club Wins 2019 SJI Knowledge Bowl
02/27/2019: TWO House Fires On SJI On Same Day
02/26/2019: Argyle Sidewalk Widening
02/25/2019: It’s Time To Save OPALCO
02/24/2019: OPALCO Strikes Lewis From Ballot
02/21/2019: SJC Homeless Numbers Hold Steady
02/20/2019: SJC Board Of Health Continues Discussion On Payments For Air Transport Concerns
02/19/2019: Bloody Lopez Man Terrifies Tourists With Knife
02/19/2019: Man Shot On Orcas -No Information
02/18/2019: Navy, Once Again Lends A Hand
02/17/2019: Woverines Win
02/14/2019: Superior Court Implements Drug Court
02/13/2019: WSU Forest Stewardship Course For Property Owners
02/12/2019: Sheriff Krebs Hires Attorney & Gaylord Supports Suppressing Video Recording Of Courtroom
02/11/2019: Roads Update
02/10/2019: Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, Pet Food Drive & 12th ‘Spay-Ghetti’ Dinner
02/09/2019: Don't Forget The Birds
02/08/2019: Free HVAC Basics Training By EDC
02/07/2019: Winter Weather Ahead This Weekend
02/07/2019: Brandli Will File A Motion To Make Video Of Trial Public
02/06/2019: Power Suggests Sheriff Be Investigated
02/06/2019: Navy MEDEVAC From FH
02/05/2019: Order Now For Plant Sale
02/05/2019: Free Demo On Acupressure For Animals
02/03/2019: Zooming Court Room Camera Violates Constitutional Rights, Judge Rules Government Misconduct…again
02/02/2019: Investigation Concludes Ranker Violated Senate Harassment Policies
02/01/2019: Call For Mistrial After Security Camera Zooms In On Defense Notes
01/31/2019: New Attorney For The Friends Of SJ
01/30/2019: County Artists Exhibit at SJIMA
01/30/2019: New State Testing Methods For Water
01/28/2019: Dem’s May Get Clever With Ranker Appointment
01/27/2019: Questions Remain On Replacing Ranker
01/24/2019: Small Uptick In SJI Sales
01/24/2019: Dems Move Forward On Replacing Ranker
01/23/2019: OPALCO Election - Nominate By Feb 13
01/23/2019: Grand Opening of Alchemy Art Center Photo and Print Studio
01/21/2019: FH Free Plumbing Basics Training
01/20/2019: Orca Considered In Salmon Fishing Season Policies
01/17/2019: Report Shows Salmon Still Declining
01/16/2019: DOE Monitoring Air Quality In FH
01/16/2019: SJC Shoreline Program Approved By State
01/15/2019: Firefighters Honored for Service in 2018
01/14/2019: Some Good News: A New Orca Calf
01/13/2019: Your New Elected Officials For 2019
01/12/2019: Ranker Resigns, What Happens Next?
01/12/2019: OPALCO -That's Us Folks- Wants New Electirc Ferries For SJC First
01/09/2019: Swearing-In Of Elected Officials Friday
01/08/2019: Problems Due To 911 Outage? Attorney General Wants To Hear From You
01/07/2019: SJIM Winter Family Arts Days Begin
01/06/2019: 2019 ADU Eligibility Lottery Open
01/03/2019: Time For Review Of Old Bulk Fuel Site
01/02/2019: Building, Buying, Selling: Costs Increase
01/01/2019: Fish for Teeth Free Mobile Dental Clinic
12/31/2018: Sign Up For Ag Summit
12/27/2018: Comment On Fairgrounds Master Plan
12/26/2018: Ranker May Resign From Senate
12/25/2018: Crack Down On Bogus "Service Animals"
12/23/2018: Fishers released in North Cascades
12/22/2018: Free Days To Enter "Public" Parks
12/20/2018: FANS Thanks Donors for Donations to Island Rec
12/19/2018: New Information On Sen. Ranker's Sexual Harassment & Threats Allegations
12/18/2018: Cold Weather, OPALCO Raises Rates
12/17/2018: Ranker Accused Of Sexual Harassment
12/17/2018: 6.2 Million Chinook Salmon Fry Killed By State Generator Failure
12/16/2018: New Recreation Specialist For SJI
12/13/2018: Calling All Couch Potatoes
12/13/2018: Fire, EMS & Town Discuss Merger Study
12/12/2018: New Vacation Rental Webpage Available
12/11/2018: SJI Meeting On Hospital & Fire Consolidation
12/10/2018: $277K For County Salmon Recovery
12/09/2018: County Needs Volunteers, Lot’s Of Them
12/06/2018: Excitement At SJC Theatre’s Annual Holiday Festival
12/04/2018: Ed Warbass Sculptor Demonstration At SJIMA
12/03/2018: FH High Finalist In National STEM Contest
12/02/2018: Threatened Island of Artists and Hunters. Know Your Islanders Talk: Theresa Simendinger
11/29/2018: Free E-Cycle Proposed
11/28/2018: New Home For The Holidays & Clearance Sale
11/27/2018: Fairgrounds Flea & Craft Market Saturday
11/25/2018: SJI Museum of Art Celebration For The Community
11/25/2018: “Complete Streets” For San Juan County Proposed
11/21/2018: Season’s Biggest Tides Are Coming
11/20/2018: Retrospective Of Artist Nicola Wheston
11/19/2018: Quick Titles Now Available
11/18/2018: Orca Task Force Report Published
11/15/2018: SJ Island Rec- First Aid and CPR
11/14/2018: SJI Holiday Arts and Crafts + food.
11/13/2018: 2019 Dog Licenses Available November 26
11/12/2018: PeaceHealth Guardian of Excellence Award
11/11/2018: LWV Hosts Book Discussion
11/08/2018: Canada Refuses Emergency Order For Orcas
11/07/2018: SJI Firefighters Rescue Cowboy
11/06/2018: Report Dead, Sick, Or Injured Swans
11/05/2018: Puget Sound Orca Recovery Day Saturday
11/05/2018: Free Dictionaries To Students
11/02/2018: Take The Poll On Comp Plan
11/01/2018: Comment On SJI National Monument Plan
10/30/2018: “Town Hall” Meetings With OPALCO Set
10/29/2018: Have You Received Your Ballot?
10/28/2018: SJI Rotary Club Presents Checks From 2018 Concours d'Elegance Fund Raiser
10/28/2018: EDC & Visitors’ Bureau Workshop
10/25/2018: SJIMA Hires New Director
10/24/2018: Comment On Orca Task Force Updated Draft Recommendations
10/23/2018: Jane Austen Meets the Royal Navy
10/23/2018: SJI Rec Boy’s Basketball League
10/22/2018: Property Taxes Due October 31st
10/21/2018: World Polio Day - October 24, 2018
10/18/2018: Real Estate Market And Your Tax Assessment
10/17/2018: Countywide Chickenpox ALERT!
10/16/2018: Yes For Homes, but NO to Prop 1
10/14/2018: 2019 Preliminary Budget Available Online
10/11/2018: New Negative Impacts For WSF & SJC
10/10/2018: Blessing of the Animals Saturday
10/09/2018: Know Your Island Walks
10/08/2018: Community Workshops Start Oct. 10
10/07/2018: Praying Mantis Eat Hummingbirds?
10/05/2018: Hit & Run Constuction Flagger Arrested
10/04/2018: On Saving The Moon Bears
10/03/2018: Concerns About Increase Of Growler Flights
10/02/2018: Fish For Teeth Taco Time Friday
10/01/2018: SJI Fall Farm Parade
09/30/2018: Crucial Letters Raise Many Questions
09/29/2018: New Ferry Schedule & New Fares
09/28/2018: Man Wanted For Child Rape Is Apprehended
09/27/2018: OPALCO Pole Replacement For Orcas Road Re-Alignment
09/26/2018: Island Rapes Spark Anger, Questions
09/24/2018: Report On Actions To Recover Orcas Ready For Comment
09/24/2018: About That Long Range WSF Plan
09/24/2018: Power Off 12:30 AM Tuesday
09/23/2018: Sheriff Asked About Facebook Usage
09/22/2018: Native Plant Sale Sunday 1 to 3
09/21/2018: Wanted For Rape Of A Child
09/21/2018: New Sidewalks For Roundabout
09/20/2018: County-Wide Planned Power Outages
09/20/2018: Know Your Island Walk Saturday September 22,1-4 pm:
09/19/2018: Kulp Gets 16 yrs, Minus-Time Served
09/19/2018: Fall is Flu Clinic Time... Again
09/18/2018: “The Integrity Of The Justice System”
09/17/2018: Future Sidewalk For Pear Point?
09/17/2018: No Pass Needed For State Parks Saturday
09/16/2018: Large Crowd At NOAA Meeting On Orcas
09/14/2018: Rescuers Search For J50
09/13/2018: J50 Presumed Dead
09/13/2018: Friday Harbor Bike-n-Brew Saturday
09/12/2018: NOAA Public Input Meeting In FH On Saving J50
09/12/2018: Plane Accident On Takeoff -Roche Harbor
09/12/2018: Washington State Ferries Long Range Plan
09/11/2018: Become a First Detector Of Invasive Species
09/10/2018: Don’t Worry, We’re Going To Do Something..
09/09/2018: CG Responds To Call For Evacuation Of SJI Heart Attack Victim
09/09/2018: September Is Disaster Preparedness Month
09/06/2018: Boat Sinks In Friday Harbor
09/06/2018: Vehicle Accident On Orcas
09/05/2018: Canada & US Call On Prime Minister to Abandon Pipeline
09/04/2018: River Otters Without Rivers
09/03/2018: Warnings On Parker Ignored…Why?
08/30/2018: Canadian Federal Court Of Appeals Rules Against Transmountain Pipeline Application
08/30/2018: WDFW Authorizes Transfer Of 800 Thousand Atlantic Salmon Into Net Pens
08/29/2018: Power Line Clearing Work in Progress
08/28/2018: State Ferries Long Range Plan
08/27/2018: Survey Open On Civic Campus Plan
08/26/2018: Limited Licensing Services 8-26 to 9-3
08/24/2018: No Rain For Rotary Concours d’Elegance
08/24/2018: Supreme Court Reverses Court On I-1639
08/23/2018: Pat O’Day Honored By Washington State
08/22/2018: FH Student Awarded 1st In Art Contest
08/21/2018: Cause Of Lopez Power Outage In County
08/20/2018: SJI Federal Park Issues Fire Restrictions
08/19/2018: Honeywell Appeal $50K Fine Denied
08/16/2018: $10K Reward For Information On Explosives
08/16/2018: About Those New Vacation Rental Permits
08/15/2018: 13 Mo Sentence For Sex With 14yr Old Boy
08/13/2018: 46 Sailboats Race Around Shaw Island
08/12/2018: More Questions On Gaylord’s Action In Grellett-Tinner Case
08/12/2018: J35 Is No Longer Carrying Her Dead Calf
08/09/2018: Orcas IED Of Serious Concern
08/08/2018: Aug. 17 County Council & Planning Commission Meeting
08/08/2018: Sea Scouts On SJI 1st Meeting Thursday
08/07/2018: IED "Neutralized" On Orcas
08/06/2018: Power To & And By The People
08/05/2018: Kulp Peads Guilty To Murder
08/03/2018: Two FH Residents Die In Airplane Crash
08/02/2018: Calling All Tree-Loving, Bunny-Hugging, Dirt Worshipers!
08/01/2018: FHHS Aerospace Update
08/01/2018: Local Group To Sue Feds To Protect Orcas
07/31/2018: Local Brew Wins Gold Medal
07/30/2018: Why Did Gaylord Not Charge Parker?
07/29/2018: FH Students Design Team At NASA
07/26/2018: Cute But Nasty, Sea Otters Are Showing Up
07/25/2018: Baby Orca Dies Shortly After Birth
07/24/2018: Primary Election: What’s New?
07/22/2018: Whale Force One: Drones Used To Study Orcas
07/22/2018: Washington Talking Book & Braille Library Helps People Find Jobs
07/19/2018: Power Suit Forces County Hand On 1st Amendment Violation
07/18/2018: Once Again: USCG To The Rescue. Love Those Guys!
07/17/2018: SJI Real Estate Market Summary
07/16/2018: USCG Medevacs 2 Boaters
07/15/2018: USCG Rescues Capsized Kayakers
07/12/2018: SJC Disability Advisory Committee
07/11/2018: Author At Whale Museum July 16
07/10/2018: USCG Recovers Passenger Who Went Overboard Near The Strait Of Juan De Fuca
07/09/2018: Keep Crab Pots Out Of Ferry Lanes
07/08/2018: 10th Is WA Line Worker Appreciation Day
07/06/2018: CG & OIFR Rescues Hiker From Fall Off Cliff
07/05/2018: Spooky Tales - Orcas Ghosts & Gremlins
07/04/2018: Take A Seat For Animals
07/04/2018: San Juan County Fairgrounds Master Plan Update
07/02/2018: Orcas Island Fire & Rescue Responds To Boat Accident
07/01/2018: Chicken Pox Cases Up To 11 On Orcas
06/30/2018: Car Off Roche Harbor Road Bursts Into Flames
06/29/2018: Compare Prices For Medical Procedures With New State Website
06/28/2018: 18th Annual Jazz At The Labs Saturday
06/28/2018: FANS Donates $5,000 To Island Rec
06/27/2018: Join In Recognizing Court Appointed Special Advocate Volunteers
06/26/2018: Greenpeace Ship To Visit Friday Harbor
06/25/2018: Looking For Fire Works Donations
06/25/2018: Mayor Appoints Lane To Arts Commission
06/25/2018: Food For Students Organization Created
06/21/2018: Now 6 Cases Of Chicken Pox On Orcas
06/20/2018: Grellet-Tinner Case Against Detective Parker Denied
06/19/2018: Boat Beached On South Beach, SJI
06/18/2018: SJI Music On The Lawn Summer Concert Series
06/17/2018: Chicken Pox Health Alert
06/15/2018: Residential Burn Permits Expired June 15th
06/14/2018: Friday Harbor Fireworks Set For 4th
06/13/2018: SJI EMS EMTs Of The Month
06/13/2018: Crab Season For SJC Starts July
06/12/2018: Enter The 4th of July Parade: Theme "Music of America"
06/11/2018: SJI School District Hires Interim Superintendent
06/10/2018: SJI Hospital/SJI Fire Appoint (sort of) A Citizens’ Advisory Group
06/09/2018: County Back In Court...Again
06/08/2018: 3.3 Earthquake Near San Juan County
06/07/2018: -- Guest Column --
06/06/2018: Settle This Fight On Your Own Dime
06/05/2018: Gaylord & Power Views On Political Sign Case Now Headed To Federal Court
06/05/2018: Boat Fire On Orcas
06/04/2018: Political Sign Case Headed To Federal Court…What?
06/03/2018: Auditor Comments On law Suit, Now May Face Judge
06/01/2018: Lodging Tax Funds To Promote Tourism
05/31/2018: Comp. Plan Vision Discussion 6-11-18
05/30/2018: Sheriff Ron Krebs Letter To Community
05/30/2018: Regarding Political Signs
05/29/2018: Improvements To Local Spill Response Capacity
05/29/2018: Bay Mussels Show Traces Of Oxycodone
05/29/2018: County Leave No Trace Workshops
05/27/2018: Memorial Day, Friday Harbor
05/25/2018: Wanted: Argument Against Lopez School Levy
05/25/2018: Produce Safety Training Available
05/23/2018: Home Inspections and Real Estate Sales
05/23/2018: Political Election Sign Regulation Challenged
05/21/2018: The “Hill of Thrills” Soap Box Race Results
05/20/2018: Power To Run Against Gaylord For San Juan County Prosecutor
05/16/2018: Kulp To Be Charged With Murder
05/15/2018: Carbs For A Cause: PastaPalooza Dinner May 18
05/14/2018: Loring Files to Continue Serving as Superior Court Judge
05/13/2018: Public Hearing Friday On Flood Hazard Regulations
05/10/2018: A Failure to Investigate
05/09/2018: Town Honored For Pocket Park
05/08/2018: FH Turn-Around Arrows Pointed As Town Wanted
05/08/2018: State Says Stay Away From The Orcas
05/07/2018: State of Education in the State of Washington
05/07/2018: 37 Boats In Opening Day In Friday Harbor
05/06/2018: FH Roundabout Installation May 7th
05/06/2018: Children’s Festival Fun For All
05/05/2018: Another Successful Town Spring Cleanup
05/03/2018: Washington State, Norway Compare Notes On Electric Ferries
05/02/2018: May 6 FH Opening Day Boat Parade
05/01/2018: FHHS Orbital Technologies Wins Semi-Finals Of The International Space Settlement Design
04/30/2018: SJIMA Sponsors Art Classes For Vets
04/30/2018: Candidate Filing Week - May 14 through 18
04/29/2018: Carolyn Jewett A Candidacy For District Court Judge
04/29/2018: The Gov Working To Get Kids Outdoors
04/27/2018: FH Tour de Family
04/26/2018: Lisa Henderson Announces She Will Run To Continue As County Clerk
04/25/2018: Two Busted In Cross-Border Smuggling
04/24/2018: Yakima Returns To Service
04/22/2018: Vicki Thalacker Featured Pilot Of The Year
04/21/2018: Free Boat Handling Simulator
04/20/2018: SJC National Monument Advisory Committee Members Wanted
04/19/2018: Workshop for Marine Naturalists
04/18/2018: Reminder - Property taxes due April 30
04/16/2018: Why Kulp Was Arrested As A Suspect For The Murder Of Abigail Finney
04/15/2018: Salmon Fishing Season Set - But No Restocking For Cooke.
04/15/2018: Puget Sound officially designated No Discharge Zone
04/14/2018: Free Job Fair At Skagit Valley College
04/12/2018: Waiting For Coroner's Report....
04/11/2018: FH Port Holds Hearing & Purchases Jensen Shipyard, But Few Show Up
04/11/2018: Public Hearing On Port's Purchase of Jensen's Shipyard
04/10/2018: Historical Preservation Proposals Wanted
04/09/2018: Shaw Resident Found Dead, Questions Remain
04/08/2018: National Library Week Is April 8-14
04/07/2018: Slow Start For SJI Real Estate
04/05/2018: Town Continues Life Care Rezone To May
04/04/2018: Port Goes Off Island For Jensen Shipyard Management
04/04/2018: Fire District & EMTs Mangement Will Form Committee To Explore Merger
04/03/2018: FH Port Commission Meets Wednesday To Select Operator For Jensen Shipyard
04/02/2018: Proposals Wanted For Community Development Block Grants
04/01/2018: 40’ Sperm Whale Seen In SJ Waters
03/29/2018: USCG Locates Lost Divers, Both OK
03/28/2018: IRS Section 1031 - Tax Deferred Exchange
03/27/2018: SJ County #90 In "Rural Healthiest" In US
03/26/2018: April 12th Planned Communications Outage For All Of San Juan County
03/26/2018: April 3 Around-The-Clock Lane Reductions Due To Work On Anacortes Roundabout
03/25/2018: EDC presents Mission: Advertising Workshop
03/23/2018: Male Orca Kills New Born Orca While Mother Attacks Male
03/22/2018: FHP Advisory Committee Ready To Support Jensen Shipyard Purchase
03/21/2018: SJC Home Trust Brings In More BC Houses
03/19/2018: FH: Back To Drawing Board For Hotel
03/18/2018: “Mascricani” At SJI Museum Of Art
03/16/2018: “Out of the Cold”
03/14/2018: Friday: Lopez Ag Summit
03/13/2018: Buffum Rebuffed In Appeal Decision
03/12/2018: Staff Will Give Briefing On Vision Statement
03/11/2018: Changes To Vacation Rental Code Will Affect Some Existing Permits
03/09/2018: County Homeless Count Declines
03/08/2018: March 12th Tucker Avenue Construction
03/07/2018: Animal Shelter Will Be Temporarily Impacted By Tree Removal
03/06/2018: Winners In Rotary 13th Annual Spelling Bee
03/05/2018: Candidate Forums "Too Expensive" So OPALCO Will Only Have One -On Orcas
03/04/2018: CG Medevacs Navy Sailor in Straits of SJ
03/02/2018: Bill Phaseing Out Nonnative Fish Farms Heads To Inslee's Desk
03/02/2018: Affordable Housing Town Hall March 9th
03/01/2018: SJC Hospital Board Appoints Dr. Warren Appleton
02/28/2018: Rotary Annual Spelling Bee Thursday
02/27/2018: FH Animal Protection Society Fundraiser Success
02/26/2018: Hospital Board Catches Up On Open Government & Governance/Management
02/24/2018: Tucker Ave Project Begins
02/24/2018: Searching Out The Outage Problem
02/22/2018: Take Back Your Meds Program
02/21/2018: County Looking At Building Affordable Housing -& A New County "Civic Campus"
02/20/2018: Update By The Community Long-Term Care Options Task Force
02/19/2018: Speaker: "The Rights of Nature & Community"
02/19/2018: Tucker Detours In FH Starts on 26th
02/15/2018: OPALCO Elections Time
02/14/2018: New Sidewalks & A Roundabout For FH
02/14/2018: Jensen Youth Scholarship Applications Are Due By March 9
02/13/2018: Imogen Cunningham: Through My Lens
02/12/2018: Open Meetings Act Not Violated By Hospital Commissioners Edwards & Schwinge
02/11/2018: Public Comment Hearing On Comprehensive Plan Vision
02/10/2018: Orca Drone Protection Bill Passes House
02/08/2018: Appleton & Smith Appointed To SJC Public Hospital Board -& Some Controversy
02/07/2018: Land Bank Expands “Mt. Grant” Land Area
02/06/2018: SJI Schools Big Winners in Knowledge Bowl
02/05/2018: San Juan School Superintendent Looking For New Job In Ellensburg
02/01/2018: Big Bucks Awarded To SJC Projects
01/31/2018: OPALCO Election Candidates Named - Nominations By Petition May Also Be Submitted By 2/23
01/30/2018: $332K Fine For Cooke Pen Collapse
01/30/2018: Missing Person Found & Safe
01/29/2018: San Juan Vineyards Changes Hands
01/28/2018: Documentary On Dolores Huerta, American Farmworkers Co-founder
01/25/2018: Anacortes Ferry Landing Open
01/24/2018: SJIFD Banquet Awards
01/24/2018: Resigned/Unresigned & Resigned -And A County Wide Merger Of EMS-Fire Possible?
01/22/2018: Orcas Responders Have Their Own Accident
01/22/2018: Wind Storm Takes Out Power - & A Car
01/21/2018: FH Women’s March 2018
01/19/2018: Morris, Lytton Deliver For Local Construction Projects
01/18/2018: Filing Open For Orcas Hospital District
01/17/2018: SJC/Anacortes Ferry Ridership Increases 0.2% -Sidney Run Drops 10.1%
01/17/2018: The Shortest International Scheduled Flights In North America
01/16/2018: John Dennis Spellman
01/15/2018: And Around-And-Around We Will Go
01/13/2018: San Juan Island Real Estate Market Summary
01/12/2018: OPALCO Seeks Board Candidates For District 2
01/11/2018: Flu Activity Increasing In County
01/09/2018: Suggestions Wanted On Land Use Regulations
01/09/2018: Homeless Count Begins In SJ County
01/08/2018: Peter Garlock Appointed To OPALCO Board
01/06/2018: Master Program - Does It Remove Uncertainty Or Increase It
01/05/2018: Atlantic Salmon Net Pen Solution Proposed
01/04/2018: Orca & Salish Sea A Priority In 2018 Legislature Session
01/03/2018: OPALCO Working With PNGC
01/02/2018: SJ Home Trust Receives Two Land Donations For Affordable Housing
01/01/2018: San Juan County Superior Court Judge Kathryn C. Loring
12/28/2017: SJI Community New Year's Eve Party
12/27/2017: Swearing-In Ceremony Friday For Soon To Be Judge Kathryn C. Loring
12/26/2017: Friends Of SJ Unhappy With County Shoreline Master Program, Appeal To State
12/25/2017: Court Finds In Favor Of County In Public Record Case
12/24/2017: Start New Year With A Dash & Splash
12/23/2017: Criminal Investigation Requested Of Mobile Meat Processing
12/21/2017: Lions Supports School Literacy & Art
12/20/2017: Navy Transports Lopez Heart Patient
12/19/2017: Blaze A Trail Solstice Thursday
12/18/2017: SVC Life Transitions Program Offered
12/17/2017: Signup For SJ Island Girl’s Basketball
12/15/2017: Tour Of Wyeth Exhibition At SAM Offered
12/14/2017: FH Woman Pleads “Not Guilty” On 3 Child Rape Felonies
12/13/2017: Representative Lytton Receives Award
12/12/2017: Preservation Trust’s New Executive Director
12/11/2017: Insights From The State Prevention Summit
12/10/2017: Brand New Ambulance For SJI EMS
12/07/2017: San Juan Singers Seven Joys Of Christmas
12/06/2017: Volunteer Severe Weather Shelter Training Offered Saturday
12/06/2017: Odlin Park Gets State land
12/05/2017: Master Gardeners Clean Town Rain Garden
12/04/2017: Retirement Celebration Honoring Judge Donald E. Eaton
12/03/2017: SJC Kayak Trip Helps Convict Montana Postal Worker Of Workers Comp Fraud
12/03/2017: FH Port Public Meeting Monday On Budget & Harbor Improvements
11/30/2017: Changes May Be Coming On “Recreational” Marijuana Home Growers
11/29/2017: I-5 -One Of Most Dangerous Highways
11/28/2017: American Legion & Wine Bar Burglarized - Person Of Interest, But Not Much To Go On
11/27/2017: First Winter Family Art Days at SJIMA
11/26/2017: OPALCO Capital Credit Checks Coming - Plus A Little Extra
11/26/2017: OPALCO Linemen Work Dark-to-Dark To Return The Light
11/25/2017: “Out of the Cold” Friday Harbor Severe Weather Shelter Program
11/25/2017: Severe Winds Predicted -Ferry Delays Expected
11/23/2017: Species May Appear Deceptively Resilient to Climate Change
11/21/2017: Two Arrested On Orcas, Meth Related
11/20/2017: Community Long-Term Care Task Force
11/19/2017: And The Winners Are:
11/18/2017: Navy MedVac Of FH Man
11/16/2017: Town Will Continue Recycling
11/16/2017: Report Dead, Sick, Or Injured Swans
11/14/2017: Assessed Value And Levy Rates Sent Out
11/14/2017: Rotary Club Annual Gift Dictionaries To Students
11/13/2017: State May Euthanize 4 Habituated Deer
11/11/2017: How Non-Profits and Service Clubs Help Us
11/09/2017: The 11th Hour Of The 11th Day Of The 11th Month Of 1918
11/08/2017: Time To License Your Dog
11/07/2017: County Election Results
11/06/2017: “Sea Star Wasting Disease: What Is Happening Now?”
11/05/2017: Port Of FH Advisory Committee Wanted For Jensen Boat Yard Potential Purchase
11/04/2017: Graham Black New FH Port Commissioner
11/04/2017: $8K In Grants Awarded To Non-Profits
11/03/2017: Governor Appoints Loring As Judge
11/02/2017: Who Will Be Appointed To FH Port Commission?
11/01/2017: Put Your Thoughts On The Map
11/01/2017: Good Counsel From Prosecutor's Office
10/30/2017: Chasing Millions In Medicaid Dollars, Hospitals Buy Up Nursing Homes
10/17/2017: Big Boys Look At Vessel Noise Impacts On Whales - Negative Impacts Found
10/16/2017: SJC 2018 Preliminary Budget Published
10/15/2017: Public Welcome To BLM SJI National Monument Advisory Committee Meeting
10/13/2017: Fall is Flu Clinic Time
10/11/2017: Orcas Drug Bust
10/10/2017: Rotary Donates $18,850.00 To Local Groups
10/10/2017: Third Quarter Results For San Juan Island And The County
10/09/2017: County Settles Four Lawsuits... So Far
10/08/2017: Property Taxes Due October 31
10/05/2017: 2017 SJI Safety Fair
10/04/2017: More Atlantic Salmon Farming Allowed
10/03/2017: Three Who Would Be Judge
10/02/2017: New Fiber Optics & Cable By 2018
10/01/2017: New License Plate Honoring SJC?
09/28/2017: SJC Council Attending Public CompPlan “Vision Element”

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